‘Fact Checkers’ AWOL in face of Biden inaccuracies

| September 20, 2022

When Donald Trump was in the White House, those identifying as “fact checkers” were constantly at work. They took Trump out of context, advanced strawmen, and took other actions to try to paint Trump as “not” being truthful. However, now that we have Joe Biden and his allies making statements that do not match reality, the “fact checkers” appear to be “no shows” or are underperforming. There is a description for “fact checkers” who take one side out of context to advance strawmen, while ignoring actual innacuracies from the other side.

From The Hill:

Take CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale as a prime example of apathy around holding the current president accountable.

From June 2019 until November 2020, Dale appeared or was mentioned on CNN more than once per day, on average, according to Mediaite. Estimating conservatively,

that’s more than 500 appearances or mentions on a national network in the span of just 16 months.

But Dale has become the fact-checker version of Edward Snowden under Biden. He’s almost impossible to find these days. In fact, Dale has not conducted even one fact-check of the president since June.

Of course, Biden supporters will insist that Dale simply doesn’t have any material to work with. But that’s not true. In August, Biden declared that inflation in July was zero, despite the number being near a 40-year high at 8.3 percent.

Last week, Biden claimed the Inflation Reduction Act, which numerous studies have concluded will do almost nothing to reduce inflation, had already “helped reduce inflation at the kitchen table.” In a related story, food prices rose again in August, with the Consumer Price Index up 10.6 percent year-over-year.

There are many other examples from the summer, but you get the point: The most powerful man in the country needs to be held accountable for his words and actions, particularly in an election year, when each side is attempting to shape the narrative through the press. But fact-checkers at mainstream outlets refuse to do it.

The situation is worse when it comes to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. She has been fact-checked only once by Politifact since June.

This is the same press secretary who claimed earlier this month that people aren’t just walking into this country across the U.S. Southern border, when in fact it’s happening daily, per border agents and reporting on the ground.

She also claimed the Biden administration is “doing a lot more [than the Trump administration] to secure the border.”

Yup. She claimed that the administration that halted border wall construction and ended the effective “Remain in Mexico” policy is doing more than the previous administration to secure the border.

The Hill has additional details here.

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

I’m not on any social media sites.
Question- Is TAH considered a social media site????


I wouldn’t call this socializing.
Never booked face or twawted either.
Sure feels like home though.

AW1 Rod

More of a MILBLOG than social media. And certainly better.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Well……we socialize with each other. Does that count as “a social media site”?

And so far we haven’t caught any “social” diseases from each other. Tho there are some that suffer from dye a rearer of the mouth.

George Orwell says, “I predicted this.”

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Thanks everyone, I’m from a generation that grew up with dial phones, black and white TV sets, car floor dimmers, $ .25 malteds etc but I have to say that I have friends that are much older than myself who are on social media facebook. It looks like I’m lost in the 50’s.


Here you go, Jeff:




Talk about “Fact Checking”…

Tristan Snell, a Democrat Lawyer, accused praying Christians at a Doug Mastriano campaign event in Pennsylvania of doing a Nazi Salute:


“If you listen to the video, you can hear the person asking the crowd to raise their right arm and then to lower it as he talks about Gettysburg and praying for victory. There is no “Heil Hitler” to be heard or anything else that would cause a jaw to drop. Raising an arm in worship is not unusual in many Christian churches.”

Talk About Desparation. 🙄

A Proud Infidel®™

They’ll do literally anything to get attention not unlike a spoiled toddler with a soiled diaper.

Hack Stone

So when Hack Stone raised his right hand to swear into the US Military, he was actually giving a Nazi salute? Who knew?

AW1 Rod

“Fact checkers” = partisan hacks sitting in front of their computers in their moms’ basements, spewing DNC propaganda. In short, losers.

AW1 Rod

Yup.  🙂 


Wow. Just Wow…

Talk about “Fact Checking…”

Listen what CNN’ Don Lemon said to Royal commentator Hilary Fordwich reference the Royal Family should pay reparations because of slavery…and then listen to her response to him about that topic…🤣😆😂😅🤣😆😂😅

The look on his face….😅😂😆🤣

BOOM!!!! 👏👏👏👏


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

And on the same subject, why not talk to the muzzies about all the north African slave trade that is STILL taking place today. Just try to get reparations from them?
You could say that the muzzies are equal opportunity enslavers – white, brown, yellow, black; Christian, Islam, Hindu, Buddhist – muzzies don’t care.

Hack Stone

What about reparations for the workers being forced under duress to make LeBron James basketball jersies? When do they get their reparations?

A Proud Infidel®™

Ditto with Nike ® Air Jordans™?!

AW1 Rod

And all that goggle-eyed fucktard could do was blink through those coke bottle glasses, and try to come up with an intelligent retort. Which, as we all know, is an impossibility for ANY Clown News Network script reader.

Prior Service

Truly a thing of beauty. Too bad more people don’t do that to lib journalism.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Lizard face F**kZuck has a face that is just BEGGING for a throat punch – twice.

Forrest Bonduraunt

“Bad Lip Reading” did a good bit on Cuckerberg (YouTube: “Interrogating Zuckerburg”.

The Germans even have a word for this: Backpfeifengesicht (Literally, cheek whistle face, the idea being that you slap someone so hard he hears whistling in his ears).

Hack Stone


Fact is whatever liberals feel should be true.

A Proud Infidel®™

Getting “Fact Checked” on a social media site, especially Farcebook means that you’ve posted true facts that “offend” liberal snowflakes.




API, can you believe I got a 7-day ban on FakeBook for insulting a LAND ROVER? Not Lying! Hate speech ban for insulting a CAR.

This stuff is too wild to make up.

Last edited 2 months ago by Fjardeson

Those “woke” corporations are getting mean.
comment image

Last edited 2 months ago by Anonymous

When they do show up, they don’t show up. Rather then simply saying it’s true, which it is, They write a bunch of nonsense.


They even say in the article then trump took a bunch of measures to close the border and then biteme reopened them. Integrity, never had it never will.


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