Someone should tell the left that the Nazis were not conservative

| September 26, 2022


For years, those on the left dismissed the right as being “fascists”, “Nazis”, or some other similar description. However, a trend of commentary both here, and on other sites that lean conservative, shows a desire for less government power matched by increased sovereignty in the hands of the people. This philosophy contradicts what history shows was actually done by governments identifying themselves as socialists, fascists or communists.

From Townhall:

The real “big lie” is the creator of the concept of a big lie was somehow “right-wing.” The simple truth is every single despotic totalitarian is a left-winger. Under the umbrella of “progressive” lives socialism, communism and fascism. But to hide the reality of what their ideological brethren have committed, Democrats lie and say monsters like Mao, Stalin and Hitler were of the right. This is impossible.

There’s a very simple way to think about this: think of political philosophy as a line with a right and left direction. One side wants a government that does more, that grows in size and scope, and the other wants one with a shrinking, smaller government doing less. Where do all of those “isms” fall on that spectrum? They all feature massive government taxing the hell out of everyone, mandating behavior and regulating lives.

Yet, in an attempt to hide the ultimate nature of their agenda, Democrats and the media would have you believe that, as you down the right side of the political spectrum and government is shrinking, at a certain point government explodes into something gigantic with absolute control over everyone. The conservative belief in individual rights disappears and becomes about collectivism, then it shrinks again as the line slides off to eventual anarchy, which is the absence of government.

How does that work? There is no rational way to ascribe fascism to the right other than deflection. The Nazis were the National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party, it’s right there in their name. Look up Hitler implemented from a policy perspective and you’ll find a lot of socialism. He was very much a supporter of collectivism, he simply excluded people he hated or needed as scapegoats. Everything else was socialism.

Townhall and the Daily Caller have additional reading.

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Governments by their nature tend to expand and take control of more and more. It used to be by ‘divine right’, nowadays usually ‘for your own good’. It’s best to think of a government and its bureaucracy as a giant organism whose goals are to eat and reproduce- it consumes more and more of resources, expands itself ( and you can expand that to f*cking us in the process). And like a huge weed… some pruning is often needed.


That is because Mao, Stalin, Maduro, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Castro and all the rest did/do not implement communism properly. They are fake communists, just like the fake news that reports them as communist.
Some day, eventually, we will have the real communists rise and then the world will be a perfect place.
Fun fact. North Korea is no longer officially communist. Haven’t been since the 90s. They are a “Dictatorship of People’s Democracy” I give them extra points for honesty.


Ask Lars. He’ll swear Antifa, etc. will get it right THIS time.

A Proud Infidel®™

All while shitting his pants over Donald Trump


Lars doesn’t need an excuse to shart himself.


Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP…
Its in the name, and it was in their actions. When it comes to facts, The Lfet can only say…

Amateur Historian

Definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result each time.


It will be perfect next time. Everyone will agree to put the other guy ahead of themself and theirs. Out of sheer love for humanity. Everyone will have a beach house at Marth’s and good immigrants to clean it and serve wine at the bodega.

Amateur Historian

Here’s a video in response to that.

Note to all: I can never figure out a way to make the preview still of videos come up. 🙁


Adolf and Benito just decided regular Socialism wasn’t nationalistic enough and needed better uniforms, that’s all. Still had prison camps, secret police and large numbers people being killed.


Correctamundo. And as David Horowitz says: In every Progressive there is a totalitarian screaming to get out.


comment image

jeff LPH 3 63-66

The only thing the new 4th Reich is missing are large numbers of people being killed and a Swastika on top of the words FBI on their jackets/body armour etc


Jeff, I think the plandemic accomplished a good bit of the first part of your statement…

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I was thinking more of lead poisioning but the Chi Com virus saved the regime beaucoup $ moola shmoola on ammo

A Proud Infidel®™

Since when have liberals ever embraced facts, logic and common sense? They make themselves horribly allergic to all three!


My thoughts precisely, API.

They know that the political right is not Nazi, but they also know that calling them Nazi will confuse & convince enough people to be useful.

A Proud Infidel®™

THEY are the Nazis themselves, but they project it on us.

