Bill Brockbrader; whistle-blowing pedophile phony SEAL

| March 26, 2013

Almost a year ago, Sporkmaster wrote about Bill Brockbrader who claimed to be whistle-blower and a SEAL. He claimed that he knew the government had spacecraft that could fly to the moon in 24 hours from Area 51, he knew of atrocities that SEALs had committed in the Middle East and Don Shipley went after him;

So Brockrader struck back – he made this video in which he berated Don claiming that Don couldn’t know who all of the SEALs ever created and all of the “black ops” that ever happened. He continued by charging the rest of the SEAL community of being traitors because they wouldn’t come out and support his outlandish crapola;

So, who’s right? Well, you already know. Don sends us transcripts from Brockrader’s trial;





It looks like he was trying to hit all of the points that would ensure he was elected as the most likely to be ass-raped in his cell block.

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Thank you. I was Grumpy. Now I’m Happy, and Sneezy. 🙂


If you find yourself in a hole, STOP FUCKING DIGGING!

Oh, and Brockbader? I know there’s no way in hell you were ever a SEAL, because all SEAL applicants have to cut at least a 50 on the ASVAB (plus line score requirements.) I’m guessing you’d be lucky not to fuck up darking out the bubbles for your name.

A Proud Infidel

Bill Brockbader, a fine example of turbocharged stupidity!!!


Diddling a 12 year old??? Is this the asswipe someone else was trying to say he just “woke up” with a 15 year old next to him in bed?


answered my own question, different dirt bag…


This is the problem, in yester-year, Darwinian theory would have removed him from the species at a very young age. These days there are so many rules to protect the stupid, they survive at an alarming rate.


Ass. Nail. Wall. You guys can make the appropriate complete sentences out of those three words. Excellent stuff!

Dirt Dart

I do miss dueling societies- id save the world a mass amount of of insufferable crap from this O2 thief

Green Thumb

New York “Bath house” Bill Brockbrader.

CI Roller Dude

I’m going to start a Clown College we could use this ass clown as a custodian to clean up the shit people leave in the head.


Hmmm, wonder how Brockbrader will like it when the other residents of his pound him in the ass prison find out he’s a Short Eyes?


I just don’t know where to start! Ballsbraider is one name I won’t soon forget.

What a fuggin’ idiot/loser/poser/liar/shitbag.


LOL ! Ya know just when you think you’ve seen it all…along comes this retread !
I wonder what it is with these shitheels…did they do too many drugs ? Did his mama drop him on his head when he was a baby ?
A complete waste of skin, oxygen, and space.


OMG. Someone pulled the pin out of the crazy grenade!


I was a member of SEAL Team 16…. 7 times more secret than SEAL Team 9. Buddy we did stuff that even the President did not know. The Navy actually took our brain and put then into real live seals and then strapped weapons on us and we attacked submarines, sea urchins, coral reefs and enemy alien zombie swimmers. Luckily they were able to keep our bodies on ice until our brains could be returned to them for future use and then demoted us to SEAL Team 15 where we existed solely for the purpose of assassinating Panda Bears… those cute and cuddly weapons of mass destruction need to be wiped out… we were nearly successful btw. I wanted to get into SEAL 17 but alas I could not start fires with my mind like those guys could. Well anyway I cannot say more because it is Secret Top Ultra Secret of the Most Toppest of Secret Status.

Above is an example of last liar always wins…. when will these nutcases go away?


@11, still a better love story than “Twilight”.


@ #6: The problem isn’t so much that they survive. I could live with that. Maybe. The real problem is that they breed! Then they are selectively encouraged to continue to breed.

@ #15: These nutcases will not go away. We have observed proof positive in the past few decades of reverse Darwinism – instead of letting the natural selection process eliminate the weakest among us, the weakest have been protected and disproportionately bred.


Can anyone please advise how we can get the complete transcripts, or would you kindly post them here for all to see?


@ 15 Ret Chief … There is a SEAL TEAM 17 now!

SEAL Team 18 (Little Creek) and 17 (Coronado) report to NSW Group 11 (Coronado)! NSW GRU 11 reports directly to Commander NSW.

ST 18 and 17 are fully commissioned Teams that represent the reseve component. Kinda set up how the Army set up their reserve SF commands. The establishment of ST 18, 17 and GRU 11 has resulted in impressive operational support to the Teams. ST 18 and 17 consist of SEALs, SWCCs, and combat support techs.

I am a tech plankowner of 18!

Poohbah, Lord High Everything Else


How about SEAL Team 3.14, aka “The Fighting Pis.” Motto: “The Crust of Freedom!”

Retired Master

#15: I want to put that stuff in my resume for a management job. Think I’ll get it?


I know I had a tinfoil hat around here somewhere!!
Wait, I just figured out who has it!!


Would someone PLEASE release the full 47 pages of transcript, so that we can all get the full picture?


So is this guy in jail now?


[…] Brockbrader – AKA “Bill Wood” AKA “the Psychic SEAL” – has been featured here previously at TAH.  But it looks like he’ll be out of circulation for a […]


Long overdue, but he worked on CIWS, a defense system. Had shit to do with Tomahawk, targets, etc. Was probably smoking OS pole somewhere the whole time.

Green Thumb

A true pedophile.