It’s False! It’s False!

| May 23, 2023

Recently there was a story, widely touted on Fox News and the NY Post, about a group of homeless vets being housed at a Choice Hotel, evicted so illegal immigrants could be housed instead. Raised my blood pressure (which can ill afford it) and irritated a good chunk of our target demographic, I’m sure.

Only one small problem – it is now being outed as a hoax.

Seven homeless men say they were part of a group of 15 who were supposed to act as vets to keep up the scheme.

They claim they were offered $200 for their job, which none of them ever received.

The story of a group of homeless veterans booted out of a New York hotel to make space for migrants made front-page news: “Vets Kicked Out For Migrants” declared the New York Post’s cover.

Sharon Finch, executive director of the nonprofit Yerik Israel Toney Foundation, claimed the foundation had been paying to house the veterans at the hotel, and that she was scrambling to find housing for the men overnight.

“Last night, I was crying,” she told the Post.

New York Assemblyman Brian Maher was quick to respond, introducing legislation to prevent vets from being displaced from temporary housing, Mid Hudson News reported.

But the ploy quickly unraveled when Maher showed a credit card bill purportedly from the nonprofit totaling $37,000 in payments to the hotel. A graphics expert who works at the Mid Hudson News noticed the receipt appeared to have been doctored.

The hotel then checked and found no payments from their credit card, and told Mid Hudson News that not only were no veterans staying at the hotel, but that there were vacant rooms.

Finch claimed that Orange County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Heather Bell-Meyer wanted to meet the displaced veterans, so she employed men from a homeless shelter to play the part but denied offering them money to take part in the hoax, Hudson News reported.


Reminds me of the “homeless vet helps stranded couple, GoFund Me set up” fraud story we covered a while back. Regardless of whether she may have had good motives – think Ms. Finch “got some ‘splainin’ to do.”

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“Last night, I was crying,” she told the Post”

At home in your own bed, someone elses bed, on a cot at the
YMCA, out in the bushes with an OD blankie, or just laying on
the sidewalk with a sign around your neck?

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Crocodile tears for fake veterans, for a fake charity. Pushed out of the way by a fake cop who is now a fake mayor for a fake sanctuary City. All of this to help fake political asylum seekers. So that a fraudulent president can do some fake virtue signaling. The fake media can then report on false racism.

There isn’t any part of the story that is real. One wonders who can tell the biggest lies for the longest?

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Finch was just trying to raise awareness.

That excuse works for “anti-racist” activists caught promulgating hoaxes, why not for her charity?


Makes sense.


She absolutely was not trying to raise awareness. She is a grifter and a liar.

She even lied about her Purple Heart.


I see your reading comprehension is still poor. Maybe, if you tried reading what is written instead of looking for some nefarious vast right-wing conspiracy, you’d understand things better. Sailorcurt was using a technique called “sarcasm”. C’mon, say it with me…


Leftists seem to be almost totally lacking in any real sense of humor or sarcasm except for acceptable-to-leftist “jokes” at the expense of left-wing designated targets.


That explains SNL, Jimmy Kimmel, Kathy Griffin, Chelsea Handler, far too many to list.


I’ll bet they hate puns too.


Left or right, puns remain the lowest form of humor.




FOX is 0-3 now, wonder what’s up with these clowns


The Hair Over There
just ran a best of…
of his busting that glass and bronze maker
who made the large presidential seal for Trump,
and was all over Fox News as a Vietnam Veteran Navy SEAL…
until others alerted him, and he stepped in.

He included the belated Fox News retraction story
by the young reporter
who initially refused to edit, correct, or delete his initial news story.

BTW, it’s not only FOX.
ABC has a bad history of getting conned by phonies,
especially lately at ABC 6 in Philadelphia, PA.

Which was the 1st network to pump up and make national
our well known TSA / airport push ups queen
Phony Everything Maggie DeSanti?


Oh Oh. Maggie alert.
I went and looked. And found this.

That guy at American Legion Post 138
that put together the Maggie table (with statuette)
has added new photos to his old post.

This framed photo of Maggie DeSanti
now sits on the Maggie table, alongside the Maggie statuette.

