Weekend Open Thread

| September 22, 2023

There are many who believe that providing free healthcare to all, having strict gun control, having laws controlling free speech, etc. is “improvement.” Many of these same individuals also insist that we should be accepting of certain “styles” and that if a man sees himself as a “woman”, that we should similarly see this man as a “woman.” One argument used to support these arguments is that these changes are meant to undo “past wrongs” and to make us more “caught up to the times.” There is also the argument related to saving the environment and averting the “climate crises”. A common trend among these concepts involves more control from the government. As long as there is a critical mass of individuals willing to argue against this nonsense and refuse to play along, we might prevent ourselves from being led to bondage. Enjoy your weekend!

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Commissioner Wretched



AQ Congo Rat to you, CW, only repeat for the King of Battle today is a repeat of the post from last week. Alas the inherwebz Goddess was not smiling on me today. Drat that 10 count I give. Rule with your 26 Leaden Soldiers, My liege!





King of the Wretched yay baby !

Checking in on mobile present and accounted for Sirs.

Carry on bitches.

I’m not gonna step on CW‘s toes, but here’s a little snack for anybody if you’re feeling peckish.

It’s kind of a happy birthday spread for me tomorrow. It’s my fourth sober birthday. 😘🖕🤣😛👏

Gobble, gobble, motherfuckers




Many more sober b-days be yours.
We usually can get by without being somber around here, though.


How do you get 4 sober b-days, One Day at a Time…

Congrats, working on 40 here, ODAAT!


Let me be the first to buy you a soda or tea.

Congrats on your birthday.


FIRST!?? If so, that gives The Gun Bunny, The King of Battle, THE King of FIRST a Three (3) Pete of FIRST in a week. A WOT, HOT, & another WOT. BAM BAM BAM!!!

If not, then so be it. Off the net for a bit bit so if you want to Ride My See Saw, then take may place, have my seat, it’s for free! Key’s under the mat, code to the Class VI Stores Locker is 0U812. This number ‘spains what you can do. Pay attention to the back up singers…they are almost as HOT as OAM…to whom this tune is dedicated.

Commissioner Wretched

Beg leave to report that I swept in and claimed the throne three seconds before you did, King … hope some day I’ll be forgiven for my temerity! Enjoy the weekend, my friend.




Missed it by that much.


All hail the commissioner!

Commissioner Wretched

Close, Wireman, but no cigar. Good try, though!



This is what happens when arrogant and self entitled
liars, embellishers, and phonies aren’t held accountable.


Now, started up Summer 2023,
he’s selling plans and instructions for nascent technology,
to build yourself a nuclear fusion generator,
for the supposedly imminent HEMP attack on our power grid.

Also, in the same 55 minute website video,
a gadget for your home circuit breaker panel
to create a HEMP shield / force field to protect your home.
Yes, a force field.
Anyone still wanting to give a free pass
to this loud fat lying bully clown of a con man?

You know….
Because he’s “American First”?
Because he’s a “Patriot”?
Because he’s a Purple Heart recipient?

OB HEMP shield force field.jpg

“Force field” home protection? You mean like with garden gnomes, black powder, and buckshot?


Don’t toy with me, SFC D.


Hey, I’m Irish. It’s just a decorative pipe bomb.


Clan O’Quinn…approves your decor.

comment image


SFC D (and KoB),
No gnomes, even though
he has a small soldier statue in his front yard.

More like the invisible and impenetrable shield
protecting the alien attack craft and mothership
in the movie Independence Day.

According to Teddy,
only Air Force One has this protection,
and all other aircraft will fall from the sky.

But now you can now protect your own home
(and cellphones and cars)
IF you sent Teddy $67 for his secret plans and instructions.

All the fearmongering and survival shtick is supposedly based on “recently declassified intel”.

No shortage of Teddy reminding you (over and over)
how much he’s a Christian and a combat veteran.

It’s easy to find the FAKE reviews on the internet,
which are really paid placements on shaky websites.
Worse, varied bios about hero Teddy,
almost all containing false details and embellishments,
in not outright lies.

OB HEMP shield force field 2.jpg

I’m thinking I could build a “force-field” out of Army surplus TRC-170 parts, but it’d be mostly heat, not force. Leave the trespasser blind, sterile, and medium rare. Power consumption would be cost prohibitive (2 kw of microwave energy might dim the neighborhood) so I’m sticking with ‘splodey gnomes.


Based on the above, and THIS…
A friend of a friend of a friend
is ordering the $67 books and e-book PDF files.

