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| December 5, 2022


If you look at American televison or advertising, seems most of the country is gay. Or LGBTQRSTUV etc. I think the record I’ve seen is an insurance ad where at the end, out of 4 couples on screen, three have already been shown as, let’s say, REALLY close-looking friends ifyaknowhatImean.

Based on all the hoopla, parades, LGTBQ days/weeks/months etc. you would think most of the country has turned the ol’ corner and is actively in or seeking a same-sex partner, right? (Noting that same-sex, given the fairly expansive alternative definitions nowadays of genders, covers a LOT of ground.) Well….not really.

There were more than 1.2 million same-sex couple households across the country in 2021, up from 540,000 in 2008, an increase of 120%, the data, taken from the Census Bureau’s annual American Community Survey, showed.

About 710,000 (59.2%) of the same-sex couple households were married, and about 500,000 (41.7%) were unmarried.


Now for the quick math part… there are  333,000,000 people in the US (not sure if that includes illegals living undocumented. Call it 332.) Since only 18% of the same-sex households had children per the same article, let’s imagine 1.2 million households represents 2.4  X 1.18, about 2.8 million people of all ages. My math is a little rusty, but that sounds like about 0 .85% of the 333 mill. Huh? All this hoorah-ing about less than 1% of the population? Where are those legions of proudly pink-pussycap-portin’ rainblow-flag bearing folks hiding? Kinda reminds me of some of those civil-rights rallies I used to see in the ’60s and ’70s when a few black folks showed up to figurehead a predominantly white wealthy-folks-out-virtue-signaling crowd. Or does this signify that most alternate-sex folks can’t get or don’t want a partner and that the supposed “10% gay” population is mainly made up of 30 million ugly single folks?

As one of the great wise men, Chief Dan George said “It puzzles me”.

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USMC Steve

It is just another area where propaganda media is trying to push an agenda. They show nothing but sexual deviants in shows and commercials, inundating us with it until we think it is normal, and we are not. Apparently such bad behavior, al la Sodom and Gomorrah, is lost on them.

A Proud Infidel®™

“Celebrate Perversity” is obviously their agenda.


Not sure where your 10% numbers are coming from? Maybe the debunked prison survey from ages ago? Current polling strongly suggest numbers in 6-7% range fall in that alphabet soup.

More concerning is the point of the crazy old uncle Dave rant. Jealousy? Sour grapes? I guess people don’t really need a reason to be upset or offended these days. Sad really.


IIRC the “10%” figure came out of the long-discredited Kinsey study in the 1950’s. As I understand it, Kinsey basically marked anyone who admitted to ever, even once, engaging in same-sex sexual activity as “homosexual.” (IOW it was sort of the sexual application of the “one drop” rule for blacks back in the days when racial classification was a big deal.)

Since then it’s been repeated ad nauseum because the LGBTQ activists obviously benefit from claiming to speak for a significant portion of the population. By way of comparison, I believe blacks represent something like 12 – 14% of the US population so anyone who is considered to speak for 10% of the population has a significant degree of political power.

Nobody has a vested interest in establishing a lower number so nobody will do so, even though most of us know the number is likely much lower, probably 2% or so.

Forest Bondurant

I don’t care for Bill Maher, but he did a funny bit about predicting the whole country will be gay by 2050: Bill Maher: At This Rate ‘We Will All Be Gay by 2054’ |

There’s a video on YouTube as well.


AIDS will correct this eventually. God is not mocked.


Doubtful. AIDS has been defeated by big pharma. It can be reduced to asymptomatic, undetectable levels with medication


Keep dreaming.

Amateur Historian

That still won’t make me feel that the poor bastard is a viable partner.

USMC Steve

No, it has not. AIDS victims take less different meds but they don’t live that much longer than before. AIDS just isn’t trendy in the media anymore.

Old tanker

If you look at the TV shows today it seems as if almost every person is part of the gay parade. The next item of the majority of the non gay couples are mixed “races”. Hardly any both black, brown, or caucasian couples in them. The social experiment marches on and will continue as the left controls the media to include the entertainment section. The last 4 to 6 years has shown they pretty much totally control the “news” media.


European TV shows are the worst; there are homosexual characters in practically every program.


IDGAF what any consenting adult wants to do/live with any other consenting adult(s). Just leave kids and critters out of your alternative lifestyle. Just as Mickey’s World is discovering, the LSMFT Alphabet Crowd is not a big enough market to make up for the regular folks that spend their money. Get woke, go broke.


KoB, yer showin’ yer age.
Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco!


Kinda reminds me of some of those civil-rights rallies I used to see in the ’60s and ’70s 

I’m not a big fan of violence, but does this mean their next phase is kidnappings and bombings?!

Who else is excited about the proposition that they’ll hurt themselves solely?!?

Terror is a predominantly leftist tactic.

HIStory doth repeat repeatedly.

A Proud Infidel®™

IDGAFF WHAT consenting Adults do behind closed doors on their time as long as it doesn’t involve Kids (IMO the only good pedophile is a dead one), my issue is when some of them decide to wave it in my face demanding that I openly accept every bit of it. They’re in for a disappointment expecting that from me because IDGAF about their feelings either!


Oh, joy…comment image


The Toosqueaky Airmen.


How was your flight?



When I enlisted, being gay was illegal. With no dog in the fight, this seemed unnecessarily restrictive.

At some point, it was overlooked and, eventually, even overtly allowed. It was about time.

I’m so glad I got out before it was mandatory.


Yeah, a good idea (service to others) can be run into an ideological morass, from which no one escapes.

‘Best man for the position’ hath died for the sake of nothing more than feelings.

Work your larder. Combines don’t run on ‘liquid equity’.


The sad part is that it used to be a joke


You said it.

Daisy Cutter

On some level you gotta feel sympathy for the gay community – the trans community has surpassed them for being today’s favored victim class.