Trump says he can declassify by “thinking” it. Uh, no.

| September 23, 2022

Former President Trump stated in an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox Wednesday night that he can declassify material with just a thought. Nuclear secrets? Sensitive HUMINT?  Hot intelligence? By the time he has a stray thought on the subject, it all becomes open source because he thinks so.

“You can declassify just by saying it’s declassified, even by thinking about it. Because you’re sending it to Mar-a-Lago or to wherever you’re sending,” said Trump. “And it doesn’t have to be a process. There can be a process, but there doesn’t have to be. You’re the president. You make that decision. So when you send it, it’s declassified. Because I declassified everything.”

Trump’s legal team asked for a special master to oversee the info the FBI seized, saying there was a lot of unclassified but highly confidential info mixed in. This seems to be backfiring on them, as the appointed special master does not seem to be blindly accepting anything they claim and is making outrageus demands, such as “proof”.

Judge Raymond Dearie, the recently appointed special master in the case, asked Trump’s lawyers to provide details on the former president’s declassification of documents. Trump’s legal team earlier this week objected and suggested that doing so would mean disclosing their defense to a potential future indictment of the former president.

Dearie reportedly told Trump’s lawyers during a hearing Tuesday that they cannot “have your cake and eat it too.”


I must have missed that part of the secure info training where a past or present President can ‘think’ something declassified. Kinda reminds me of Prof. Harold Hill’s “think system” for playing musical instruments…but without the “76 Trombones” closing.



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Witch Hunt…Always has been…


By his own admissions, Trump took sensitive classified material home. He took dozens of boxes of government records, including classified documents, WHILE he was leaving the White House – not incidental to work during office.

There is reason to believe he is STILL hiding classified at other properties.

And he has said he has absolute authority to do this and send the documents “wherever he is sending it”. Which leads the door open to the possibility he transferred documents somewhere else. Or to someone else.

And his defense is he has the absolute right to do this, regardless of the threat to national security,p, the compromise and loss of intelligence assets, and the compromise of systems and methods.

The guy is a shameless narcissistic psychopath.

The government negotiated with him for months for the documents. Giving him every opportunity and every benefit of the doubt. They only executed a search warrant when they had proof he was lying.

Not a witch hunt.


proof he was lying”
Yes. It happens quite frequently! When the investigating body covertly uses the Archive and the current Usurper-in-Chief’s Department of (Mal)justice to change the definition of ‘is’, they get the results they deem appropriate.

Its almost like you LOVE the State, so long as it does YOUR bidding. That’s called hypocrisy, Lars. And its worthy of among-the-highest levels of scorn.

I scorn you. Scorn you SOOO hard.


Welcome back, -Dog! DaHell ya been? We were about to send out a SAR. I figured this thread subject would bring the spapos seagull swooping in and knew that you seeing him post would bring you back from your overwatch position, ready to defend the North Wall and draw a ration of BBQ. I’ll ice down some of Mr. Miller’s Lites 4 ye.

Who’s to say that Trump personally packed up every box/file cabinet that left the WH? We know that he had Deep State Operatives on his staff during his term, moles know how to hide in plain sight. I am still more concerned over politicians that became millonaires than I am over millionaires that became politicians. Still interested in seeing the 30K deleted Bitcherly emails and finding out why she took bleach and a hammer to her devices.

The true target of the raid was Melania’s closet. They needed outfits for the upcoming FeeBee JEH Memorial Halloween Tranny Ball.


Thanks, Reb! Busy as all git out…

Appreciate the concerns and attempting to get the Headshed to reach out.

I’ll bring the maduros and Bulliet Small Batch.


“The guy is a shameless narcissistic psychopath.”

Meet the man in the mirror. You’re a fraud.



You commented:

“The guy is a shameless narcissistic psychopath.”

You mean as these wealthy, self-centered, self-serving Politicians who don’t give a darn about the American people?

Asking For A Friend.





Cool story bro. Now do Obama’s stash.


I wanna see his Vineyard compound raided.


You have to be a moron to believe Trump’s baseless misdirection that Obama stole classified. And it has been debunked.

You are hopeless.

Forrest Bonduraunt

As though no other past U.S. president ever took anything considered classified on their way out of office.

