Court sides with U.S. Navy officer on weapons registration

| November 28, 2022

A federal judge ruled on behalf of a U.S. Navy officer stationed in Hawaii and ordered that he be allowed to continue the registration process. While registering his firearms with the Honolulu Police Department, Michael Santucci answered yes for a question asking if the applicant sought counselling.

He was not diagnosed with anything, and was simply homesick and depressed. The police stopped the registration process and confiscated his weapons. Thanks to the ruling, Santucci should be able to continue the process as he originally planned.

From AP News:

HONOLULU (AP) — A U.S. Navy officer stationed in Hawaii cannot be denied a firearms permit solely because he sought counseling for feeling depressed and homesick, a federal judge ruled.

Michael Santucci, a cryptologic warfare officer from Fort Myers, Florida, saw a medical provider at a military hospital for feelings of depression and homesickness a few months after arriving in Hawaii last year, according to his lawsuit, filed in April.

He wasn’t diagnosed with any disqualifying behavioral, emotional or mental disorder, the lawsuit said.

He later filled out forms to register his firearms with the Honolulu Police Department and indicated that he had been treated for depression, but noted it was “not serious.”

Hawaii law requires registration of all firearms. Prior to acquiring a gun, an applicant must apply for a permit. Santucci needed such a permit even though he legally owned his firearms before arriving Hawaii.

Because Santucci answered “yes” on a form indicating he had sought counseling, the permit process was halted and his firearms were seized, his lawyers said.

Honolulu must return Santucci’s firearms and complete the registration of the weapons, U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson’s order issued Wednesday said.

“The City is evaluating the decision and its impact on our processes,” Honolulu Corporation Counsel Dana Viola said in a statement Friday.

Kevin O’Grady, one of Santucci’s lawyers, said the case was “illustrative of Hawaii’s strong opposition to anything that approaches the free exercise of the Second Amendment.”

AP News has additional information.

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Old tanker

I suppose the state is really nice in regards to beaches and ocean activities. I’d prefer to stay in a free country myself.




Remember- those people elected Crazy Mazie. Another reason to stay away.


Hawaii is FULL of crazy politicians.


But you better watch out what beach you on, brah! My wife and daughter were sitting on a beach in Waianae. Two local assholes walked by and one flicked a lit cigarette on my girls. Motherfuckers.

And there was a case in Nanakuli years back where a white guy slept on the beach and the next morning he asked a BIG Samoan dude where there was a place to eat. Local Samoan took umbrage and punched white guy ONCE and killed him.


I was expected some guy with cannons for arms, not this guy… Looks like maybe it was the head landing on the curb that killed him, not the punch.


This is the incident. Happened in 2008. I remember hearing that the victim had asked this jerk where he could get something to eat. Maybe he did, but the story says that the victim took a pic of this guy without permission. Yeah, that’s a good reason to punch him.

Of course, no photo, but I remember him being a big dude and as a cop I ran into some BIIIIG local guys on the West coast of Oahu.

AW1 Rod

Fuck Hawaii. And Honolulu in particular.


Mauna Loa concurs…

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Talk to Pele…….


Spent maybe an hour in Honolulu at the bar downing as much
as I could while the DC-8 refueled on our trip to Cam Rahn Bay
for a tour of the countryside.
I think the drinks were like $4 something and that was 1970.
Still, they should have been free so yeah, fuck Hawaii.

Last edited 1 year ago by 26Limabeans

Overpriced and poi sucks.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Hawaiian paradise comes at a price.


Yeah. I got seriously fucking sick of hearing “it’s the price of living in paradise!”

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Hawaii should be made to pay the officer’s lawyer and court costs.
As is said, freedom ain’t cheap.
Normally I’d say, “hit ’em where they hurt, in the wallet”. But considering it’s the state, they can always recoup their costs by increasing the serfs’ taxes. Too bad.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Wonder if this is the first time someone has fought back against the Hawaiian po-po’s hinky gun registration?



The one good thing about the reality show “Dog the Bounty Hunter” is that it cured my wife of ever wanting to go to Hawaii. The funniest thing was when she asked me, “What’s a Howlie?” I was like “I’m a Howlie, he’s a Howlie, she’s a Howlie, wouldn’t you like to be a Howlie, too?” And yes, I know it’s spelled Haole. Apparently that word has jumped to the mainland because I heard some Navaho using it when I was in the four corners region back in 2010.


Worked with a Hawaian kid about a hunnert years ago, his favorite expression was “puckin howlies”.


Filippino? “I like to go pissing — you wanna go pissing with me?”

Found this example of p/f reversal on a search:

A priend is coming ober and I will cook dinner for her. I’d like to try something easy so I will cook pried chicken. But I need to frefare the ingredients pirst. I just want ‘eberyting’ to be ferfect.


I had never met a Filipino until I got to boot camp and both my CC’s were. Some things were hard to understand but I knew I was a mudder pucker from the get go.


SK2 Guzman- “I mash all jew pukers!” And he did.


They ran The Supply Dept on my ship back in the day.

Filipino Mafia.png

Had a honey-ko in the Barrio Barreto who one night said, “let’s go farty!’ Still laugh about that one.


Just got my Dec 22 issue of American Rifleman but nothing
in there yet. Probably next month though so I will be looking
to get “just the facts maam”.


Watch, they’ll let him complete his registration but won’t give him his guns back… or, after he gets another lawsuit involved, will only give him a check for depreciated value.

Steve 1371

I spent about 20 minutes in Hawaii while the big bird with a golden tail got refueled. We didn’t get off there. They let me carry a scary black rifle and 20 lbs of C-4 along with blasting caps and det cord at our destination and I was very home sick and it was a depressing place to be. No one asked me for any paper work for my firearm. That scary black rifle scared the shit out of me when ever it failed to eject a spent cartridge.


And that kiddies is just yet another reason of many to keep the US mental health system at arms length, if not farther.


Stay out of trouble and avoid drugs, or it could ruin your future kids! But, feel free to “talk to someone” whenever you possible might feel like it, no big! /sarc

A felony can be expunged and drug use waivered, but “crazy” is forever.

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous
Forest Bondurant

Precisely. Admission on a form that one sought counseling does not rise to the level that the person is a threat to self or others. That’s the problem with Red Flag laws since it skips due process, and relies on a presumption.


Let the obamanites have the whole place. Maybe it will capsize if we move them all there.

I get depressed and needed to seek counseling every time I saw how much taxes was taken out of my paycheck.


Rock Fever was/is a very real thing, especially for us kids who grew up in places with wide open spaces where we had our rifles in plain view in our trucks as we went to school, fresh from hunting that morning and/or heading out after school.

I told my son about that once. Skeptical would be putting his reaction mildly.


I was stationed there twice AND I retired there for about 3 years working as a Honolulu PD beat cop. When my wife and I got there for my second tour, da local kine wahine in housing noted to me, “I see that you were stationed here in the 1980s.” When I answered yes, she immediately exclaimed, “And you came BACK?!!!”

Same thing happened when I finally got sick and tired of the fucking place and was leaving HPD for the mainland. More than one of my local brothers in blue told me that they wished they could do the same. They hated the place that much.

I can’t count the numbers of times I got called a “fucking haole”. I chalk that up to being a cop, but I do contend that haole is the Hawaiian equivalent of the “n” word.