The ribbons are different from what we’ve seen before.
This photo is back from the days of
Phony Silver Star Maggie DeSanti.


2023 05 22 AL Post 138 David Carrasco Maggie DeSanti NEW PHOTO 1.jpg

In that pic she is wearing all her phony pony bling, including her jump wings and Air Force Senior Flight Nurse wings. AL Post 138 really loves to honor a valor thief. Gotta wonder how many more there are.


But lets be real, using taxpayers’ cash to house illegals is against the law and that call to treason is coming from inside the house!

I wish the good people of New York would remove the toxic foreigners in Albany too!!


Certainly sounds like something “progressive” types would do though.


It is not illegal. Nor is it treason.

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I can Constitution and so can you!

I found your deepest masturbatory fantasy, see below.


Facts. Produce them.


Odd how similar left-wing and right-wing rhetoric can be; leftists cry “racism”, rightists cry “treason”, and they both misuse the word “coward”.

Green Thumb

I could see All-Points Logistics getting involved in a contract such as this.

Lots of gravy and dishonesty involved…..


The hoax instigator, full name Sharon Toney-Finch,
has been revealed as a PHONY PURPLE HEART.

It’s NOW a STOLEN VALOR story.

[The woman at the center of the maelstrom is Sharon Toney-Finch,
who was inducted last July
into the New York State Senate Veterans’ Hall of Fame
after a special salute by lawmakers for her service.
She is listed in the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor,
has been the subject of glowing profiles about her heroism under fire,
and once appeared on Fox & Friends
to unveil a set of Purple Heart commemorative coins.
On May 16, New York State Sen. Rob Rolison,
a former police officer,
honored Toney-Finch as a “woman of distinction,”
making special note of her Purple Heart.]

And plenty more.
That’s just 1 paragraph.


1 of her many accolades….
Almost all based on her being a “Purple Heart recipient”.


I haven’t seen an E-1 stripe since Basic.
Must have been wounded at the range.
At least she got a qual badge for it.


I assume a (national news high priority)
FOIA request by VG staff
will provide plenty for a new VG article on “PHONY TONEY”
… and her Phony Toney Foundation.


I will neither confirm nor deny the existence of any FOIA requests pertaining to Sharon Finch and her military service.

Good post, thanks.


“E-2 stripe, E-1 is a slick sleeve”

Tnx the correction. Math error.


Makes you wonder. It sucks feeling the need to question the validity of vets and their awards/service, but stolen valor is so commonplace nowadays that I, for one, can’t help but wonder the “what, how, when, and where” every time I see someone sporting a PH, BSM w/V or higher, or even a “thank me for my service” OIF/OEF/Vietnam/etc. ball cap. The fact that so many wannabes, never weres, and mighta/woulda one days use their stolen valor for personal recognition and/or profit is sickening.


I wear the black ball caps with yellow letters
and have the license plates
for 2 reasons…

  • Mutual greetings / smiles / attention from OTHER veterans
  • Mugger / car thief / carjacker repellant.

I am polite, always saying “thank you” back
to those nice enough to say “thank you for your service”.

But no Rambo stories, no grifting,
no expecting anything from individuals.
I do have the discount at Lowe’s. Ballcap not required.

But yeah, the (now) decades of seeing ballcap panhandlers
in (now) ALL the large cities between DC and Boston,
especially Baltimore and Atlantic City,
is frustrating.

Sadly, I avoid them now.
(Vacation / Clark Griswold – “Roll ’em up.”)
And I find no joy in questioning them about their service,
as I did several times many years ago in both Baltimore and Atlantic City.
But when I hear blatant lies told by a ballcap panhandler
to a civilian donor mark,
I still jump in to prevent the kindly mark getting taken.


I don’t own or wear a cap, but my employer is providing veterans vests to those of us who served in the next few days. We have an eclectic group of vets here: me (retired 11B SFC), a retired 88M SSG, former Army Dentist (CPT), an Air Guardsman who is on hiatus while he works on college, former Marine LCpl, and a couple other guys. Unfortunately, one of our number (retired Secret Service and former Armor officer) only lasted a few months due to a conflict with one of the managers.

