AL Post Commander Accused

| March 19, 2023

American Legion

Andy11M sends us the sad tale of one Michael McKinnis, former commander of American Legion Post 744 and accused of larceny.

Former commander of local American Legion post accused of stealing nearly $100,000

by Luke Jones, WKRC

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – A man is wanted for allegedly stealing $98,000 from a local American Legion post.

Michael McKinnis faces theft, misuse of credit cards, and forgery charges. He was indicted Friday and there is a warrant for his arrest.

McKinnis served as commander and finance officer for the post that serves Hyde Park and Mt. Lookout.

From May 2019 to September 2022, he’s accused of spending money from bar sales and donations for a capital improvement campaign on Notre Dame football games, Coney Island season passes, subscription services, and other personal expenses.

He’s also accused of forging a bank statement as part of the alleged theft.

Local 12

Any wagers on the possible presence of, ahh, anomalies on Mr. Mckinnis’ DD-214? Rancid cherry and all that. Thanks, Andy.

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Hope McFuckface‘s lawer is Bernathian in ‘skill’.

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I never tire of reading older posts. Thanks for the link, Roh.

BTW, where has Ex been? Haven’t read from her much. I hope all is well with her.


My pleasure. Just be carful, I get locked into reading all the comments and laughing maniacally.

Same here about Ex. I miss her articles, comments, and recipes greatly.




This is definitely not me (above) …notice the NOT DD-214 and MIDDLE FINGER icon on the blog on my identifier.
You can’t fake THAT funk. Just like Mason has the NDSM BRUTHER! (see below)

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Fraudulent poster cleanup, stat!


*Notre Dame

Yup, this tracks.


“and other personal expenses”

Well there ya go right there….


“McKinnis claims to have served three years in the Army in the 1980’s, but an Army spokesman says there’s no record of that”, so my bet is on zero days of service in any branch.

Just another “only eligible for AL Post canteen membership” slug who wormed his way to the top without ever having to show a DD214.


Yep. AL is the worst one. I went to one meeting and talked to 8 people and realized only one of them had ever served. Not really my thing.

This guy was a straight up con man, one step ahead of the banks and loan sharks. Got to wonder what kind of research they did on him. Hate to see them go broke but they need to own that.


Any wagers on the possible presence of, ahh, anomalies on Mr. Mckinnis’ DD-214.” Prolly, as Jonn used to say, the reply would be…”Who?”

Looks like this turd has flushed himself and is going “poof”. Ask Al Capone how that whole “stealing from the Taxman” worked out for him. Don’t steal from the Taxman, they hate the competition.

A nod to ‘beans on “and other personal expenses” comment. Gotta wonder how much was spent in support of “Single Moms”?


WKRC? I thought it was WKRP in Cincinnati.


Les Nessman was assigned this story, but instead he reported on a pig that could do addition and subtraction.


From the second iteration of “WKRP in Cincinnati”, with the late Tawny Kitaen in the scene, when she was still fine and before the booze and drugs got to her:

Nothing like seeing Les Nessman rap!🤣


Same station that employed Venus “Claptrap”.