I will be sent an email with the PDFs.


And here he is,
AFTER this Weekend Open Thread,
blowing hard Friday night on OAN,
from his “new studio” just outside Myrtle Beach.
“I’m gonna tell it like it is.”

Same 13 medals on his new South Carolina wall shrine to himself.

ICYMI, he fled rural Pennsylvania for South Carolina in July,
now 1 mile from a highly populated beach.

Not exactly the move to make,
for someone selling way overpriced survival food
and (now, on a parallel website) protection from WW3.

2023 09 22 OAN.jpg
RGR 4-78

This fellow is a perpetual (pro) motion machine.


RGR 4-78,
And if any of it were based on truth and honesty, great.
But it’s not. It’s all fearmongering,
targeting the far right, the religious, and survivalists.

  • Verified last night….

The $67 books and e-book “Operation Blackout”
not only FAILS to deliver on promises of plans and instructions,
it is actually a GATEWAY to “JOIN” a BIGGER CON,
for “members” to buy overpriced food, supplies, tools, and questionable over-hyped electronics gadgets.

Presenting… “Teddy’s Command Post” (dot com)

BONUS – September 2 video (click EXPLORE to see).
After receiving a string of phone calls, emails, and website comments, Teddy tries to explain to dissatisfied customers WHY they still haven’t received their product(s).

Teddy is SELLING product(s) he doesn’t have,
and still haven’t been produced or manufactured !!!

Smelling the new con, yet?



RGR 4-78,
when Teddy feels the need to repeatedly insert the phrase
“and as a Christian and Combat Veteran”
before offering up some new pitch,
it’s as if you know a pile of bullshit follows.

Commissioner Wretched

Having secured my place on the WOT throne for the week (grateful thanks to KoB for leaving the throne room in spotless condition), I offer the masses a completely open mess hall, all the alcoholic beverages you can imbibe, and some trivia to follow it all up. Have fun!

Did World War I begin because a driver made a wrong turn?
By Commissioner Wretched

I’ve gotten some feedback from you regarding a second book based on the silly stuff you read here each week.

While I’m still somewhat on the fence as to whether (or when) to begin the project, I can say that some theatrical friends of mine have already suggested a name for the book, one which I like:

Did You Know…? II: You Don’t Know Jack

It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

In the meantime, as we approach the beginning of fall (this week), I have a fresh, new collection of silliness to share with you. I’ll keep churning these out as long as you keep reading them! (That’s not a threat, it’s a promise.)

Did you know …

… the term “rock and roll” was coined by a disc jockey? The phrase was first used on the air by radio personality Alan Freed (1921-1965). (Kids, rock and roll was a popular music style that began in the 1950s. You know, before your parents were born.)

… sharks only kill when they’re hungry? That isn’t very often, by the way. There are some species of shark that can survive a year without eating, just by living off the oil stored in their bodies. And some sharks can bite hard enough to cut through a piece of thick steel. (Steel isn’t very nutritious, however, so the sharks would prefer … you.)

Commissioner Wretched

… a real estate broker in the Netherlands came up with the perfect way to give quick tours of one particular house? In 2014, he built a roller coaster that ran through it. (When he says “quick tour” he means it.)

… despite the difficulties, only one member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition died during the trip? Captain Meriwether Lewis (1774-1809) and Lieutenant William Clark (1770-1838) led the Corps of Discovery expedition from May 1804 to September 1809, sailing up the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers to make the first exploration of the Louisiana Territory. The expedition made it all the way to the Pacific Ocean in what is now Washington State, ably aided by Sacagawea (1788-1812), a Shoshone woman who served as a guide and interpreter. Despite the unknown territory, hostile Natives, and questionable food and lodging, only one member of the expedition died. Sergeant Charles Floyd (1782-1804) died of what is now believed to be a burst appendix. (Yep, that’ll do it.)

Commissioner Wretched

… World War I began because a driver made a wrong turn? On June 28, 1914, a car carrying Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria (1863-1914) and his wife Sophie (1868-1914) was being driven through the streets of Sarajevo, then part of the country of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Earlier in the day, Bosnian anarchists had tried to assassinate the Archduke with a grenade, but the grenade bounced out of their car and into the one behind them before it exploded. Several of the other car’s occupants were seriously injured, and later in the day the couple wanted to visit those who had been hurt, who were hospitalized. The driver of the Archduke’s car was not informed, and he turned down the wrong street – where sat one of the anarchists, Gavrilo Princip (1894-1918). Princip was upset about the failed assassination earlier, but couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw his intended target driving toward him. Princip jumped to his feet and shot the Archduke and his wife dead. Austrian leaders declared war on Bosnia in reply, and after a lot of other nations found themselves drawn in by iron-clad treaties, the first World War was underway. (And the rest, as they say, is history.)

