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One of the major argument points that the left uses is that overturning Roe v Wade would force women to have a rapist’s child. However, there are a lot of abortion requests that do not have anything to do with rape, incest, threat to mother’s life, or pending disability/ailment. The above photo captures a major driver behind the left’s argument… Abortion for convenience versus accountability and responsibility for one’s actions. Enjoy your weekend.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I can die happy now, I finally got a First WOT

Dun, dun, dun, DUNNN!!!!!!
Sound the trumpets….the new monarch has arrived@!!!

Here are your orb and scepter

Congratulations on your first FIRST WOT and may you enjoy your reign.

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F*ck yeah!!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Thank you, thank you. So let it be written in the WOT Book of Firsts on this day.
A reign is nice, but I’d rather have “rain” out this way…..hot, dry, average 100 deg for the past two weeks..a monarch must look out for the needs of his people, and not just think of hisself.

My Man Tox! a trifecta of seconds is the margin of victory. A Big Kong Rat for your FIRSTNESS. How Sweet it is.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Thank you, Gun Bunny. Every ruler appreciates a gracious subject.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Wife’s apricot cobbler, lotsa cream and/or ice cream.
I’ll have to root around for the stogies, it’s been so long, never expected to ever need them.
Top shelf imbibables……have to send out for more, must’s drunk it all……
To all my loyal subjects, I promise to be a kind, wise, and benevolent ruler……for this week anyway. Next week may be a different ruler.

In order to pay proper homage to your 1st FIRST, Tox, with a nod to the 3 second margin of victory, The Gun Bunny offers up Neopolitan Ice Cream for the cobbler, Class VI Supplies of Crown, Jameson, and Frosty Yeunglings, with 3 pack samples of Tampa’s finest.

On the subject of the thread at hand, IIRC, even before Roe V Wade, in a lot of states, abortion was allowed under the conditions of rape, incest, or the health of the Mother. And from what I understand, the states that are proposing anti abortion laws will allow abortions under those conditions. Pro tip for you murderous for convenience sakes mofos. The Souls of those murdered babies will be sitting in the jury box when you arrive for your Final Judgement.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

TO all my Deplorable Subject DillWeeds and Weedettes (BTW, anyone heard from PH2 lately? Haven’t heard from her in awhile), I return now to my Other Work Duties as Electronic Repair Technician, so I must temporarily leave you. Play nice, don’t break your toys or each other. I will check in later to make sure all is right in My Kingdom. Thank You, one and all.

Congratulations, good sir!



President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Three seconds…..

Hack Stone

Shit, got distracted.

Hack Stone

Hack had a great post to announce his appointment as First Commenter. Since everyone got to hear Hillary Clinton read her victory speech, please indulge Hack as he posts his victory comment.

Hack Stone’s Saint Frank Stallone Day wish is to score the first comment for This Ain’t Hell Weekend Open Thread. In the unlikely event that Hack’s wish is not granted, he wishes each of you Adorable Deplorables a safe and healthy Saint Frank Stallone, and to be especially careful this evening on the highways and byways from those overindulging in alcohol and controlled substances this Saint Frank Stallone Day Eve. And, if the opportunity arises, gather the family around the video box to enjoy a Frank Stallone (straight to) video.


It’s friday?


Whelp – top 10 for the FIRST (h/t Tox) time in ages.

Pond is 3’6″ low at the GB Compound.
Somehow, the tomatoes are still bearing – small but still flavorful.

Y’all have a great weekend.


Drought is making the critters bolder.

So far I’ve had to eliminate one possum, one armadillo, and one raccoon. Mrs. GB just notified me of another possum off the back porch. It was gone ‘fore I got there.

RGR 4-78

SPAC hunting.

Skunks, oPossums, Armadillos, raCoons.


Ground hogs, the bane of the horsey set.

