Fundraising Drive Again Already??!!

| June 24, 2024 | 43 Comments

It’s time once again to shamelessly rattle the cup and I’m your huckleberry. Jonn always shied away from asking; fortunately I have no such qualms.

The best things in life are free, but sadly it takes actual filthy lucre to pay the TAH bills. Hosting the domain, professional licensing, insurance, attorney fees, tax prep, PI software renewals, and a host of other cats and dogs all go into making this happen.

What we do not collect in donations, several of us pay out of pocket. Please help us to provide the content you’ve come to enjoy, and at the same time keep the Stolen Valor fires burning at Military Phony and TAH/VG. Without support the sites go away.

Y’all know I’d never ask any to do what I wouldn’t so please tickle the Donate option of your choice, top right on the home page. You have our deepest appreciation for your generous donation and have our assurance not a nickel is wasted.

The snail-mail address will be provided upon request.

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Carrying on the best traditions of Ernest Hemingway. Refreshing to be ad free.

Donation sent.

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If the snail mail addy is still good (####Bridge** **### Same Town/State/Zip) a negotiable bank draft will make it there, eventually if not later. All the USPS stuff, like ‘Cump did, has to go thru Atlanta and there have been “issues” there of late.

Dig deep, you d’weeded, miscreanted deplorables…you can’t take your hoarded fiat bucs with you. Admin can’t keep this place running on the fees charged for being technical advisors on Naval Aviation Documentaries.

Hack Stone

How about some This Ain’t Hell swag. Who wouldn’t shell out $20 for a quality 100% cotton t-shirt reading “I Exposed Phil Monkress On The Internet, And All I Got Was A Death Threat”?


Hack Stone,
“Valor Guardians” and/or “Military Phony” logo,
with a tagline (including “exposing”) for each,
turned into ballcaps, bumperstickers, t-shirts, and more?


Or a TAH ‘ Phony Hunter ‘ Challenge Coin?

Daisy Cutter

Badjez, badjez… we don’ need no stinkin’ badjez!


I would be into some things like that. Interesting and unique. Not too much bling, tho.


TAH garden gnomes (Tannerite not included, some assembly required).

Hack Stone

We thought that you got your software free from a proud but humble woman owned business formerly located on Wilson Lane in Bethesda.

And as long as everyone is opening their wallets, let’s not forget the less fortunate who are down on their luck after defending the lies of Phil Monkress on the internet. So, if you could find it in your heart and wallet, please help Paul of the Ballsack through his latest bankruptcy by contributing to his account at the Bethesda Goodwill. Your $2 donation can provide Paul a gently used lime green leisure suit so that he can proudly stand on the River Road exit of I-495 selling outdated software to drivers waiting for the light to turn green.


Donation sent.
I was just going to spend it on beer anyway.
And a cold beer goes great with reading TAH.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Long time lurker, first time donation.
Don’t spend it all in one place.
(Leftovers from a another site that I donate to annually)


The “first time” is always the best……


It’s easy,
with the [Donate] button on the upper right
of almost every page on this website.

IF you use PayPal, your confirmation email will look like this.

553rd CICO

Donation sent. Wish it could be more.


Celeste and Destiny need money for tuition. Besides, the cost of stripper glitter just went up. (Don’t judge me)

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Anyone that donates $500 gets to sit on AW1Ed’s lap up in the cockpit.


Are you implying that you have an enormous schwanzstucker? / s

If so, you will be very popular.


I’m not touching that…..meanin “NO, ED I’m not TOUCHING THAT JOYSTICK!!!”
I wouldn’t even pay $0.25 cents to go on that ride….now…

If’n you can figgure out how to get me a spot on THIS, then, it’s game on….CHA CHING!@!!
Oh, and coinage sent…thanks VA disability.


You’re not on the roster… this is… fuck, I’m so confused…


Fine, this just gives me the excuse to post this…


How about doggy style

comment image


Once again ‘Ret is as late to this party as he is to the WOT. Oh well. Present and accounted for, shekels distributed. Cheers!


Leave some meat on the bone…

comment image?w=508&ssl=1

Skivvy Stacker

You should try standing on a corner with dark glasses, and a white cane while saying; “Alms for the blind”…..


I can’t seem to find a donate button.

I don’t see it on the main page, this blog post, or a link on the main menu.

I know I have successfully donated in the past but I don’t remember where I found the link.

Issue with my browser maybe?

Or am I just blind?

Edit: oh, scroll to the bottom of the page. Not easy to see on a cell phone since I don’t scroll that far usually.

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Thanks for fighting through it. We are committed to making it easy for people to donate money. 😉


Upper right quadrant on home page.
Be generous.


PC website view.


On the phone, it’s all the way down at the bottom.


Like Lars said.


It’s far cheaper than your regular dominatrix. Just like with them there’s no happy ending.

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A Terminal Lance Coolie

Shekels sent.

I’ll see if I can shake a few more out when I get paid in a couple of days, too

Green Thumb



Done dropped some bread.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Just made my monthly donation 6/27/24


I just put some Flight Pay in AW1Ed’s TAH tin cup.

Gotta keep up the good fight here.

RGR 4-78

I am in for the win!


Well on the way to keepin’ the lights on!


Late, but here ya go…