I like to talk smack and don’t go out of my way to advertise my service, but the vests are a nice gesture, and if permitted, I’ll probably pin my miniature CIB to it. Down here we can have Veteran status put on our licenses. I don’t have that but hope to get my DAV plates this week. When a customer buys a gun and I go out for the final check of the paperwork, I’ll bring up the military maybe 25% of the time if it’s on the ID or they are wearing something reflecting military service, so long as my mood is okay, and the customer comes across as polite and interesting. We should all be proud of honorable service, regardless of length, job, or places served.


I have all the phony pony paraphernalia: Leather vest; dark blue ball cap with SF and pins for all my qualification badges and tabs, and combat patches. Have a Gold Wing instead of a Harley. And I wore a dew rag under my helmet the year I rode to Sturgis with a group of motorcyclists. No support mutt though; I guess my cavalry reenactor horse could qualify instead. The difference is that I don’t regularly wear that stuff nor claim anything I didn’t earn or experience during my military service.

The only black ball cap I regularly wear is one with the ranger scroll for our LRRP company in Vietnam embroidered on it. It frequently prompts check-out counter workers to offer me the veterans’ discount.


Yeah, but Ranger, YOUR paraphernalia is legit!


Plus, I don’t tend to play “lookit me!” I’ve only worn the vest three times, two at vet funerals and once at our Veterans Day parade.


My best friend in Texas is a dog handler and a Bronze Star recipient. It’s an honor to be his friend and yours too.


My reply to those that make a point of thanking me for my service, I simply say that it was an honor and a privilege to serve alongside people that really were the Heroes.
I also add the disclaimer, it didn’t seem like a privilege at the time, and it didn’t. It was at the tail end of the Vietnam Conflict and morale was horrible along with drugs and a host of other things.
BUT, it was, no doubt about it, the best thing I ever did in my life.
The VA has treated me a lot better than I treated the US Army, I am still amazed that I got an Honorable Discharge, but I did…
I really did serve alongside the real Heroes, our NCO’s were all Vietnam Veterans.
The VA has saved my life 3 times and saved my soul twice.
They also paid for my daughter’s college with a stipend.
There really is a God to bring all this my way.
Plus, I get to compete in the WOT contest every Friday for the Rats of the Cong !!!

3 rd platoon Alaska.jpg

Last time I went to an Indianapolis Colts game we parked in a parking garage and walked to Lucas Oil Stadium. The walk between the garage and the stadium was chock full of panhandlers and about 90% of them claimed to be veterans.


Yeah, that’s what I thought! Better correct the record, TAH needs to Commiserate with a certain unpopular person who was full of hurt feelings in a couple of yesterday’s threads. Sarcasm off…

This goes to show that every side of the political spectrum is capable of generating hoaxes, and that when big media picks up the fake stories shenanigans often ensue. This is big news for the Left, though, since it was a hoax based on fake vets being tossed out on the streets for illegal aliens peaceful fun-loving Migrants of Color.

A lot of harm must have been caused by this, but I’m sure there will be little pushback. Years of “Russian collusion”, Bubba and Juicy Smollett being the targets of hate crimes, the nothingburger concerning classified document storage by prominent Democrat politicians, and the list goes on… All of that has shown that a disparity exists in our media, some might even use the term bias. Fox and the NY Post got this wrong. What of CNN, MSNBC, the WaPo, NYT, and so many other entities that played up hoaxes, deception, and outright lies over the years?


Yes, but Commissar overplayed his ultra liberal hand yesterday.

He correctly called out the hoax.
He correctly called out the days old VG article.

But he incorrectly called Toney-Finch a “political operative”,
who has in fact been (for years) an attention whore
running HER OWN charity organization,
and then using it for her own motives.

She wanted to make news..
and now she made the news.
And it backfired..
because she’s (1 more) PHONY PURPLE HEART GRIFTER.

[Yerik Israel Toney Foundation · Assisting Veterans]

Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61

Commissar was actually days late in his attempt to play the “gotcha” card and declare us all as echo-chamber dwelling cult members. Funny stuff coming from someone that would’ve been first in line at Jonestown.


I just deployed the Fu of Google on the “foundation”,
and new news keeps appearing.