RGR 4-78

Hard to work that into the acronym, but yes, those also. 😉 


Varmint Cong!
comment image


Yeah, not looking forward to having to pop a “Fart Squirrel” and then bury it.

My father-in-law (born 1902) did fur trapping in the San Jacinto River bottom to help supplement his folks income. He had a technique for removing the odor from a skunk and save the pelt.
He did not teach me. Of course, I came into the family picture when he was in his 70s…. Mrs. GB was a very late surprise addition.


…and now for an official TAH WoT announcement:

Fuck Joe Biden!
Let him go to hell;
it will save the little girls
whose hair he wants to smell.


Nice! Well done.

A Proud Infidel®™

Fifteenth and I once again award myself Honorary First.


Green Thumb

Coming to you live, hot off of Broadway, the critically-acclaimed alternative act – “Chicks with Dicks”.

Fresh off his hit movie – “Meatpoles and Manholes” – Jarret Gimbl will take the stage alongside a newcomer to the scene. New, but not inexperienced – meet Daniel Greenwell – best known for his re-occurring role as “Gangsta Nut” in the late-night gay hit series – “I take it in the Ass”.

“Chicks with Dicks” and its inspirational direction came from the mind of none other than Phil Monkress.

Produced by Lori Benton.

An All-Points Logistics Production.

Hack Stone

Waiting on Phil Monkress of All Points Logistics to go back to claiming to be a US Navy SEAL. All he has to is say that he identifies as a US Navy SEAL, and we would be intolerant haters for not accepting his new identity.

Hack Stone

We sure could use a “Whatever Happened To…?” series of threads. Would love to know what Joe Cryer, The Round Ranger, and Crybaby Steve Burrell have been up to lately.

Hack is stealthily periodically checking up on Gunny Driveway, AKA Ronald Mailahn. Per his Linked In profile, he has a successful career driving around cans of paint. Potential employers are probably throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars at him if he signs on.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

You mean like this?


Walmart thrown-from-the-truck delivery, yo!


What about Wittgenfeld? Woulda thought he might be minus six AGL like his butt-buddy, the human lawn dart. His liver should have left the building years ago.

A Proud Infidel®™

Oh yeah, the PuRpLeHeArTpArAcHuTiSt41 that said he was coming to see me and others and *YAWN*, no show.


Here’s a thought,
for an excellent VG article.
Actually a followup. To this…

[“Air Force Amy”, paragon of integrity and Nevada hooker
is to be trusted! I’m super, super cereal!TSO | December 19, 2013]


Well, she’s still out there, and now she has a NAME.
Multiple accounts on the Book of the Fake
with her real name, and a wiki page, too.


Get her dates of service and medals,
and it’s a whole new round of Stolen Valor
drama and adventure….
with Air Force Amy.
Uhh, I mean…. “Deanne”.

Air Force Amy 1 FB.jpg
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2015 certificate
(14 months after the VG article above).

2 versions of this cert, side by side, on her Book of the Fake.
Real name, and fake whore moniker.

Air Force Amy 2 cert.jpg

Well, she was in the Air Force and she serviced many soldiers, sailors, and airmen. She likely haas the vaunted NDSM. Plus, that diploma shows she has some special skilz.


In the 2013 story, she was claiming a
Meritorious Service Medal.

comment image

Hack Stone

Was she awarded her diploma through life experience?


On station.

Commissioner Wretched

Sorry for the delay, and Rats of the Cong to President Elect Toxic Deplorable etc etc etc … way to go on your first FIRST! I was on assignment for the newspaper and just got home. So here’s some trivia!

What was the longest-running drama series on television?
By Commissioner Wretched

Ah, sweet elixir of life!

I’m referring, of course, to coffee. My morning coffee, perchance, percolated to perfection, proffered in porcelain, properly prepared for prompt partaking, posthaste!

(You have no idea how difficult it was to come up with that last sentence.)

