Boomer’s Sunday

| April 21, 2024

It was brutal I tell ya, really classified stuff. So secret squirrel I can only talk about it on the interwebs.

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Amateur Historian

My contribution:

I kinda want to know who this guy is, but I doubt I will since the vote was secret:

Amateur Historian

A Roman Meme:

Amateur Historian

And the “French are surrendering cowards” meme really has to die:

Amateur Historian

😆 🤣 😂:

Amateur Historian

And this made me laugh for some reason, even though it’s kind of stupid:

Amateur Historian

And the meme of the day of the meme of the day:

Amateur Historian

Screwed up original post. Fixed it:

Amateur Historian

Happy Sunday!


Once again, hard to pick a favorite. Thanks for the laughs and grins.


Ukraine lobbies for more aid:
comment image


An example of a whole new meaning to “giving tyrants and despots the finger” and/or “attack with a blunt object”.

comment image


*snickers* You knew he’d do it! “The One Ring to rule them all…” ‘sides that, we needed an example of “attack with a blunt object.” 😉


But but but Joe said you can’t own a cannon!


Who sez I own “a” cannon? I admit nothing…call my lawer!


Me: what exactly is the definition of a cannon?
Mr. Webster: “a large gun that fires heavy metal shells or other projectiles”
Also Me: …. well then this is not one!


How do you load it with grapeshot?


Very carefully…that is…if I had “a” cannon.


If want to know how your Congressman voted on $90B to other countries and $0.00 for the US, just look at the link below. I’m glad mine, Bill Posey 8th FL, voted NAY. How’d yours do?


Garrett Graves, 6th LA, voted NAY.


Budzinski of Illinois voted yea. I hope they all choke while self congratulating each other. May their pats on the back firmly lodge an obstruction into their windpipe.


I don’t even have to bother with the clown ‘representing’ CT’s 1st.

I remember a time when these people were against war, but that was “Bush’s War”. This one/these ones are pure as the driven snow in the rectory vestibule.

Somehow these folks still suffer “my kid ain’t going tho” syndrome.

I wonder who is on the Selective Service System Draft Board…?

A Proud Infidel®™

GOOD STUFF once again, let’s see once again just how many complaints I can score on farcebook!


Another great selection!

A goodly number of which will be borrowed stolen
pilfered republished by me, (with no claims of original
authorship, of course).


The beast/


Heck yeah!




Do they offer court supervision where you live? I know from past experience that Illinois, Missouri and Indiana offer, or did at one time, said supervision.


I need that “I’m saving fuel to buy more guns” for MY 2006 Prius.

Now waiting on the state Supreme Court to take up and hopefully drop the Washington state ban on purchasing high capacity magazines after a Cowlitz County Judge declared it unconstitutional.


Good selection to-day!

Spent the day choring and submitting so-called “assault weapon ban” data to my beneficent “leaders”.
Had to rectify some PDFs and get the procedural steps down pat, or my balls would be in a sling for {check notes} following the rules for the last decade, and the decade before that

I really want out of this place and time, or for sanity to prevail, but we’ve no friends in Hartford, plus no rationality in DC.



Take I-95 S (hang a left on I-20 W) to dead center Gods Country. 988 miles /15 hr 31 min

Or I-81 S (hang a left on I-20) will do it too. 1019 miles/ 15 hr 31 min

We’ll leave the light on for ya.



Don’t you tempt me!

Obviously 81 thru Shenandoah to 77 (stop over in Statesville NC to visit my boy, and on in to GA.

Was looking at fixer-uppers in Cadwell. Google street view was taken in June and I can smell that sandy, piney, heat tickle my nose thru the screen.

I miss that place and her people terribly.


You can buy a whole lot of house/real estate, at a reasonable price, in small town Georgia. Kids and grandkids think that they want the exciting life of the big city, dumping the old home places, and beating feet. The generally regret the error of their ways. Cadwell is not too far down the big road from Firebase Magnolia, and even closer to the big VA Center in Dublin. Got a buddy whose wife is an admin there, they do fairly good for it being a VA Hospital/Med Center. Excellent civilian hospital in Dublin also.

COP Timber Ranch is 15 acres with a move in ready 2800 sq ft brick sitting on 15 ac that a real deal could be made on. Jus’ sayin’.


So what org wants assault weapons ban data? And to what end?


The Department of Public Safety Emergency Services and Public Protection (aka State Police) Special Licensing & Firearms Unit in order to comply with Public Act 23-53/House Bill 6667 (not making that up).
I’m a relatively smart dude with a deep knowledge of guns and a pretty good working understanding of how to read law.

At almost 3,100 lines in the ‘law’, it’s a fucking mess.

Part of tha stooped:

A mass shooting event is deemed to occur when, within a period of twenty-four hours, four or more individuals are shot within a three-mile radius.

(b) In any response plan for a mass shooting event, the commissioner shall include provisions directing the coordination of a meeting with the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, the local police department, community leaders, including religious leaders and representatives of the Project Longevity Initiative, established under section 4-68bb of the general statutes, for the purpose of determining (1) why the shooting event occurred,

(2) what circumstances led to the shooting event,

(3) whether there were warning signs that such shooting event would occur,

(4) preventative measures the community can enact to prevent further shooting events, and

(5) if there are resources available to assist the community in its response to the shooting event. [bold added]

So the ‘usual suspects’ get into a beef, go blow-for-blow in New Haven, Bridgeport, Hartford, etc, “the commissioner” is compelled to do things. With that little bit there at the end, what do they plan to do? Throw a pizza party for the thugs? Handout vouchers to the ‘hood in order to secure votes and shit?

(note: ~80% of CT’s murders are in those mentioned cities plus Waterbury, mostly among people prohibited from owning a firearm. [not necessarily for that, but it’s a fact])

This state has lost the plot, bigly.


For once, I’m fully on board with the cancel culture morons – more dance teams should be ordered to remove their shirts.