Now, Brian Maher,
the hoodwinked NY Republican State Assemblyman
who carried her water as a volunteer org spokesman,
has cut his ties…

“I am devastated and disheartened upon a conversation with Sharon Toney-Finch at approximately 3:15 p.m. Thursday, May 18, where I learned that the information regarding the YIT Foundation about homeless veterans being displaced is false. Their gross misrepresentation of the facts surrounding our homeless veterans is appalling.”

There’s more here….

Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61

I truly enjoy watching frauds get strung up on their own lies.


Wait a second…ANOTHER Phony Toney? Is this broad a member of the Oddfellows’ ladies auxiliary?

It’s raining 💩!


He just can’t overcome all those years of indoctrination. The Kool-Aid is just too strong in that one.


“someone that would’ve been first in line at Jonestown.”

Love that line.


Yep, she made the news alright. Got caught in her own lies and deceit. I couldn’t help but prod at Commissar’s laughable “gotcha!” moments yesterday.


Ya mis-spelled Constipated.


The crime(s) by our government(s), corporations, and aliens go under/non reported while we fight over the mundane.

It’s almost like the newspsyopcontrolsystem is acting as intended, right Bill ‘totally loves humanity’ Gates?


Hey, Bill only wants to exterminate 3/4ths of the planet’s population.


“Yellow journalism” is alive and well. Randolph Hearst grins.


Speaking Of Lies….

“Biden Again Claimed Son Beau Died ‘In Iraq’ To Marines At Japan Stop”

“President Biden told US forces stationed in Japan that his son Beau perished in the Iraq War, a video obtained exclusively by The Post reveals — after the president stoked questions about his own mental acuity by making the same incorrect claim at least twice last year.”

“My son was a major in the US Army. We lost him in Iraq,” the 80-year-old president said during an informal visit with troops at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni on Thursday.”

“The traveling press corps, which has faced repeated access issues repeate while covering the nation’s oldest-ever president, was kept far enough away that the remarks were inaudible.”

“The White House press office did not put out an official transcript, almost allowing the error to escape public notice.”

“Biden said in October of last year that Beau “lost his life in Iraq” and claimed the following month that Iraq was “where my son died.”

“In fact, the president’s son died of brain cancer in 2015 at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.”

RGR 4-78

You would think by now that Vegas would have a betting pool as to how many words Joe would say before mentioning Beau. Double your money if it is in the context of Beau dying in Iraq.


They’re in the business of making money there, and these odds wouldn’t favor the house.

RGR 4-78

And then there is the whole problem of trying to decipher Joes made up words.




That peckerhead Biden spent DECADES
blaming his 1st wife and daughter’s deaths
on the truck driver,
instead of his wife,
who blew through a stop sign on busy DE-7.
Biden made numerous verbals at luncheons and events,
plying for sympathy,
with stories (lies) of the truck driver who “drank his lunch”.

Biden never cleaned up his bullshit while the truck driver was alive.



USMC Steve

Why doesn ‘t that truck driver sue the old senile prick every time he trots that fake story out? it was easily and quickly disproven before, so Biden is just lying about it. Driver should get paid.


See my comment below.


Actually, Biden’s comments about the truck driver “drank his lunch” were made after he died. One was made to a Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) event. In his typical fashion, he had to tell this lie to validate himself as a victim of a drunk driver to this group. Also, he cleverly didn’t falsely accuse the driver until after his death. I suspect he paid attention in law school to the principle that a dead person can’t sue for defamation.


It’s sad that Beau has become just another talking point for his father to misremember/mischaracterize and for those of us who aren’t fans of “Brandon” to continuously correct the record on. Like many siblings, the Biden brothers are polar opposites. One an accomplished military officer with growing political aspirations and the other a drug-addled sex addict grifting off the family name.