A recent discussion with a friend leads me to wax philosophical about coffee. While there are many millions who have no objection to shelling out seven bucks a cup for fancy-froo froo coffee at the local Starbuck’s, I much prefer buying a pound or two of roasted coffee beans, grinding them up, and enjoying maybe a month or two of morning mugs with that same seven smackers.

Commissioner Wretched

It’s a matter of perspective, I guess. I don’t begrudge anyone their fancy latte or whatever it’s called, but for me, a good strong cup of black coffee gets me going in the mornings like nothing else.

That coffee also fuels the writing of the trivia you’re about to enjoy. So read on, dear friend, and … would you care for a cup?

And watch this space next week for a very special announcement!

Did you know …

… all of Earth’s continents are wider at the north than they are at the south? (So what? So am I!)

Commissioner Wretched

… everyone has a unique smell? Even with that fact, identical twins smell so much alike that only trained dogs can smell the difference. (They call that smell “Eau de Pew.”)

… canned food is generally good for some time after its expiration date? Companies put the “sell by” date on the can for many reasons, and one of those is the hope that consumers will throw them away if unused and buy “newer” food. But in many cases, the food is good for years beyond the date on the label, as long as the can remains sealed. (Don’t tell anybody that I shared that with you. It’s our little secret.)

Commissioner Wretched

… some people just shouldn’t have money? One example, you could say, is Henrietta Howland Green (1834-1916), known as the “Witch of Wall Street.” Hetty, as she was called, had a net worth of more than $100 million, but brother, could she be tight with a dollar! She was so miserly, it is said, that her son Edward (1868-1936) had to have his leg amputated after breaking it, because Green spent so much time trying to find free medical care that gangrene set in. Green wore one black dress every day until it wore out, then bought another one just like it. She lived in a home which had neither heat nor hot water because she did not want to have to pay for it. (If ever someone needed to know that “you can’t take it with you,” it’s Hetty Green.)

Commissioner Wretched

… the longest running drama on television was a daytime soap opera? The Guiding Light began on CBS television on June 30, 1952, and continued until its cancellation on September 18, 2009. During that time, the program aired 15,762 shows. But that’s not all – The Guiding Light began as a radio drama on January 25, 1937. The last radio program aired on June 29, 1956, for an additional 2,500 episodes. Overall, The Guiding Light had a 72-year broadcast run, with 57 of those years on television, the radio and television series overlapping for four years. Additional trivia note: The longest-running program in television history is still on the air. Meet the Press began on NBC on November 6, 1947, and is still on the air today, 74 years later. It, too, began on radio, over the Mutual Broadcasting System in 1945.

Commissioner Wretched

… a 2015 film postulates what might happen if Hitler was alive today? Er Ist Wieder Da (Look Who’s Back), a satirical black comedy film produced in Germany, is based on a 2012 book by Timur Vermes (born 1967). The story centers on what could happen if Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) awakened in modern Germany. In both the book and the movie, no one actually believes Hitler is the real thing, though he is. In the book, the former Führer ends up being a stand-up comedian; in the film, he becomes a media darling. Both showcase how easily his original message would be received in today’s world. (And if that doesn’t scare the heck out of you, nothing will.)

… dogs can sense sadness in humans? Researchers have discovered that dogs are able to sense when their humans are sad, and will often attempt to cuddle with their human in an effort to make them happy again. (The best part is … it works.)

Commissioner Wretched

… only one Central American nation does not have a coastline on the Caribbean Sea? The nation of El Salvador only has a Pacific Ocean coast. (And they’re pretty happy with that.)

… the baby carriage was invented in 1733? Developed in England by William Kent (1685-1748), it was created for the children of the third Duke of Devonshire, William Cavendish (1698-1755). It was basically a miniature horse-drawn carriage. But it was not drawn by a horse; the original baby carriage was pulled by a goat. (Not a baa-a-ad idea at all.)

… the first magazine advertisement in America appeared in 1741? It was in Benjamin Franklin’s (1706-1790) General Magazine, and was an ad for a ship sailing back to England.

