Marine Apologizes for Lying About Military Service

| August 8, 2022

“I have a lot of good in my heart.” — Paul “PJ” Herbert —

“I’ve done a lot for the community. I’ve done a lot for veterans.” — Paul “PJ” Herbert —

A former U.S. Marine apologized once he was caught lying about his military service.

Former Marine from Buckland apologizes for lying about military service

By DOMENIC POLI  |  Published: 8/7/2022

BUCKLAND — A former U.S. Marine is apologizing to his fellow veterans and the community at large after it was discovered he has embellished his military service and received medals and money he had not earned.

Investigations by the Upper Pioneer Valley Veterans’ Services District found that Buckland resident Paul “PJ” Herbert had lied about certain heroic actions during deployments to northern Iraq and Somalia in the 1990s. Employees at the veterans’ services district in Greenfield said Herbert initially denied the allegations and became defensive before eventually confessing.

“I just needed to feel important. I started feeling important and feeling good about myself and I didn’t know a way to get out,” Herbert, 51, said in an interview in Greenfield. “I know I hurt a lot of people that trusted me and cared about me and everything else.”

The key take-away here is that “Herbert initially denied the allegations and became defensive before eventually confessing.”

His initial reaction relates to his sincerity, or lack thereof, to lying about his service.

Then, there is the issue of “Bear”…

The veterans’ services district also claims the VA pays the pet insurance and veterinarian bills for Herbert’s free service dog, an English Labrador retriever named Bear. Niejadlik also said Herbert’s lodging and food were paid for when he went to Long Island to train with Bear.

But Herbert said he does not think he will have to return Bear or any money because he has been evaluated by the VA.

I’m sure that Bear thinks the world of PJ, and Bear is just collateral damage in this story.

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Yup, here we go again. Another “sole survivor”. That bullshit is taken straight from the POSer Checklist contained in the well-worn, dog-eared pages of the Official TAH POSer 101 Handbook.

“Herbert had claimed to be the sole survivor of an improvised explosive device (IED) attack while with a group of British Royal Marines during Operation Provide Comfort, a mission to defend Kurdish refugees fleeing northern Iraq in the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War.”

If you’re the “sole survivor”, then no one can challenge you and call you out for your Stolen Valor bullshit.

*As an aside, this case is yet another example of why I bailed out of the Marine Corps League well over a decade ago. The Marine Corps League is swarming with assclowns like ol’ PJ here. I got sick of hearing about how everyone was a Scout Sniper or was in Force Recon. No one was ever a hydraulicsman in a KC-130 squadron.

Hopefully Forest Green is up on the net here today and will add his comments.


Mick, if it’s any comfort, I will confess to having been a hydraulicsman (Aircraft Structures Mechanic – Hydraulics) in an A-4 reserve squadron (VMA-142) and an OV-10 squadron (VMO-2).


Are you the last surviving member of your unit?


Not yet. But perhaps some day, if I live long enough.

Both units were completely wiped out through Clinton’s force reduction and BRACC.


You lost a lot of good men that day.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I was an A (Auxilliary) Gang ( Div.) Snipe and we maintained everything from the ships whistle on the mast down to the reefer compressors down in the bilge’s plus the Boiler room (hole) high and low pressure air compressors used to flow the No 6 fuel oil under pressure into the boilers where it was atomized and fired for steam generation.


As a Hull Tech on a Fleet Oiler, I am aproud member of the REMF/Low Speed-High Drag Brotherhood.
Nothing says “Danger Close” less than pumping a fuel and VERTREP-ing pallets of dry goods via the fearsome CH-46.
My highly intimidating ribbon rack of a GCM & Sea Service with1 star is a sure panty-dropper.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I looked up Hull Tech insignia in my 1962 Blujackets manual and seeing none, I went to my 25th edition (2017) and saw the Hull Tech insignia using the old damage control insignia of the crossed axe and maul with the carpenters square in the middle. You got me beat on my ribbon rack with just the AFEM and NDSM. Didn’t make the Good Cookie because I was a Kiddie Cruiser (3 Years) not 4 years.


Oh, the irony.
Legit Purple Heart Veteran
and near total shit bag otherwise
Teddy Daniels
calls THIS his “panty dropping F350”.

Nothing says Assclown of the Poconos
like putting stove pipe exhausts
in the bed of a pickup.

F350 4 sale 2.jpg
Last edited 3 months ago by MarineDad61
A Proud Infidel®™

Any time I see a truck looking like that, all I can think is “Sorry about your tiny penis!!”


A Proud Infidel@,

Classic case of shrinkage.
Nothing to do with being in the pool.

Caused by eating like a slob,
and bloating up to 360 lbs.

