John Kerry declares accelerated coal phase-out to build stronger economies

| December 2, 2023

John Kerry is at the COP28 climate change meeting at Dubai. Joe Biden had already stated that coal plants would be phased out. While at the summit, Kerry declared that the US will work to accelerate the phasing out of coal. He said that this would help with building stronger economies. Additionally, Kerry declared that the US will join the Powering Past Coal Alliance.

From Fox News:

“The first step is to stop making the problem worse: stop building new unabated coal power plants.”

Kerry said America was joining the Powering Past Coal Alliance, a pact of nearly 60 countries that have promised to accelerate the phasing out of coal-fired power stations, except the very few that have carbon capture and storage.

Kerry said the action forms part of America’s plan to limit global warming to 1.5 Celsius.

As of October, just under 20% of the U.S. electricity is powered by coal, according to the Department of Energy. The amount of coal burned in the United States last year was less than half what it was in 2008.

Last month President Biden said that coal plants “all across America” will be shut down, to be replaced with wind and solar.

A move to close down coal plants in the U.S. is already underway as federal clean energy tax credits and regulations make it harder for operators to compete economically.

A report by the nonpartisan Institute for Energy Economics and Finance Analysis found that 173 coal plants are set to close by 2030 and another 54 by 2040.

For instance, Brandon Shores coal power plant located outside of Baltimore, is expected to be deactivated in June 2025 as part of a settlement between the plant’s operator and the left-wing eco group Sierra Club. The plant has a capacity of 1,295 megawatts, enough to power more than a million homes.

Fox News provides the rest of the story, and images, here.

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PHUQUE HEEM! And PHUQUE this whole “Climate Change” hoax. Did the ChiComs sign onto this while they are building coal plants faster than ever? How’s that shutting down the German Coal plants working out for them? Seen the pics of skerry’s house and all of the green energy apparatus that he is using for power? How much carbon is his private jet spewing as he goes around spewing hot air from his mouth?

Tax credits mean nothing more than Taxpayers paying for their continuing to turn We, The People into Them, The Subjects.

A Proud Infidel®™

Mmmmyeah, him AND Al Gore Junior, NEITHER OF THEM have even a single solar panel or windmill on ANY of the properties the own.


I am 110% against ANYTHING John Kerry says…
If he said the sun rises in the East I wouldn’t believe him…
Anybody that “throws their medals away” when protesting against government tyranny, but now wears them “proudly” while enforcing governments tyranny can fucketh thyself to death…

A Proud Infidel®™

If John “Lurch” Kerry was to say that the sky is blue on a clear day, I would still go outside to double check!


That is why he is known as John “Fraud” Kerry. But did you know he served in Vietnam for a whole four months, using his three doubtful PH’s.


It’s seared, seared into my brain. I’d like to kick his ass in a manner reminiscent of Jengis Khan.

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When you do, give us a heads-up, I’ll capture the whole ass kicking on video!

A Proud Infidel®™

FUCK John “Lurch” Kerry and ALL of his ilk, that’s the trust-fund-raised pisspants pampered blueblood who lives i opulent mansions, flies around in private jets and registered his luxurious yacht in RI to avoid paying MA Luxury taxes on it. Fuck-off like him fly to destinations in private jets to be picked up in stretch limos, taken to hotel suites larger than most family homes, then taken to conferences or rallies to tell everyone else to live in a hut (*OOPS!*, “tiny home”) eat bean sprouts and ride the fucking bus or a bicycle, shit on that pampered pussyass and the bloodline that bred him.


And in Ireland (as progressives want here) this is now hate speech that’ll put people in prison:
comment image


Apparently, under the proposed criminal statute, it is an offense to have a disfavored meme on your cell phone or computer. So, the stuff on “Boomer’s Sunday” can send one to prison in Ireland. Guess the guy that publishes the Babylon Bee would get forty years under that law.


“Additionally, Kerry declared that the US will join the Powering Past Coal Alliance”

Where can I get an application to join and how much does it cost?
Is there a UN membership discount?

