Jennifer Rubin claims that the media is protecting Trump supporters

| September 23, 2022

Jennifer Rubin, of the Washington Post, is calling for the media to do away with a “false balance”. She claimed that the news media is protecting Trump supporters from tough questions related to the 2020 election debate. She appeared to take issues with the media’s showcasing Republicans as rational. Ruben also accuses the media of being a megaphone for GOP “disinformation”.

From Fox News:

“The Kabuki dance in which Trump, his defenders and his supporters are treated as rational (clever even!) is what comes from a media establishment that refuses to discard its need for false balance that it has developed over the course of decades,” she wrote.

The Post columnist continued by saying the media had become a “megaphone” for GOP “disinformation” in pretending Republicans accepted reality.

“The free, independent media is supposed to be the tripwire between disinformation (deliberate distortion) and widespread misinformation (innocent or willfully ignorant regurgitation of lies). Instead, it has been a megaphone for disinformation, upholding the pretense that there are two political parties with equally valid takes on reality,” she added.

Implying the media have been too friendly to Trump, Rubin said they should think about how they’ve “normalized” the former president and adjust their coverage accordingly.

“While mocking the ‘defenses’ Trump and his sycophants have raised, the political media might want to consider whether this is all that surprising — and what it has collectively done to normalize Trump. It should also consider how it can reconfigure its coverage to better convey objective reality and rise to the task of sustaining our democracy,” she said.

Fox News’s linked to the story.

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Stupid cunt

Green Thumb

You beat me to it.


(Almost like Tourette’s.)  😂 


Where is this Trump-supporter protecting Media of which she speaks?

USMC Steve

All in her tiny little pea brain.


I second her call for blocking CNN to save America! Also MSNBC, HLN, CBS, NBC, NYT, WAPO, HUFFPO, Vice, Salon and few others I can’t think of at the moment. You go grl!


Too bad her parents didn’t use some control…Mom shoulda swallowed.


The Mainstream Media is protecting Conservatives….

 😳  😮  😒  😂  😡  🖕 

I’m conflicted what to post…


And yet PDJT was the most voted for sitting President in US history.

So, this clown deserves the Larsian Treatment of definition to the face!

[T]he political media might want to consider…what it has collectively done to normalize [former-President or Mister {Ed: to you, clown}] Trump

normal adjective
nor·​mal | \ ˈnȯr-məl  \

: approximating the statistical average or norm

: generally free from physical or mental impairment or dysfunction : exhibiting or marked by healthy or sound functioning

See?! Now run along to play, Jenny.

Hack Stone

What color is the sky in her world?


Jennifer Rubin is the Post’s fake conservative. She has never been a conservative and she has been infected with TDS since day one.


Ol’ Poe was wondering if anyone but him was going to remember that bit of WAPO sophistry, when Rubin was widely promoted as WAPO’s in-house conservative columnist, proudly cited as their shining example of political neutrality and fair and balanced journalism.

It was all BS then just as this column of hers is now…

Last edited 2 months ago by Poetrooper

Prefabricated RINO

A Proud Infidel®™

NO, not TDS, she has Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder, TARD for short, which she allows to run her life to the point where it makes her a Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder Operative, a TARDO!


She got me my first time out on Twitter for saying something nasty about that guy who got chain sawed by the Saudis in Constantinople.

I’ve long since been banned for life for disrespecting the Hildebeast.


Yoda is wise…

jeff LPH 3 63-66

WTF, This shit can’t get any better


It’s all a question of viewpoint. If your normal world view is barking mad leftist insanity, normal far-leftists no doubt look conservative to you. Says much about her version of “normal”.

Hack Stone

So she appointed herself as the gatekeeper of what an adult, in this case her birthing person (current accepted term for what was once known as a mother) can watch for news? So much for freedom of choice. Does The Washington Post still have “Democracy Dies In Darkness” in their masthead? Hack Stone cancelled his subscription when Metro columnist Petula Dvorak wrote an opinion piece in the Metro section that if he did not go see the female reboot of Ghostbusters that makes him a misogynist. No shit, she really did.

Hack Stone

In case you thought that Hack Stone was going Full Bernath, here is the link to the article that he referred to.

Skivvy Stacker

Yeaaahhh……..I don’t see that myself.
I can’t remember the last time I heard a good word about MAGA Republicans on any mainscream media program.
And The View got so tired of doing it they actually had to take after Nikki Haley the other day, claiming she was trying to deny her “heritage” with a false name. Irony knows no bounds.


And the skank who attacked Haley has a made up first name herself, “Sunny” Hostin. She said it in front of another scrunt with two made up names, Whoopee Goldberg. “Nikki” is the name on her birth certificate and Haley is her married name.

USMC Steve

Yep, crazy people sometimes get upset when they realize they are crazy and the other side is not. That tends to honk them off big time.