Military Monkeypox Cases Increase x10!

| August 8, 2022

“Now General Quarters, General Quarters!”

The DOD is jumping on the Monkeypox bandwagon, tracking cases as they arise. The numbers are horrifying. Among some 1.8 million military personnel, the pox is rampant. PINO Joe’s Handlers have declared it a public health emergency in lockstep with the World Health Organization (WHO?) recommendations. The DOD has declared:

Number of Monkeypox Cases in the Military Climbs Tenfold in Less than 4 Weeks | By Patricia Kime

The number of cases of monkeypox has climbed in the U.S. military to 40, 10 times the number it was less than four weeks ago.

Defense Department spokesman Maj. Charlie Dietz said Friday the figure included 26 active-duty personnel. On July 8, the DoD had just four patients diagnosed with the virus.

Oh sure, mock it NOW. But a x10 increase in Monkeypox every four weeks means it’ll be a full blow pandemic in no time. Or at least in time for the Dem’s October Surprise.

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“26 active-duty personnel”

I want to see a list of MOS’s


Normally, I’d say 11-series Soldiers and 03-series Marines. However, seeing the demographic monkeypox travels through, I’d probably just say Navy.  🙃 


Don’t forget Chairforce / Space cadets… Seems to me if we’d kept the military fag free, the numbers would be lower..

Skivvy Stacker

HEY! Us Chairborne Rangers are NOT GAY….but twenty bucks was twenty bucks.


Now, Ed, don’t go gettin’ your back up.

Umm, maybe that’s not the best expression to use here… 🤔  😜  🤔 

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Ol’ Poe considers it a great honor to be compared to His Frequent Firstness… 😉 


Prolly contracted in those infamous fan rooms aboard ship.


Lloyd will be mandating monkey pox vaccines in the next 3-4 weeks. No medical or religious exemptions. That should finish cleaning out the military


Smallpox vaccination already covers it.


When they put AI in the new Trunk Monkey, they never thought they would lose control…


I came across my first case last week. Proving that people simply have no clue how to run their own lives a truck driver called the police because he thought someone had put something in his truck that had caused an outbreak of “something crazy” on his junk.

I tried to explain to him that thing that was put into his truck was a hooker and this was no longer a police issue and that he needed to go see a doctor. He didn’t really believe me until I showed him a picture of Monkey Pox and then he rolled on out of town to spread the Monkey Love somewhere else.

A Proud Infidel®™

Dumbass just couldn’t leave the Lot Lizards alone and had to monkey around!

Green Thumb

The Monkresspox.



President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Well played! ROFLOL!

Green Thumb

I mean, it makes sense – Monkresspox.

The spread could be attributed to him as he jams his cock up the taxpayer’s collective asshole at every opportunity as he procures those taxpayer-funded goverment set-aside contracts based upon his highly questionable and potentially felonious Native American, Navy SEAL and Law Enforcement claims.


Drop the Pox and grab your socks. . . .

40 out of 1.8 million? Time to use mandating a vaccine to force out more people. At least the MP vaccine seems to work. . . so people can keep doing the things that got the MP in the first place. . . . Gross.

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Somebody ain’t cleaning them latrine seats properly. That’s how you catch it, right? Better issue more tooth brushes to the cleaning details.


So says the infallible St. Fauci


That’s herpes. Monkeypox is spread similarly, but can’t survive outside of the body. It typically requires somehow inserting an open sore inside the body (i.e., insert tab a into slot b or putting your lips on something dirty).


Ol’ Poe’s confused. You have a video to better demonstrate that? 😜 


No-o-o-oh, we don’t want that posted here. The pics posted on the innertubes of infected hands are bad enough.

A Proud Infidel®™

Maybe they need to go back to using the red seat?

Hack Stone

Has anyone checked the Sick Call Roster for Joshua Kelley, AKA Harpy Daniels, AKA Bottom Dweller? Stephen Cio Burrell has tickets for on of his shows this week, and he will need to know if he needs to keep six feet away while pounding one out.

Prior Service

“Sailor, I’m not asking and you don’t need to tell me (even though you are allowed now), but I’m pretty sure those boils all over your body are telling me more than I want to know about you right now.)”


“I did not have sexual relations with that monkey” –WJC

Say a prayer for all the Docs out there. Even normally they’re looking at MORE THAN their fair share of shafts & holes…


Dark days in the medical fields.


Think it’s the drag-qwans (crazy groomer) story hour crew from the base?

Hack Stone

Finally, that Phrenologist on staff will have something to read.


Do I freak out and buy all the toilet paper or Clorox wipes available now? (Forgot since last time.)


No, that was for covid. For monkeypox, you buy all the tissue boxes and baby oil.


If you see an open sore, then don’t let it get shoved in an orifice. Also, don’t forget to always wrap the stump before you hump.

AW1 Rod

Here’s an even better idea: all you Homos refrain from shoving your dummies into another dude‘s turd funnel! Problem solved.


Me thinks Space Herpes for 2024?




Keep those one holes out of other people’s two holes and this will go away. Much like AIDS could have been gone in a generation of controlled behavior. But no, the libs never want to tell those spreading this to stop butt plugging each other.


The libs are more concerned with telling anyone who will listen that this virus isn’t spread by the method that we all know it’s spread by. No judgement, the gay bois are just being bois, it’s just a coincidence that the monkey pox is spread after they get together.


Yeah, the libs, progs, commies (but I repeat myself) will call it homophobic to suggest the alphabet people to stop their deviant sex acts with random partners.


So I take it they’ll be forcing another experimental jab soon throughout the DOD?

I’m so glad I’m retired now.


Well, if Brandon’s military hadn’t enlisted all those butt pirates maybe they wouldn’t be having this crisis.

Gryunt Monglaar

Guys, stop being so homophobic, you can get it from hugs. Even dogs can, apparently.


HA! Great, yet very suspicious, data.

casual contact is what.jpg