Disgraced AF major spends years working the stolen valor con

| March 23, 2022

Major Brandon Bailey

ninja sends in the story of this former US Air Force officer, Brandon Bailey. The medical officer was drummed out of the service after stealing and selling drugs while in Iraq. Since then, he’s made the rounds talking about how he was a 20 year retired, totally and permanently disabled from combat injuries, and was a recipient of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. According to prosecutors, none of that was true.

From Air Force Times;

Lt. Col. Brandon Bailey said he retired from the Air Force after nearly 20 years of distinguished service to his country, with a combat tour in Afghanistan under his belt and a Purple Heart and Bronze Star pinned to his chest.

Bailey said he spent years as a search-and-rescue and battlefield medicine specialist. He said combat wounds caused a total and permanent disability that has stopped him from working, following his medical discharge from the Air Force.

But it isn’t true.

For the past two years, Bailey has been the subject of a federal investigation into a complex web of financial and bankruptcy fraud he spun over the course of a decade.

The former major was expelled from the Air Force, following a 2010 court-martial conviction for illicit drug use and theft while stationed in Iraq. The decision aimed to strip him of his pay, benefits and access to Veterans Affairs resources.

Then, unbeknownst to the Air Force, the service continued sending him paychecks — for seven years. So Bailey cashed in.

All told, he stole about $1.5 million — including around $820,000 in pay and benefits from the Air Force — from an array of federal agencies and financial institutions while getting paid for consulting and teaching jobs under false pretenses, federal prosecutors said.

He hustled the bankruptcy system and likely laundered money through his mother’s bank account, according to court documents.

“He never medically retired from the Air Force. At no point during his military service did Brandon Leross Bailey receive the Purple Heart medal,” federal prosecutors wrote in a 2020 indictment.

Under a plea deal the DOJ struck with Bailey and his attorneys, the government plans to drop all but two of the 13 counts of misconduct against him. He pleaded guilty in June 2021 to stealing money from the Air Force and to bankruptcy fraud.

His sentencing hearing is scheduled for Wednesday at U.S. District Court in the Southern District of Alabama in Mobile.

There’s more, so much more at the source. Dude was stealing and using a wild cocktail of drugs to the point of having conversations with non-existent people.

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Planet Ord

Addicts will do amazing things to stay on the gravy train.

A Proud Infidel®™️

According to the AF Times article he was Dismissed which forbids him from being eligible for VA Benefits among other things. My bet is that he’ll go right back to scheming and con games as soon as they let him out of jail or prison!

Green Thumb


But when he does get out, he will go far at All-Points Logistics. Phildo cannot pass this type of talent up.

With a little “retraining”, this guy will help run the All-Points Logistics MWR and will obviously be a close confidant of Phil Monkress.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Is he related to Beetle. I see he Bailey made it on those charges. He should have joined the Army Engineers and built bridges


Man, this is only the second field-grade faker I’ve seen on TAH in ten years.

I think the other one was a bona-fide LTC, that was last year or maybe the year before.

The Stranger

There was an old dude that retired from the NY National Guard as a LTC who was running around claiming to be a retired LTG and prior commander of XVIII Airborne Corps. Is that who you’re referring to? I thought it was longer, but maybe you’re right on the timeline.

Retired Grunt

Well, speaking at least for this field grade, I hope we do not fake. The only thing I possess of true value in this world is my word. Now, we may from time to time add just an extra hand grenade pin into a story or two. Lol… those stories start with No Shit, there I was.


According to the article, the former Major Brandon Bailey was expelled from the Air Force, following a 2010 Court-Martial Conviction for illicit drug use and theft while stationed in Iraq. The decision aimed to strip him of his pay, benefits and access to Veterans Affairs resources.

Well, guess what. In November 2020, Samford University, a Christian University in Alabama selected him as Alumnus of the Year:


“Bailey has served this country with honor and distinction as a nurse in the United States Air Force. He has held numerous roles throughout his career including Director of Reserve Medical Plans and Programs and Director of Search and Rescue. He is a Purple Heart Medal recipient. Bailey has continued to serve his country through his involvement with the Disabled American Veterans Association and Disabled American Veterans Choctaw County, Alabama Chapter.”



“He has served on numerous committees for the Ida Moffett School of Nursing, including the centennial committee and as the veteran advisor for grant applications and awards for programs enabling military veterans to pursue nursing degrees. Bailey is currently a contributing member of the Ida Moffett School of Nursing Advisory Board.”


Here is his Federal Indictment. 16 Pages. Worth reading:



“Federal lawyers recommend the court sentence Bailey to three years of supervised release, to repay between $1.5 million and $3.5 million to those he defrauded, and to turn over his four-bedroom, three-bath house in Maine, his Ford F-150 pickup truck, several properties in Alabama and the contents of 11 bank and investment accounts”

“James Davis, a law enforcement coordinator with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Mobile, told Air Force Times March 17 the government is not seeking jail time because Bailey already faces enormous losses”

“A federal judge will make the final call on whether Bailey will spend time in jail, how much money he must return and other terms of his punishment at a Wednesday sentence hearing”.

