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The U.S. military is hosting a drag show at a family-friendly festival at Joint Base Langley-Eustis (JBLE) at the end of July.

JBLE is hosting its first ever “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summer Festival” on July 30, featuring a series of performances and speeches, including a poem on “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” and a drag show by Joshua Kelley, who performs under the moniker Harpy Daniels.

The festival was first proposed by the JBLE Breaking Barriers Alliance, a committee comprised of volunteer service members under the base’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion. At least one top base official, Colonel Gregory Beaulieu, the installation commander, signed off on the event and approved the use of military resources, a JBLE spokesman told The Daily Wire.

The festival is advertised as a family-friendly event, including “bouncy houses and face painting for the children,” according to an event description. The event, which will feature performances by several cultural groups, is billed under the theme “Celebrating Differences.”

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives have gained ground in the military in recent years, a development that critics say is gutting the unity, meritocracy, and mission readiness of the U.S. military. Rep. Mike Ghallager (R-WI), the ranking member of the House Subcommittee on Military Personnel, said in a February speech that DEI initiatives are undermining the military’s strength.

“Diversity may be a strength for America, but it cannot be an organizing principle for the Pentagon. Actual strength — physical strength, mental strength, and overall end strength — is our strength,” he said. “DEI initiatives risk sapping this strength. By co-opting the Woke Left’s obsession with racial and gender diversity, the Pentagon’s DEI evangelists are ironically stifling the very type of diversity that might improve military performance: intellectual diversity.”

The U.S. Air Force created an Office of Diversity and Inclusion in January last year. In February of this year, Bishop Garrison, a senior advisor to the secretary of defense, called DEI in the military a “force multiplier.” Garrison argued that DEI programs aid the military in recruiting candidates from diverse backgrounds with skill sets that the military can take advantage of.

More at the source; The Daily Wire

Exeter police: Kittery man stole two vehicles, arrested twice in one day in two towns

A Kittery, Maine, man is facing several charges from multiple agencies after he allegedly stole two vehicles in Exeter on Tuesday and at one point struggled with the owner of a pickup truck in a local parking lot before fleeing.

Seth St. Laurent, 31, with a last known address in Kittery, was arrested by Hampton police at approximately 12:50 p.m. after he was stopped on Route 1 while driving a black Ford F150 pickup truck that was reported stolen in Exeter.

The arrest followed a series of encounters with police that began around 9:30 a.m., when the North Hampton Police Department arrested St. Laurent on a driving while intoxicated charge. He was also suspected of driving a sedan reported stolen from Graham Tire & Auto on Portsmouth Avenue in Exeter in the early morning hours.

St. Laurent was processed on the DWI charge and brought to the Rockingham County jail, where he was held in protective custody and later released.

Shortly after his release, at 12:34 p.m., Exeter police said they received a report of an unarmed robbery of a vehicle in the parking lot outside Nadeau’s Subs on Portsmouth Avenue.

Exeter police responded, stating they learned the owner of the F150 pickup truck had discovered St. Laurent inside his vehicle and confronted him. Following an altercation, which resulted in no injuries, St. Laurent allegedly fled in the truck and was last seen heading south on Portsmouth Avenue, police said. While officers began searching the area, Hampton Falls police reported they had spotted the pickup truck heading toward Hampton and attempted to stop it.

St. Laurent was stopped on Route 1 by Hampton police at approximately 12:50 p.m.

Hampton police charged St. Laurent with receiving stolen property, a felony, and disobeying an officer, resisting arrest, breach of bail, and operating without a valid license — all misdemeanors.

During the investigation, Exeter police learned St. Laurent had been dropped off in a dark van in the parking lot of Rite Aid Tuesday morning, shortly after having been brought to the jail by North Hampton police. He is also suspected of stealing items from the store before he allegedly stole the pickup truck outside Nadeau’s Subs.

Exeter police said they plan to charge St. Laurent with felony-level unarmed robbery and reckless conduct along with attempted unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and theft, all misdemeanors.

“We appreciate the rapid response from our surrounding police agencies who moved quickly to apprehend the suspect before any further incidents could have threatened public safety,” Exeter Police Chief Stephan Poulin said.

St. Laurent is scheduled to be arraigned on the Hampton charges on Wednesday at 11 a.m. in Rockingham County Superior Court.

Source; Yahoo!

Police: Man shoots himself in buttocks with stolen handgun

A man who reportedly smoked marijuana all day and had an odor of an alcoholic beverage shot himself in the buttocks with a stolen .45 caliber handgun near Public Square on Monday.

William Delanor Stokes, 45, of East Union Street, Wilkes-Barre, was discovered bleeding for his buttocks when he confronted officers detaining his friend on East Union Street at about 5 p.m., according to court records.

Police allege Stokes shot himself in a parking lot near 19 N. Main St.

According to the criminal complaint:

Stokes and two men were loitering in the parking lot when they were asked to leave by a security officer for Blue Cross. Stokes and companions left but returned later to the parking lot where they engaged in an argument with each other.

Police said one of the men reached into his waistband when a gunshot was heard resulting in Stokes and the two men running away toward East Union Street.

