Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| November 21, 2023

Groomer says what now?

Sometimes stereotypes are spot on

Funny how people who don’t support terrorism can protest without engaging in terrorism

Teaching elementary kids to push all the Jews into the sea

Don’t like it? Adios

What’re the odds we’ll pay back his student loans?

LoTT getting slandered again

The shirts they’re all wearing calling for peace are just *chef’s kiss*

American leftists are now praising bin Laden

“The most trusted name in news” LOL

This school has seceded from the Union?


Welcome to college, every evil in the world is your fault. That’ll be $35k please.

Dr. King, we failed you

Fucking hell this guy is creepy

Sleep is racist

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You really have to wonder what happened to these sick people to make them think in a such a warped way that is so far off the normal spectrum. I know, I know, someone is going to say , “well what is normal” and that would be a very valid point. But….whatever “normal” is, these warped people aint even close. They really must live sad, pathetic lives to get on that platform and think that anyone really cares about what they say.


The answer is simple. They have been brainwashed and they are deranged. They live in a parallel world that doesn’t exist in reality.


Social media = The Decline of Western Civilization, and here I was thinking that was a documentary about punk music.

Well, anyway, why not? (12) fear – let’s have a war – YouTube


I can just imagine some girl introducing this guy to her parents and proudly saying he’s the lead singer in a band.


He and FEAR got banned from SNL after getting the audience to wreck the studio during their set.


Her laziness is a form of resistance is the most privileged thing anyone has said. She probably has “time blindness” that keeps for going to her 11am Lesbian Dance Theory class. When she graduates in 7 years with $135K in student debt, she’ll hold out for CEO before reality crashes in on her just before 30. Then she’ll use her ethnicity & gender to land a government job at your local DMV. You ever wonder how they become so nasty?

Wrench Turner

“Tried to find me an executive position
But no matter how smooth I talked
They wouldn’t listen to the fact that I was genius
The man said, “We got all that we can use”
Now I got them
Steadily depressin’, low down mind-messin’
Workin’ at the carwash blues”
Jim Croce


Left/libtards are freaks and, in the end, just useful idiots for control freaks.


These people are proof that lead paint is still out there.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I am SO glad that I don’t run into these people in my everyday life.
One of two things would happen:
I’d either punch them out and I’d end up in jail – OR – I’d laugh at them SO long and hard that they’d (try to) punch me out, and I’d still end up in jail for (anti-white male Christian) defending myself.
I’d be in jail a lot.


Attention kids, Satan Club doesn’t mean heavy metal music and setting sh*t on fire… it’s adults who want to include you in their freak-nasty behavior.


Perhaps a little kinky stuff with the kids? Just another flavor of those MAPs, as they now like to be called.


Pretty much. It ain’t Satan they’re really into as much as the dysfunctional vulnerability in the kids they can exploit.


Yup, a pedo can just about sense a kid that is missing the love and guidance of a mom and dad.


As the immortal Rush Limbaugh put it, “Skulls full of mush”.


MFing Lebanon?

Insofar as CT goes, that’s country.
Heck, I’d bet cows out number people in that town!

I guess the waters are fixin’ to rise down that way.

Lord help’m.


My white d!¢k is the heaviest thing about me!

This post brought to you by bourbon: Bourbon, because revolutions shouldn’t be fought sober!


I’m really getting sick of these freaks finding every reason imaginable to be lazy sacks of shit whose only act of defiance can be distilled (see what I did there?) to: “I won’t accomplish anything because XYZ didn’t let me, NOW PAY ME BIGOT!”

Walk a mile in my COMBAT boots: crawl your 40-something y.o. ass in a freaking hole, dig 9 different 40+ inch deep holes for structural support, have an awesome wife that can lift a WHOLE ASS HOUSE with nothing more than 2x4s for blocking and a set of Harbor Freight bottle jacks armed with know-how given to her by an ex-Infantryman (who sucks at instructing, still… somehow), and slaving the fuck away for 4 weeks to take a dilapidated collection of lumber to an almost-house, be haunted by dreams that some how, some way this dream of ‘making it’ will run foul, wake up every 30 minutes from these dreams and painful nerve deafness every time you roll over to your right side, FOR A MONTH!

My pocket don’t have SHIT for you assholes*. Get bent. Die angry.

*save for sand. My washing machine may need a rebuild here shortly due to me importing a good chunk of Eastern CT placer to my current abode.

Worth it


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you’re a fan of the whiskey rebellion 😉

My Irish roots agree with your rebellious insurrectionist statement!


That ball from Burr was too late to save our countrymen from the insatiable lust of that bastard bankster Hamilton.


Nope! We don’t have enough rope.

You know what you should be doing?


If you’re defined by your sexuality, the rest of your life must really suck.


A couple of comments:

For the Satan Club- what are they ALL Texas Longhorns fans?? I am too, but that’s a hell of a coincidence!

The satan worshiping teacher: she’s(?) not completely wrong in the first several lines, but that’s what happens under Leftist Liberal control!

American youth now praising Bin Laden: maybe read a history book along with that letter! BTW, what ME country was the US occupying? Come on! I’ll wait!

$35K: I will not and my kids will not accept responsibility for anything “out of my control”! I guess by that notion, you should spend some time in prison for vehicular homicide for driving drunk, just because you also have a driver’s license! Makes about the same sense!

Heavy whiteness: I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about, other than you hate white people and there’s nothing that will change that. Carry on being miserable!

Ears: her little 4yo brother is even cautious of him. Too bad 81M voters weren’t!

Sleep: I’m lucky if I’m able to sleep for at least 2 hours without waking up at least once. Maybe spend some time worrying about what’s happening in the UK! Your country is falling apart too, thanks to your leftist. BTW, blaming the current sleep habits of African Americans on slavery in the US??? Ummm!!! UK ships were also involved in the slave trade! Careful pointing that finger ma’am!


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GI Issue:

3750-01-597-0383 John Deere-Frontier WC1105 Model Woodchipper.

Get your orders in now if you want the S-4 Supply Daddy to make delivery by Christmas. / s