… the drinking water in New York City might not be kosher? Orthodox Jewish rabbis warned the people of the city that New York’s drinking water contains harmless microorganisms that, technically, are shellfish, which are forbidden in a kosher diet. (From what I’ve read about water in New York, that’s really the least of their worries.)

… Canada made a legal tender coin with Superman on it? In 2015, a silver coin with the Superman “S” logo on the “heads” side was minted in Canada. There were only 350,000 of them produced, and each was .999 pure silver and had a face value of $20 Canadian. To be legal tender, Canadian money is not required to have a depiction of King Charles III (born 1947), but most newly-produced bills and coins do carry His Majesty’s image.


NYC has many problems, but their drinking water is possibly the best of any major metropolitan area (admittedly, a largely subjective title).

While orthodox rabbis may take issue with the copepods, those tiny shellfish are a primary factor in killing off mosquito larvae.

More than 1,000 quality tests are conducted, per day, by the Department of Environmental Protection, and the water goes through several processes to guarantee its potability.

It’s a hotly debated topic, but the water is a leading contender for why NYC pizza stands out.

Commissioner Wretched

… it is theoretically possible to dig a hole all the way through the Earth to China? You have to start in Argentina, but – if the technological and physical problems can be overcome – it could be done. (It’s a lot easier and a lot cheaper to hop on a plane, though.)

… some cats are allergic to humans? Sure, you might be allergic to cats, but what about a cat being allergic to you? It can happen. Scientists say any such allergy is probably not to the human per se, but to perfume, cologne, or the soap people use in their laundry or the shower. (Ach-meow!)

… you’ll find more protein in a pound of horseflies than there is in a pound of beef? (Perhaps, but I think I’ll stick with the beef.)

… all cruise ships have a functioning morgue on board? They exist for the obvious possibility of a passenger or crew member passing away on the cruise. (Not many tours of the ship take you there, of course.)

… Alaska is the northernmost state in the United States? Yeah, you already knew that. Well, how about this – it’s also the westernmost, and the easternmost. The Aleutian islands, a part of the big state, extend all the way west to the 180˚ meridian and cross it, actually becoming part of the eastern half of the Earth. The 180˚ meridian – also known as the International Date Line – separates the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. (Alaska is something of an overachiever, it seems.)

Now … you know!

Dennis - not chevy

As those of us schmoes who got assigned west of the 180th yet were still in Alaska used to say, “The sun sets half way between us and Anchorage”. Those who were assigned to the middle of nowhere had nothing on those of us assigned to Shemya or Attu.

A Proud Infidel®™

There are also elder Folks who go on cruise after cruise , and that’s one reason they have morgues on board. Another thing is that the onboard Doctors on Cruise Ships may not be qualified to practice in the United States but are qualified in the countries the ships are flagged by. Let’s not forget that Cruise Lines will cut their overhead in any way they can!


Well, if they just invested in some lengths of chains, cinder blocks, tarps and a kids slide they wouldn’t need a morgue. They could turn that into 4 more interior rooms and watch the profits roll in. Considering how many people die while on cruises, the restocking expenses would be minimal I would think.


Presently on duty.
Y’all have a great weekend.

Hack Stone

Top 20.


Ole Brandon Boy is on TV right now, yelling and screaming about Gun Control.

He just announced an establishment of ANOTHER office.

“Gun Safety Office.”


What a disgusting POS. He is trying to project Hunter. You know. His fabulous son who illegally purchased a gun.

He wants to get rid of gun violence.

What A Joke.


Civilian Disarmament Office


Back in the 1990s and 2000s,
those objects penetrating Kamala weren’t bullets.


He wants to get rid of gun evidence. TIFIFY


ninja…Ya mispelled “What a POS”.



He’s put Kamala “heels up” Harris in charge, so we already know it’s doomed to fail. It’s well outside her particular skillset.


Plus… Russkies gonna Russky– Russian officers beat soldiers for drinking while they drink themselves:


Average life expectancy of mobilized Russky in Ukraine is 4-1/2 months:


“Joe Biden: License To Fall”

(James Bond Theme Song)

1 minute of PURE GOLD!



Great find ninja. I should spend more time searching out Biden blunders than getting my outdoor projects done while it’s still comfortable to be outside.


