I know you’re Fonda Jane

| March 17, 2023

The most irerelevant twunt in the world, Jane Fonda, managed to get back in the news this week by calling for the murder of pro-lifers on national television.

During an appearance on “The View” Friday, Fonda was asked what ways, besides protests and marching, pro-abortion activists could take action. Fonda responded “Murder”.

While her fellow hosts laughed off the comment, Fonda didn’t crack a smile or clarify that the comment was a joke during the show, though she later claimed the comment was “hyperbole.”

In fairness, Fonda’s face looks looks like she’s been hit with more Botox than the guy in the movie “50 First Dates”.  Maybe she can’t smile any more.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla., reported Jane Fonda to Capitol Police “for threatening public officials” after the actress suggested the “murder” of pro-life activists as a solution to push the pro-choice agenda.

Luna identified the comment as a threat to pro-life activists, immediately reporting it to Capitol Police and demanding Fonda and “The View” hosts be held accountable. “Charges should be brought against her for threatening public officials. This gross type of intimidation and calls for violence should never be acceptable, regardless of political ideology,” Luna told Fox News Digital Tuesday.

Yahoo News

It’s a real pity that Jane won’t actually be punished for this. Wonder what would have happened to her had she said that inside the Capitol on that famous January 6th?

I intend to have the closest beer concession to Jane’s grave when she dies. Quarts and 40s only. Line is forming already. Extra trucks are standing by. Sorry, guys, cheap beer only, not gonna waste the good stuff. Oh, yeah, and I’m gonna be rich!

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I am taking a giant dump on her final resting place.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I’ll Second that and be in line right behind you.


Add in a chili stand…


And a box of Ex-Lax.


Don’t forget to eat a bunch of fiber.
comment image


I’m going to coordinate with the medical community and ensure that those in need of a colonoscope and the ensuing prep that is done beforehand can be effectively scheduled.
I may also try to work with the VA/Red/Cross/FEMA to have temporary field facilities established in the immediate area.
You know, two birds in the bush and a stone in the hand and all that.


And a Taco Bell!! 😂

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Cheap stuff only? What?
PBR? Hamms? Coors Lite?

Hack Stone

Don’t be dissing on PBR, the official beverage of a proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the federal government. Hack Stone was over at Walter Reed Bethesda last week and picked up a 30 pack of PBR for the low low price of $18.99. It used to run for $17.99 at the Andrews Package Store, but that thanks to the Putin Price Hike, Andrews is selling it for $22.99.

Hack Stone

Tried a 30 pack of National Bohemian a few years back, as it was the same cost of PBR. Side effects include growing a handlebar mustache and having your eyeball fall out.

Milwaukee’s Beast.

A Proud Infidel®™

Old Milwaukee, better known as “Old Mill Water”!

I’ve been on these (below) for a month. Sucked down a coupe with crab cakes and stuffed clams (giggity), can’t put them down now.

You’ve been warned.


Nasty Ganset.

I can still hear the voice of Curt Gowdy selling it.

Eric (the OC Tanker(former))

I do remember back in the day, Basham’s Corner bar and grill acrost the road from training area 5 North at Ft Knox. If one was to partake in a Rock Burger and a pitcher of Strows (It don’t get no better that this), The next morning at PT, EVERYONE got a gift you would not forget. I’d rather be behind a trooper with a Korean girlfriend (MOPP4 in effect).

Anna Puma

Jane Fonda wanting people dead, somethings never change.

Still time to change Jane before you shuffle off this mortal coil and find out if Shaitan has a barbed and flaming 23mm AA gun waiting for you.






A shame they didn’t keep her.
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Last edited 8 months ago by Anonymous

A shame they didn’t abort her. FIFY


Another Leftoid dancing on the edge of the killing they so desperately want, their latest Khmer Rouge Boogaloo.

Problem: more and more folks saying “Your terms, are acceptible.”

After all, the Leftoids are solidly Bourgeois.


The other day our very direct Brother-of-the-indirect-type said something about voting and getting out of this.

I don’t wanna ‘get the band back together’, no way, no how. But if they keep “joking”/rhetoricing/propagandaing/punishing-by-fascism, sooner or later we should take them seriously.

Get tough, yet pray for Peace.

be the revolution.jpeg

Sounds like my kinda people. Let the whisky flow!


To: Jane “The Twunt” Fonda
From: Conservative Americans Everywhere
Subject: Your call for our murder

We are locked and loaded. Come try whenever you want to.

RGR 4-78

Just like most rich liberals, she expects government thugs to do the killing for her.

In reality, there are probably far fewer government employes willing to do the deed than she thinks there are.


In ROTC, at Kent State, I had a Commandant of Cadets who was a fan of this rodent… was real great being told her Hanoi trip was “legitimate expression of dissent” after some if the usual peacefreak hassles there (her name, of course, came up in vain… ).
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We should all be so lucky to find someone who looks at us like Jane Fonda looks at a communist enemy AAA gunner during a time of war.


I’m sure Giap (or one of his minions) got blown or bent her over a desk during that trip.


Probably both. Pretty sure a few of Uncle’s Ho’s nephews rode the devils tricycle while she was there.


It wasn’t LT Doug Neidermeyer was it?


Neidermeyer would’ve been preferable to that twit.

Douggie wasn’t a sanctimonious Leftist crybully (a la John Kerry in ’71) who joined to avoid getting drafted and sent to ‘Nam, then became an occifer for the bennies, at least.

Once said his greatest fear was that he’d have put on his sidearm and be in a position where he might have to shoot someone. Replied my greatest fear was that we’d go to war and he’d be my commander.


P.S. Dylan’s “Positively 4th Street” fits him to a T:

A Proud Infidel®️™️

THAT shitass communist traitor whore will unfortunately not face Justice for what she’s done in this life, she’ll face Judgement in the next. I bet she repeatedly gave General Giap head while she was in North Vietnam.


Well, THIS is interesting….🤔


Gen Z wishful thinking? NVA shelling Khe Sahn from Cambodia were that well equipped, but she was making Barbarella during Tet. That and they got the peace sign upside-down.

Last edited 8 months ago by Anonymous

One of the weirdest sights I ever saw was a display of Hanoi Jane’s exercise tape in the NAS Barbers Point NEX back in the mid 80s. It just defied logic that it would be sold in a military exchange.

The only time I noticed that they were touched was when one of the employees would dust them off about once a week.


Of course. The Exchanges’ supply managers probably weren’t given a choice and/or are fellow travelers.

I’d like to think some hard charging Vet went in there with a super magnet and scrambled them.


I already told the wife i’m taking a piss on her grave in honor of my dad/uncle (USMC Vietnam vets) who couldn’t outlast this whore.


And right after everyone has lined up to have those celebratory and piss-inducing beers, had a couple/three tacos for a nice big dump – when the line-up’s done and everyone’s had that nice long piss and taken a legendarily huge crap on dear ‘ol Janey’s grave-side and headstone – there’s going be a fully charged M2A1 and a few of these to light her up, get that ugly skanky corpse of hers really burning and give her a proper send-off – STRAIGHT TO THE GATES OF HELL!

Last edited 8 months ago by Hatchet
Warren Peece

Reminds me of the old curse… wish it could happen to her: “may you fall into an outhouse just as a regiment of Ukrainians is finishing a prune stew and 12 barrels of beer”


Prune stew? Sounds gross. Probably have you regular for months, though. 😂 💩


Fuck Jane Fonda.

I can’t say I agree with calling to prosecute her over her speech.

I still appreciate Barbarella.

Old soldier

Her grave will be the largest compost pile in history.