“The maximum penalty he could receive for the two counts totals 15 years in prison followed by six years of supervised release, a $500,000 fine, another special fee of $200 and restitution of stolen funds.”


“According to Bailey’s Air Force Personnel Center record, obtained by Air Force Times March 18, he joined the Reserve in 2001 and was placed on active duty in 2004. He became a flight crew nurse, rising to the rank of Major.”

The m\Major deployed to Joint Base Balad in Iraq in August 2008, where he worked as the 332nd Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron’s medical crew director. He led a five-person crew of medical technicians and nurses on medical transport missions, treating ailments from contracted diseases to battle wounds.”

“In that job, Bailey was responsible for keeping track of a box of supplies loaned from the pharmacy for medical evacuations. He was also in charge of accounting for any medications used during those missions.”

“Then he got weird”.

“Bailey’s unnamed roommate in mid-October 2008 noticed him acting strangely and talking to nonexistent people, according to Air Force court documents”.



“He also witnessed [Bailey] draw a controlled substance into a syringe and inject himself in the arm,” the service said. “A subsequent search of the appellant’s locker and nightstand revealed an [aeromedical evacuation box], multiple empty vials of various narcotics, syringes and needles stashed in the appellant’s locker and nightstand.”

“Bailey’s urine tested positive for multiple controlled substances. Ahead of his court-martial, he admitted to wrongfully using meperidine, morphine, oxycodone and lorazepam between Sept. 20 and Oct. 20, 2008, and possessing meperidine, morphine sulphate, oxycodone and acetaminophen, diazepam and phenobarbital.”

“He also stole promethazine and meperidine from Sept. 3 to the day he was caught on Oct. 20, 2008, the Air Force said.”

“Bailey claimed his actions were “fairly attributable” to injuries suffered while deployed, but the court said he presented no supporting evidence and a mental review concluded he was sane.”



“He was convicted of 13 counts of wrongful drug use, possession and appropriation, as well as theft, in a general court-martial in July 2010. The military judge at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, sentenced him to dismissal from the Air Force and three months of confinement. He appealed the sentence and was placed on leave while the military justice system deliberated.”

“Ahead of a final ruling, Bailey acknowledged his Air Force career was over.”

“I am doing well. Out of the Air Force,” he wrote in a public Facebook comment on Oct. 25, 2010. “Trying to figure out what to do [with] my life.”

“Nearly three years later, the Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals denied his complaint that the decision to boot him from the service was too harsh”.

Green Thumb

“Ahead of a final ruling, Bailey acknowledged his Air Force career was over.” In the Air Force.

New career: All-Points Logistics!

RGR 4-78

Phildos new Chief Financial Officer?

Green Thumb

Executive VP of Professional Development.

Hack Stone

Did they ever Phil (see what Hack did there?) that open slot in Reston Virginia?



“Bailey’s “willful conduct failed to live up to the high standard of accountability expected of commissioned officers,” court clerk Steven Lucas wrote in a March 2013 decision.”

“Although the appellant’s previous contributions during his career are excellent, he engaged in a course of conduct that included stealing drugs entrusted to him for the use of his comrades wounded in combat and causing himself to act in a bizarre and inappropriate manner,” Lucas said”.

“The Air Force formally separated Bailey as a major on Oct. 1, 2013, in the officer equivalent of a dishonorable discharge”.

“Bailey “falsely portrayed himself as a retired Air Force nurse, a combat rescue officer, a veteran of a combat tour in Afghanistan and a Purple Heart medal recipient, among other misrepresentations,” Justice Department lawyers wrote in the December 2020 indictment.”


“Air Force records show he received 20 military awards and decorations during his service. They include largely typical awards honoring time in service and participation in overseas operations like the Iraq War, or ribbons that are automatically handed out in certain situations, such as at the end of basic military training.”

“We have no record of this officer being awarded the Bronze Star or Purple Heart. Those decorations are not listed in his record and they are not listed on his DD214″ separation paperwork, Personnel Center spokesperson Mike Dickerson said.”



After the Air Force
“Bailey was able to use his erroneous place on the Air Force’s payroll as a springboard for multiple other schemes.
Online Air Force personnel records still showed him on active duty status, so Bailey continued to log on to get annual W-2 forms and monthly pay statements that appeared to show his accurate income and employment status. He occasionally received care at military health facilities in violation of Air Force rules, according to indictment papers.”

“He falsely portrayed himself publicly as an active duty Air Force member and relied on Air Force documents to open bank accounts and obtain loans, credit cards and other items of value that he was not lawfully entitled to receive,” federal lawyers wrote.”


Contrary to popular opinion a field grade doesn’t automatically get a BSM for eating chow in the box. The award rate is high, around 40% last I checked but not automatic.


