Nina Jankowicz blames ‘disinformation’ and ‘childish’ attacks for her operation being paused

| May 20, 2022

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Nina Jankowicz appeared on CNN and explained why her job position was short lived. She explained that those who derailed her board were putting national security behind their own ambitions. She additionally pointed out that members of her staff didn’t exactly follow her requirements.  Many of those “ambitious” people were citing the Constitution.

From Fox News:

Jankowicz appeared on CNN Tonight with host Laura Coates to vent about the end of her short-lived government appointment. She summed up her situation by telling Coates, “Unfortunately and ironically, we were undone exactly by a disinformation campaign coming from folks who apparently want to put our national security behind their own personal political ambitions.”

Coates asked Jankowicz the obvious question: “Why was that not anticipated here, in the sense that, did you not expect that there would be some measure or some inclination to try to use misinformation to sow distrust in the same thing you’re trying to do?”

Essentially, the question boiled down to, why didn’t the Disinformation Governance Board stop or find ways to combat this alleged disinformation against it?

Jankowicz answered with an excuse, saying that the board had too many other things going to focus on its mission. “Well, you know, DHS is an extremely large department — 250,000 people work there — the department had other priorities,” she claimed, adding, “It’s got a huge mission set.”

She continued, “And so at the time of the rollout, I think there were other priorities that were kind of put ahead of this rollout of the Disinformation Governance Board.”

She then blamed others involved with the board for not listening to her direction on the issue, which resulted in its problems. “Unfortunately, the advice that I had given was not heeded about how to communicate — how to communicate openly, transparently and rapidly.”

As a result, she stated, “We created unintentionally an information vacuum that was filled with falsehoods and frankly directed a lot of vitriol and digging into my own personal life that I think was entirely disproportionate to the amount of power I had at the department.”

Jankowicz mentioned that because of this she and her family “have faced threats every day for the past three weeks.”

The former executive director then scolded the people behind the alleged threats, stating, “I don’t think that that is something that anybody should be priding themselves on.”

She continued, claiming, “And frankly, the lies and falsehoods that were spread about the Disinformation Governance Board, as I said before, this childish behavior is putting the national security of our country behind this sort of partisan vitriol.”

Fox News has the article and video here.

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Always blaming others… I try to train my 6 year old grandson on that. He seems to have learned it better.


Every. Single. DAMN! ‘Person’ that works for a 3-letter agency has at least 50% lizard DNA and the bulk of their calories come from huffing their own farts.

Fact check that, you seeping, gangrenous, feces-packed, maggot-infested axe wound.


I forgot the 2-letter agency, VA. They don’t huff farts.

Their calories are from studhorse milk.

Rot-Dog, out.


OK I know this is a week old but I’m catching up.
You just bought yourself another entry on The As(s)teroid of Insults®™ and it’s going in “as is” no edit…


Nice! This made my weekend!!!

Also, she is an evil testicle pustule.

(have not vetted the above linked, but on its face,,,)


She’d have succeeded if it wasn’t for that pesky first amendment, damn those founding fathers!

RGR 4-78

Weird Nina Jankowicz, undone by those deplorable Ultra MAGA’s.


comment image


Yep. All those “founding fathers” were subversive insurrectionists trying to overthrow the duly constituted government.


I read your comments on this topic. 100% spot-on!

Now where is that King’s Taxman?

Problem solved problems staying solved.jpg
Commissioner Wretched

Kind of nice to see the Ministry of Truth derailed, don’t you think?


Sadly, considering the people put in charge of “reviewing” the ministry, it’s unlikely that it’s actually derailed, more likely just gone under the radar..


The only thing more 1984 than the Disinformation Board would be the Secret Disinformation Board.


Yep (Fyrfighter) and YEP! (5JC) Stalin grins.

A Proud Infidel®™

I have to agree with you FF, my bet is that they’ll try that again as soon as they think nobody’s looking!


Well, like they confessed said, they were only consolidating the existing functions of DHS.


This woman is seriously delusional. Same for her “journalist” buddy Lorenz.

Forrest Bondurant

Double standards, as usual…

Jankowicz complains how she and her family have faced threats every day. At least people aren’t protesting her private residence like some are at the residences of Supreme Court Justices.

In the next breath, she said “I don’t think that is something that anybody should be priding themselves on.” Meanwhile, it’s okay for Antifa, BLM and pro-abortion groups do precisely that, and leftists like her are okay with it.


It’s because they’re “on the right side of history”.


Always blaming others – and denying reality.

Typical leftist, right, Lars?

AW1 Rod


Bag O Dicks.jpg
A Proud Infidel®™

She didn’t get the Commissar Position she wanted; thus she goes off bawling and cussing everyone else. Has anyone ever told her that the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution is still fully in effect?
IMHO we need to stay vigilant because I’m sure that they’ll try to slip this in again as soon as they think nobody is looking.

Last edited 2 months ago by A Proud Infidel®™
Green Thumb

Silly bitch.

Hack Stone

What had the shortest shelf life, reporters for CNN+, Nina Skankowicz’ career as Minister of Truth, or Hunter Biden’s career as an Ensign in the US Navy Reserve?


Since all Hunter had to do was pee in a cup I am going for “C”.

A Proud Infidel®™

Mmmmmmyeah, Hunter Biden was TOO OLD to get a Commission, but since his Daddy was VPOTUS at the time, *POOF!*, it happened and was over with as soon as he pissed hot for coke, and I ain’t talking about the soft drink!

Hack Stone

Actually, Hunter Biden received two waivers for his direct commission in the The Us Naval Reserve. One waiver was for his age, the other for his prior drud use.

Back when Hack Stone was on Recruiting Duty, getting a waiver had to go all the way to the Commanding General of MCRD San Diego. There must be a compelling reason to allow a waiver to Recruiting standards, so Hunter Biden must have had some unique skills that were critical to National Defense.

President Slow Joe Biden said that he never had a discussion with Hunter about his business dealings. Did he ever have a discussion with him regarding all of the rules that were bent to allow him to be commissioned, and not to fuck it up by using drugs? Of course not, Hunter Biden is the smartest man that Jo’s Biden knows, so Hunter would be well aware of illicit drug use is frowned upon in the Navy.


It continually amazes me how little these hotshot lawyers seem to know about the law. And folks like us are supposed to pay hundreds of dollars per hour for their “opinions” on how to keep our asses out of jail, and pay them handsomely to run our government.


“Nina Skankowicz”. ROFLMAO! I’ve heard her called “Scary Poopins” as well.


I laughed out loud when reading a John Nolte article and he described her as having “A face that screams first wife.”


“Jankowicz mentioned that because of this she and her family “have faced threats every day for the past three weeks.”

And because of her, more than half the citizens of this country faced the threat of the federal government depriving them of their constitutionally guaranteed free speech.

She’s an unserious and totally unqualified bitch with an agenda and a shitload of attitude, who shouldn’t even be heading up the Capitol janitorial team…


In a just world, Nina couldn’t pass the background check to work as a janitor anywhere in D.C.