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| September 23, 2022

One issue with this analogy? The illegal aliens entered illegally into the state that eventually sent them to a sanctuary city.  A better analogy would be someone trying to enter your home to be a squatter. Then, you send the squatter to the home of the person who insists that it is wrong to prevent people from living uninvited in your home.  These Democrats are being exposed for what they are, all political talk and little to no action. Enjoy your weekend.

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Hack Stone

I am Hack Stone! And I see a whole gaggle of semi fascist Ultra MAGA Adorable Deplorables, here in defiance of tyranny. You’ve come to post offensive comments as dickweeds… and dickweeds you are. What will you do with that internet access? Will you post memes? Aye, post offensive comments and you may be cancelled. Delete your post, and you’ll live… at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin’ to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our livelihood , but they’ll never take… OUR ABILITY TO OFFEND!

And Hack claims first post.


With that post, and the goodnatured will of the Stone known as Hack, I’m glad to bow respectfully!*

Have a great wknd, y’all.

*this week.

Hack Stone

He shoots, he scores.

In celebration of Hack’s triumphant return as ruler of The Weekend Open Thread, he will grant all of the Semi Fascist Ultra Maga Adorable Deplorables the next two days off. Now, avert your gaze.




2 minutes late and still playing catch up. (Ketchup?)
Great JERB!!! NOW!! Dispense of the woke agenda pleaseandthankyou??


HEY, I got Moderated?? WTF!!!

Byte me.

GO HACKERZ!!! Stoner.


So We are S-FUMAGAADs now?
Rats of the Cong Hack.


May all of the Rats of the Cong choke you on obsolete Red Hat Software, Hack Stone. Offering us accolades on our offensive abilities will NOT get you into the tasting err err testing area of the Crayola Factory. You have yet to offer your abominable deplorable loyalists ONE.SINGLE.SNACK or a Frosty Refreshing Beverage from your personal Class VI Stores. At least Roh-Dog gives up a Miller Lite or 12 and that NASA Dude will open up with a Chip. You beat all, you know that. As the President of Media Operations for a proud, but humble, woman owned business, we know you’re drawing that fat $. How else could you keep your herd of Concubine Camels so happy? You not sharing is why the Throne stays clogged up.

Hack Stone

That is Director of Media Relations. There could be only one President of the proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the federal government formerly located in Bethesda Maryland, and that would be Elaine Ricci.

Commissioner Wretched

I proffer the crown and scepter to you, good sir! Had to do newspaper stuff and missed the drop of the WOT. Getting the trivia ready to post.





Hack Stone

If anyone needs Hack for the next two hours, he will be at the River Road exit ramp of the Capital Beltway selling oranges and outdated overpriced Red Hat Software. Use the Promo code Spandex for a 13% discount.


The 2 hours have passed and I will note that all I saw at the exit was humble but proud, minority, transgendered woman of color (light peach being a color), wielding a sign saying “Will love you long time for government contracts!”…


Top 10!


Maybe top 5.

About to run off to check on my brother and hit the gym for a while. I’ll catch CWs offerings later, ‘suppose.

Got to hug grandgirls and read ’em books yesterday. Life is good.


Happy weekend!


You want a bet I won’t take even though there are civilians on this page…
There’s someone that won’t get this.

frag out.gif
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The dramatic timelapse picture of Russian air traffic heading elsewhere is amusing.


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Commissioner Wretched

Rats of the Cong to Hack Stone! And trivia for all of us!

What modern convenience that we now take for granted was discovered by accident?
By Commissioner Wretched
A couple of neat things come up during this week, and I can’t decide which I want to spotlight.

Fall begins officially at 9:04 p.m., Eastern Daylight Time, on Thursday of this week. (Yes, I know I’ve made a case that fall actually starts after Labor Day, but you know what I mean.)

On the other hand, my birthday, the 64th in the ongoing series of such silly things, is next Monday.

Which is more important?  Which should I spotlight?

The answer is obvious, of course. Let’s all be certain to celebrate the beginning of fall!

And with it we can have some freshly minted trivia, polished up just for you!

Commissioner Wretched

Did you know …

… a Google™ query ties up a lot of computers? When the average user does a Google query, the answer is found in about 0.2 seconds, after close to 1,000 computers search. (Of course, 0.2 seconds in computer time is almost an eternity!)

… a famous movie director went to great lengths to protect the secret of one of his films? For the 1960 thriller Psycho, director Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980) required theatres showing the movie to not allow admittance to anyone after the feature started. But Hitchcock went beyond that – according to Variety, Hitchcock actually bought all the copies of the novel Psycho by Robert Bloch (1917-1994) upon which the movie was based. (I could be a total rat fink and spoil the surprise, but I won’t.)

… honeybee wings flap an average of 230 times per second? (You have to wonder who’s in charge of counting that, don’t you?)


