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| October 3, 2022

Smith & Wesson 586

Cops fatally shoot armed man in Old Town, police say

Adriana Pérez, Chicago Tribune
A man was killed in an exchange of gunfire with police officers in Old Town on Sunday morning, according to police.

Officers were investigating reports of an armed man in the 400 block of West Blackhawk Street shortly after 5 a.m. They encountered a man with a gun at the location and shots were fired, police said.

The man was shot and died at the scene.

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Chicago’s Civilian Office for Police Accountability is tasked with assigning the blame.

Detroit police fatally shoot man who was wielding knife, in mental health crisis

Jasmin Barmore, Detroit Free Press
A 22-year-old man is dead after police used fatal force responding to a call for a ”mental health person armed with a knife,” according to Detroit police.

At approximately 5 a.m. Sunday, police officers arrived on the scene of Littlefield in Detroit, where a man was having a mental health crisis. According to police, officers arrived at the home, searched the neighborhood to find the man and they encountered him in the area of Snowden and Lyndon.

“My condolences to the suspects family,” Detroit Police Chief James White said at the scene. ”Anytime the department has to use fatal force, that is not our desired outcome.”

According to police, a taser was deployed by officers before shooting the man.

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Because institutionalizing those who would harm themselves or others is unfair. Or something.

Thanks again. Our Gun Bunny will be taking care of personal business ashore, so we’ll muddle along without arty support for a while. Quiet around here already, weird.

“In America, anyone can become president. That’s the problem.”
– George Carlin

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Dave Hardin

Not as quiet as you might think. Always idiots trying to find ways to attack the site.

Thankfully, its usually like jousting with a one armed man.


And those of us with some geek background appreciate y’all’s efforts, Dave.


That handsome 586 is giving me pistol envy.


The real Tallywhagger – no online solicitations. Cool. Hopefully the hacker is roasting in hell. Hell, I can dream.


So far, so good! Thanks 😊


On 3 October 1993, the task force executed a mission to capture two of Aidid’s lieutenants. The mission ultimately culminated in what became known as the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu. The battle was extremely bloody and the task force inflicted massive casualties on Somali militia forces, while suffering heavy losses themselves. (wiki)

Rest In Peace to TF Ranger’s fallen.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Mental health problem.
“He’s dead cured, Jim”