Ukraine receives HIMARs; Russians not to happy

| June 24, 2022

The first tranche of HIMARS arrives in Ukraine. The M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems gives the Ukrainians the ability to hit Russian artillery further from the frontlines. This allows the Ukrainians to fire further from the front lines at the expense of the Russian forces.

From Fox News:

After the U.S. announced the transfer of four HIMARS to Ukraine earlier this month, Putin warned the West that it would strike new targets in Ukraine.

On Wednesday, deputy chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee Yuri Shvytkin took things a step further, saying that the transfer of HIMARS to Ukraine “underlines the step-by-step movement towards a third world war on the part of the United States.”

“You need to understand that we must respond harshly. In my opinion, today the reaction should also take place in those countries that supply weapons. And not just to destroy infrastructure and so on, but I think the main decision-making center is the US Embassy,” Shvytkin told the Russian news outlet “I think that sooner or later this will become a target for the armed forces of Russia.”

Rebekah Koffler, a former Defense Intelligence Agency officer and author of “Putin’s Playbook: Russia’s Secret Plan to Defeat America,” said that the Russians would never deliberately target the US Embassy in Kyiv, but she doesn’t rule out the possibility of a “staged ‘mistake.'”

“Bottom line, [an] ‘errant’ Russian strike hitting [the] US embassy is quite plausible. ‘A shot across the bow’ is also possible, in which the Russians could target the part of the embassy that is not very populated,” Koffler told Fox News Digital on Thursday.

“This would be a message to the US to stop providing weaponry to Ukraine. But it’s all risky and the threshold is very high for this decision.”

Fox News has more details here.

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

Amazing how these rounds are calculated to hit targets miles away with the earths rotation.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

How is it done King Of Battle. Your the Arty man.


Applied math?


Euler’s Method.


Kentucky windage.


By guess and by God


Jeff, the best way to “Git-R-Done” is to refer to Chapter 14 of Army/Marine FM 6-40 (Apr 1996) where they give the procedures of how to perform a “Black Magic Fire Mission”./smile


Steel (or DPICM) on target!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I cannon t thank you enough and everyone who replied to my question. I will see if I can check it out online for further details.


All of the above are good answers and each method is used in the overall scheme of Fire Missions, Jeff. The speed of the round and the relatively slowness of the Earth’s rotation is kinda a mute point on fixed targets from a fixed location. And with a big enough warhead, a few inches/feet ain’t gonna matter to the target. Do watch out for short rounds tho.

Trivia note on indirect fire. The concept and proof of it working (mathmatically) was FIRST come up with by 18 yo CONFEDERATE Sgt Milton Wylie Humphreys, Bryan’s Battery, 13th VA Lt Arty. Fayetteville (West) VA, firing from behind a grove of trees upon a Federal Fort. Prior to that, you ’bout had to see it to shoot at it. All Indirect FIRE MISSIONS since then are based on his FIRST Calculations.

Wouldn’t mind having some HIMARS @ Firebase Magnolia to shore up that North Wall. Think if I posted the ‘Kraine Colors there I could get me some? The Bonnie Blue is there now.  🇸🇴 

This ain’t our fight…yet.


You sure about that trivia? The concept and mathematical proof on indirect fire was published in Nova Scientia (1537) by Niccolo Tartaglia….who also developed Gunner’s Quadrant….

Regarding the original question, weather has a more important effect than the Coriolis effect (rotation of the earth). Hence, it’s the 4th requirement for accurate, predictive fire. 1st requirement is accurate target local and size. 2nd is accurate firing unit location. 3rd is accurate weapons and ammo information (propellant temp, projectile weight and MVV’s – wear and tear on the barrel after repeated firings.). 5th is accurate / correct computational procedures.


6th is for the Artydogs to get their appendages out of each others’ rectums.

Infantry leads the way!!!


Just realized I hadn’t thanked you for the datas. The history of mathematics and the Art of Blowing Shit Up is near and dear to the space that’d be normally occupied by a blood pumping organ.

(beforecoffee Roh-Dog is bad RD)

So, thank you.



The Germans did the same calculations in WWI with their Paris Gun.



The IRONY on what you wrote reference the Field Artillery and Black Magic Fire Mission….😉😎

“Witches and Sorcerers’: Russian Media Peddles Ukraine Black Magic Claims”

“On Friday, Russian media again peddled claims that Ukraine is using “black magic” against President Vladimir Putin’s forces in the ongoing war.”


The ones who stare at goats, they looked at wrong end and DARPA/CIA bottled it…


Yeah, I thought about that the other day when I was either reading the story you linked or one similar to it. I mean, the procedures are broken down into steps that even Crayon Eaters can understand it and somehow the dimwits in Rooskie-Land think they’re having some type of Voodoo pulled on them. Anyway, a special thanks go out to my good buddy Bill Luten, who was the Mortars Platoon Daddy in 1/12 Inf who clued me in many, many years ago as to what a “Black Magic Fire Mission” was.