Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| May 30, 2023

Target paints a target on themselves for targeting children

In public school, your kids are the state’s, not yours

Not creepy at all

Racism against white people is so in right now

I can’t imagine why he dad wouldn’t want to help her

Nope, nope, nope

This guy is into chicks now

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That poor woman living in her car and hoeless shelter without her baby daddy and her daddy and those parents have money and a pension he didn’t earn about made me weep. We need to raise the age of majority to 60 or maybe 67, when Social Security kicks in. Somebody please take care of her.

Commissar, please let us know there is some kind of social program for struggling meth heads.


Meth is the pathway to self-righteousness and entitlement. What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine, and what’s theirs is mine…

My wife and I went through this with her last flipper project. My older brother found himself on the streets just before we closed, so it seemed like a win-win: he’d have a temporary roof over his head, we’d have a knowledgeable and experienced handyman, doubling our investment in a couple of months and paying him a decent wage for services rendered. Nope…before long strangers were on the property, stuff was stashed all over the place, and of course, me being Moneybags SFC Combat Vet (my brother loves using my former rank and service when referring to me), he was hitting us up for everything from cigarettes to groceries to gas money at odd hours of the night. Eventually, we found out that he was collecting about $3500/month in disability while mooching off of us, most of which doubtlessly went to meth and tweaking projects. He also had various girls living there under the assumption that he was a co-owner. After finding stolen property we called the Sheriff’s Office, and they arrested him for an outstanding warrant we didn’t know about. Needless to say, we don’t really talk nowadays.

That experience with him and his “friends” gave me a very low tolerance for meth heads. My best friend went down that path and may have relapsed recently. I’d love to be the “better man” and offer unconditional support but I refuse to try to put effort into someone self-destructing 1000 miles away. Money fixes nothing and usually adds to the issue, being there only puts you at risk, and trying to offer other support only makes you the bad guy, because you “have” and they “have not”.


It all comes down to enabling. But, don’t go too hard on yourself. Unless you had experience in his world, which I doubt, you were ignorant of his bull crap mouth and behaviors.
Please, everybody, don’t give money to these idiots, all you do is prolong the misery.
You have my respect for calling the cops on him. Best thing you could have done for him. Don’t back down, if his lips are moving, he’s lying…
Even Bill Clinton said that the criminal justice system saved his brothers life.


So many nut jobs…so few wood chippers.


Add this spectacular result to a liberal plan to today’s highlights:



Note the high level of success there.

1- No one was MDK’d.
2- Situation was de-escalated when chump gave up the Ca-Ching.
3- Reparations for Mexico.

Every victory, no matter how small, is a defeat to white supremacy.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

No matter how well intentioned, LibTards fuck up everything they touch.


Fucking freaks.


Makes you wonder about the California teens’ parents…🤔🙄🫣

“Horrific Video Shows Mob of California Teens Allegedly beating Marines”


“The confrontation allegedly started when the teenagers were told to stop lighting fireworks…”


Sadly not really that much to wonder about.. they are of a specific demographic that feels they can do what they want, when they want, largely because govt’s all over the country had come right out and said as much.. as for parents, it’s highly likely that many of them know little more than a zip code in relation to their fathers.. the explosion of single motherhood is just one more leftist success story…


“WATCH: Video Of Male Disney Employee In Dress Causes Outrage”


“So, my name is Nick, I am one of the fairy godmother’s apprentices,” the employee says to the children in the video while wearing a blue dress with heavy blue eyeshadow. “I’m here to shop you around and make all your selections for the day.”

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Said “apprentice” needs to be given a hard kick in the nuts and left writhing on the ground.
Lather, rinse, repeat.
Oh….that is, if you’re foolish enough to spend your hard earned money at Pedo Woke Disney in the first place.


Sunny Hostin is a dummy.

Not all GOP White Women Voters have husbands…


“View’ Host Sunny Hostin Belittles GOP White Women Voters As Tools Of Their Husbands: ‘They Do Fall In Line'”



Sunny Hostin is a racist…. FIFY


What A Maroon…

“Gavin Newsom Blasted For ‘Tone Deaf’ Memorial Day tweet: Thought This Was ‘Parody'”



Being California, the kid’s properly reaching for the porn and not the guns.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Dylan Mulvaney, the 15 Minutes of Fame Attention Whore.

He’s man that thinks he’s woman but was once gay then queer now a lesbian but thinks another woman can get him pregnant…

Really Bruh.png

That delivery is gonna be real interesting.


As weird and/or insane as sh*t’s getting, I’m expecting that scene from Alien:
comment image


Poor ole Dylan! “Oh no, no, no, she would be getting me pregnant”

Doesn’t know how any of this works, does HE?


No; he imagined it all like he wanted.


The girl living in her car,,,

Why did you have the throw the bi-racial, in there?

He RETIRED from the sanitation dept at 50! I’d say that was smart and he earned the pension. Funny how it works that way. Maybe quit bitching and go do something to get yourself out of you mess. You say all this about your dad, but seem that you are ready to accept HIS money, earned or inherited.


The fat white privilege whiner bitch is a product of all the things she hates in her Father.
This is why libturds are sooo miserable, they, like her, hate everything they look like where they are from how they came into being and that all boils down to self loathing, the same stuff Freud talked about.
Gestalt, that which we hate in others is a mainstay trait in ourselves and brings on self loathing, depression, suicidal tendencies and violent acting out.


Tuesday with the Phony Badasses of Tik Tok.



Thanks again for my weekly puke a little in my mouth. Since I put down the bottle a few years back I miss my weekly wretch that makes me feel alive. It also warms my heart to know my military peeps are looking out for me. Have a great week and never give up the fight.