Navy veteran who rode ship on its maiden voyage watches its decommissioning 35 years later

| October 4, 2023

Tracey Moore is a Navy veteran who was stationed on the USS Lake Champlain. He was onboard the ship when it made its maiden voyage in 1988 and remembers that time as if it were yesterday. He described the weather then as calm, and the seas as providing 40-foot swells. He was among the former crewmembers who attended the ship’s decommissioning.

From ABC 6/WATE:

Moore is what the Navy calls a plank owner. He was a member of the crew when the Lake Champlain was placed in commission. The former Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class was aboard the ship as she was decommissioned in San Diego on September 1.

“It was a proud moment, a sad moment to be able to see them take that flag down for the last time,” said Moore.

Hundreds of former sailors and current active duty Navy officers and staff were there to bid farewell to the ship they had nicknamed, “The Champ.”

“When you hear other sailors talk, about the Lake Champlain. They always looked up to it because it was the best of the best,” said Moore.

“It was awesome to be able to see the ship again. I haven’t seen the ship in 31 years,” said Moore.

Moore said that walking the deck again was awesome and so was seeing his buddies again. The sudden recognition of remembering the face, but not the name, was special.

“It’s just like catching up with them the next day. Even though you haven’t seen them forever,” said Moore.

ABC 6/WATE Provides additional information here.

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The LCS are being decommissioned after three years so…


The Yugo of combat vessels

Warren Peece

Except Yugos have developed a cult following and are actually wanted by some…


They held up really good in the demotion derby’s, hard to kill.


Why we had to bomb the YUGO factory in “98”‘

OIP (60).jpg

You could serve your whole single-enlistment career on the ship that you helped commission and decommission.


“Hold my beer.” – LCS


The Elephant In The Room…


“Nancy Pelosi Evicted From Her Private Office In The Capitol By Interim House Speaker”


By by!

OIP (59).jpg
jeff LPH 3 63-66

The USS Lake Champlain CV-39 was with my former ship during the 1961 Cuban deal. We had a snipe crew member from the 39 come aboard and assigned to A Gang (A-Div) where i was.
Decommissioned in 1966.


I’ve sailed aboard three ships that have since gone to scrap. Despite not being a plankowner on any of them, watching them go was no different to me than laying a loved one to rest.


Fuck I’m old.


Remember when we made ships that served faithfully for 30+ years? Pepper Ridge Farms…and Former PO2 Moore does. Pity we still don’t.

Wonder if the Ol’ Gal will become razor blades or fish habitat? Inquiring minds and all that.


Buddy of mine was on the commissioning crew for the USS Yorktown (CG 48). He attended the decom ceremony as a Master Chief while still on active duty.