Weekend Open Thread

| June 9, 2023

I tried to have Bing’s image generator create an image of a futuristic city on the moon, complete with spaceships. It pumped out an image of a futuristic city on a moon… Not the Earth’s moon, but a moon. It still looks nice. Enjoy your weekend!

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Kong of the Rats to ya, Gun Bunny.
I hope you can find the lavatory key wherein are stored the Krown and Scepter to the always awarded, never given, WoT Throne of Firsts.

Last edited 1 year ago by President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Tanks, Tox. The previous despot err…uh…Ruler (micrometer?), The Dog of Roh, has been conspicuous in his absence this week past, The Stoned Hacked One too busy peddling his outdated Red Headed Softwear (he likes his garments to be silky), all the while on his never ending search for the missing Elaine Ricci (Bless Her Heart), and our Chipster is not so Chippy because of his mooning over the futile quest for the affections of OAM, CW is awash in printers ink giving him no time to be devilish, so the field was pretty much open this weekend for THE Thread (see what I did there). I had just opened up Mr. Chromie and there it was, staring me in the face. Do believe thebesig dropped it a few minutes early, just to make it sporting.

Imbibe in the selection of Class VI Supplies, or a mason jar of the House Wine (sweet iced tea) while I get these coals ready for some grilled beast of beef. Fair warning…the mason jar that appears to be peach juice is a trap. The Zippo is on the mantle and the humidor is to your right.


Congrats Broham!

The scepter is in the umbrella holder, crown on the coat rack at the door of our TAH club house per SOP.

Been ’round this week but had to head south to LBI NJ AO for a prior family engagement.

Took a break from commenting for OPSEC reasons and to stop from venting about the state of our union/geo-polyticks.

Allegedly I was on vacation.

Anywho, have a great weekend y’all, work them preps, dig fighting positions, tip the waitresses, and all that…


Tanks, -Dog…you da Man! Welcome Home, you were missed (good thing her aim is bad, eh?). Got some leftover grilled beef beast and some feline fish fillets with hand cut taters in the ice box for ya. Oh…and some frosty fermented elixirs. Help yourself.

Was good to find the throne room sans crayon wrappers scattered about. Good j.o.b. on the GI Party during you reign.


Broham? Is that anything like a Merlot Broham?🤣

One of Samuel L. Jackson’s great comedic roles.

I thought the second place trophy was in the ladies room. Yes, it’s my day to be “That Guy”. If you can’t be first, be that guy.


Well, I’m stepping out of command in about 3 weeks so I will remove the “HMFIC” patch on my lucky hat and replace it with a “That Guy” tab. I’m thinking about giving the “HMFIC” patch to my successor.


I have that tab. My favorite tab was the result of a comment my 1SG (a certified ass-kissing worthless human) made. He said “my NCO’s are unreliable at best”. We weren’t unreliable, we just recognized stupidity when we saw it. We all sported tabs that said URAB.


I remember you mentioning the URAB tab. I think it’s a reflection on that 1SG’s leadership or lack thereof.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Ok, second. missed it by six seconds. and I clicked and typed as soon as it came up on my end.


All hail the king of battle

Hack Stone

Top 10, which is nice.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone would have been on station sooner, but he is spending Friday afternoon pressure washing the home of a Seabee’s widow, and it jus ran out of fuel, so Hack logged in before going back into the fight.

Does Hack get an honorary First Post for his public service?


Well, seeing as you were assisting the widow of one of the Engineers’ nautical cousins, I move that Hack be Honorary First.


I second the motion


Motion carried. Duly logged into the Coveted Book of WOT Firsts.

Green Thumb

The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) works balls as he steals from the American Taxpayer by gaining government contracts based upon his highly questionable and potentially felonious Native American, Navy SEAL and Law Enforcement claims.

And the Phildo knows where the meatpole goes, right in the American Taxpayer’s bent over asshole.

Hack Stone

When will Bud Light issue a commemorative 6 pack to celebrate Phil Monkress self identifying as a US Navy Seal?

Green Thumb

That’s a tough one.

The level of Phil Monkress’ “Smegnificance” needs to be honored and commemorated.