Commissar Pooper's Narcissism

Did someone ask for an application? I am taking applications for positions on my staff. I have established a company that aims to support overseas juntas. We are Cuttlefish Junta Staffing Support. We already have a company vehicle. It is a short, but tall, yellow school bus. It is tall, because the seating inside is like in the theater so that everybody can have the front seat experience. The front window is big enough to accommodate everyone’s viewing pleasure. This seating arrangement gives us a luggage compartment where we could store our gear, equipment, and other company gadgets. We have the bells and whistles that normal short yellow school buses have, like red lights for flashing and a stop sign at the driver’s level. Even though it is too small to have a bathroom, I have a poop pot in the back behind both rows of seating. This row is the poop deck. Don’t worry, the drivers behind us will think that you are sitting in an extra back seat. If they are looking that high, they are not paying attention to their own driving. The bus also has additional features, like charging sockets for your devices and different flavored sprays for window licking enjoyment. 


As long as your seat is below say, the 10 ft mark, you should be OK. Those 10 ft and above will get a really good view of the bottom of bridges.

I say the upper seats be reserved for our betters, so they can feel like they’re loading over us.

I suggest the first trip for this company vehicle to be a trip through the city streets of Chicago. Low bridges are in abundance there.


Lording, not loading.


I forget… which act of Congress or Senate confirmation gave him authority to speak on behalf of The United States and to obligate us in any way?

A Proud Infidel®™

Well, he’s an Eastern blueblood trust fund moonbat liberal, and since when have they ever let something as pesky as the United States Constitution get in the way of them and their feel-good doings they think adds to their legacies?


“…in a manner reminiscent of Jen-gis Khan… ” And, then there was his idea of counter-terrorism assistance:

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Prior Service

How ‘bout we phase out Kerry?


Just flat shut off his lights.


Re-possess his private jet.


It’s not his. It’s his wife’s.


Yes, he loves to say he doesn’t have one. He just flies all over the world in it gratis.


Didn’t he also register a luxury boat in Connecticut to avoid taxes in Massachusetts?
Missouri has personal property tax and Claire McCaskill and her husband had an airplane they “forgot” they had until the tax collector reminded them.


I think he registered it in Rhode Island. If he left it in Mass., he would have had to pay a massive tax on it every year. Taxachussetts has a personal property tax residents have to pay every year. Luckily when I was stationed there, the military was/is exempt from it because of the Soldiers & Sailors Relief Act (federal law). They even tax your furniture and appliances, so they can tax renters.


Tea… Boston harbor.. some assembly required.


Tax collector, tar, feathers…some assembly required.

A Proud Infidel®™

Yes rgr769, John “Lurch” Kerry has his opulent yacht registered in RI to avoid paying MA Luxury Taxes on it, that was pointed out about him when he ran for President. Yeah, he and his ilk demand we pay out the wazoo while he and his ilk dodge every cent in taxes they can.


Okay, re-possess the ketchup too.
comment image


He is the beneficiary of another Heinz product, Heinz 57 Sauce. One of my RTO’s carried a bottle in his ruck; and he had a sauce pan tied to his ruck frame. He and the other RTO would use them to turn everyone’s meat dish C-rats into some pretty tasty concoctions. We had quite a variety of combos when in the bush.

The camaraderie of the six of us in the company CP group is something I will never forget: A CO, two company RTO’s, the medic, and an FO and his RTO spent 24/7 together for weeks at a time patrolling in the jungle covered mountains of the Central Highlands.


I’ll admit, I have a surplus. Before the dollar stores went up to $1.25, Dollar Generals down this way had smaller bottles of Heinz 57 for $1. The same size sells for over $4 at the local grocers, and I was paying nearly $3 for the generic stuff in VA, so I went overboard and probably still have 10 bottles. Plus, DG seems to always have Heinz stuff with a $2 instant savings if you buy $10 in product.

Politics and family associations aside, sometimes a simple condiment like Heinz 57 or even the ubiquitous Tabasco Sauce (I prefer Crystal, though) can make a cold, wet, and otherwise miserable meal a feast of sorts.

Hack Stone

If Climat Change is such a dire threat to mankind’s existence on this planet, then United Nations should demand that India and China immediately cease their power generation and manufacturing capabilities that are an overwhelming majority of the pollution. If they refuse, the the world must unite together and destroy these companies. The survival of our world depends on it.


Shhhh… this is only about transnational progressives getting their way.
comment image

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UAE restates its position that fossil fuels can’t be banned without destroying half the world’s socioeconomic stability right now:


At what point do we fight back? Rebellion.


Meanwhile, over in INDIA…..
205,235 MW
49.1% of national generation capacity.

Did the Indians fly in private jets to Dubai, UAE ???