Seinfeld shrinkage elaine 1.jpg

My dads neighbor was the guy that maintained the
air conditioning on the Hornet during the Doolittle raid.
Said it was an ammonia based system.
Say what? The Hornet was air conditioned?
I have no reason to doubt him.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I went to A/C school after I left the Navy and worked in the A/C field untill I left for my new job in 1970. Was going to take the NYC Stationary Engineer job for working in the Bronx Terminal Market which used an Ammonia system but got the job working for Brink’s in 70. I think that only certain spaces on the Hornet used A/C but not sure

jeff LPH 3 63-66

We also ran the A/C system aboard the ship and maintained the windshield wipers on the bridge and other equipment and even the water coolers.


Has anyone seen any indications of a leather vest and a motorcycle being involved somewhere in this steaming hot mess?


I once saw a barrel of hydraulic fluid in the FMS shop.


Fake war injuries, CAR and Bronze Star w/V. Yeah, he is sorry alright.

Last edited 3 months ago by 5JC
Dean A. Hoffman

“Demars recounted the time he told Herbert about regaining consciousness and hearing a medical helicopter’s propellers, only for Herbert to tell that same story to the Daily Hampshire Gazette in 2017.

‘I told him that [expletive] story,’ Demars said. ‘And he [expletive] used it’.”

Typical narcissist: snatching up others’ credits and traumas like a magpie.


Poor dog. I’ll bet he smells a rat.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

His claim of receiving a traumatic brain injury after a landing boat hitting a sand bar was also a lie.

OPERATION LEATHERNECK RANGER was conducted at 29 Palms, not Camp Pendleton. A LAV gunner (Marine) was killed after the vehicle rolled over, and 3 others were injured.

3d Commando Brigade, Royal Marines, provided support during OPERATION PROVIDE COMFORT in Iraq. That unit did not suffer any casualties.


He is still all “I, I, I, I, me, me, me, me………”

Daisy Cutter

Shut up. Just shut up…

You had me at ““I have a lot of good in my heart.”

Last edited 3 months ago by Daisy Cutter

Good plaque maybe.


Check out this November 2017 article about PJ and Bear as well as PJ’s time with the Marine Corps:

“Stories of Service: P.J. Herbert of Shelburne Falls”

“When P.J. Herbert joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1989, he had just graduated from high school and was looking to add camaraderie and direction to his life. Through 10 years in the military, including three tours of duty in Iraq and one in Somalia, Herbert found that brotherhood he was searching for.”

“Herbert, 45, of Shelburne Falls, now spends time with his wife, Kay, his service dog, Bear and his four adult children. His youngest, Adam, is also a Marine. Each year, Herbert looks forward to November, which he refers to as “my month,” when he can get together with fellow Marines to celebrate the Marine Corps’ birthday on Nov. 10 and Veterans Day on Nov. 11. This gives Herbert the chance to talk about his experiences.”



“Herbert’s first two tours were in Iraq during the early 90s and the Gulf War. He was a counterintelligence specialist whose job it was to search for and analyze enemy documents, including searching prisoners he knew could be armed and dangerous.”

“In his second tour, Herbert was in northern Iraq providing security services to the embattled Kurds around the time “when Saddam Hussein was gassing them,” he said.”

“During his tour in Somalia, during what “was supposed to be a humanitarian mission,” fighting broke out between Somali militia and U.S. forces. During one encounter, a Marine was incapacitated out in the battlefield, and Herbert felt obligated to do something.”

“One of the guys were shot, and I ran into a kill-zone to pull them out. I provided fire so the team could get across the kill-zone,” Herbert said. “You don’t really think of anything except, ‘that’s one of your guys.’”

“Herbert was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his valor…”


Daisy Cutter

I imagine it was a case of him slinging the wounded Marine over his shoulder and holding him steady with one hand while firing his sidearm with the other hand, dodging bullets as he weaved his way back to safety.


‘…while firing his sidearm with the other hand…”

Nah; ol’ PJ here would have been blasting away with an M60 at the cyclic rate with one hand while carrying the wounded Marine to safety.

It couldn’t possibly be otherwise.

Green Thumb

Much like the old westerns, he probably never had to reload.


“It’s hard to talk to your spouse and kids about what you’ve seen, but I talk with the guys in the Marine Corps League,”
Herbert said, sitting at a Dunkin’ Donuts, his dog under his chair and ready to support Herbert with his balance.”

“Herbert suffers from a traumatic brain injury and other physical afflictions from his time in the service. Despite that, he would “do it again in a heartbeat.”

“Traveling through the mountains of northern Iraq, Hebert and a group of British Royal Marines hit a roadside bomb. He is the only survivor of that explosion. He doesn’t remember much from the attack, and has brain damage from it, but what he does remember comes back to him decades later.”

“I do think about it, and can sometimes hear the propellor or helicopter noise,” Herbert said.”