If Ol’ Joe’s misremembering the nature of his son’s death, he’s only adding fuel to the opinion that he is in severe cognitive decline. If he’s mischaracterizing it, it shows that he is either maliciously using his son’s service and premature passing to gain sympathy and support, or perhaps even more disturbingly, he’s so ashamed of his deeds in national politics and of Hunter that he wants to think of himself as having sacrificed a son for the sake of the nation. He’s spent how many years in DC? I don’t know much about his voting record, but a lot of Americans gave their lives during his tenure in the Senate, as Vice President, and now as President. Interestingly, summary “research” on his early political career found this: Death and the All-American Boy – Washingtonian, where he states his support for the draft. So, the last few years of Vietnam, Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, the Gulf War, Somalia, OIF, OEF, countless other engagements, with a capstone (so far) of bearing responsibility for the 13 lost in Kabul.

Many Gold Star families have been created under the watchful eyes of Joe and his political elite ilk.


Just further proof his brain is shot. I suspect that he now remembers his lies as actually true. He reminds me of my father in his last two years of life who began saying things that were false but also absurd. His dementia eventually contributed to his death, as he woke up at around 2:00 am and failed to put his O2 canulla back on. My sister found him around 5:00 am, when it was too late.

A Proud Infidel®™

What’s really sad is that there are crowds of people who truly believe what Biden and the slobbering moonbats in the mainstream media say.


Here We Go Again…

Waiting For “The View” or Al Sharpton or Joy Reid or MSNBC cry “White Supremist”…

Mental Illness Is A Terrible Disease.

“Missouri Teenager Sai Varshith Kandula, 19, Told FBI He Wanted To kill Biden And ‘Take Over’ After Crashing U-Haul Truck Into White House Security Gates While Carrying Swastika Flag”

“The Missouri teenager who crashed a U-Haul truck into the White House’s security barriers last night has been charged with trying to kill, kidnap or harm the president, vice president or a family member.”

“Sai Varshith Kandula, 19, from Chesterfield, Missouri, was arrested at the scene after plowing the vehicle into security barriers at around 10pm. After crashing the vehicle, he jumped out of the van and started waving a Nazi flag.”

“Once in custody, Kandula told the FBI he wanted to overthrow the government, kill President Biden and take over himself.”

“Kandula has been charged with 18 U.S. Code § 879 – threats against former Presidents and certain other persons protected by the Secret Service. It is punishable by up to five years in prison.”

“Law enforcement sources told ABC he flew from St Louis, Missouri, to Dulles, then rented his U-Haul truck.”


His Linkedin Information:

sai kandula

Marquette Sr. High School
Chesterfield, Missouri, United States

” hi my name is sai, my career pursuit is dedicated in the field of data analytics. I am currently skilled in python, and java as my primary sources of coding languages. I am currently certified in google, and IBM as a data analyst, and have completed courses which certify my skills in that field. I currently am in a pursuit of job regarding the field of data analytics, and am hoping to working with companies to share my knowledge, and provide value in regards to their work given to me. I currently do not have any job experience, since this is why I am actively searching for jobs in order for me to apply my skills when I do get a job in order to build experience in a company, although I learned, and taken multiple credential courses about programming, and coding languages for about 5 years which is the kind of experience I would say I have had besides a job experience.”


Did Kamala write that for him?


“I currently do not have any job experience,…”

Refuses to “flip burgers”, run a cash register, or use hand tools, but thinks he is qualified as a “data analyst” or programmer. Sad, but probably too typical.

RGR 4-78

Sounds like his curry has done slid off his paratha.


Did the U-Haul have a thing that goes up in the back?

Forest Bondurant

Reports I’ve read point to “yes”, and the trucks exhaust also had a barrel shroud. There needs to be more background checks for U-Haul renters.


Dunno. You decide.

Glowie Van.png
RGR 4-78

Repo man alien goo. Yuck.


“Missouri nazis?
I hate Missouri nazis.”

I’m sure Sai here had a point other than the flag, waiting on the ‘hacker known as 4chan’ breakdown before opinioning on this one.

’tis the season of fast freddys


News from his hometown if Chesterfield, Missouri:

“Road rage Incident Turns Deadly In Chesterfield Grocery Store Parking Lot”

“A road rage incident ended in tragedy after a 73-year-old man was involved in an altercation with another man Wednesday night.”

“Authorities said the incident escalated in the Diebergs Four Seasons parking lot on Olive Boulevard.”

“Chesterfield leaders are speaking out about the dangers of road rage, which in this case was fatal.”