Last edited 4 months ago by A Proud Infidel®™

“I loved the old government in 1861. I love the old Constitution yet. I think it is the best government in the world, if administrated as it was before the war.

I do not hate it; I am opposing now only the radical revolutionists who are trying to destroy it.

I believe that party to be composed, as I know it is in Tennessee, of the worst men on Gods earth – men who would hesitate at no crime, and who have only one object in view – to enrich themselves.”

Nathan Bedford “The Devil” Forrest, in an interview shortly after the War

RE Lee had this to say; “If I’d have known it would be this way, I would have died with my sword in my hand.”

I do believe that Bedford speaks for many of us now…as does Bobby Lee.


The Reconstruction and its carpetbaggers were akin to the Build back better and Anti-inflation scams being perpetrated upon us now. Never let a crisis go to waste.


Not me, I despised the pre-CW Constitution. If only they had the courage to resolve slavery in 1798 and end it the we have an entirely different and better country today.


Seems that’s one small part of the Constitution 5JC. Thing is, it wasn’t lack of courage that kept them from resolving slavery then, it was reality. If those opposed to slavery had made that a condition, the nation would have dissolved at that point, so they figured an imperfect nation was better than no nation at all.

That being said, I do agree that the country would be far different, and likely better today if they had. Demographics would be FAR different.. of that there is NO question.


Slavery made things pretty far from perfect. The “property” right to “own” another person goes against every ideal this country is supposed to stand for.

I think it likely that eventually the US would have emerged even if Georgia and South Carolina had not joined initially. The US was the only game in town and they would have become pariahs at some point.

It seems unlikely demographics would be that much different. In 1780 the Southern Slave population was around 38% of the population by 1820 this had shrunk to 34% and the Southern free non-white population had nearly doubled from 1.7% to 3%. Even in at it’s very peak imported slaves only accounted for less than the 3% of the total population.

The tribal population might have been driven out later rather than sooner if labor had been in higher demand in the South. But still the waves of immigration would have driven them out eventually. I think however technology would have supplanted labor much more quickly.


No disagreement at all


5JC, upon further research, it seems the number of slaves in the US between 1790 and 1860 more than quadrupled.
Seems that’s a pretty significant change in demographics.




Travel far enough Left or far enough Right, you end up in the exact same place.


Totalitarianism sucks.


Nazis were conservative? Stands to reason- according to Das Hildebeast conservatives are all Nazis.
Is that an upgrade from semi-fascist?


Yep, it’s Full semi-facist…


The “narrative” in action, comrade– both the left/libtard endstate and means to achieve it!


We Are Getting FED UP WITH THIS BS!!!!!

“Braves’ Moniker, Tomahawk Chop Celebration Questioned During White House Briefing”

7926 (1).jpeg

F* political correctness.

Amateur Historian

Mao and Stalin were right wingers?! That’s rich! As for small d*ck Charlie Chaplin enthusiast from Germany? He was certainly on the left field, but admittedly he was slightly to the right of Communism and Leninism. Being slightly different in ideology from totalitarian despots is a pretty big deal for said despots. Hence Operation Barbarosa and also lends credence to why exactly the left views anyone even slightly to the right of them as fascist.


Operation Barbarosa and also lends credence to why exactly the left views anyone even slightly to the right of not them as fascist.


The same group will tell you in the next breath their belief in how The Constitution states that the US is a democracy and anything you do they don’t like is a threat to it.


The false connection between national forms of socialism and syndicalism and the “far right” started in 1941. June 22d to be precise.

The bolshevists used this to paint the Germans and their allies as not being truly socialists. After all, the USSR is the mother of all Socialism and anyone that might attack the bolshevists must be “far right”.

The American and British left got the memo from Stalin and have not deviated from this false talking point since. Being obedient soycialists, every book, movie, tv docuseries, and article these urinalists, propaganda typists, and minions have produced since 1945 have trotted out the “far right” meme.

This has been so prevalent that even many republicans believe it.

USMC Steve

That is how liberals work. They take pages from Nazi and Communist playbooks and use them. Accuse your opponent of being what you are. In point of fact, other than being a monstrous mongolian clusterfuck in many ways, they are very similar to the Nazis in their behavior and operation. So they accuse us of it.