Whale Wars and Lobster Follies

| November 30, 2022

US Whaling Ship Chas. W Morgan

Because of a cascading series of remarkable decisions by multinational environmental organizations, Maine’s renowned lobster industry is under attack. It all begins because of an event that has never occurred.

Whole Foods upsets Maine politicians with decision to stop selling lobster

By Matthew Sedacca

Whole Foods’ decision to stop selling Maine lobster has been cheered by environmental groups, but made politicians steaming mad.

The high-end grocery giant took lobster from the Gulf of Maine off the menu at hundreds of its stores nationwide, citing a pair of sustainability organizations yanking their support for the US lobster fishing industry.

The organizations, the Marine Stewardship Council and Seafood Watch, said they were concerned about the risks fishing gear posed to the endangered North Atlantic right whales. The whale population is estimated to be around 340.

The decision, revealed last week, has drawn ire from Maine, which boasts the nation’s largest lobster fishing industry.

In a joint statement, Gov. Janet Mills and the state’s four congressional legislators voiced their concern about the impact on local fishermen’s livelihoods and defended the state’s fishermen, saying they’ve been committed to sustainability and protecting right whales.

NY Post

Theater of the absurd. Third-party seafood monitoring groups- California-based Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch and London’s Marine Stewardship Council made changes in sustainability estimates for Maine lobster fisheries. Both organizations cited a recent U.S. court decision indicating equipment used to harvest lobster off Maine may put North American Right whales at risk. That a whale incident has never happened in the 150-year history of the fishery is completely immaterial to the finding. Of course Woke Foods ran with it, Whale Lives Matter. More so than lobstermen and their families.

The dire situation of the Right whale may be explained by its name- it was the right whale to hunt.

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The Expert Elites must be obeyed, to hell with reasons!


Same brand of idiots who enforce the speed limits on vessels operating near the coast for these whales. They don’t realize that below a certain speed the vessel loses steerageway and can be easily carried off in critical sections of a traffic lane where course changes occur due to current and wind and become a real liability to the environment and each other. BUT “the poor little whales…” So vessels under pilotage began to ignore these speed limits, slapping a sticker in their logs that states speed was maintained for the safety of the vessel and vessels around her. Boom… suck it!

When you smack these fools with this little bit of knowledge they stare blankly like the morons they really are. They’ve never put to sea a day in their lives, making these inane decisions and false claims from the comfort of their home offices with little more than their feelz as fact.

As I said in another post — these major businesses need stop being woke and start ignoring these frauds, and hard.


And here I thought Democrats would only care about Left Whales.


Am I being anti-social for refusing to shop at Whole Foods.

Every one I’d ever been in smelled and prices not very good. So its been years since I set foot in one


I’m waiting for the impending reversal before I step foot in that store again.

It’s the only grocery I’m willing to walk to ’round here (enjoy my petroleum usage from driving, dumbass whales!). Do love their deli, meat, and seafood selections. Was a frequent shopper and shareholder before they went Bezarros, now it’s only if I don’t wanna trek ‘cross town to the non-union grocery. (hey Stop & Shop, you suck!)

There’s a mom-n-pop seafood market around the corner. L’mstir is out of season but I think double checking for the sake of subsidizing my Northerner Brothers and Sisters is done called fer.

waht happens in the kitchen stays.jpeg
jeff LPH 3 63-66

So the minorities have another win like all the other minorities who get their way and it is partialy my fault as a silent majority person plus all of the other silent majority peeps who do not get involved in these matters. I wonder what would happen if the silent majority who outnumber the small minority groups tell whole foods that they wouldn’t shop in there stores but then again, whole foods looks like they cater to the tree huggers, anti whale hunters, peta, etc.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I forgot to add if whale wars was coming back on TV which I used to watch and root for the whalers.


Same here Jeff.. it was kinda like watching the Keystone Kops.. the green weenies couldn’t come off as a bigger bunch of doofuses if they tried..

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Roger that


Something smells fishy about this whole food story.

Captains (Raphael) Semmes, (James) Waddell, and (John) Maffitt had no comment. They were too busy saving the whales…and eating lobster.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I agree, that’s some whale of a tale I read.


That’s OK, with the complete and total collapse of the King Crab harvest lobster prices are higher than ever.

AW1 Rod

Every day forces me to add to the list of organizations who may kiss my ass. Welcome to The List, Woke Foods.


Remember the Stroke-Page e-mails about how they could smell the conservatives at the Wal-Mart in southern Virginia? I told a friend I could smell the libs at the local Whole Foods.


Same thing with off shore windmills. The fishing industry
is in the way of saving the planet. Maine forests are now in the
way of building solar panel farms and must be clear cut.



Janet Mills is a leftist idot.




Aside from the whales, there are projections of the lobster populations being impacted by warming waters – leading to a decline, not extinction over decades. The White House is so concerned that at the first state dinner since Covid, 200 Maine lobsters are on the menu.https://www.yahoo.com/news/dem-lawmaker-criticizes-biden-ritzy-100506801.html


What a giant piece of filth hypocrite asshole.

Or better known as, Jao Jiden and his evil crime family.

Please Good Lord, make this his ‘Let them eat crab cakes!’ moment.