You can bet Clinton, Bush (both of them), and Obama have a few themselves, but the DOJ never made any effort to go after them when they left office.

I suspect if Trump has any documents, some of them probably point to DOJ and FBI malfeasance while he was in office. The FBI wouldn’t want that information to see the light of day, or show up in printed form for the public to read.

“They only executed a search warrant when they had proof he was lying.”


Proof of lying is a basis to execute a search warrant?

It’s great to know that you no longer wear a law enforcement uniform or one of a commissioned officer.


Lars was always a shitbird, but in my opinion he really outdid himself with his support of the kiddie touchers a few weeks back.

Fuck him and everything he stands for. Learned a lot about him that day, tell ya hwat.


Sorry I missed that. Didn’t know he was a NAMBLA fan boi.


He is full of shit.


You are a fucking liar.

I did nothing like that.


I am blown away at the shit you guys come up with to distract and make excuses for Trump.

You are fucking pathetic.


This shit infuriates me. I hope we meet someday you lying piece of shit.


comment image


Fortunately I don’t live in the ghetto.

And yes, you made excuses for armed Antifa douchebags at a drag rally for kids. So eat shit.


Freakin’ surprising that mess was.


They didn’t take them at the end of their term in office, hide them, refuse to return them, hide them some more, return some, lie about having more, then lie about why he had them.

He also has no explanation for why he took them, his excuses have been contradictory and incriminating.

You would never except this from any other politician.

Just a bunch of mindless cult bullshit to believe Trump at this point.


They kept them in worse locations than Trump and no one raided their houses. Go figure.


You are just making shit up.

I think you are a low effort troll.


Lars, you don’t have the slightest idea in hell what past presidents did with classified documents.

And a Kool Aid drinker like you referring to this bunch of independent thinking vets as a cult is the absolute textbook example of liberal projection.

You admitted recently, probably in an unguarded moment, that you’re being treated for mental illness.

May ol’ Poe suggest your treatments appear to need tweaking… 🙄 


Bullshit, no president has stolen boxes of classified before.

Clearly you know fuck all about protecting classified.

What Trump did was absolutely indefensible.

And there is reason to believe he disclosed classified information AFTER he left office.

It astonishes me the extent you which you all will find any excuse to justify what Trump does.

And the best you can come up with is completely baseless and fabricated “whataboutisms” about other presidents.

Forrest Bondurant

Some documents, retained by past presidents, are known to be classified and included in presidential libraries as archives, and in some cases, could he considered presidential property.

A person can’t ‘steal’ something that already belongs to the. This is also an aspect of executive privilege, which Trump had.

Believing something illegal might have been done doesn’t equate to proof. I doubt you’ve seen any potential proof because the FBI hasn’t (and won’t) disclose it because it’s an ongoing investigation.

You might want to do some research before setting your fingers to a keyboard. You’re doing nothing but make yourself look stupid again.

One thing I know about this site is if you step into the impact area with stupid shit, you’re going to get lit the fuck up.

One would figure you would have learned that lesson by now.


Proof? We don need no steenkin proof!

to update an old saw;
“Being a Federale means never having to say “we have proof” “.

Forrest Bondurant

It was just a matter of time before you went to the “whataboutisms”.

Here’s one for you.

Regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop, that matter has been discredited by the MSM, and will never be investigated by the FBI – so consider this:

Change the name to Hunter Trump, and you can bet the MSM would be all over that story, and the investigation would be bigger than Watergate.

Forrest Bondurant

You know fuck all of what past Presidents did, or didn’t do.

…and to suggest people here don’t know the first thing about handling classified information, even at higher levels, is absurd.


“As though no other past U.S. president ever took anything…”

My favorite is the Clinton administration, which seemed to steal everything that wasn’t nailed down. Remember the “souvenirs” taken by the Clinton staff from a Navy ship? . Furniture? Even the “W” keys from White House computer keyboards.


I saw a story where The FBI is really after all the ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ material from their bogus Russia-collusion hoax. Its extremely important that NONE of that material sees the light of day. The level of involvement and corruption from Obama to Comey all the way down to Strzok would torpedo what little credibility/faith anyone has in the FBI.


This is fucking nonsense.

Stop defending this shitbag.