Police said they found a spent .45-cal slug, blood and a piece of denim in the parking lot.

As officers searched the area, a man was spotted laying in a distressed position on a bench on East Union Street.

Officers approached the man who had an overpowering odor of burnt marijuana and an alcoholic beverage.

As officers were detaining the man for public drunkenness, Stokes emerged yelling, “Why are you arresting him?” the complaint says.

Police said Stokes was standing on East Union Street impeding traffic and had an odor of alcohol and burnt marijuana.

During a pat down search, officers noticed Stokes was bleeding from his buttocks and had a hole in his denim jeans, consistent with the piece of denim found in the parking lot, the complaint says.

Police in the complaint say the three men were drinking and smoking marijuana all day and were in the parking lot at 19 N. Main St., where a firearm Stokes concealed in his waistband discharged. After the shooting, Stokes and the three men fled to Stokes’ apartment at 22 E. Union St. where police recovered Colt .45-cal handgun that was reported stolen to Wilkes-Barre police in November 2015, according to the complaint.

Stokes was arraigned by District Judge James J. Haggerty in Luzerne County Central Court on charges of receiving stolen property, firearms not to be carried without a license and reckless endangerment. He was jailed at the county correctional facility for lack of $35,000 bail.

Source; Yahoo!

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MSG Eric

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are all synonyms. It just makes certain people’s jobs sound more important because they claim there’s a lot more to it.

George V

It’s comforting to know that when the Chinese hand us our ass in the war over Taiwan that our military personnel celebrated diversity. They don’t call it Diversity Inclusion and Equity (DIE) for nothin’.


Monkey-pox has removed over twenty members of cross dresser, groomer story time on bases.


Don’t forget Covid-o-mania again… comment image


Drag shows are so much better than the evil misgendering of Marines and the anthromorphing of inanimate objects of days gone by.


Best movie depicting boot camp or basic training ever made. A classic, anyway until it gets to Vietnam, then the combat scenes tend to go off the rails into fantasy land.


Well, IIRC, she said “I lub you long time, and me so honey.” So that was familiar.


The only diversity we should concern ourselves in the military is the many diverse ways we can destroy our enemies, drive them before us, and hear the lamentations of their women.

What’s more stoopid, dumbass for getting busted twice in two towns or cops/DA not holding him long enough to teach him the error of his ways?

Stoned, drunk, and stoopid will put your ass in a sling every.damn.time! Or, in this case…a bandage.


Meet Joshua Kelley, AKA “Harpy Daniels”

“Sailor By Day, Performer By Night — Meet The Navy’s Drag Queen, ‘Harpy Daniels’”

“Years before he became a yeoman 3rd
class in the United States Navy, Joshua Kelley was entertaining exuberant crowds under his drag name, “Harpy Daniels.”

“The 24-year-old Berwick, Pennsylvania native, who currently serves as an administrative supervisor aboard the forward-deployed aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, brought Harpy along for the ride when he decided to join the Navy in February 2016, a choice he said was heavily inspired by his father.”




You Be The Judge.


“NSWC Dahlgren Division LGBT Pride Month Profile – Yeoman 2nd Class (AW) Joshua Kelley”

“Yeoman 2nd Class (AW) Joshua Kelley joined the Navy in 2016 and is currently stationed at Naval Air Station Oceana Dam Neck Annex. His accomplishments
at Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) Dam Neck Activity (DNA) include his leadership and positive impact upon the command’s administrative services.”

“Before joining the Navy, Kelley was a data analyst for a health insurance company. At the start of his Navy career, he was stationed with the VFA-115 Eagles aboard USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76).”

“He also volunteers with Stonewall Sports Norfolk in the Hampton Roads LGBTQ+ community by performing as the drag queen, Harpy Daniels. His goal is to spread moral, entertainment and positivity for all.”




I remember the only drag queens would be the guys dressed as mermaids during shellback intiation. Boy has the military come a long way.


> JBLE is hosting its first ever “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summer Festival” on July 30

“wHy cAn’T wE mEeT oUr rEcRuItInG gOaLs? REEEEEEEEEE….!!!!!!”

jeff LPH 3 63-66

sounds like their wasn’t a rush on the bus to put stokes into a stokes basket and a BLS run to the hospital. Nothing to harp about harpy the drag queen yo yo (Yeoman) this new Military ain’t the same kind I was in and that’s the fact Jack, know what I mean Jellybean.


What’s the opposite of diversity? Uniformity. The military used to value uniformity- we even wore “uniforms” back in the day. Imagine close- order drill where each soldier did his/her/its own thing. I can’t believe the services have caved to this nonsense. Obama’s revenge.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, as well as assless chaps.


Fuck this shit show. Can anyone recommend a young person join this circus? I’m so disgusted with this freak show, this country went from the greatest country in history to an embarrassment and nobody in power seems to give a shit. I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like in today’s military. Any young person with options should stay away, get an education or trade and make their own way through life. These dipshits we call leaders will just get them killed or crippled and then abandon them and the mission when it becomes expedient. This wonderful country that we love is dying and I pray for a miracle but it’s probably too far gone. Disgusting!!!