Trouble in Paradise

| May 19, 2022

Several of our usual suspects have sent in an article of a shameful situation onboard NAS Key West, FL. Some much needed housing renovations are in order there, all well and good. Higher at the base has lost sight of the reason for the improvements.

Junior Sailors Scrambling for a Place to Live After the Navy Shutters Its Barracks at Key West

Konstantin Toropin

Junior sailors stationed at Naval Air Station Key West, Florida, are struggling to find homes after the closure of two of the base’s barracks sent about 60 service members looking for alternative places to stay. It’s an incredibly expensive housing market, including nearly $4,000-a-month trailers the Navy had built to market for “leisure travel.”

In an email to, base spokeswoman Danette Baso Silvers said that the base decided to shutter the housing for single, junior sailors “to conduct much needed repairs and renovations.” According to the base website, the pair of buildings could house about 100 sailors.

The Navy says that those sailors have a variety of options, but two who spoke with echoed a spate of social media posts from troops at the base saying that the alternatives are prohibitively expensive or otherwise not workable.

Makes my NCO blood boil. How about securing housing for the troops before beaching them by demolishing their barracks? Leadership failure.

Thanks, gentlemen.

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Planet Ord

I’m not sure which is more surprising. That BiG Navy is screwing the lower enlisted, or that they’re actually renovating some barracks.


Just carrying on the policy of lowering standards. Next they’ll bring back the cat o’nine and really crack down.

A Proud Infidel®™

Right after the Official Memo comes down saying “BEATINGS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL MORALE IMPROVES”.




“Naval Air Station Key West has set up a series of programs and options to assist service members who need to move out of the unaccompanied housing barracks at the installation due to upcoming renovations.”

“About 60 Sailors are being affected by the $11 million barracks restoration, and NAS Key West leadership is providing relocation options and assistance to the Sailors.”

“The health and safety of our Sailors in unaccompanied housing is our top priority which is why we are making these much needed repairs to our barracks,” said NAS Key West Commanding Officer Capt. Beth Regoli.



“Of course, to do these renovations safely, we must relocate our Sailors. We understand the stress of having to move, which is why our Sailors have been provided with Basic Allowance for Housing and multiple housing options, from living in the community to living elsewhere on the installation.”

“Service members affected by the move have the option to either find a residence out in the local community or to continue to live on base in Morale Welfare and Recreation new vacation trailers, Public Private Venture (PPV) Housing and at the Navy Gateway Inn and Suites lodging facility. All service members relocating from the barracks either have new lodging or living arrangements identified.”



“The NAS Key West Housing Office consistently helps service members locate the limited affordable housing options in Key West. Additionally, the site started a roommate matching program to help the Sailors and Coast Guardsmen, who need to move, find other single service members who can help offset the cost of housing, which would generally exceed the $2,364 government allowance for beginning Sailors. The Navy also authorizes a partial dislocation allowance of $840.07 to help offset costs associated with moving into a new residence, such as security deposits or advances.”

“PPV housing, an option normally reserved for service members with families, also opened its doors to the single Sailors. If an unaccompanied military member chooses to live in PPV housing, the units are two and three bedrooms. The housing office will keep a list of names and help match members who are intending to live in similar housing to keep such housing affordable.”



“In the event there is a wait list for PPV housing, MWR’s new, fully-furnished vacation rentals are available for rent by unaccompanied Sailors. Sailors needing to relocate from the barracks will be given priority access to the trailers, which are fully furnished and require no move-in fees or security deposits. These two-bedroom trailers offer a full kitchen, dining and living area, and a washer and dryer. They also include all utilities, Wi-Fi and cable TV. Military members awaiting PPV housing can stay in these units as long as necessary, using their BAH to pay for the monthly rent.”

“The date to vacate the barracks is June 1, and any service members having difficulties locating appropriate housing are urged to contact the housing office and their chain of command for assistance.”



“It can be challenging for any young person moving out for the first time, and we will work tirelessly to ensure each of our service members has an appropriate and affordable place to live,” said NAS Key West Command Master Chief Jessee Hess.

