Chris Cuomo complains about Republican focus on Biden gaffes

| October 4, 2022

In his podcast, Chris Cuomo complained about Republicans zeroing in on Biden’s gaffes. One of those gaffes involved Biden calling for a deceased congresswoman. Cuomo complained that Republicans were silent about Trump gaffes, so he declared that he did not want to hear about Biden. He also opined that Republicans are playing ugly political games when calling out Biden’s gaffes but not for agreeing to invoke the 25th amendment against Trump.

From Fox News:

On his latest Apple podcast, Cuomo brought up last week’s incident where the president called out for a deceased congresswoman during a speech at the White House. Arguing Biden had “obviously forgotten” about the congresswoman, Cuomo pushed back against conservative critics of the president.

“In this situation, I do not have much appetite for hearing people on the right, say ‘listen to the gaffe!’” he said.

Cuomo claimed that conservatives had ignored blunders from “one of the most egregious gaffe machines,” former President Trump.

“You were awfully quiet about one of the most egregious gaffe machines I’ve ever seen in politics in my life, who was the former president. From pronunciation, from ‘Thailand’ to not knowing Puerto Rico is part of the country to like one hundred things that weren’t just false but like pure absurdity. You guys said nothing!” he said.

“So I don’t want to hear about Biden,” the liberal journalist griped. He suggested Republicans were playing “ugly” political “games” by calling out the president’s gaffes when they didn’t also agree to invoking the 25th Amendment with President Trump.

“We had discussions in the White House with the Vice President and the people around them about invoking the 25th Amendment and now you just want to point at Biden when you said nothing about him?” he asked incredulously.

Fox News has the rest of this article.

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Seems to me, that the lift started on Trump the day he took office. At least the rate, gave Biden a chance to start with.


Left* right*

Maybe I need the 25th invoked on me!


Chris who?

Green Thumb


Blo-muo ain’t exactly relevant anymore…..


Only worth something because of his brother.


Up yers, Fredo.


Joe just admitted he was born a poor brown Puerto Rican child.
Asked a pal from there what he thought. Does Joe know what pendejo means?


He was in West Side Story. Danced with Natalie Wood. No joke.

Hack Stone

¡Maize Pop era un mal tipo!


Finally his rivalry with Corn Pop makes sense. As Paul Harvey would say, now you know the rest of the story.


Doctor Ron Paul has 2,649 days (or 7.26 YEARS) on the Usurper-in-Chief Joey Potato and yet the former-Congressman seems to string together some logics and reasonable arguments.


(all apologies for putting those two in the same sentence)

Last edited 1 month ago by Roh-Dog

Yep, we missed a good chance to get a real conservative in the White House.


Good on Cuomo for continuing to cover Trump gaffes 2 years after he is out of office. If only NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NYT, WAPO, NPR and all the rest had paid attention to Trump gaffes when he was in office Biden wouldn’t be so demented and more lucid now. I mean maybe.


What were these multitude of gaffes? We’re there ones other than a mispronounced country name?


After the way Zero pronounced “Pakistan”, I don’t want to hear a damn thing about how President Trump pronounced anything!


Don’t overlook “Marine Corpse.”

Hack Stone

Actually it was our seagoing brothers, Navy Corpseman…


He called the wheel older than the wall once. I think he just didn’t know. Hell, I wasn’t sure myself.

Normally when they go after him for making false claims the fact checkers are wrong. His claims that he predicted the 9/11 attacks are accurate enough to be “somewhat true” but the liberal media normally calls him a liar anyway. He did indeed predict a large attack in NYC from Bin Laden in 2000 in the near future. Close enough I say.

Imagine if he had run in 2000 and instead of Bush we have Trump as president in 2000? A younger Trump. We never invade Iraq and bunch of other places. China never really gets the crazy good trade deals. So many things are different.


Yes, it would be very different and likely more stable world.




The first one that comes to mind was when he talking about the Revolutionary War and misspoke and said “airports” instead of “seaports” which he obviously meant. The media drug him through the mud for over a week over that gaffe.


Biden OTOH, keeps saying he is going to send troops to Taiwan. Over and over again. This is no small gaffee.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

WTF, all the liberal media ans demoRATS did was Diss our Pres Trump and his family and if Pres Trump was just like the new Fuhrer, nothing would have been said because nothing from the demoRATIC party is saying nothing about their new Fuhrer meaning that Pres Trump did nothing wrong…….


But there’ll be abortion this year!

USMC Steve

Oh noes, Guido is angry.


Poor Fredo, can’t even star in his own post. I caught his new media gig on the monitor while I was pumping gas.


A Proud Infidel®™️

Joe Biden has enough gaffes in his past to fill a fleet of supertankers and they keep on coming every time he speaks, I remember when he was running to be B. Hussein 0bama’s VP and called for a paraplegic to stand up!


At this point the leftist media have wet dreams of 45 back in the WH. Biteme is not only a doddering shits-his-pants Soup Sandwich, he’s also so dadgum boring. Tells same old tired stories for the seemingly ten thousandth time. Not a joke. Not kidding. Remember that train conductor story that was debunked?


He did dream up the “raised by a Puerto Rican family” on the fly. That was new. Strangely no one has fact checked this. Therefore it must be true.

Last edited 1 month ago by MSGT JASON BUNCO
Hack Stone

WMAL in DC is having a field day with his latest comment. Not sure if it was Chris Plante or Larry O’Connor who said that it was a little known fact that West Side Story was originally set in Delaware.

Old tanker

No one, including the dem leadership, wants harris in the oval office. No one outside of the dems wants pelosi there either. I think quite a few dems don’t want her there either.

If the repubs take the house and senate then I think biden will be gone shortly and harris impeached before hand leaving a republican speaker to take the office for the remainder of the term.


Ain’t happening, much as I may wish it to be true.


Hey, Fredo…

Vaffanculo, mafioso merdoso!