“He was an officer in the Buckland Police Department after the military, but had to
leave his job because of the worsening brain injury, arthritis and a herniated disc — all related to combat.”

Herniated Disc related to Combat…

Guess his herniated disc had nothing to do with him being a wee bit overweight…

Dean A. Hoffman

The most revealing detail here is the reference to Dunkin’ Donuts.


Apparently he has been chowing down with Bears kibble.




Never could quite understand why years later some Veterans apply for VA Disability for bad back, bad knees when in reality, their “disabilities” had nothing to do with their military service, but rather on their love for fast food…so much love that they became obese.


Hey now. Some of us have that as part of our retirement plans. 😉



Love It!



The California CHP had retirees suffering from “chief’s disease.” They claimed worker’s comp injuries from wearing their duty belts and climbing in and out of patrol cars. Apparently, it didn’t bother them until it was time to retire with their six figure pensions.


It’s a PTSD* thing. They’re eating their feelings.

*My apologies to those actually living with PTSD.


Surround his house and call out on the bull horn “Put the kibble down and come out with your hands up.”

Daisy Cutter

Fixed it for you.


Daisy Cutter:


jeff LPH 3 63-66

After finding out that herbert is a phony, Bear just sat there and thought that he would just grin and Bear it


What a Hard Core Dude”…

*sarc* 😉😎

“Herbert was taken from the scene by helicopter, and spent five to six weeks in Incirlik, Turkey recovering. Initially, doctors thought he only had a concussion, and he was back in Iraq mere weeks after the explosion.”

USMCMSgt (Ret)

No medical evacuation to a place like Landstuhl for treatment, but to Incirlik instead?

“Initially, the doctors thought he only had a concussion…”

So in those 5-6 weeks he spent in the hospital, the best the doctors could do is diagnose him with a concussion, and sent him back?


Green Thumb

Tough motherfucker.

Hack Stone

The Doctors were all out of Motrin and clean socks. There was nothing more that they could for him except send him back into the combat zone.

Daisy Cutter

Imagine when the dog finds out it was all a farce? All that training and discipline was all for not.

The dog can sense when an episode of PTSD is being triggered. To date, he has detected nothing.


A dog can smell shit, including bullshit, a mile away.


I see cries for “help” in the pooche’s eyes.


He’s blinking H E L P M E in morse.

…. . .-.. .–. / — .

Skivvy Stacker

JEEZ, when are these guys gonna learn? Don’t go in faking a service connected injury. Sooner or later someone is going to figure that out.
Do what I did; when the doc took and X-ray and said; “wow, it looks like you were wounded at Gettysburg”, I stammered out; “Um…YEAH! and it really hurt!”
Once you’ve got a VA doctor’s certification on a battle wound you’re all set.

Daisy Cutter

From the article, it doesn’t sound like they want to follow up or otherwise draw attention to this mess since the VA is culpable for the diagnosis.

Skivvy Stacker

I swear, when they call it a Vet’s hospital they mean the Doctors are Veterinarians.

Green Thumb

Typical VA.

There are a few turds out here that are raking in the bucks holding substandard discharges. They even brag about it. Steal stories, claim direct combat, claim higher ranks, etc.

All of it pointed out to the VA, but the VA does nothing.


I bet half those collecting VA disability for PTSD don’t have it because they never experienced the “trauma” giving rise to PTSD or they weren’t affected by it psychologically.

Green Thumb

What a fat turd.

I feel sorry for his kids. Especially the Marine.

You wake up one day and – POOF – your dad is a turd.

Fat boy here needs to grab a ride and head south to All-Points Logistics.

I see them employing him in the very near future.


I feel sorry for the wife, too. She probably thought that she had landed herself a gen-u-ine war hero.

Wonder how long he’s been lying to her.


Probably since Jr. High.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

In this article (Nov 2017), it said P.J. was 45 years old at the time of publication, which makes his birth year 1972.

The article also says he joined the Marine Corps shortly after high school graduation (17)…presuming he immediately went to recruit training that same summer.

Recruit training is 13 weeks, followed by entry level MOS school (Intelligence Specialist (MOS 0231)) which is in Dam Neck, VA…for another 12 weeks.

For the Marine Corps, entering the Counterintell / Human Intelligence (CI/HUMINT) MOS (0211) is a lateral move. To be eligible, the applicant must be a Corporal or Sergeant, 21 years old, a slew of other requirements, and another 12+ weeks of school.

(P.J. wouldn’t have been 21 until 1993, AFTER the Gulf War. There’s no way he could have been a 0211. Marines weren’t in Somalia until December 1992).

Just isn’t adding up.


I’m wondering where ol’ PJ here thinks that he earned those Navy/Marine Corps jump wings.