But what do you do? A Navy SEAL can? Native American one? Disabled Veteran? Law Enforcement Officer? MC Biker? I mean, the choices are tough. Take your pick. I would also recommend it be near beer as Phildo just doesn’t have the juice to dignify real alcohol (although he is a known and confirmed boozer, two-hole abuser, drug user and generally, all-around loser).

Phildo just ain’t your singular line poser. He covers multiple bases.

Old school.


I’ve poked at woke Army, Navy and Air Force this week. Who am I missing?

space force.jpg

What’re the Coasties doing?


Walking to shore after their boat sank.


Did it really sink, or just run aground?

Green Thumb

It docked at All-Points Logistics.

Green Thumb



Marine Corps? Space Force?


(See Spinal Tap)

Hack Stone

Hack Stone had a Spinal Tap moment. December 1992 on Camp Pendleton. Hack just checked in to 1st Maintenance Battalion in late October, so he didn’t get to participate in the Somalia event. Late Friday night Hack saw in the Base newspaper that Greg Douglas (of The Steve Miller Band) and Greg Kihn (Jeopardy) we’re doing a Toys For Tots benefit show at SNCO Club in Wire Mountain. Head on over there, and quite a turnout. In attendance was Hack Stone, Rosetta Stone, and one other paying customer. Hack Stone apologized profusely to Greg Kihn, reminding him that Hack saw him open for The Kinks at The Philadelphia Spectrum. We knocked down some beers, he hopped up on stage, and they did an entire set. And the drummer did not spontaneously burst into flames.

Commissioner Wretched

The King of Battle returns to the FIRST throne! All hail the king, and all enjoy the trivia!

Was a Nazi film version of “Titanic” made which indirectly caused more deaths than the actual sinking?
By Commissioner Wretched

Summer is just over the horizon!

Yes, in just a couple of weeks, the longest day of the year – the summer solstice – will take place. After that, the days will get progressively shorter while the nights get progressively longer, until they even out again in September, with the first day of fall.

Don’t you just love how things progress in nature? I certainly do.

Just as I love the way trivia progresses each week in these pages. I get to write it, you get to read it, and we all get to have a pretty good time.

Enjoy this week’s good time!

Did you know …

… the strongest winds in the Solar System are found on the farthest planet? Winds on Neptune, eighth planet from the Sun, can reach up to 1,500 miles per hour. (Yet another reason to scratch Neptune off my list of potential vacation spots.)

… a First Lady did not like dry-cleaning services available in the nation’s capital? Bess Truman (1885-1982) hated the dry cleaning available in Washington, DC, so she sent all of her laundry back home to Kansas City, Mo. (Well, we do like the comforts of home, don’t we?)

… the Earth is closest to the Sun in January? I know, people who live in the Northern Hemisphere don’t believe that for a moment. But the Earth’s orbit around the Sun is not circular, it’s elliptical, and during our January we’re closest to the Sun. It doesn’t feel warm because the Earth’s axis is tilted 23½ degrees off the vertical and the North Pole points away from the Sun during that time. We get slanted, not direct, sunlight on our half of the world. (So it’s cold. So there.)

Commissioner Wretched

… the ready-made clothing industry came about because of the Civil War? The first time a large amount of clothing was needed all at once in the United States was during the Civil War, when the Union needed hundreds of thousands of uniforms for soldiers. The ready-made clothing industry grew from that. (It had to start somewhere, didn’t it?)

… your teeth are not as solid as you may think they are? Sure, the enamel covering your teeth is the hardest substance in your body. But your teeth are also a maze of channels and canals for blood vessels and nerves. The human tooth has about 55 miles of canals in it. The average amount of tooth canal in a person’s mouth adds up to about 1,700 miles. (The canals are very, very tiny, as you might expect.)

… vampires can turn into animals other than bats? In traditional vampire lore, the being has control over the entire animal world. A vampire can transform itself into an owl, a rat, a moth, a fox, or a wolf, as well as a bat. (That kind of information just drives me … batty.)


Since the Civil War was the impetus for ready-made clothing, did the garment workers sing this?

