Captain motorboats subordinate during promotion ceremony, is allowed to retire

| May 19, 2022

CPT Billy Joe Crosby Jr (Louisiana Army National Guard)

How this happens in 2022 is just amazing. The article says this guy is a mustang officer who participated in the Invasion of Panama. So he’s been in the Army for 30 years or more. Has this been OK at any point in that time? From the officer in command of an outpost no less.

Army Times has the story;

A former Louisiana National Guard officer was allowed to retire after a general court-martial convicted him of charges stemming from “motorboating” a subordinate soldier during an informal promotion ceremony while deployed to Jordan in May 2021, Army Times has confirmed.

Capt. Billy Joe Crosby Jr., a logistics officer who was overseas with the 256th Infantry Brigade Combat Team during its recent deployment, was initially charged with abusive sexual contact and conduct unbecoming an officer, according to court records obtained by Army Times. Crosby was the officer-in-charge of an outpost in Jordan.

Maj. Jessica Rovero, a spokesperson for the command overseeing the trial, told Army Times in a statement that Crosby’s “behavior is not in line with the Army values.”

Rovero added that “multiple Soldiers immediately reported the behavior, and Crosby pled guilty at trial.”

The guilty plea came with strings attached, though.

The officer struck a deal that erased the abusive sexual contact charge. He pled guilty to assault consummated by battery — a non-sexual offense — and conduct unbecoming, records reveal.

Crosby, a prior enlisted soldier who participated in the 1989 invasion of Panama, was confined for 30 days. The plea deal also prevented the judge from dismissing him from the Army, which would have kept him from collecting his retirement.

A Louisiana National Guard spokesperson, Lt. Col. Noel Collins, confirmed that Crosby retired March 31 after completing his confinement and returning home.

Crosby did not respond to an emailed request for comment.

So what was it he did? Get a load of the stones on this fella;

When he learned that the junior soldier was selected for promotion, Crosby reportedly announced to her twice that he intended to “motorboat” her during her promotion ceremony because the Army Combat Uniform’s chest-placed rank patch was intended for such actions.

An NCO witnessed both statements, according to a motion filed by prosecutors.

Prosecutors described “motorboating” as “when a person places his or her face between a [woman]’s breasts and shakes his or her head back and forth while making sounds resembling a boat motor.”

Weeks before the assault, Crosby also told the NCO that he wanted to bring the junior soldier with him on a driving trip to another base in Jordan. The NCO told investigators that Crosby requested the soldier’s company because “he liked looking at her tits.”

The junior soldier told Crosby the day before the assault that she did not want a promotion ceremony.

But during work the following day, according to a prosecution motion, Crosby “approached [the junior soldier], told her to stand up, placed the rank in front of her chest, leaned in the grab the rank with his teeth…then placed his face between [the junior soldier]’s breasts…[and] vigorously moved his head from side to side between [her] breasts while still holding the rank with his teeth.”

Totally normal behavior, right? #MeToo

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A Proud Infidel®™️



Yup. Angry Cops does not approve:

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Guy is lucky she didn’t knee his jewels.
And if she had, what would be the punishment to her if any?

Skivvy Stacker

He “motorboats” her.
She “torpedoes” him.
Seems like equal justice.

The Stranger


Game over, shut it down. You win the Internet today, my friend.


“he liked looking at her tits.”
Well, duh. If they’re nice tits, yeah.

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“ Hey coworker I’m going to sexually assault you tomorrow at lunchtime so hey get ready this is gonna be great fun!!”
DAFUQ??? 😬😲🤬


That is one old ass O-3, what a douche.

The Stranger

Hey! I’m an old-ass O-3, pushing 50. However, I don’t sexually harass or assault anyone so I got that going for me!🤣


Now that you mention it, most of my friends are old ass O-3’s 😉 

The Stranger

Yeah, but I’m still serving…


Then you’re doing it wrong.

The Stranger

Nope. Doin’ it just right. Prior enlisted, commissioned right around 40.



Kidding. Same boat.


Stupidity is always present… Be aware.


Wait? This is illegal???? They need to let people know so stuff like this doesn’t happen.


Someone needs to come up with a PowerPoint presentation on what is acceptable and unacceptable conduct like this. The presentation should take hours to get through, should include as many silly animations and transitions as PowerPoint will allow, should be presented by someone who just reads each of the slides with no enthusiasm, and should be mandated for all hands on at least an annual basis with bonus showings when incidents like this occur.
That’ll fix the problem.
Department of Defense – I’ll waive my usual consulting fee for this; this bit of advice is totally on the house. Just be sure the idea is not traceable by any means back to me… you can have all the credit.


