Democrats introduce abortion leave legislation

| September 22, 2022

The bill, introduced by a group of Democrats, seeks to allow service members to request leave to have abortions.  The servicewoman’s need to have an abortion would be considered “time sensitive”. Commanders would be required to automatically approve the request. In states where abortion is not legal, the Department of Defense would be required to pay for the service member’s travel expenses to a state with abortion.

From the Daily Wire:

The new legislation will seek to add several new aspects to how abortions are handled by the military. First, it would redefine abortion as time-sensitive, requiring a commander to approve leave automatically. In addition, the act would allow service members to request and receive leave for abortion care without specifying to a commander the nature of the procedure.

In cases in which abortion is not legally provided in the state where the service member is stationed, the bill would require the Department of Defense to cover travel expenses similar to other “necessary” healthcare travel.

The new act would also prohibit retaliation or adverse action from commanding officers or other service members for getting an abortion.

Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO), a co-sponsor of the legislation, argued that abortion is an issue of military preparation.

“A woman’s choice to have an abortion should remain between her and her doctor – including for our servicemembers. Ensuring our troops have access to safe and reliable abortion care is both a matter of principle and troop readiness,” Crow said.

“During my time in the Army, I served alongside talented and brave servicewomen. Their service was – and is – a huge part of what makes our military the greatest fighting force in the world,” he added.

The Daily Wire has the rest of the article here.

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What, do they get six months off to do this, too?

Hack Stone

Non-Paternity Leave. Seems only fair, if someone carrying a baby to term gets time off, why can’t these men and women (because now men can get pregnant)?

If pregnancy does impact combat readiness, why don’t these Democrats, in the name of National Security, require military members to be sterilized? That way all members will be in a deployable status. It will save the military a bundle on not having to provide prenatal and post natal services, and doctors like Ralph Northam can focus their efforts on providing other medical care rather than aborting babies who have already been born.


Long-term contraception is available. At enlistment, each potential child-bearing recruit (see what I did?) can receive an IUD or an implant. Depo-provera injections are also an option, but they only last 3 months. Seems reasonable to me. Just like any other immunization to keep recruits healthy and fit for duty.

I especially look forward to trans-woman recruits receiving an IUD.


A certain “performance” actress, while she was in my unit, favored Depo.

Old tanker

I can get behind this as long as the service woman and her partner (if a SM) gets a field grade article 15 for not practicing safe sex to begin with. In this case they did not safeguard the deployability of the female SM for Army actions. Of course, in the case of rape that requirement is off the table.

Last edited 2 months ago by Old tanker

The only issue with that would be all the false rape accusations that follow.

Do you trust today’s military to perform the due diligence such an accusation demands?


“The servicewoman’s need to have an abortion”

Why the sudden gender specificity?
If we’re gonna go there then let’s go there.


“The servicewoman’s need to have an abortion”

“Need”? If it’s an elective abortion, it is not needed, it is desired, and not the military’s business or expense. If a pregnancy has to be terminated to save the life of the mother, it’s not considered an abortion and will be covered by military medicine. Pregnancies from rape or incest are also covered.


Gonna be lots of guys identifying as Pregent?


If they get to go someplace cool, probably.


I read the full text of the bill and no gender is specified…

Going to be “interesting” watching this play out if passed. 😜 

Amateur Historian



How can the commander have to automatically approve the leave for an abortion, but the Soldier doesn’t have to specify that it’s for the procedure? I spent 4 years as a company commander, I feel sorry for the poor souls that have to do that job now. It was once said, that company command was the best job and officer would have while in the army. There is no way that’s true nowadays


Oh. My. Gosh

Do you ever wonder where she comes up with this stuff??

Mental Illness Is A Terrible Disease.

“Stacey Abrams Says ‘No Such Thing’ As 6-Week Fetal Heartbeat: ‘Manufactured Sound'”

“Abrams Claims ‘Manufactured’ Heartbeat Sound Is Attempt By Men To Control Women’s Bodies”

A Proud Infidel®™

I heard the clip of her saying that on a Radio Talk Show today, she’s one agenda-obsessed Wombat!


comment image

A Proud Infidel®™

Next we’ll see them propose Transgender Leave, it’s only a matter of time, maybe maternity Leave for “Pregnant males” as well.


Another boggy holed can of worms, brought to you by the murderous trash from Hell, domestic enemies of our Republic, demonrats. Murder your unwanted baby or don’t murder your unwanted baby, I won’t be your ultimate Judge. Rape/incest/legit health issues for the Mother…different story.

This will not bode well.

Prior Service

I’m about to lose 14 days of use or lose leave because I got tasked with some stuff. Maybe I should play the pregnant male card and take a week off to go get an abortion (truthfully it would be me getting the memories of all the figurative abortions I’ve seen the army cause but hey..).