Commissioner Wretched

… a Nazi propaganda film about the Titanic indirectly resulted in more deaths than the original? In 1943, Titanic was released in theatres in France. The movie’s plot line was not even close to reality, and was instead made as anti-British propaganda. The film had a German first officer aboard the ship, though no such individual existed. The Berlin theatre in which it was to have premiered didn’t show the movie, however, as the Royal Air Force bombed it. Not only was the theatre bombed, the ship on which much of it was filmed was also sunk by the Royal Navy, resulting in three times the number of deaths from the actual Titanic sinking. Additional trivia note: The film itself survives, and four clips from it were used in the classic 1958 film of the disaster, A Night to Remember. Also, once it was finished the film was actually banned in Germany by Propaganda Minister Dr. Joseph Goebbels (1897-1945), who found it overly depressing, as well as saying the scenes of panicked passengers and chain-linked gates were too similar to actual conditions in the concentration camps.

… ostriches do not lay the largest eggs in the world? They do lay the largest eggs of any land animal, but the whale shark has them beat when it comes to all eggs. The record holder is a whale shark egg found in the Gulf of Mexico in 1953 that measured 14 inches in diameter. The largest ostrich egg reported was about eight inches in diameter. (Holy omelet, Batman!)

Hack Stone

Hack recalls seeing a documentary on History Channel or Military History Channel about the German version of the Titanic film. Apparently the director/producer was given free rein to complete his masterpiece. Thousand of German soldiers and critical war supplies were diverted to make this film. Hack is confident that the Allies appreciated his contribution to the war effort.

Commissioner Wretched

… it was at one time illegal to accept a tip or gratuity in Iowa? The Anti-Tipping Law went into effect in 1915, and subjected both the giver and the receiver to arrest and a fine of between $5 and $25. But in 1916, President Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924) and his wife were staying at a Des Moines hotel when the president tipped a cloakroom girl a quarter and gave a $5 gold piece to a waitress. Wilson was not charged with breaking a law, and another man who had been arrested then challenged the law all the way to the Iowa Supreme Court, which overturned it in 1917. (A good tip all the way around, eh?)

… people riot for the strangest reasons? Consider: in 1922, a riot took place in New York over the question of whether it was permissible for men to wear a straw hat beyond September 15, the “socially acceptable” date after which they should be put away. Teenage gangs roamed the streets looking for pedestrians with straw hats to knock off – and beating those who resisted. The riot lasted eight days and led to multiple arrests. (And, not coincidentally, the dying off of the straw hat as a male fashion item.)

… a honeybee’s wings flap about 11,500 times per minute? Also, even though it does not appear so, honeybees have four wings. The pair on each side move in perfect tandem, so they appear to only have two. (Who sits there and counts how many times a honeybee’s wings flap, anyway? And why?)

Now … you know!


My Man, CW! Let me be the FIRST (ht 2…oh wait…that would be MOI) to congratulate and THANK YOU for another fine job on the trivia. I have been remiss of late in singing your praises being as I’ve been busier than Joe Hooker a’flapping his wings to get away from them non union suit wearing lads that were pouring thru his lines in waves, rooting him out of position, scrambling his plans, and making him wish he was pulling a barge on a canal. He shoulda had a tip that a hot fight was coming ’cause Marse Robert had been spotted earlier in a straw hat. Not sure if the laundry got the stains out of his long handles from the riot in his digestive tract.

Coupla the Soccer Moms just smiled a bit when they were asked last week why they were so successful in the trivia night games. I innocently said “Maybe they’re just well read.”

Finally getting a chance to take a cruise with a certain Cadet on FCSS Lovell. Looking forward to seeing how much of The Cadet’s lineage will shape his career. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Commissioner Wretched

King … thanks so much. You have no idea how much your words mean to me. I’m very happy to know that my little exercise in trivia is helping the Soccer Moms do well in the weekly contests!! Looking forward to your thoughts on my SF novels, as well.

Hack Stone

That 1922 riot was probably the justification for the cover of this 1972 news magazine cover.

A Proud Infidel®™

Teens and I give myself Honorary First once again.


Epstein did not kill himself.

jeff LPH 3 63-66


jeff LPH 3 63-66

What time does the WOT start????. I either forget about lighting off the PC or in the recliner doing fill in and crossword puzzles or trying how to do a riffle fan with a deck of cards which one person said it took him 7 years to learn. getting back to doing a 4 half dollar coin rollout and a 4 silver dollar rollout which I haven’t done in years. Getting back into coin and card magic sticking to packet card tricks.