Hack Stone

The second magazine advertisement in America appeared shortly afterwards. It was an advertisement from a personal injury firms soliciting clients who may have caught scurvy while on the ship sailing to England.

Commissioner Wretched

Okay, Hack, I am so stealing that!!

Commissioner Wretched

… ostriches can outrun horses? (Nice to know.)

… pears ripen from the inside out? (As do we all.)

… a Hollywood actress tried to kill her boyfriend twice? Constance Smith (1928-2003), an actress born in Ireland, was dating a filmmaker named Paul Rotha (1907-1984) in the 1960s when she tried on two occasions to murder him – once in 1961 and again in 1968, stabbing Rotha both times. Love wins out, however … Smith and Rotha were married in 1974. (Uh, yeah. Right. Love. Got it.)

Now … you know!


Looks good to me.

sq0ameubece91 (1).jpg

I wouldn’t complain about that.


Golden Retriever!!!!!!


Tonight, Friday July 29, at 10:00pm.
It can be seen afterwards, too.
Here is something to watch.

Let’s see if Teddy Daniels TELLS THE TRUTH,
about issues at a VA hospital in Pennsylvania,
and about himself as well.
IF Teddy Daniels LIES.

Recent history suggests…..
that Teddy Daniels will be LYING.
A LOT of lying.
Get your popcorn ready.


2022 07 29 Teddy VA.jpg

I’m pro life and I can prove it…
Twice !!!
There is no such thing as an accidental pregnancy, you did NOT accidentally get naked with someone of the opposite sex.
The right term for an unexpected child is a surprise, not an accident !!! To call a child an accident is child abuse of the worst degree, you set the kid up for self loathing for their entire lifetime, or, as in my case, the better part of that lifetime…
And THAT my friends, is the end of the story…

A Proud Infidel®™

Here’s something funny, the death scenes from a video game, I like the blender death the best, the lead character reminds me of many a millennial meathead!

(2) Death Scenes of BrainDead13 – YouTube

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Hack Stone

Hack Stone would like to announce to all of the Adorable Deplorables that have nothing better to do than hang out on This Ain’t Hell that he has won the Megamillions Lottery drawing last evening. He is seeking counsel from anyone familiar with tax laws if Hack should take his winnings in a lump sum, or have the it paid out over 29 years annuity? He doesn’t want to lose any of that $20 to taxes.


Mick won $2 in the Megamillions drawing last night. TINS.

Perhaps we could pool our resources and get a corporate tax break on our newly acquired vast wealth.

Hack Stone

One winning ticket, sold somewhere in Illinois.


Remember the tiny head Phony Navy SEAL?
Whose Booque of the Phaque went POOF, after this article?

Gordon “Steve” Lang Fake US Navy SEAL Sniper, SEAL Team 3, BUD/S Class 192 IAS | August 30, 2019
comment image

He’s back!
New page.
New business, too. He’s Mr. Fitness now.
Same old wifey. She stayed.



OK, y’all. This makes no sense. On Friday, 29 JUL 2022, a man jumped from a plane without a parachute as the plane was approaching Raleigh-Durham Airport (RDU) in NC. He was killed. The ten-passenger (capacity) plane landed with one wheel up and spun out in the grass. The remaining pilot was little banged up, but he seems to have been checked out at the hospital and released. My question is why did the man (who according to his family loved to fly) jump from the plane? I only have a few guesses, but I’ll withhold them to avoid prejudicing your guesses. See https://www.wral.com/23-year-old-pilot-who-fell-from-plane-died-while-pursing-his-dream-of-flying-his-father-says/20396343/.

What are your insights?

Hack Stone

He heard that Daniel Bernath was piloting the aircraft?


I should have said “jumped or fell.” Probably fell—see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBh2IQPwc8o.

Hack Stone

Have you hugged your DD-214 today?


We are screwed the next time we have to go to battle.