Milley resignation letter cited in upcoming book

| August 9, 2022

Seems GEN. Milley wanted to stand by his principles – and didn’t. In an upcoming book  by Peter Baker and Susan Glasser, “The Divider: Trump in the White House” Milley drafted a fiery resignation letter after the infamous Lafayette Square photo-op, when troops cleared the square of protesters so Trump could have his picture taken there. But rather than fall on his sword, he decided to resist Trump ‘from within’.

  • The events of the last couple weeks have caused me to do deep soul-searching, and I can no longer faithfully support and execute your orders as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,” Milley wrote in the draft letter obtained by Glasser and Baker.
  • “I believe that you have made a concerted effort over time to politicize the United States military,” he continued.


The man who has worked tirelessly to inflict the woke progressives’ agenda on the US military complains that someone was trying to politicize the military? Pot, meet kettle.

“F*** that s***,” Milley told his staff, according to The New Yorker. “I’ll just fight him.”


And then there is his sense of history.

We’re all Americans. That under these colors of red, white, and blue — the colors that my parents fought for in World War I — means something around the world.

Yahoo News

His father was a Corpsman who seems to have been in every major battle in the Pacific, his mother was a WAVE. You would think he would know which war was which.

Neither a Trump nor Milley fan – but if you can’t support your boss after swearing to do so, you really need to go away.

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“Neither a Trump nor Milley fan – but if you can’t support your boss after swearing to do so, you really need to go away.”

Or…make your boss go away…
Did that once or twice during my career…


The piss-poor recruiting numbers and Afghanistan withdrawal are his legacy. Nothing like leaving the Military in much worse shape than you found it. Milley the Joe Biden of JCS. Phuque you, Millie!!!


This is getting out of hand….

“Storied Military Unit Expected to Lose 7 of the ‘Battle Streamers’ That Top Its Flag over Their Confederate Ties”

“Few units in the U.S. Army are as fabled as the Dundalk-based 1st Battalion, 175th Infantry Regiment (5th Maryland), better known simply as the 175th Infantry Regiment, of the Maryland Army National Guard. Formed as the Baltimore Independent Cadets in 1774, the unit helped save George Washington’s army at the Battle of Brooklyn in 1776, played a major role in saving Baltimore from British destruction at the Battle of North Point in 1814, hit Omaha Beach on June 7, 1944, and took part in the U.S. war on terror in the mid-2000s. Today, it’s a force of about 600 citizen-soldiers.”



“What’s little known today, however, is that many members of the unit split from the Union during the Civil War and took up arms for the South. Historians say most of its foot soldiers — largely working-class Baltimoreans who were, at best, suspicious of the intentions of President Abraham Lincoln — left for Virginia, where they reformed as the 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment (Confederate).”

“Enough of the outfit did so that the 175th gives their exploits a place of honor in unit history.”

“But a national Naming Commission tasked with reconsidering Confederate ties among the names of U.S. military installations and symbols is on the verge of changing that.”



“..The 175th carries streamers, or commemorative military banners, atop its flag. Seven of the unit’s more than two dozen streamers have blue and gray stripes and bear the name of a Civil War battle or campaign in which its soldiers fought on the Southern side.”

“The chair of the national panel, retired Navy Admiral Michelle J. Howard, has notified the House and Senate armed services committees that the panel will recommend the Army eliminate a 1949 rule that gave U.S. military units permission to fly streamers symbolic of battles in which they fought for the Southern side.”

“Forty-eight Army units have at least one Confederate campaign streamer; a total of 457 Confederate streamers are presently authorized,” Howard wrote. As a result of the recommendation, “those 457 Confederate battle streamers would no longer be authorized.”


“…to bind up the Nations wounds…with malice toward none, and charity for all.”

The destroyers/re-writers of history forget that a very large number of Former Confederates became core cadre of US Military Organization. Southerns have historically provided a larger % of its population to Military Service. Many decendants achieved high rank and became War Heros in their own right. These same re-writers gloss over the number of Northerners that joined the Confederate Forces. One may want to pick up a copy of The South was Right and To Live and Die in Dixie. Historical political side note. There were more Northern Democrats in 1860 than there were Southern Democrats. Jus’ saying. gabn/rtr/hbtd

Millie became a political hack and history is replete with those too. Think McClellan, Logan, Butler, Sickles, Bragg…the list goes on.





Thank You, David!!!

We are getting fed up with this!!!


Well, this is interesting…Wonder if it is true..🤔

“Did an Airman Offer a Bribe to Pass Fitness Test? Ramstein Officials Investigating”


This is getting out of hand…

Is accountabilty part of this Aid package?

“US To Send Another $1 Billion In Military Aid To Ukraine”

“President Biden directed the 18th drawdown of an additional $1 billion in weapons and equipment from the Department of Defense inventories,” Undersecretary for Defense Colin Kahl said Monday. “This is the largest single drawdown of U.S arms and equipment utilizing this authority to date.”

“The new aid includes ammunition to support National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems, or NASAMS, and High Mobility Artillery Rockets Systems, or HIMARS, according to the Pentagon.”


The false narrative that the square was cleared so that Trump could give a speech was investigated and found to be false by the IG’S office.

My daddy served in Vietnam, an Uncle in Korea and three Uncles and an Aunt served in WWII. My grandfather went to Blair Mountain and left his rifle on the side of it. I am proud of all of them. Not sure that gives me the right to be a 5th Columnist based upon media lies but I’m just a lowly foot soldier in all of this.


General Malaise Milley should feel really, really proud for doing something Rommel could never achieve: conquering the US military.

I hope the price was worth it, asshole.


Don’t worry General. At this point, I have no doubt there are dozens of 2-4 Stars in the pentagon just waiting to complete the destruction of the military you and Mr “ISIS is the JV team” Austin started.


With all the disrespect I can muster towards Ms. Milley, he’s a poltroon..

I hate this failure of an officer so much, I don’t want to waste valuable curse words towards the trannie.