McCormick Farms requested to be added on the “off limit establishments” memorandum

| December 2, 2023

The “list of off limit establishments” memorandum. Service members are familiar with this memo. Normally, establishments associated with illegal activity, not licensed to conduct their activities, where troubles brew, and other locations are listed as “off-limits.” However, a memorandum recently issued by Fort Liberty included McCormick Farms. The owners requested that their property, including the Creek that off duty soldiers frequent, be included on the list. The soldiers trespassed, conducted their activities at the creek, then left the owners with a lot of mess to clean up and deal with.

From the Military Times:

Officials at Fort Liberty recently unveiled a revised index of establishments deemed off limits to base personnel due to concerns stemming from health and safety, patron behavior and unethical business practices, Army officials announced in a memo.

The list, for the most part, comprises the usual suspects known to attract the episodic interest of impressionable young misfits from neighboring locales, the North Carolina installation included. Strip clubs, an adult boutique bearing the moniker “Peaches,” unlicensed tattoo shops, spurious taverns frequented by drug dealers and gangs, and premises known for parading sex workers were all present — to the surprise of none.

And yet the aforementioned enterprises do not an eyebrow-raiser make. For that, attention can be turned toward the family owned and operated McCormick Farms, where, on numerous occasions, base personnel have reportedly trespassed and gone for a dip in the property’s creek, according to local outlet CBS 17.

Beyond apparent service member affinity for creek-based aquatics, (presumably) junior enlisted free of the daily oppressor known as Police Call have also left trash behind for the owners to pick up themselves.

The Military Times contains additional information here. The memorandum itself could be read here.

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We all know the saying, “this is why we can’t have nice things.”

Soldiers should represent themselves and their service well at all times, but it seems that discipline is just…lacking…now more than ever. I mean, I get that an old stereotype is of the drunken Soldiers trashing a bar and getting into a street brawl, but trespassing on private property and littering all over it is another thing. I can understand where McCormick Farms’ owners might have looked the other way if young men and women occasionally took a dip in their creek while respecting the property, but no one wants to clean up after someone else.


Probably used condoms, intimate clothes/items and various bodily fluids… and not all from man-woman activity (plus leftovers from consumed substances, not all legal) these days.

A drunken brawl and some property damage as in days of yore would be better.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Used condoms, clothing, bodily fluids and other excrement……..almost sounds like the stuff left behind at a border crossing by illegals, doesn’t it?

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A Proud Infidel®™

One of the routes used by Illegal Aliens on their trek for free shit, I presume?


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Hack Stone

Or any afternoon on the streets of San Francisco. Karl Malden would have spent all of his time changing his shoes instead of catching bad guys.


Sounds like the PT stands on Barton Field.


An errant fleshlight perhaps


If you packed it in here , pack it back out with you.
Pick up everything that doesn’t grow. Put it in the proper place.


I remember every week, some knucklehead in some unit was caught at an off-limits establishment. I was always glad to not be that guy.


Ah, folk screwing things up for everybody else again… smooth move, dipsticks.

Last edited 2 months ago by Anonymous

“…and get off my creek!”

Respect for other people’s property starts with proper home training which, sadly, is not taught as much as it used to be.


Why “Do you do that at home?!” doesn’t shame people and isn’t used to make them behave any more.


There are always a few asses that screw it up for everyone else. And no one thought to take charge and fix that sh!t as it was happening.

A Proud Infidel®™

A bunch of assholes not giving a fuck about anyone but themselves, I assume, the breed that fucks things up for everyone else.

A Proud Infidel®™

The “THAT GUY” breed that needs to get weekend duty at every given opportunity.


Ft. Liberty? Had to look that up. If news reporters can say “X, formerly known as as Twitter…” why can they NOT say “Ft. Liberty, formerly known as Ft. Bragg.”??

These name changes are the Devil’s work.


The Fort formerly known as Bragg



Hack Stone

Back at n the day of Hack Stone’s first tour at Camp Pendleton (1983 – 1984), the base newspaper ran article of a private residence that was off limits to all military personnel. It seems that some “fetching young woman” would pique the interest of the young Marines and invite them to an orgy. They would show up to said residence, and after paying the appropriate cover charge, partook in activities had their mother’s lane would have never signed the Parental Consent. They were required to disrobe completely, and while they were contracting the current strain of sexually transmitted diseases popular in Oceanside, their wallets would be emptied of any valuables. Nine years later, Hack Stone returned to Camp Pendleton, and that address was still listed.


And Daisey’s outside FLW Missilry?