I’ll bet that it’s a fascinating tale, probably involving a top secret mission with Force Recon that he “can’t talk about”.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

I’ve never met an Intel dude (or gal) with jump wings.


I spent 26 years in uniform.

Hack Stone

In his defense, he never did complete that Math For Marines MCI course.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

He received a waiver because his Defense Language Aptitude Test score was so high. Besides, everyone knows Marines aren’t required or know how to math.

A Proud Infidel®™

He also qualifies to work for Turd Bolling at Ambassador Worldwide.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone purchased one of those “Marine Corps Road Guard Vests” when he first went to 29 Stumps for Comm School and discovered that it gets fucking cold in the desert. Wore it to the Enlisted Club, and following the entire establishment, to include Manager and Waitresses, erupting with catcalls of “Boot!!!”, Hack gave the jacket to his younger brother Rollin Stone, who was DEP at the time.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

P.J. is missing all the scrolls sewn on his sleeves…the ones that list all his duty stations.

Gotta have those…


Maybe I should lie about the shit I did in the military to get a higher percentage… seeing as how jumping through the normal hoops ain’t doing shit for me.


No no no, you’re doing it wrong.

You lie about shit the military did to you in order to get a higher rating.

Hack Stone

Be sure to throw in a domestic abuse charge and a few DUI’s that were due to the shit that you saw but don’t want to talk about. Except in a bar. Or on Facebook. Or a local news station running a “shattered veteran” story.


Wake up every single morning, stare in the mirror and say “I am a victim. Everything that I do and say today will reflect that. I am not responsible for my own actions. My choices have not lead to everything that has happened to me. The Man is holding me down.” Hang onto this for dear life and it will never steer you wrong.


Cocksucker! IMO, there is nothing more despicable than an embellisher. They know better. We need to go rescue the dog, Bear. And we also need to call for the deployment of the TAH As(s)teroid of Insults for the POS Paul “Pus Juice” Herbert.

Can I get a SECOND and an AYE?

Daisy Cutter

Bear needs featured in a commercial with Sarah McLachlan singing while Bear shivers and looks at the camera with sad eyes.

The Stranger



Mick asked if there was a motorcycle or a leather vest being involved.


However, courtesty of PJ’s Book of Face, there IS a picture of Bear wearing sunglasses and a Cammie Boonie Hat… 😉  😎 

bear pj herbert.jpg

Bear…Guilty of Stolen Valor?


BTW, one can see a “Honorable Discharge Certificate United States Marine Corps” in the picture…

bear 2.jpg
Dean A. Hoffman

“‘Oo’s been a naughty boy, then?”

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

The horror! To dress up a defenseless animal in such a fashion!


Guess Who….

 😉  😎 

pj marine corps pic from kay g herbert facebook.jpg

Guess Who Again…


pj 3 marine corps.jpg

Is that good ol’ PJ there?

If so, he’s wearing USMC jump wings.



Yep…That is Good Ole PJ in all of the pics we posted..

He was also selected “Marine Of The Year” in 2015 at his local League.

Daisy Cutter

Let’s get the obvious out of the way.

PJ probably owns some trap door pajamas.

Just thought I’d get that right out on the table so we can deal with it in honest fashion.


Guess Who Again…..  :wpds_wink: 

pj herbert 4.jpg
Prior Service

“Where’d you do Boot Camp, Gyrene?”
“Parris Lie-land, Sir! Semper Fi, do or lie! Oorah!”


It’s him…  :arandammo: 

pj 15 marine corps.jpg

Oh no. Check out that photo.

Now I feel sorry for the wife for yet another reason.

From the photo above, she appears to be doing a reasonably good job of looking after herself and staying somewhat fit, but sadly she’s now found herself shackled to ol’ PJ the lying POSer Chow Blister. He looks grotesque in that POSer costume.

PJ’s been rockin’ the lie for quite a while, and I’ll bet that she’s EXTREMELY PISSED OFF right about now.

And she should be.



Mick NAILED It!!!


You can see some of his “awards” in this picture.


pj awards.jpg

Another close up shot of his “awards”.

He wore this in public.

pj awards 2.jpg

And another…

pj awards 3.jpg

That belt is begging for help.
Poor thing.





Someone commented:

“Look at all of his medals that’s amazing…”


pj awards 10.jpg

A better close up.

pj awards a better picture.jpg

And another shot of his “awards”…he went out in public wearing this…

another pj awards shot.jpg
Hack Stone

Has he laid claim to the highly coveted and rarely awarded Precious Metals Recovery Expert Badge? If not, he should get an honorary PMRE Badge for all that bling that he picked it the military surplus store.


Don’t forget about his tattoo. Notice the Bronze Star on the far right. They always have a tattoo to prove their bravery.


His right our left