Leftist undercover operations are as bad as their memes

| September 1, 2022

A leftist attempted to do an undercover operation intended to make Senator Cruz look bad. The person doing the filming felt that Cruz was expressing out of the norm viewpoints. In response to questioning, Cruz mentioned the need to do housecleaning and oversight, with the goal of restraining government agency abuse of power. What the individual accomplished was to show a Republican expressing Republican views.

From Townhall:

Conservatives mocked a leftwing group’s undercover video of Sen. Ted Cruz that shows the Republican holding views one would expect from those on the right.

“I wanted to say, thank you so much for all you’re doing to fight for Herschel Walker and to take back the Senate,” a woman in the Under Current video said.

“And I just think it’s so important that you guys are actually going to defund all those IRS agents,” the woman continued.

“Absolutely,” Sen. Cruz replied.

“But I think it’s imperative that you really have to defund the FBI after all the witch hunts that are goin’ on,” she added.

“It is a horrific abuse of power at the FBI and it’s wrong,” Cruz responded after shaking his head back and forth. “And there needs to be a complete housecleaning that happens at the FBI.”

“Are y’all gonna be able to do that when you retake the Senate?” she wondered.

“I think we need to fight to do that,” Cruz said. “And we need to fight to have real oversight.”

In other words, Cruz called for more oversight and a “complete housecleaning.”

The group claims he nodded in response to defunding the FBI, but he moves his head around a lot while speaking to her and his follow-up response is not a call to defund but to “houseclean.”

Unfortunately, a growing number of those on the left are seeing regular conservative viewpoints as “radical”. Townhall has the link and a sample of Tweet posts here.

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

That will add to the supreme Rulers speach tonight that all Pres. supporters are a danger to the country

Hack Stone

Hack Stone is three credits short of going from Semi-Fascist to Fascist 1st Class.


Tallywhagger is a Semi-fascist of fortune, a merciful mercenary for rightful righteousness, with liberty and justice for many.


But is Hack the Fastest Fascist on Team TAH?


Perhaps the Half-Fast Fascist… 😜 

Last edited 4 months ago by Poetrooper

Keep it up- you’ll get your wings in no time!


He will also announce a New National Combined Federal Police Force with snazzy new black uniforms (some will want pink) with arm bands to deal with any problems.
Fun Times…


I did Not Zee that kamen.


I am thinking they should have red arm bands with a white circle. Within the circle will be those red and black flags of the Antifa symbol; either that or the 0bama logo, since the regime is run by 0bamunists.


Ted Cruz lets the libtards self-own themselves.

He is so much smarter than they are – and they don’t even realize it.


Cruz is indeed highly intelligent.

What leftists don’t realize is that conservatives are constantly attacked by the media and never cut a break. Therefore they are always on their guard.

Project Veritas works because the opposite is true for the left.


Sorry, not sorry, but I’m pretty much as disgusted with the republiRats as I am the demonRats. The only thing these mofos have on their minds is being re-elected to hold on to their power. The Rs had a solid two (2) years, with control of the House/Senate/White House, to get some positive changes started for We, The People, and didn’t do a cotton pickin’ thing except fight Trump. They, too, were pissed at We, The People, for having the audacity to vote for a non politician instead of their chosen ones. Each side is protecting the other because they are ALL guilty as sin of being power mad despots looking to make subjects out of citizens. Annointing Biden is their way of punishing us.

Sadly, all that We, The People, seem to be able to do is make little funny memes and try to laugh it off, thinking that the next election is going to change things. News flash, kids…it ain’t.


Agreed KOB, if they were working for WE the People, they would have passed the Sportsmans Hearing Protection Act in the first year, just as an example..


“…expressing out of the norm viewpoints”?!

Now if he was advocating selling California back to the russians… wait, not radical enough. um…
Now if he was suggesting to ban federal funds for colleges and universities…

This is hard.

Boxing a kangaroo for the right to vote?

Outlawing soy?

I’m at a loss for “out-of-the-norm viewpoints”*

*go jump in a volcano, Under disCourant [nowhere, fastly]


As always:
comment image


Where’s Lars? Got another meme for him:
comment image


cats always get the updoot!!!!


Just caught the end of Ole Joey Boy’s “Speech” in PA.

He emphasized “This is the UNITED States of America…”

Yeah. Right.


Nobody likes you, Joey Boy…


How many days left of Ole Brandon Boy????


What is interesting is that the only Media we found that covered Ole Brandon Boy’s speech in PA was CNN, MSNBC and NewsNation.

Skivvy Stacker

And NOBODY watches them.


Because he was preaching to the faithful, and didn’t want too many normies seeing his communist / nazi imagery…


fuck that guy.

This supra-rational political opinion brought to you by America’s beverage: bourbon.

Bourbon! Fueling Revolutions with a 1-and-1 record.





Didn’t vote for him, won’t again.





“BREAKING: Hecklers chant ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ as President attacks MAGA Americans in dark Philadelphia speech”



Ole Joey Boy used Marines in the background at PA…





Folks, Brandon Boy and his Admin are trying to initiating a Civil War…

This is so scary…

He needs to be IMPEACHED…

Gov Huckabee said Joey tonite reminds him of an Old Man yelling “Get Off My Lawn!!”


I take solace in knowing if it comes to that, there is no way the American military would take arms against its own citizens. Doesn’t this idiot realize what he is doing?

Come ‘n get it.



I sure wish I could agree with you, but have you been watching the purge taking place in our military? Competent, aggressive and patriotic warfighters are being forced out, and being replaced with wokeists that toe the party line…

USMC Steve

Don’t bet on that. There are a lot of those youngsters that are from the indoctrination centers called schools that are controlled by leftists, and don’t have the wits to know an illegal order when given one. Some are first rate, but at this point they are the 10 percenters in that mess called DOD.


Goose lost that lovin’ feeling.


Good to see that you’re checking the DA Form 6 and seeing whose day it is to be “That Guy’.   :wpds_wink: 


The Flight Schedule is my mistress. And she can be a bitch.


That giant piece of pedo shit really when hard for Corn Pop…. and the roaches on his lap.

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“Chants of “Let’s Go Brandon” grow louder as Biden continues to target conservatives.”



Where do we go for the tatoo or will they be going door to door?
Do we have to turn in our guns or will they take them the same
time they do your tatoo?
Who do we notify to rat out our neighbor?


“Heil, Mein Führer!”


Proverbs 29.


Psalms 144:1


Soros is no longer trying to hide his wet dream of a 4th Reich…


Ole Joey Boy’s new nickname is now “PedoHitler…”


“Unfortunately, a growing number of those on the left are seeing regular conservative viewpoints as “radical”. 

This is a feature, not a bug, and the result of a decades long takeover of our education system, turning it into an indoctrination system.. also an example of the old saw ” All that is necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing”.. otherwise known as “compromise and bi-partisanship”


In further anti-Texas: Lori Lightfoot says she would be thrilled if everybody in Texas came to Chicago, not just illegals. I suspect she would learn something about Texans from the ruins of her city. Crime rate would be a lot lower, though.