Robrt Bloch was asked how he got his story ideas..he said it was “because I have the heart of a little boy. Pickled, in a jar on my desk”

Commissioner Wretched

… rabbits are not able to vomit? Unlike other animals, a rabbit’s digestive system only goes one way. As a result, rabbits eat a lot of roughage. (I’ll let you figure out why.)

… the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth was in north Africa? Sure, in some parts of the world, summer means heat and lots of it. But be glad you’re not living in El Azizia, Libya. On September 13, 1922, the temperature hit a record 136˚ Fahrenheit, or 57.8˚ Celsius. And that may not be the upper limit, as it’s quite possible higher temperatures have occurred in areas which were not official weather reporting stations. (It’s not the heat, it’s the … oh, it is the heat.)

Commissioner Wretched

… the father and daughter in a classic television comedy were really very close to each other in age? From 1964 to 1966 – and ever since in reruns – viewers were delighted by The Munsters. The comedy about a family of monsters living among normal people starred Fred Gwynne (1926-1993), Yvonne De Carlo (1923-2007), and Al Lewis (1922-2006). Lewis, in fact, played the part of De Carlo’s father. But the actor was actually only seven months older than De Carlo. A combination of skillful makeup and De Carlo’s natural young looks gave the impression of several years between her and Lewis. (The characters were both vampires, so it should have been several hundred years. And notice, they never mentioned that Lewis always looked like an old guy anyway.)

Hack Stone

As to Al “Grandpa” Lewis, he was prone to exaggerating and/or completely making up parts of his life, much like someone currently occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Stolen from his IMDB profile:

After his death his son announced that Lewis had in fact been born on April 30, 1923, not 1910 as the actor had previously claimed. Obituarist Dan Barry wrote in an article in the February 11, 2006, “New York Times” that almost every claim Lewis made about his early life–his birth date and place of birth, his wartime adventures in the merchant marine, his education–was unverifiable and possibly false. He may have adjusted his birth date to land the role of Grandpa Munster, as he was in reality one year younger than Yvonne De Carlo, the actress who was to play his daughter. Lewis’ place of birth is also in question. He claimed to have been born in Wolcott, NY, but local records contain no reference to his birth, and it is thought that he was born in Brooklyn NY.

Commissioner Wretched

Nobody really knows … but he did look old. All his life, in fact, Al Lewis looked like an old, old man.


Well, hey, that’s showbiz.

Commissioner Wretched

… the discovery of Teflon™ was an accident? Chemist Roy Plunkett (1910-1994) was working in the DuPont Company’s Jackson Laboratory in 1938, trying to devise a new gas to use in refrigeration. One day, Plunkett found that the gas he was working with had changed form into a solid, and that nothing seemed to stick to it. The first uses of the new solid, now called Teflon, were industrial. It wasn’t until the 1960s, when the material was used to coat the inside of frying pans, that Teflon became a household name. Teflon is the substance’s nom de voyage. Its real name is polytetraflouroethylene. Additional trivia note: Plunkett was a contestant on the game show To Tell the Truth in 1971. The panel was half-fooled, with two voting for him and two for one of the impostors. (Since nobody ever asks the question, I will … if Teflon is so non-stick, how do they get it to stick to the frying pan?)

Hack Stone

Teflon had military use also. Some select individuals in the US Military have been issued Teflon coated camouflage uniforms, allowing Article 15 and Court Martial charges just bounce off of them.


ScotchGuard was also an accident – fiddling around with it in a lab, the inventor spilled some on his shoe. A week later, he noticed that while the rest of the shoe had gotten pretty grimy, the spots where what became ScotchGuard had dripped were still clean. The rest, as they say, is history.

Commissioner Wretched

… the average cod deposits between 4 and 6 million eggs in a single spawning? Most of those will become food for other fish; only a tiny fraction will actually hatch, and only a small percentage of those that do hatch will live to adulthood. (Which, of course, explains why they have so many.)

… the last time the United States was in a war was 1945? That was the year World War II ended. Since then, of course, we’ve had Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan, but none of these are officially considered wars because Congress was never asked by the incumbent President at the time to declare war.

Commissioner Wretched

… a species of jellyfish is believed unable to die of old age? The “immortal jellyfish” can theoretically live forever, because after it reaches maturity, it ages backward, going through its entire life cycle in reverse – then beginning again. As far as science knows, this jellyfish can do that indefinitely. (Granted, they haven’t been watching it all that long, but you get the idea.)

… a flea can jump 200 times the length of its own body? Sure, fleas are small, so we’re not talking a lot of jump here. But if you put it on a human scale, that’s the equivalent of a person jumping almost a quarter of a mile. (One giant leap, if you will.)


