Vindman speaks: And it’s all Trump’s fault

| September 18, 2022

LTC (ret) Alexander Vindman told a receptive audience at Connecticut College that Trump was to blame for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“The president was offering a clear signal that personal interests were to be placed above national security interests,’ he said. “And there was an opportunity to take care of something that Putin has been wanting to solve for a very very long time, which is deal with a Ukraine that was instrumental in the collapse of the Soviet Union.”

Let me get this sorted out… he must mean when the Russians annexed Crimea.  Except, that started in early 2014, before Trump was even contemplating running for office. Or maybe he meant when Putin rolled into Ukraine in February 2022, when Trump was a lame-duck President. No, Biden was sworn in January 2021, right? As the President who would do EVERYTHING DIFFERENTLY!! from Trump’s administration.

Vindman said Biden’s administration has also made mistakes in its messaging to Russia. He said Biden’s public announcement that there would not be any American boots on the ground in Ukraine further emboldened a president who’d been enabled for more than two decades by global inaction.

“To Putin, it was a green light,” he said.

Vindman suggested Biden should have employed “strategic ambiguity” instead. Just because a principal is right doesn’t mean it needs to be stated, he said; it’s better to leave the opponent wondering what the plan is.

So Trump is at fault because he let the Russians stay in Crimea, which happened long before he was sworn in, or because they rolled into Ukraine over a year AFTER Trump left office and Biden said “we aren’t sending troops”. I see the logic. Well, no, I really don’t. (One of the few intelligent policy decisions Biden has made IMO)

BONUS ROUND: Vindman was asked if he would run for elected office.

Vindman was strategically ambiguous.

He is now a senior advisor for VoteVets, a Ph.D. student and fellow at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and a board member of the nonprofit Renew Democracy Initiative.

The Day, all quotes

VoteVets… sigh.  Well, at least, being Ukraine-born, Vindman is ineligible for the Presidency.

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Isn’t that weird? The Trump signal only creates negative actions by Putin during Donk admonishtrations.


In a just world he would holding Putin’s bath towel.

A Proud Infidel®™

As well as wiping Putin’s ass for him.


Vindiman is exactly the kind of officer that has facilitated the decline of the US military. A progressive, pseudo academic with a superiority complex. He blames the guy he feels ruined his career and he’s not even relevant to the left anymore. He has a lot in common with a certain major we know.


Got a meme for him:

Hack Stone

He should reach out to Cindy Sheehan for tips on coping with no longer being relevant to the Progressive Left.

USMC Steve

There it is buddy.


It’s almost as if Trump is to blame for anything and everything, whether he had a hand in it or not… you know, because the Democrats are above reproach.

AW1 Rod

I guess this douche rocket felt the need to flex his blowhole again since he hasn’t been heard from in some time, or risk fading into irrelevance. Little does the fuckwit know that he’s been irrelevant for quite some time.

Forrest Bonduraunt

Yep. People like him (e.g. David Hogg) always manage to crawl out of the sewer and run their suck hole when they feel like they need to be relavent again.


Thus spaketh the world’s smartest light colonel… 🙄 

Last edited 2 months ago by Poetrooper

Two types, really. Those who have screened for Bird. And those who haven’t.


I think Vindy is working on getting his first star device on his Rat Badge. Those badge hunters never stop.


When Trump said “a limited incursion” was ok that gave Putin the Green light.

Oh wait….


Yup. It was Trump who said it would be OK if Putin “just put in the tip.”


And we all know what happens when a dude just puts in the tip.


What I want to know is whether Vindy gets paid by the word count or the sentences for his agitprop lies. They are clearly targeted on the know-nothings and those who can’t remember what happened last year in world events.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

The speech was Most likely to too young to vote low information future voters who if told that PRES. Trump started WWI or II would believe it. Had a cashier in Publix a few years ago that asked me if I was a WW1 Vet when she saw my Navy baseball cap.




What gets me is that Ratboi knows full well that Commander 0bama refused to send anything but blankets and MRE’s to Ukraine, whereas Trump was first to send weapons and combat equipment. Moreover, he knows that the pre-invasion buildup by Russia started after Brandon was “elected” and installed. So Putin was relying on Brandon’s comment that he would tolerate a “minor incursion.”

Amateur Historian

You mean the invasion that happened 1 year after Trump left office. Pfft, get the fuck outta here!

A Proud Infidel®™

Wow, talk about selling your soul, lock stock and barrel to politics, …

Vindman makes me want to donate $100 to MAGA in his name.


Lars brother from another mutha!


Sad to say, this sissy punk, bugeyed fool of a worthless ossifer is correct. Everything that has happened since PINO Joe was installed is Trump’s fault. If Trump had gotten re-elected none of this would have happened. And Trump would have been re-elected if he had of gone after the true colluder with Russia, Das Hitlerbeast, THE Bitch of Benghazi and locked her murderous trash from Hell ass up. And gone after the crackhead, whore hopping artist formerly known as nose candy navyboi, who was known to be a graft getting ‘kranian gas executive.

Skivvy Stacker

“Strategic Ambiguity”. If you could describe a foreign policy as regards Russia, I think that would be the Trump administration. Putin was never sure what The Donald was capable of.
The left thought that Trump was all “buddy/buddy” with Putin, and that Putin had him over a barrel. But the old saying is; “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”.
Trump is a business man, not a politician, so that is how he plays it. Putin isn’t used to that, so he kept his nose clean, not knowing if Trump would leave him alone, or go so far as to nuke his ass.


“Vindman suggested Biden should have employed “strategic ambiguity” instead.”

Because that worked so well to prevent Iraq from invading Kuwait.