Don’t forget the post viewing quiz and the Q&A afterwards.


I also suggest a spreadsheet tracker so that we know who went to the “No Motor Boat” class down to the individual level. Since this happened on a deployment anyone who does not go should be considered non-deployable.


And the annoying emails to complete a survey on the training.


If I can’t motorboat some nice juggs on deployment I don’t wanna go.

Old tanker

How did that moron last that long in the Army / Guard??


Well, at least there’s one less dumbass currently in the Army now that he’s retired.

Yet another example of why Congress should change the UCMJ to allow court-martial panels to impose reductions in rank on officers as part of a court-martial sentence. Since he wasn’t reduced in grade, this jerk’s retirement pay won’t be affected by his court-martial conviction – and it should be.

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He must have had a break in service.

In Panama (1989). Only one NDSM so he must have missed Desert Storm (1991).

Transitioned from enlisted to officer and advanced to Captain with only one ARCOM and one AAM (although he does have a Bronze Star). Probably explains why he’s not at least a Major (O3 being only a TIG requirement for promotion).


Concur with break in service theory. Either his awards in his official photo above are incomplete or he had to have at least one break in service.

In the photo (apparently taken prior to his 2021 deployment), he’s sporting the Bronze Hourglass on his AFRM. If he had 20+ years credible RC service, he’d almost certainly be wearing the silver hourglass.

He’d have 20+ years credible RC service (and a 2nd NDSM) if he’d gone into the SELRES during the Gulf War NDSM period and been in same since. He’s wearing the ICM, so he rates the NDSM for the current GWOT NDSM period.

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A mustang does not include the enlisted time against the 30 year requirement to retire. At least it didn’t used to. I’ve known officers with over 40 total years service. 10+ as an E, and 30 as an O.

This doesn’t work for CWOs, however. It’s 30 total and out.


For officers, your MRD (mandatory removal date) is 28 years from the day you commission. Breaks in service do not stop that clock from running.
Guard can waiver/ETP max age for commissioning up to 39 years and 364 days (got to put on that butter bar BEFORE you turn 40). I know this because I was a 38 y/o 2LT with 20 years enlisted before I joined the dark side.
However, my MRD is my 60th birthday, NOT 28 years since I commissioned (unless WWIII hits and I some how make BG).

And no, I’m not an old ass Captain. I am an old ass Major  😎 


You might want to consult your personnel office on that. Federal law gives different numbers for max commissioned service for RC officers that varies by grade

Absent SELCON or another statutory exception, MRD is generally 20 years commissioned service for RC O-4s (see 10 USC 14506 and the exceptions listed in same); 28 years commissioned service for RC O-5s (10 USC 14507); 30 years for O-6s (10 USC 14507), and more for GOs/FOs (10 USC 14508).

Also, the statutory MRD due to age for all officers below O-8 appears to be last day of the month when the individual turns 62 (10 USC 14509). Those provisions of USC can be viewed here:

It’s possible that current service regs may mandate earlier removal dates than those required by statute, but the above are what Federal law mandates.


My current MRD has been extended to 26JAN2026 ( 1 month past my 60th birthday-I have no idea why.) Previously it was 26DEC2025. Always shown that way since I was a 2LT. That’s from HRC. On my MRD, I will have 21 years commissioned servive to go along with 19 years 4 months enlisted service.

I am up for LTC next year, which from my understanding of the USAR is fairly automatic if you can hear thunder and see lightning (and 50% ILE).
I don’t think I’ll be staying past 2025.

I’m just holding on so that Biden’s signature isn’t autopenned on my retirement certificate

Mike B

As far as I know and it can be different in the Guard, but in the Reserves its 33 years now or a certain age.

I knew a guy that retired as a 62 yo MSgt with 42 years total service (62-04), between the Army NG, Air Guard and AF Reserves.

Don’t know how it works with O’s though.

Oh and the Capt here acted like total douche bag. No excuse for his actions and got a tap (Wouldn’t call it a slap) on the wrist.

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OK, he’s a piece of garbage. So the WAC/soldier can take his sorry flabby ass to court and sue the living sh — er, crap – yeah, that’s it: CRAP – out of him and make sure that all he has left is just enough to pay for a crappy room in a fleabag hotel somewhere in San Francisco.


Hi, Ex!

The Women’s Army Corps (WAC) was disbanded in 1978.

Just letting you know.