Present! I’m happy to announce that the local Safeway is now stocking Shiner Oktoberfest. So I got that going for me. Which is nice.


I’ve been imbibing that from our local HEB for several weeks now.


We’ve only recently started getting the various flavors of Shiner.

jeff LPH 3 63-66


jeff LPH 3 63-66

WOW what a day.Started out trying to go online to check my bank and a blank page pops up. I call the bank and the Lady tells me to use another browser which I learned was fire fox which I have and got through to my accounts. She says to get help on the PC and also mentioned something about cookies. I have a PC repair shop in walking distance so I set up an appointment between 2-3PM. Got called up on the phone
at 3:10PM and told the PC guy the story.I clicked on his site and he was able to see my screen. He did something and says to try to go to the bank online and was able to do so. I asked him what he did and he says that he cleaned up cookies. Chase Bank now sends a verification code to my cell phone so I am able to go on their site and check out my Visa card dealings.I heard that Chase had some sort of security problem.I can run cable, install RG45 ethernet plugs, RG11 phone plugs, RG 6 cable plugs, take apart my Springfield XDe .9MM blindfolded but cannot do any of this PC tech stuff but some 10 year old kid could run circles around me.


I have stuff on my clipboard I would like to share occasionally, and it stymies me as well. Some of you may have noticed in the past


Open Thread! How about a little class:


Almost time!


Cars may not be cheaper than ammo, but they are readily available.

When the insurance repairs the car, can one consider that a reload ready to be used again?



A Proud Infidel®™

Here I go again declaring myself “Present” and awarding myself Honorary First once again, I blame that damn outdated Red Hat Software I still can’t get out of my ‘puter!


*rustle, rustle*
WE STILL haven’t seen even a single name from Epstein’s list.
Another UP YOURS to the FBI minions monitoring me and others. If my camera wasn’t blocked, I’d be mooning you at every opportunity.


Democrat Bob Menendez indicted on bribery charges.

Let’s see how far this goes.

And Menendez saying allegations are false being made by anonymous sources.

(Checks cupboard for popcorn supply) Yep, I’ve got plenty.

A Proud Infidel®™

I wonder to what extent the DNC-owned and operated mainstream media will go to in order to bury that news as fast and best as they can?


The MSM was reporting that some in the Democrat party (cough) are calling for him to step down.

That doesn’t mean it will happen or be reported again.

Sometimes the news actually slips out, never to be heard again.


Well, they did label one of those kids who hit the retired police chief on his bike as white.

Maybe they don’t want to judge to quickly.

Does Menendez identify as white?


Didn’t this guy’s problems start when he disagreed with Obama about something? Back when Obama was president. I’m trying to remember.


I believe you’re correct. I think he was actually voting on or voicing an opinion of what his constituents wanted.

You know, back when that still mattered.


There are many who believe that providing free healthcare to all, having strict gun control, having laws controlling free speech, etc. is “improvement.”

Reminds me of a little poem my daughter and her best friend used to recite:
“Moses supposes
his toeses are roses,
but Moses supposes erroneously.
For nobody’s toesys
are roseys or poseys
As Moses supposes his toeses to be.”


Nice sale on ROCKPORT sneakers, boots, shoes, and more.
2 pair for $69 shipped.
Just “Filter” your shoe size, and see what they have.


Rockport 2 for 69.jpg
Hack Stone

Hack Stone waiting to board his flight for the international campaign to promote the outdated and overpriced Red Hat and Y3K Software to the European market. You would not believe the hoops that Hack had to jump through to make this happen. Had to clear the foreign travel with the company SSO, who also happens to be the Vice President of the proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the Federal Government. Not sure why he wanted Hack to swallow five condoms containing a suspicious white powder, but if anyone knows what they are doing, it would be the SSO/Vice President.

Booked the flight through the company travel portal. Never heard of Bernath Airlines until recently. Checked the baggage at the counter thirty minutes ago, and asked the Airline Representative when the flight would land. She said about ten minutes after the plane ran out of fuel.

Green Thumb

The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) works balls.


Anybody getting the triple JAB this week?

Hack Stone

Update on Hack Stone’s European tour. Landed at Heathrow Airport, and went through Customs & Immigration. The Customs Agent asked “Anything to declare?” Hack Stone replied “Yeah, Phil Monkress of All Points Logistics works ball!” He then said “Everyone in Europe already knows that. Enjoy your stay.”



Cool story and interview. It’s more about the man than the car. WWII vet still sharp as a tack.