“One of the men have succumb to their injuries,” said Chesterfield Mayor Bob Nation. “It’s so senseless, and sympathy and condolences to the family.”

“The Chesterfield Police Department responded to a report of a fight around 7 p.m. A witness told police the 73-year-old man threw the first punch.”

“After the road rage, they became involved in an altercation that became physical, as I understand the matter is obviously under investigation,” Nation said.”

“According to the police, the man hit his head and lost a significant amount of blood. He was transported to the hospital, where he later died.”

“The other driver in the altercation is cooperating with police.”


The 73 year old…

“Friends Remember Driver In Deadly Fight Outside Chesterfield Dierbergs”

“Friends say behind Steven Grossman’s big smile was a caring, outgoing man who loved life.”

“Ken Brown and Steven were buddies for the past eight years.”

“This man would go out of his way for you, no matter what,” Brown said.”

“During an exclusive interview with 5 On Your Side, Brown said around 6 Wednesday night, he and Grossman were having a good time at their favorite spot: Stackhouse Pub and Grill in Chesterfield.”

“5 On Your Side has reviewed video of the incident. It shows the altercation between Grossman and the other driver.”

“Police said what started as a fender-bender in the parking lot, quickly escalated outside the grocery store’s main entrance.”

“Witnesses told police for more than a minute, the two men got into a heated argument, yelling and cursing at each other.”

“They said Grossman then pushed the guy and swung at him. The other driver swung back. Grossman fell on the ground.”

“The men then exchanged more blows.”

“The other driver punched Grossman in his chest, causing him to fall and hit his head on the concrete.”

“Grossman was a St. Louis native and a graduate of University City High School. His daughter told 5 On Your Side her dad was raising his 17-year-old grandson before his tragic death.”

“Grossman also worked as a sales representative at Advertising Premium Sales Company in St. Louis County for more than a decade.”

“As of Friday night, the other driver has not been charged.”


An LSD op went wrong? The kid carried out his mission, though. More proof of that prevalent white supremacist threat.


Interesting factoid, the D.C. cops took his NAZI swastika flag out of the truck and laid it out on the pavement for the media to photograph. One would think this is a violation of CSI protocols. Cuz anyone who spit on the pavement now has his or her DNA on the back of the flag. But then the integrity of evidence isn’t important when you are doing a propaganda photo-op.


Wow, David..

Talk about a small world!

Thank You for sharing! 👍👍


Just down highway US66 from Illinois.


Hey, work with me here, Indians from the sub-continent are Aryan people, the swastika originated in that part of the world, therefore Bingo, bango, bongo…White Supremacy!🤣



We are surrounded by not-serious people, which frankly simplifies the problem.

count dankula.jpeg
President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

As I posted elsewhere…
Let’s see……
FiBbIe False flag (literally) op;
Someone went off their FiBbIe training/indoctrination/drugs cocktail/meds before they were given their weapons &/or explosives to create another mass (school) shooting/disaster;
The FiBbIes suckered another middle east (illegal alien? expired visa? overstayed student?) into jihad (more properly “haraba”, “struggle against society”)….because……reasons.

As Crowder says, “Change My Mind”

USMC Steve

I seriously doubt this kid could do any worse than the userper in chief currently there.

A Proud Infidel®™

IMO he doesn’t look white enough to fit the current administration’s propaganda on white supremacy, but they’ll still go on with their tarring and feathering “MAGA Republicans” through their speeches and their slobbering sycophants in the mainstream media.


But he is privileged, ergo bad.
Planned this out with the help of PatriotsDotWin so FiB needs more cash.

NGL curry sounds good.png

Kudos for the article title,
a clever and timely followup to your recent article It’s Twue! It’s Twue!.


Not legit until Gateway Pundit says so.


Stories like this are one reason I don’t believe anything I read in the newspapers or see on television news programs. After a week or so I promote the gossip & rumours they spread to the “possibly true” category. After another week or so, after I have had a chance to think about it and do a little “fact-checking” of my own, I may consider them to be actual “news”. That is assuming, of course, that the “news” hasn’t been retracted or “clarified” in the meantime.