Remember Iraq in 1990?

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Iraq in 1990… coming off a ten year war with an opponent several times its size, Iraq had the then-4th largest military in the world. Many pearl-clutchers were worried about them – after all, they had taken the Iranians on for ten years, they were battle hardened, tested, yadda yadda… and the US blew through them in Desert Storm faster than kimchi on a beer drunk.

Today we have another of the world’s largest militaries in the news. North Korea, alias the Demoncratic Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (always have to say People’s when the people have no say in how the place is run) – the nuclear-armed bogeyman of eastern Asia. They’ve hit the news a couple of times recently:

North Korean troops have suffered “multiple casualties” from land mine explosions while laying explosives along the country’s heavily armed border with the South in recent months, the South Korean military said Tuesday.

Since January, North Korean soldiers have been setting mines and installing structures that appear to be anti-tank barriers at various locations along the demilitarized zone (DMZ) that splits the Koreas, according to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).

A number of the North Korean soldiers were killed or wounded by land mine explosions, the JCS said in a statement, without providing more details on the casualties. CNN

From our viewpoint, we have no intentions of invading so they can put up pretty much what they want. Don’t think nuclear mines would be a good idea, though, based on their track record with the conventional ones.

Apparently “front towards enemy ” doesn’t translate well?

Now, we all know the DMZ is one of the most heavily militarized places on the planet, right?

Two million mines, barbed wire fences, tank traps and tens of thousands of troops from both countries patrol a divided swath of land 248 kilometers (154 miles) long and 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) wide.

Dunno about you, I have no desire to cross a minefield, inadvertently or otherwise (advertently? Vertently? Is that like gruntled?) But of all the minefields to choose…

So how, on the eve of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s summit Wednesday with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, did as many as 30 North Korean soldiers wander over the line separating North from South, causing South Korea to fire warning shots before the North Koreans withdrew?

We have had incidents before, notably World War Tree ‘way back when.

On Tuesday, South Korean troops broadcast warnings and fired warning shots to turn back North Korean soldiers — somewhere between 20 to 30 — who briefly crossed the demarcation line in the DMZ.

The North Koreans, who had been doing construction work in the area, immediately retreated, and the South’s military didn’t spot any suspicious activity after that, the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Seoul said.

The short answer appears to be shrubbery: Because of an overgrowth of foliage, the North Koreans may not have seen the signs marking the thin military demarcation line that divides the DMZ into northern and southern sides.

Thought all this man-made-climate-change was killing off the shrubbery along with everyone else?

The demarcation line, in many parts of the DMZ, is simply a sign mounted on a stick or a slice of concrete.

Outside of Panmunjom, much of the DMZ is wilderness, but it is heavily monitored on both sides. And while the demarcation line may be easily crossed, it is very difficult to do so without being spotted immediately.

No one seems to think this was intentional or suspicious. To me it does confirm, however, a commonality – they seem to have second lieutenants  with maps, too.

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A Proud Infidel®™

Sounds like the DNC’s media mooks are trying to stir the pot again, my question is what are they trying to divert everyone’s attention from THIS time?

Hack Stone

It couldn’t possibly be a major international crisis that would cause Joe Biden to cancel this week’s debate.


He will be down at Camp David practicing all week. Not just the debate, but how to walk, where to stand, how to look at a teleprompter and most importantly to never, ever, ever, ever go off script.

Because the second he goes off script, that’s when he becomes quite obviously demented.

Hack Stone

Actually, he is in Camp David for a full seven days to prepare for the debate. You would think that someone with Joe Biden’s vitality who is laser focused on running the country could just walk on stage at moments notice to coherently tell the American people how his policies have made their lives better since January 20, 2020.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

You forgot the (/s) tag.
There are SOME people (SPAPOS) out there who might take your ramblings seriously.

He really is at camp David preparing for the debate all week.


It will take cosmetic procedures,
I Vs, electrolytes, maybe whole blood, speech training, new contact lenses for starters … oh Lordy, can’t we just say “No, Joe! Just don’t go!” call in sick.


He has to spend the week preparing.The deck is stacked oh so unfairly against our far too naked emperor.

