Parents portrayed as “extremist” in teachers union advertisement video

| August 18, 2022

A teachers union in New Jersey rolled out an anti-parent advertisement. This advertisement portrayed parents, who took on officials at school board meetings, as “extremists”. In the video, scenes involving teachers interacting with students are shown in color. However, black-and-white is used as the coloring when parents are shown in action. The advertisement video appears to paint parents as “attacking schools” and as “trying to score political points”.

From Fox News:

The ad comes amid a nationwide movement from conservatives to allow parents to be more directly involved in their children’s education. Republican governors in states like Virginia and Florida have signed legislation aimed at empowering parents to prevent the teaching of Critical Race Theory and gender theory, especially for young students.

“Defaming parents as ‘extremists’ for standing up for their children is right out of Merrick Garland and Randi Weingarten’s playbook,” Laura Zorc, executive director of Building Education for Students Together, told the Daily Caller.

“New Jersey’s parents deserve better than this NJEA slander — standing up for your children is not a political point, it is a parent’s responsibility. The NJEA should be ashamed for pretending they care more about children than their parents,” she added.

Conservatives have made significant gains across the country by highlighting racialized curriculums, with many progressive school boards getting voted out in local elections.

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the second-largest teachers union in the country, commissioned a poll on education in July. It found that 43% of Americans believe schools devote too much time to teaching gender identity. Meanwhile, 21% said schools aren’t devoting enough time to the topic.

Fox News has the article here.

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Amateur Historian

Wow! A very stunning ad from the teacher’s union extolling the superior benefits of homeschooling one’s kids! Bravo!!! 👏

jeff LPH 3 63-66

When I went to school, Teachers taught the 3 R’S, we stood up and had our hands over our hearts saluting the flag. Kruschev was right that our country would be destroyed from within.


It was a different world in the 50s, I don’t recall there being any education related unions in municipal school systems. WI was the first state to permit them, around 1959. By the 60s collective bargaining was well established.

On the uptick… no more toll booths on turnpikes or parkways 🙂

One year, about 10 years ago, a NJ toll collector was, IIRC, the second highest paid employee in NJ. He had mastered the O.T. system and was always available to work, taking tolls, shoveling snow, whatever was available.


I remember doing this in the 60s, but then, I went to parochial grade school.


Da, comrade, is Democrats’ whole plan!

Elizabeth Conboy

Afraid so. Resist, Americans!


And we wore our Boy Scout uniforms on days that had after
school meetings.


Fascist! Fascist! (But we should have the Red Pioneers here… )

/sarc (but you know proggie left/libtards)


Teachers, and teachers’ unions should be afraid of parents. When teachers became our adversaries, citizens accepted their proclamation as formal notice of their subversion and intent to deceive.

School teachers are government employees, not different than the charming folks you may encounter at the local DMV or vital statistics agencies.

Shameful to see 75% of the indoctrinators giving the rest of the educators a bad name. FWIW, I have no idea what proportion of teachers are union owned and operated versus American citizens involved with teaching. It probably varies from region to region.

It would be surprising if there are any non-union teachers in the greatly defiled government of New Jersey. Such a beautiful place with so many very ugly people.


Tally, in a lot of areas being a member of the Teachers Union is almost a requirement for employment. Unions are all about the power…and the money. And you are spot on, some of the teachers and their union NEED to become afraid, very afraid, of parents that have woke up instead of becoming “woke”.

Flip side of that, there are many teachers that wish the parents would get involved more…or get involved at all.


Scott Walker, as Governor of Wisconsin, ended automated collection of union dues for WI teachers. That was pretty much the end of that union as teachers had a fresh avenue to avoid supporting the union system. That was encouraging.

Subsequently, the union owned health insurance system also folded when teachers were able to elect out of “the union owned” plan.

Nonetheless, Wisconsin remains just about as socialistic as they were before Walker’s tenure.

Indeed, many times in life we go along to get along. I have been a teamster and participated in several different unions as a requirement for the job.


Damn right. Freedom is when gov’t is afraid of the people; progressivism is when people are afraid of the gov’t.


Leftists gonna Leftist…


The Teacher’s Unions don’t give a damn about what kids are taught, as long as it follows their agenda. As for the parents and the community, they see them as a source for funing their “progressive agenda” and not much else.


Parents need to be involved!! Pay attention to what you kids are being taught, make it a point to instill your values and ethics. Again be a large part of your kids life, don’t expect the school to be a parent or you may have one fucked up kid. Explain what is bullshit and why, get them involved in sports and be a real supporter, if not sports other productive activities and be involved. Doing it right is hard work but the alternative is horrible.


ABSOLUTELY!!! Yes Sir, 100%!!!


Football and rodeo here! As well as church, camping, hunting, fishing, kayaking, etc!

Keep’em busy!


4H, FFA, lots of good options…
 It found that 43% of Americans believe schools devote too much time to teaching gender identity. Meanwhile, 21% said schools aren’t devoting enough time to the topic.”
WTF is wrong with those 21%?


I bet the 21% is complete BS, or it it was a targeted group of people!

Someone explain to me how it’s otherwise. Please!! Well, NM! IDK! We won’t understand each other!!!

Elizabeth Conboy

Fun times!


At least they are no longer trying to hide their hatred of the parents.

AW1 Rod

Merrick Garland, Rand Weingarten and the NJEA may all…..

Bag O Dicks.jpg

Suppose parents and Americans demanded equal access time to defend the truth and offer a forum to debate or refute the propaganda promoted by the malignant union cultists?

The union cult would provide outlines, lesson plans and syllabi for Americans consideration and response.

Also, provide streaming video of classrooms such that parents can monitor or sample the discourse and activities of classroom life.

As to school boards? As with so much of elected everything, term limits.

Ah geez, can you just imagine what the Karens might do, given such an opportunity to confront and inflict with teachers, children, parents or other Karens?


You can’t have a permanent Underclass/Untermensch if you teach kid the essentials for success. Fill their days with Drag Shows and gender theory, so they are not competitive in the future job market. I’m glad my sonis out of school now and is serving in the Navy.

Prior Service

I have a funny feeling that someday, after my daughter gets married and has kids, I will be closely involved in home schooling.