More predictable bootlicking from the intellectually dishonest ‘antifassssisss’ who is off his meds again.

Since you fail to see the point of this experiment, everyone is afforded defense against the State. ‘Presumption of innocence’ and all that…

Anywho, did PDJT have his clearance revoked?


Why does your name come to mind when somebody mentions shitbag? I guess in your mind Eric Holder did and can do no wrong (Fast and Furious scandal and lowering sentences for drug crimes just to mention 2 instances)..

Forrest Bondurant

Precisely. Eric Holder was found to be in contempt of Congress and nothing happened to him.


Yup. Your spew is nonsense.


So, to restate what you were saying:


Music to my ears. The day I realized that schadenfreude was almost as good as sex.

“What is best in life?….
To crush your enemies. See them driven before you. And to hear the lamentations of their women.”


Dat is good!


But “There Is Reason To Believe!”



With their track record, this is certainly plausible. After all these are the thugs who:

* Pushed Russia collusion hoax
* Spied on law-abiding Americans
* Lied to FISA court
* Ignored Hillary’s server escapades
* Ignored Biden Family criminal activity
* Persecutes journalists at Project Veritas 
* Treats J6 trespassers like terrorists
* Goes after PTA moms


Their commentary on the ball field shooting alone was enough proof that not only are the leadership are awful at their jobs but hopelessly political.

We have the FBI that Obama built.

Strange that BLM won’t protest them when the supervisory special agent at FBI headquarters that provides “operational guidance and programmatic oversight” of investigations into racially motivated and anti-government extremists, shoots a black man on the subway and is charged with assault and attempted murder. It is almost like they are so awesome they can do no wrong as the gate keepers and flame of truth wielders.

Do you suppose there will be an investigation into civil rights violations if the agent is found not guilty? The safe money says no.


Your lawyer tells you to be quiet for a reason. Being quiet has never been Trump’s strong suit unless under a deposition.


If Trump had had the ability to keep quiet he’d still be president.


Uh, no he wouldn’t. The outcome of the election was predetermined. And it was what Trump did, not what he said, that made the Deep State/D-rats determined to take him out at all costs.


You’re point is valid. I withdraw mine.


And he has admitted to every element of the crimes on national TV at this point.

Also lied repeatedly, and contradicted his own defense several times.


So you are saying he should have destroyed all he could and denied it all? Where have I heard that before….?

Oh wait, there was this shameless narcissistic psychopath Secretary of State…

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“What, like with a cloth or something?”
comment image

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So with your argument Kamala, who came into politics on her knees, is telling the truth when she states “the border is secure”?

Forrest Bondurant

…while busloads of immigrants are dropped off at her residence as she says it.


“Also lied repeatedly, and contradicted his own defense several times”

Which former (or current) President is it you are speaking of…?


Trump is a Genius, he read their books and listened to the music and heads explode when the Mood turns Blue.

Thinking is the Best Way to Travel…Too…


“Disaster After Trump Announces He Has Already Declassified Area 51 In His Mind”

“Trump pushed back against critics who claim that he has no authority to just declare he secretly declassified a military base and open it up years after the fact. “Those critics are losers,” said Trump. “I’ve seen the aliens. They’re boring. Little green people. No big deal. Declassified, folks!”

“At publishing time, the Biden Administration was scrambling to react after Trump announced he had also declassified Ashley Biden’s diary.”



Trump announced he had also declassified Ashley Biden’s diary



This post completes David’s TAH Editor Personal Qualification Syllabus. He is now a fully qualified TAH Editor and has earned all the respect the station affords. If any.

Cong of the Rats, David on achieving this hallmark of excellence. You know why.


That’ll learn ya to do an OUTSTANDING j.o.b., Davy. Not that I expected any different, after all, you were (GO) Army. Keep it up and our Beloved AW1Ed will slough off, I mean, Award you with an admin slot. You’ll know you have arrived when you get the extended hours and the corresponding cut in pay. Herding cats ain’t that hard…fill your pockets with catnip and they’ll follow you anywhere.


Trump says he can declassify by “thinking” it. Uh, no.
Seems a bit unfair. If Biden, AOC, etc. can believe in and inflict their fantasies on us, why can’t Trump?