That bit of flea trivia reminds ol” Poe of this:

While an elephant can lift only half its bodyweight and an ant can lift 50 times its own weight, amazingly, ants are unable to lift elephants… 😜 

Commissioner Wretched

… in one particular species of bird, the female can be brutally mean to the male? The male of the knot-tying weaver bird builds an elaborate nest to attract a mate. But if the nest isn’t up to the female bird’s standards, she will spurn the male – but will also wait around impatiently while he rebuilds the nest to her wishes. (We know, right, guys?)

… more than 100,000 chemical reactions take place in a human’s brain every second? (Including one right now!)

Now … you know!


I believe I was married to about 3 of them Old Crows, CW.

Another fine job on the “…now you know”. Thanks!

A Proud Infidel®™

Twenty-sump’n and I award myself Honorary First once again.


A Proud Infidel®™

Here we go, California has now declared Diesel Powered Trucks to be RACIST:

Diesel Powered Trucks Are Now Racist, According to California (townhall.com)

Hack Stone

Everything is racist.
Peanut Butter and Jelly? Racist!
Charlie Brown? Racist!
White milk? That’s right, racist.
Now diesel trucks.

Just wait until you see Charlie Brown tooling down the interstate in a tractor trailer with Sweet Home Alabama blasting as he chows down on PB&J and a glass of milk. Of course, he will be wearing a MAGA hat.

A Proud Infidel®™

A *GASP!* MAGA hat? oh, gee whiz…


Pretty soon, living in a mud hut and eating bugs will be all that’s not “racist” there.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Not bad for coming in 27th

Green Thumb

Send them to All-Points Logistics.

Phildo can give them special training with all of the taxpayer money he stole through his fake Native American, Law Enforcement and NAVY SEAL claims.

Actually, the more I think about it, I would not even wish that upon them. Being in such close proximity to such a large steaming pile of Phil Monkress would not be good.


Here’s Why A Toilet Is Hanging On A Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet’s Wing
This isn’t the first time a ‘killer commode’ found its way onto a ‘Fist Of The Fleet’ squadron aircraft.
The Drive

RGR 4-78

Shit hot bomb load. 😆 


Getting it rigged to drop over a certain Gridiron field come December. Figure it’s gonna be needed since (BEAT) Navy’s chances of winning are in the toilet anyway.



— GASP —



Part 1

VA-25 first dropped a “Toilet Bomb” in Vietnam from an A-1H Skyraider on 4 November 1965. From the linked article:

comment image

“On November 4, 1965, CDR Clarence W. Stoddard, Jr., Executive Officer of VA-25 ‘Fist of the Fleet,’ flying A-1H Skyraider Bu. No. 135297, NE/572, from Carrier Air Wing Two aboard USS Midway, carried a special bomb to the North Vietnamese in commemoration of the 6-millionth pound of ordnance dropped. This bomb was unique because of the type….. it was a toilet!

Also unique to this mission is the fact that this aircraft was named “Paper Tiger II” (a temporary name used for just this one flight.)”

Last edited 1 year ago by Mick

Part 2

“The following is an account of this event, courtesy of Clint Johnson, Captain, USNR Ret. Captain Johnson was one of the two VA-25 A-1 Skyraider pilots credited with shooting down a MiG-17 on June 20, 1965.

‘I was a pilot in VA-25 on the 1965 Vietnam cruise.

572 was flown by CDR C. W. “Bill” Stoddard. His wingman in 577 (which was my assigned airplane) was LCDR Robin Bacon, who had a wing station mounted movie camera (the only one remaining in the fleet from WWII.)

The flight was a Dixie Station strike (South Vietnam) going to the Delta. When they arrived in the target area and CDR Stoddard was reading the ordnance list to the FAC [Forward Air Controller], he ended with “and one code name Sani-Flush.” The FAC couldn’t believe it and joined up to see it. It was dropped in a dive with LCDR Bacon flying tight wing position to film the drop.'”


Part 3

“‘When it came off, it turned hole to the wind and almost struck his airplane. It made a great ready room movie.

The FAC said that it whistled all the way down.

The toilet was a damaged toilet, which was going to be thrown overboard. One of our plane captains rescued it and the ordnance crew made a rack, tailfins and nose fuse for it. Our checkers maintained a position to block the view of the air boss and the Captain while the aircraft was taxiing forward. Just as it was being shot off we got a 1MC message from the bridge, “What the hell was on 572’s right wing?”

There were a lot of jokes with air intelligence about germ warfare. I wish that we had saved the movie film. CDR Stoddard was later killed while flying 572 in Oct. 1966. He was hit by three SAMs over Vinh.”‘


Ret. Air Force general passed on a month ago after reaching age of 100. Gen. William McBride rose from private to general, and was a combat veteran of WW2. His final assignment was as Air Force Vice Chief of Staff. He retired in 1978.
William V. McBride – Wikipedia

Hack Stone

Time to start refreshing the homepage so Hack can score two in a row.