Female Soldiers are addressed as “Soldier” just as their Male Counterparts or by their Rank. In this case, the Soldier was a Specialist (E4) promotable to SGT (E5).



This guy’s former brigade seemed like a dumpster fire from reports. Probably many solid reliable soldiers doing their best, but also loads of soup sandwich shitbags bringing everyone else down.


Even duct tape can’t fix stupid…but it can muffle the (motorboating) sound.

Used to be still serving

This is infuriating to me. I did 7 years of AD(Army)in my 40s(I’m a direct commission as I’m a medical provider, PA). During my 7 years of AD I did 3 deployments.(Iraq(2009), Afghanistan(2012-2013, 2014). I then transitioned into the reserves and have 7 years with 1 deployment to the Horn of Africa. I have 36 months of deployment time.
I have since developed severe right hip replacement and need the hip replaced. I decided to pursue a P3 profile as I no longer am able to carry a combat load.
As a gift to me, the Army is discharging me with nothing. They claim it’s not duty related as I never had an LOD initiated. I’m not a whiner.
I have a congressional underway and I am appealing the decision, but, I’m not hopeful that this will help.
If I was at 15 years I could and would take a early retirement but, unfortunately I’m a year shy.
Another case that infuriates me is the COL chief of staff at JBLM that held its family hostage and was allowed to retire.


Feel your pain.
Airborne Son is about to be Admin Discharged w/o his insurance because the fork-sticks won’t honor his religious exemption for the vaccination, the dip-shiite admins didn’t get his medical release through correctly (4 times) – and he’s about to just throw in the towel and give up. With 100% VA disability but the VA screwing him over repeatedly about his pay.

Honorable service in harms way and they screw him over and over.

I wish he’d listen to his old man and contact our congress critters – he’s like “Naw, they can’t do anything about this.”

jeff LPH 3 63-66

How come he got the motor started without the start cord.


We need a CiC that will direct the 5-sided Puzzle Palace to change the Uniform Code to make it uniform across all ranks – or better to hold all levels of O to higher standards with more severe consequences.


Curious as to the nature of the photo. Is that the Army equivalent of a mugshot or his official photo?
Does not depict a happy guy despite all the fruit salad.


Is Dumb Ass/ Dumbass one word or two.

He needed his hat rank tacked on with a sledgehammer.


Miriam-Webster and the online Free Dictionary say it’s one word, while others (Cambridge, MacMillan) show it hyphenated. But I’ve seen it as two words also.


One word or two doesn’t matter. The person you’re telling it to doesn’t care if it’s hyphenated or not, the point has been made.


“One more question Mr. Motorboat…”

“That’s CAPTAIN Motorboat…oops”

Prosecution rests its case your honor.


Everybody I know wants to know what she looks like.


His actual “big boy” name is Billy Joe.

‘Nuff said.

AW1 Rod

In what century does this Neanderthal live?


Officer wearing a marksmanship badge. As an infantry officer, I was taught that officers should not wear marksmanship badges. I have a couple, but they have never graced a uniform.

An O-3 at 30 years service? Did Big Green suspend up or out for reserve component officers?


Interesting re: Army marksmanship badges.

In the Marine Corps, officers typically wear both rifle and pistol marksmanship badges on the service “A” uniform.


rgr769 is correct about US Army Officers NOT wearing Marksmanship Badges.

rgr769: Was wondering the same thing. The only time members of the ninja family received marksmanship badges was when we were Enlisted and qualified with our weapons. We still have our Grenade Qualification Badges as well.

Thank You for addressing this.


I had to qualify in several AD and reserve units. The last time I qualed expert, I am certain my NCO grading me pencil-whipped my score. But after ten years of Cowboy Action shooting competitions as a civilian I am a much better pistol shot than in the military.

I suspect CPT Motorboat was embarrassed he hadn’t accumulated more badges, so he felt it necessary to wear both the marksmanship badge and the vehicle driver/mechanic badge. In over fifteen years of AD and reserve component service, I never saw an officer wearing a vehicle qualification badge.



Agree 100% on everything you wrote:

We both qualified with our weapons every year when we served…the only difference is that as Commissioned Officers, we did not receive Marksmanship badges versus receiving them when we were Enlisted.

We still have those Badges as memories…😉

We are not familiar with US Army National Guard “DA Photo” standards…or with their regulations regarding Officers wearing the Marksmanship Badge…Perhaps it is different from AC and RC?

Thank You again for sharing!


