Anal sex among topics to be taught in New Jersey middle schools

| September 23, 2022

New Jersey has rolled out new sex education standards for their schools. Sex education topics must be taught by certain grade levels. By the time New Jersey students reach the eighth grade, they should be able to explain vaginal, oral, and anal sex. They should also be able to talk about pregnancy testing, pregnancy signs, and options related to pregnancy.

From Fox News:

By eighth grade, the students should also “develop a plan to eliminate or reduce risk of unintended pregnancy and STIs (including HIV).”

One mother of students in the Berkley Heights school district called the standards “harmful and offensive,” adding it was difficult to find on her school’s website exactly what her children would be learning.

The mom, who asked to remain anonymous, has chosen to opt her children out of the parts of updated sex ed curriculum she and her husband found alarming, but worried other parents in the state may be unaware of what is being taught.

“All I’m asking for is transparency and accountability,” she said, adding she hopes other parents realize there are ways to opt out.

“I had to send quite a few emails and figure out who is in charge and teaching what to get to this point,” she said, adding that it is “a lot of work for most parents.”

The superintendent of the Berkley Heights school district, Dr. Melissa Varley, told Fox News Digital the district “presented the new PE/Health Curriculum on August 11th at the Public Board meeting. The Assistant Superintendent and PE/Health Supervisor explained in detail the Opt Out Process available to all parents.”

“In addition, all parents are welcome to personally review the curriculum guides and teaching materials,” she added.

Dr. Varley also noted that, regardless of the district’s own beliefs about the standards, New Jersey state law requires they be taught. “If we do not, we do not pass New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum (NJQSAC) monitoring. If the district fails this process we may become ineligible for state and even federal funding.”

Fox News has the rest of the story here.

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Today, kids, we’ll be looking at PornHub… tell your folks it’s homework.

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When they tell ’em “this will be our little secret,” get your kids outta there if you haven’t already.


“Today, class, you will be accessing my OnlyFans site for educational videos….”


What grade do they cover a Cleveland Steamer and Filthy Sanchez? Asking for a friend…

The Stranger

It’s a DIRTY Sanchez. There was some dude with the last name of Sanchez who pissed me off…after that, my nickname for him was “The Dirty”. He had a co-worker who was from the Cleveland area who also got on my bad side. He became, “The Cleveland Steamer.”


It’s child abuse and grooming.


The meme was right:
comment image

Mustang Major

At this rate, ten years from now, the government and courts will exonerate teachers convicted of sex with minors.


You and Poetrooper have been at it again, haven’t you.


“Hold my beer!”


Kill it with fire.


Wicked Men. Servants of Sauron. They are called to Mordor. The Dark One is gathering all armies to him. It won’t be long now. He will soon be ready.


Looks very flammable


If show and tell day doesn’t fully explain it there may have to be after school help or even tutors in the home.
Imagine being held back a year because you failed BJ 101.


Teachers making cute students stay afterschool for “practical exercises,” expect it.

Green Thumb

Anal sex has been taught at All-Points Logistics for years.


And they doesn’t taste very nice, does they, precious?

Green Thumb


A lot of experience fucking the taxpayer’s right in the ass.





They might as well start teaching the kids about anal sex. The straight, working Citizens of this Country are already having to take it up the ass and we’re not even given the common courtesy of a reach around.


Annnnnnnd you and I are on the same page…


Thank God my parents are in Heaven. To give an idea of their morals, when I mentioned in passing that, at college, I would visit my girlfriend in her room, my Ireland born and raised father indignantly exclaimed, “What?!!! You go into her BEDROOM?!!!!”

They wouldn’t live long in today’s society.

Hack Stone

They are going to be teaching anal sex in school. Those kids better start cramming for the final exam.


What a shame, twelve year olds developing the loose anoose.



PLEASE listen what this Gentleman has to say…He NAILED IT.

2 minutes well worth listening.

LOVE his T-Shirt!!!


He will be on Fox tonite with Jesse.


Thanks for the tip. I watched it; was surprised to see a gay man say that all the tranny stuff being pushed on children is an abomination. He was wearing one of those “Groom Dogs, Not Kids” teeshirts.

Hack Stone

Will students be given credit for life experience?


After years of left/libtardery, some could test out of it already.

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BlueCord Dad

Sad to say I was born, raised and still live here in the PDRNJ. Luckily my 2 boys went to private school(plus it was back before all this merde started happening). My oldest, former Army Captain lives in GA. Youngest also lives here. Once he gets a better paying job, I advised him to get the hell out. I’d love to get out, bout my 100 yo FiL lives with us.


Taking care of family is always worth the sacrifice, BCDad. Prayers for his continued health, and for you as you care for him.

BlueCord Dad

Thank you Graybeard. I appreciate that and I’ll pass on those good wishes to my wife.


You took on a difficult task Sir. God bless you and your family for taking care of your Father In Law.

Forrest Bonduraunt

This buttfuckery is nonsense.

A Proud Infidel®™

Apparently NJ has decided to compete with CA to see who can be more sick and perverse.

GOD Help America.


As if Jersey wasn’t going downhill already…

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In the category of “things that I did not know were funny 2 teachers” “She was 12 and I was 30” is a new one.


That would scare me as a kid.


Just the right age for a friendly shower with the young senator.


Looks like he just provided further proof of the identity of “Pedo Joe” in those emails on Hunters Laptop.

Mustang Major

What are the school trips like?

USMC Steve

Might as well prepare them for the ass fucking the socialist democrats are doing to everyone every chance they get.