Outside the wire, in two senses.
Check ya later


Was out of prison but also away from the GB Compound when I checked in.
Hope y’all have a great weekend.


Hey all, I wouldn’t ask this esteemed group for myself, but if you have any prayers to offer for my wife, they’d be appreciated. After taking her to urgent care last night for abdominal pain, it turned out to be a cardiac issue, and she’s getting a cath done in the morning..
Thanks in advance


Shit, Fyr, I’m sorry to hear that — you need anything in addition to those prayers? Give us an update tomorrow, please, and if I can help in any way, just ask.


Will do, and thank you. we’re good for now, just out of the blue.. at the hospital till nearly 2 this morning, grabbed a little sleep an d back at it. she kicked me out tonight to get some sleep (as if…)but I’ll be headed back early in the morning.. just glad this isn’t happening when I’m on shift / wish she’s told me sooner…


We here for you AND her, Fyrfighter. The Great Healer will be hearing from us. Anything we can for you and yours, all a body has to do is ask.

The good news is, they caught it early.


I am praying for God’s grace, mercy, and guidance for you and the doctors, and that everything will go well.

Commissioner Wretched

Definitely keeping her in my prayers, my friend.



We are Family here. We Care.

Thank You so much for sharing with the updates.

Prayer Warriors Coming Together…!


Thank you all! It is greatly appreciated. Heading to the hospital as soon as animals are taken care of….


Prayers up for you and the boss.


Thanks to all of you! she’s out of surgery. No blockages, said it was stress induced.. so we gotta work on that, but much better than it could have been..


Thank you for the update.

Sending all the requests for a swift recovery, peace in mind and spirit.


Praising God for the great report!
Hope y’all can find a way to mitigate the stresses.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Hope everything works out Fyrfighter for your wife. My prayers go out to her


Some words of wisdom from the Great White North.


Dude, you forgot the Shithawks!

Randy…I AM the liquor!


Nice image…brought this to mind:


A little bit of mellow Sabbath.


youtube dot com expands here, youtu dot be does not.




Thankfully, the smoke cleared out at the Casa de Sparky Western Annex, but it sucked mightily for a while.

Last time I saw it that bad I was a baby nuke in Idaho Falls the summer Yellowstone burned. Woke up several days with a nice coating of ash on the truck that go-round.


Was in the very thick of it Wednesday on the Cross Bronx “Express”way.

The pic below don’t come close to the surreal nature of the conditions and lack of visibility, down to ~75 feet at times. Couldn’t see any part of downtown from the George Washington Bridge.

Surprisingly we only saw one accident transiting New Yawk Shity. Semi versus car with pieces all over, right at the ramp run up near Harlem River Drive area just past the Hamilton Bridge (iykyk).


2 in 1 week at SuperMax.

A few days ago, Hanssen.
Now Kaczynski.

Relief for the taxpayers, and the deficit.

[Ted Kaczynski, known as the Unabomber, has died in federal prison at 81]


What a waste of life. The man was a legit genius who wasted his gifts and talents. Unfortunately, he chose to withdraw from society and hurt people who had done him no wrong. Near as I can figure, he got over 20 years of life that he wasn’t entitled to. He should have been put down instead of being sentenced to life.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone just heard on WTOP that UNIBomber Ted Kacyzinski will no longer be using any funds from his Prison Commissary account. It’s a good week for federal prisoners. First the FBI traitor, now this Harvard Graduate.



Hack Stone,
Deja Voo Doo.
Scroll up just above.
Same Bat Minute.
Same Bat News.

unabomber Theodore_Kaczynski.jpg

Making room for the Biden crime family perhaps?


Hot take:

Victim of Government mind control experiments and current techno-dystopia prognosticator dies after long stay in inhumane prison.

Uncle Ted did do some bad things…


MK-ULTRA and me

Hack Stone
Hack Stone

Hack Stone just got back from the Lions Club Demolition Derby at Budds. Reek Maryland. Not only was the proud but humble woman owned business that sells software th the Federal Government a sponsor of the event, but we even entered a vehicle in the competition, a 1980’s vintage Jaguar driven by our own Vice President. Unfortunately, there was no money for a gallon of gas, and Psaul was unable to pass the field sobriety test before the event, so we had to forfeit. But hey, the money is for a good cause.