Uniform regs are the same for both AC and RC, ninja. Only practical difference is the state decorations some NG personnel wear (which are also authorized for wear by AC soldiers if awarded, except in DA photos, if I recall correctly).

My understanding is that officer personnel rate the same qual badges for weapons qual as enlisted personnel do, and are technically authorized to wear therm. However, my understanding is that by tradition officer personnel don’t wear weapons/driver/mech/other skill badges other than the “hooah” badges (Parachutist, Ranger/SF tabs, Pathfinder, Air Assault, CIB/EIB/CMB/EMB/CAB/aviation wings, etc . . . .).

When I asked why decades ago, I was told it’s “because an officer is presumed to be an expert in those military skills pertinent to their job” (or words to that effect). Not sure that makes much sense now, or did then, even; some people are simply better at performing certain tasks than others, practice notwithstanding. But it’s the answer I got.

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You wrote:

“When I asked why decades ago, I was told it’s “because an officer is presumed to be an expert in those military skills pertinent to their job” (or words to that effect). Not sure that makes much sense now, or did then, even; some people are
simply better at performing certain tasks than others, practice notwithstanding. But it’s the answer I got.”

Yep. We were told the same thing…😉

Yep…Officers ARE authorized to wear those Badges…Officers just NORMALLY don’t wear them.

Thanks for the feedback. Was not sure if US Army National Guard had different ROE than AC and RC…thus the reason I asked.


I was also told the same thing as a young butterbar. I also noticed that the two most decorated officers I served with in Germany omitted their ribbon racks when wearing the khaki shirt, and just wore their jump wings and CIB’s.


God; “Billy Joe, good news is I’m giving you a brain and a di@k. Bad news is, you only get enough blood to operate one at a time.”

Teh stoopid is strong with this one. Wonder who made sure his “punishment” was so light. Jes’ sayin’.


If anyone is interested, here are the documents from his Court Martial (Public Information):


I’m appalled that the judge didn’t order maximum fines/forfeitures as part of this fool’s sentence. Hell, best I can tell from perusing the documents at ninja’s link, the judge ordered no forfeitures at all.

I understand that the plea bargain precluded dismissal, but it didn’t preclude any other authorized punishments. IMO this jerk richly deserved to lose a big chunk of coin for his stupidity.

Then again, doing that might have “hurt his family” – even if it meant he got off essentially scot-free, future impact on troop morale and discipline be damned.


Ironic that his name is Billy Crosby.

As in Bill Crosby….

 😉  😎 

The Stranger

I think you meant COSBY…


Yep…You are correct, The Stranger!

Forgot to put *sarc* at the end of our previous statement..We still meet folks who still call his show “The Bill Crosby” Show…or call him “Bill Crosby”..😉 Probably mixing his name with Bing…We quit asking if they meant to say “Cosby”…

To be honest, when we saw that the CPT’s name was “Billy Joe”, we thought of that song from the 1960s…sung by Bobbie Gentry…throwing something off a bridge…or a 1960s TV show “Petticoat Junction”…wasnt one of those girls name Billie Jo?

We also think the CPT may be a married man…Once again, family has to suffer because of someone not thinking logically…


Skivvy Stacker

The first think that crosses my mind when I hear things like this is; “that subordinate soldier is my daughter”.
Now, mind you; I don’t have any children; but when I think “that soldier is my daughter”, she becomes my daughter for that moment, and I become her father, and I want to beat the living shit out of that captain for what he did.
She’s my daughter.
She’s YOUR daughter.
She’s your wife, mother, sister, grandmother, or any other woman in your life who you respect.
Some of the ones who get abused like this are wives, and mothers themselves.
How did I learn all of this? From a woman I respected and love to this day; my sister.


With you 100% SS.
Can we form a conga line to do an educational beatdown on the guy?

The Stranger

Kind of like this?

The Stranger

Or perhaps this:

I am Evil Homer!
I am Evil Homer!
Soy el maldito Homer!
Soy el maldito Homer!

Sorry, got caught up in the rhythm.

The Stranger

Ah hell, this knuckle-fuck just pisses me off. As a Company Commander, I do my level best to do right by my troops. So, as a Mustang, and currently serving O-3, I move that we drop the Hemisphere of Insults on this waste of skin. Who’s with me?



The Stranger

A little out of sequence but I’ll take it!

Little help?


“Commence primary igniton!”

The Stranger

Hey, Chip! I think we met the requirements…


A day behind and so, I’ll get right on this in the A of the M 🫡💪🏻

Hack Stone

“If motorboating a subordinate during a promotion ceremony is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.”

