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| June 28, 2022

Walther PDP

Episode 281 with David Cole
Self Defense Gun Stories

Man accused of armed robbery shot, killed by police in west Charlotte, CMPD says
WSOCTV.com News Staff
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Man killed by police in shooting in north Pueblo; critical incident team investigates
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Thanks to our Gun Bunny for the links, and to Graybeard for today’s gun pR0n inspiration. Sort of an AW1 two-fer.*grin*

I no longer listen to what people say, I just watch what they do. Behavior never lies. -Winston Churchill

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but they’re super cereal!

live normal persons.jpg

Top to Bottom the FSN’s are:


Just another thought for the day: If God had banned rocks after Cain slew Abel, then David would have been defenseless when it came time to face Goliath.


Welp, the air is a little cleaner with two (2) dirtbags taking the eternal dirtnap, but the courts will be a little crowded from the lawsuits. If you want to commit suicide, threatening LEOs by firing on them is a for sure way of getting the job done.

Just had to poke the bear yesterday, didn’t ya, Graybeard? And now we’ll be subjected to a steady stream of fugly abominations, up to and including (shudder/gasp/the horror/clutches pearls) a Glock.

Poor Winston. Blindsided by FDR and then thrown away by the politicians. Not their finest hour.


Yeah, sorry ’bout that KoB.
I plead temporary insanity. Or permanent stupidity, whatever works.

I think ol’ Winston had the same issue as Trump – people couldn’t stand him being right all the time.

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Love my Glock 17 but this Walther is flat out ugly.


 😅  😂 
As soon as I saw that pic, I knew what you were doing!
It is still Baboon-butt ugly. If given one, I’d trade it in unfired.  😀 




Not a big fan of red dots on pistols, I understand they have a place but having wrassled with Mister Murphy…

Now to the gat, out of all striker-fired pistols the Walther P99 in DA/SA (so called ‘anti-stress’ with the decocker) is by far the most accurate, pleasurable shooting plastigun I’ve ever shot.

In 9 the ability to put round after round right where intended is almost too easy! (makes up for a less than .4X sized cartridge?)

That being said, I won’t own one. Parts cost and availability of accessories change the ‘entry costs’, if I did have one I’d have to add monies to the ammo budget and I’m cheap. (winky face)