Any service members having difficulties with their housing or moving-in process are urged to contact the housing office and their chain of command for assistance. They can call the housing office at 305-293-4127 or 305-293-4466, or can send email to

The Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) and the Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) are both available to assist with budgeting and financial assistance for Sailors if needed. The contact for NMCRS is at 305-293-2271 or via email at The contact for FFSC is 305-293-4408.”


24 May 2022… 😉  😎  😄  😆  Watch Out For The Danger Zone!!!


Hopefully with a little left over for motorcycle helmets for when they drag race aircraft with a .92 thrust-to-weight ratio on their motosickles



Poor AW1Ed and Mick…




AW1Ed and I are still trying to figure out how “inverted flight tanks” work…




ninja, glad to see that you and Roh-Dog are keeping up with the postings of the DA Form 6 and seeing whose day it is to be “that guy”! gabn/rtr/hbtd

Hmmm, going by what Dutch commented below, methinks, too, that there is more to this story, CoC has been involved, 6 months notice, and plenty of resources available? If there had been a real proble, seems like there would be more than 1 bitchin’ sailor. YMMV


Complete shitshow.

Wonder what MCPON Smith has to say about THIS?

The Stranger

He’s probably saying:
“You’ll take what we give you and like it!”

Sounds like the Navy is moving at flank speed towards “Rum, sodomy, and the lash” but without the rum.


“You’ll take what we give you and like it!”


GP Medium tents, MREs, lukewarm bottled water, and overflowing Port-A-Johns that rarely, if ever, get pumped out by the contracted Honey Truck.

The Stranger

It’s like you read my mind!

USMC MSgt (Ret)

MCPON would say “…you could all be living in fox holes.

Hack Stone

Any truth to the rumor that Big Navy will be relocating the USS Washington to the area to provide berthing space?


What a shit show



Every officer, warrant, and nco would be in tents before junior enlisted got de-housed.

And confined to base until EM housing resolved.


Wait for the other boot to drop when they get done with the renovations and realize the new digs are too good for the enlisted to move back into.

Hack Stone

Nah, they will give the contract to a company that is in cahoots with the Procurement Officer, and they will use substandard material laced with asbestos.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

“Trouble In Paradise”, The Crests 1960 on the Coed label.

DUTCH in Atlanta

Here is another view of the story from a retired Navy O-6 friend who was CO of NASKW several years ago; and maintains contact:

“The press/media is getting lazier and they do love to not fact check because if they did, then the story dies a quiet death and they have to go dig up more rumors. So here it goes:

—- Sailors were notified in january to prepare to move out for the renovation.
—- The deadline shifted to the right a couple of times to facilitate living options.

DUTCH in Atlanta

—- Move out on the economy with full BAH
—- Rent MWR townhouse. With 2 members per unit and splitting the costs it would be less than their BAH combined
—- move into family housing on base, 2 sailors per house.
—- stay in MWR vacation trailers short term until one of the options opens up. The old trailers referenced were removed 2 years ago (when covid was hitting) and replaced with new ones. Never been lived in yet.

—- The disgruntled enlisted that launched the “nuke” is one of only 19 left in the barrack.

—- CO and NCOs have been heavily involved from the start.


This OL’ Box.
spew alert


Is Joe Biden’s brother getting the renovation contract? The kickback train doesn’t run on diesel alone…..

A Proud Infidel®™

My bet is that NOTHING happens in this administration without the Biden Crime Family and other D-rat pols getting kickbacks.


Doesn’t SotH Sqirtbottle Pisslosi’s husband own, or sit on the board of, a public utility/construction company?

Thank goodness the Pelosis will eat well tonite. The balance of the universe is righted yet again! (does this even need a fking sarc tag?!)

Where is that train, you Caliphuckland douche bags?


Ol’ Poe’s wondering why Navy didn’t consider renovating one barrack at a time, thus halving the number of sailors needing alternate quarters throughout the renovation process.

Well, duh… 🙄