CPT Billy Joe Crosby, Retired



Is he wearing the Combat Action Badge?

Just wondering how an Ordnance Officer/O3 DIRECTLY engaged with the enemy.

Can anyone assist?

The Stranger

I’ve heard stories that on some deployments, folks would load up a couple of Humvees or other vehicles and troll the bad guys to get them to fire on them and then return fire, and scoot on back home. Bam! Instant CAB. That was before my time, so I can’t comment on the accuracy of those stories. From a legit standpoint, he could have been in a convoy that was hit, too. That wasn’t unheard of.


Thank You, The Stranger for the feedback.

Have to ask…is getting hit while on a convoy DIRECTLY engaging with the enemy?

A bunch of us were in the Box when Saddam fired those SCUD at us in 2003. However, none of us qualified for the CAB because we were not DIRECTLY engaged with the enemy. Which makes sense…

See where I am going with this? We had troops hit by RPGs in Iraq who were injured and received the PH (2003). However, they as well did not qualify for the CAB because they were not DIRECTLY engaged with the enemy…

What am I missing…🤔

I can see Cannon Cockers and Treadheads getting the CAB…but Ordnance Officers? Am speculating the CPT was a Maintenance Officer. Just don’t understand how a Maintenance Officer DIRECTLY engages with the Enemy…

I know of 11Bs who were in the Sandbox in both Afghanistan and Iraq in the 2002-2003 timeframe who did not receive the CIB because they were with units who did not DIRECTLY engage with the enemy…

The Stranger

With regards to the convoy scenario, I think the common interpretation would be that if you return fire, you’re engaging the enemy.




The Stranger

Also, plenty of combat engineers/route clearance personnel have received the CAB. I know a few in my Battalion.

The Stranger

Here’s some background on eligibility:

The badge wasn’t created until 2005, but was made retroactive to September 2001.


Yes…am well aware of the background information ..Thank You for the reference…Those Soldiers contacted me asking for referrals/letters on their behalf, especially those with the PH (I was in their Chain of Command). Their request for the CAB was denied because they were not directly engaged with the enemy. Which made sense.

Thank You again for the feedback!


Additionally, I think the “standards” of the CAB became “relaxed” after 2005. Similiar to everyone and their Grandmother getting the Bronze Star for Grenada, Panama, Desert Storm, OEF and OIF.

Find it odd that alot of troops who were in the box 2001-2004 somehow did not meet the ROE for the CAB, but years laters, other troops who came years later did.

Thanks again for the feedback!


Forgot to ask: Didn’t Beau Biden receive a Bronze Star? What I understand was that he never left the wire at Camp Victory. Wonder if he received the CAB as well.

The Stranger

There were quite a few Bronze Stars awarded for rear echelon personnel. On the Army side of the house, a Bronze Star without the “V” device is the deployed equivalent of a Meritorious Service Medal. So, yeah, Beau Biden, serving as a JAG lawyer received a Bronze Star (no “V” device) as an end of tour award.




In the Marine Corps, as well as the Navy, the Air Medal is a bit more than just an aviation “in-theater MSM”.

Regardless of what the Air Medal’s history is and what legacy “regulations” may say, these days USMC/USN Aviators/NFOs/Aircrew aren’t going to be awarded Air Medals unless they’re directly involved in combat operations.

In Naval Aviation, you won’t get an Air Medal just for “showing up” in theater.

AW1Ed: comment(s)?


End of tour? Wasnt he only there for 6 months? *sarc*

Yep…Am very aware that the BSM w/o “V” is a “MSM in a Combat Zone”…

Once again, I should have put *sarc* at the end of my previous statement…😉😎

A Proud Infidel®™

At the end of my tour in A-stan I saw just about everyone Platoon Sergeant and above get BSMs to include Lieutenants who rarely left the air-conditioned
HQ Buildings and kept the coffee pot ready 24/7.


At least he didn’t tack it on. When I got winged my LPO took great delight in bending mine into a U shape. While I still had them on.



Same here when I got my Naval Aviator “Wings of Gold”.

Took a lot of work to get the blood out of my USMC officer dress whites.

(BTW, that was pre-Tailhook ’91)


Pics or it didn’t happen.



Ol’ Poe’s been to Camp Beauregard, the home base of the Louisiana National Guard, in Pineville, a few times in his thirty-plus years of military marketing.

Let it be said that he is entirely unsurprised… 😜 

Hack Stone

His testimony during during the court martial was successful.

Green Thumb