The debate is controlled by the democratically controlled CNN. Who will choose every camera angle and what will be allowed to be said and heard and what will not be allowed to be said.

The moderator will be a Democrat from the New York Tmes.

There will be no live studio audience, so as to prevent the video capture of Joe falling off of the stage or staring off into space or God forbid, answering a question from the audience.

At least when the debates were run by non-profit committees one could pretend that they were fair. We are done pretending.

After the debate, Democratic fact checkers will determine if he was lying or not. I can tell you already that he’s not lying according to them.

If Biden loses this after picking; the stadium, the referees, the side of the field he wants to play on, home field advantage and about the friendliest people that you could possibly pick to ask him questions, well we already know what’s going to happen. He will give them canned answers to canned questions and do his best to look emotionally involved and spontaneous.

Hack Stone

It’s not as if someone at CNN would be so corrupt as to (see what Hack did there?) feed the preferred candidate the questions to be asked ahead of time.



Absolutely Not! Jake Tapper is on the case and he is the embodiment of fair objectivity.

For example when Trump left office he stated that “for tens of millions of Americans their long national nightmare is over”. He also has made it clear that “Trump is Hitler”, with a “wanton disregard for human life” because he foolishly would not mask up with the now proven useless mask.

He says It’s “ok to be opinionated” because Trump is a “disgrace” that “lacks human decency”. If I were picking people out of the democratically controlled media to moderate the debate he seems like the most fair one. The rest of them would be far worse. They may as well have let commissary moderate it.

He didn’t give Biden the questions, he probably let Biden’s staff write them.

The fact that Trump agreed to all of this, is either Supreme confidence or pure hubris. Either way it has a streak of canny genius that Trump is well known for. He is banking on the fact that Biden will not be able to string three words together without making himself look like what he really is, a dementia patient. If Biden does well, he can point to all the advantages that he had.

USMC Steve

They are testing the range of his earwig mike. He cannot string together words that make any sense if he does not have them coming through to parrot. And Trump does not have a hair on his if he does not check old boy for them. And/or have someone set up UHF jammers to kill the signal.


The Donkuloids are -counting- on the debate….

to justify throwing FJB under the bus, so Comrade Gavin and the Hildebeast can slug it out over which one gets nominated pres versus vice.


I left out a detail. The debate will be conducted sitting down. Less chance that anybody will notice when Biden poops his pants.

Last edited 17 days ago by 5JC
Hack Stone

Maybe the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea should head on down to Home Depot and pick up some day laborers for their landscaping needs.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Suuuuure. We got tens of thousands of ’em. Come on down. Take yer pick. And yer shovel, too.


I know what happened…


Has a pool been set up as to where we’re gonna have “boots on the ground” getting shot at yet? IMO this is just stirring the pot. Kim Cheese maybe just stoopid enough to think he can take on the RoKs. Surely he and the mad mullahs know that popping a nuke anywhere will just set off a chain of events that will not end well for them. Got iodine tabs? You may need them.


I remember a bit of Iraq in 1991.

A half dozen of the 250 from my PA Army National Guard company
(the same unit, renamed in 1994)
went back in 2005.


And the Taliban were goat herders…


Herders? Is that what it’s called now, herding? As in, “Achmed was herding the goat when the goat kicked him.”


Curiouser and curiouser… I can’t see the comments.


Same thing on my end. Couldn’t see any of the comments earlier, because I was going to provide the NSN (1345-00-710-6946) and the Field Manual (FM23-23) on how to utilize the M18A1 Claymore Mine.

But admin must have fixed the glitch after your comment because they are all visible now.


Even with the instructions clearly molded into them
someone will always ask “so which side is the front?”

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I’m not sure that it matters, really.
From what I was taught, lo, too many decades ago, the explosive backblast is just as deadly as the ball bearing front blast.
So, just like those LAWs and RPGs, you don’t want to be in front of, or behind, any of them.

Except in a Rambo movie, where the hero can fire a LAAW inside the helicopter with the passengers direct behind him, and they don’t even have as much as a singed eyebrow.


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