Don’t forget China. They open several new coal fired power plants every month.


I propose that any politician who votes to join this shitty agreement shall have the gas to their home be turned off. If they want hot water or want cook they will need to replace the offending appliances with electric units.

Confiscate their cars with internal combustion engines and let them replace their vehicles with EVs ath their own expense.

Gotta save the planet you know.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Gas to their home(s), disrupted and cut off, great idea.
In addition, the power lines to their home(s) should also be cut off….in little one foot pieces.
They’re such advocates for wind and solar, let them pay for, and install windmills and solar cells at each of their home(s).
Ok, ok….we’ll let them have batteries, too, to store the excess power (snicker) generated from their green devices.
Then they can worry about power usage management (percent rate battery discharge per household device), charging rates and times. Oh, and paying for the maintenance and eventual disposal of the batteries, solar cells, and windmills.

Seriously, these asshats need to have the electric power lines to their homes cut. I’m sure that there’s a point where the power lines diverge from being on accessible public lands to private lands. Wouldn’t want to be arrested for trespassing, would we? (/s)

The power poles are generally placed “…within the back five (5) feet of the right-of-way, and not to intrude inside the property line.” So, yes, there is a point. Jes’ sayin’.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I’m glad I took GM3 Smitty’s advice on not volunteering for Swift boats and maybe having kerry in command on the same boat. Then maybe again, the LPH 3 Skipper asked Smitty to talk me out of it because of my earlier track record, I could sink the boat instead of the VC.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Typo; Thats GM1 Smitty on my above comment


Hopefully in less than a year a Republican is back in the White House and John Fairy is in a prison cell for being an unregistered foreign agent.

Can’t he find something he is good at to do? Oh wait …….


I’m sure if Kerry was in prison, what he is good at will be in high demand.

If he’s not good at it, he will be by the time he ever gets released.

I wonder if he likes relish on his dogs. Heinz brand of course.


So, my mathematical education ended at intro to college algebra (which I failed spectacularly) and I never advanced beyond Econ 101 (Professor Durtschi was awesome), but it seems to me that if you’re planning to cut electrical power production by eliminating coal fired plants, while simultaneously requiring an increase in electric vehicle use, you’re effectively creating a big fuckin’ problem with demand seriously outstripping supply.


Don’t confuse the progs with basic reality 101.


100% true

A Proud Infidel®™

IMO THIS SHIT OF HIS is ALL ABOUT him wanting to “establish a legacy”. After all, he has only been mediocre little trust fund-raised pampered prissyassed Northeastern blueblood insulated from reality, he was raised by proxies in boarding schools, then pushed through elite colleges where he was a Legacy Admission, then he went about his scripted Vietnam tour where he used connections to get the medal he wanted, then he sold his soul to politics when HE SAID htat he threw his medals over the White House fence, then flip-flopped around saying “it was a friend’s medals” and some more shit, … Come to think of it, John “Lurch” Kerry is about as honest and genuine as Joe Biden.


There is also something fishy about his Silver Star. The Certificate or Citation is signed by the SecNav who was not in office until several years after Kerry left the Navy.


Why the long face John?


When the libtards that push this agenda give up their jets and other toys, move out of their palatial estates and move into caves to help “save the planet” , I may consider what they want to do to “make things better”.

Until then, fuck them and the limo they ride in…


So, if you’re naughty now before Christmas, you won’t be getting a lump of coal?

Will replacement item now be whatever the dog (better) deposit outside or items cleaned from the litter box or bird cage.

Just trying to figure out what I may be getting.

A Proud Infidel®™

John “Lurch” Kerry will pull any shitty PR stunt he can that he thinks will make a legacy he can boast of to whatever group of blueblood out-of-touch pampered pissants he is around at the moment. John “Lurch” Kerry is MEDOICRE to the core, he grew up in a pampered life, got his commission and faked his PH’s to get sent home early only to betray his fellow Veterans and sell his soul to politics. What has he ever been? Yes, a MEDIOCRE US Senator, as well as marrying into money because he would have been very mediocre in business as well. In real life he has never truly accomplished anything on his own and to this day he has people doing it all for him while he continues to be a yapping lapdog for Soros and everyone else who bribes him.


Saudis say F* No! to the COP28 “phase out” of fossil fuels… no living in a pod, eatin’ bugs and owning nuttin’ for them:
comment image

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