Yup, it’s confirmed, he’s a…
comment image



“The fraud allegations span Social Security disability benefits, a Department of Veterans Affairs home loan, grant funding for farmers through the Department of Agriculture, student loan forgiveness through the Department of Education, credit and loans from JPMorgan Chase & Co., Barclays Bank and SunTrust Bank, among others, and part-time staff pay at Alabama’s Samford University.”

“The federal government suspected Bailey laundered his Air Force income through his mother, Janice Bailey, who helped him manage a rental property in Alabama.”

“While Brandon Bailey owned the property, the rent checks were made payable to Janice,” an FBI search warrant request said. “She would endorse the checks and Brandon Bailey would deposit them into his USAA bank account.”



“Brandon sent more than $26,000 to a USAA account in his mother’s name, which was set up using his own email address. In January 2014, Janice Bailey transferred $25,000 from her account to a new USAA mutual fund account, according to court documents.”

“Brandon also paid his parents 11 checks totaling over $17,000 from April 2016 to March 2019, the FBI agent noted”.

“Bailey has admitted to one of four counts of bankruptcy-related fraud, in which he failed to list nearly $70,000 in income as part of his estate when he filed for bankruptcy in February 2019. The lawsuit also alleges he concealed hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance money he received after a house fire, and the assessed and sale values of several parcels of land.”
“His estate should have included about $34,000 he earned while working for Samford University, a small, private Christian school in the Birmingham suburbs”.



“At Samford, which claims Bailey as a 2005 alum, he met with military veterans enrolled in the nursing program to help them apply for education and disability benefits from the VA. The school’s program where Bailey worked helps fast-track veterans into careers as registered nurses.”

“I am essentially a translator and an advocate. I want to ensure that the veteran and the school are speaking the same language,” Bailey said in the summer 2016 issue of Samford’s magazine. “The goal is for veterans to receive the absolute maximum amount of equivalent credit and to ensure that the program provides every possible advantage to the student.”

“He also traveled as a representative of the school at conferences and recruiting events, and used his former position to access military bases in the South and recruit for Samford, court documents said”.



“Though Bailey billed himself as a retired lieutenant colonel, his Air Force headshot on Samford’s website shows gold oak leaves pinned to his shoulders — denoting major — rather than the silver leaves of the next-highest rank.”

“The university honored Bailey with an annual award for distinguished alumni in nursing in 2017, and named him as one of two Alumni of the Year in 2020”.

“Bailey has continued to serve his country through his involvement with the Disabled American Veterans Association and Disabled American Veterans Choctaw County, Alabama, Chapter,” the university said in 2020. “Bailey is currently a contributing member of the Ida Moffett School of Nursing Advisory Board.”

“The Pentagon caught its mistake — the agency that handles military payroll was never told that Bailey was removed — in March 2017. The flow of checks stopped.”



“In total, the Air Force paid Bailey $818,918.36 in the seven years between his court-martial conviction, which barred him from receiving pay or benefits, and the day the Defense Department struck him from its ledger.”

“A federal investigation built over the next three years. In April 2020, FBI agent Lawrence Spurlin sought a search warrant to dig up the contents of Bailey’s Apple email address from the company’s headquarters in Silicon Valley.”

“Bailey has claimed to be disabled since March 14, 2012,” Spurlin wrote in the search warrant request, which was unsealed March 16. “He appears to be actively engaged in farming activity.”

“The Justice Department filed its indictment of Bailey eight months later in December 2020.”



“Spurlin noted in 2020 that he couldn’t find official documentation that Brandon and Todd Bailey are legally married, such as a marriage certificate or a joint tax filing, though court paperwork refers to Todd as Brandon’s husband. The two live together in Maine and have moved around the country together, public court documents and Facebook posts show.”

“Todd wrote to federal lawyers in September 2021 to protest the potential seizure of his home, three bank accounts and securities as part of the sentencing. “I was not aware of any illegal behavior or activities that Brandon may or may not have been involved in,” he said.”

“On Dec. 15, Todd’s parents called the police department in Holden, Maine, to warn that Brandon was threatening to kill himself in front of Todd at home, according to a copy of an FBI report on the situation that was included in court documents.”



“An officer visited the house and detained Brandon, who was sitting in a truck with the engine running. Two other cops joined shortly after.”

“Officers believed that Brandon and Todd were having a relationship dispute, which had led to a verbal altercation,” the FBI report said. “Brandon did not express any suicidal ideations in Officer Beal’s presence, nor were there any visible indications of a physical altercation.”

“An unnamed minor was at the house as well, the report added.”

“The two men both claimed the other was experiencing mental health issues. Todd told law enforcement they were arguing over Brandon’s threats of an affair, not that Brandon had suggested committing suicide.”

“Law enforcement found three handguns in the pair’s bedroom, a shotgun in the basement and 9mm ammunition. Bailey’s federal probation banned him from having firearms, which police said both men seemed to acknowledge.”



“Todd claimed the guns were his and told cops he had moved as many as 39 others to a friend’s house.”

“Police seized the firearms, and Brandon ended up in an Alabama jail for violating the terms of his pretrial release”.

“There are no conditions that will reasonably assure the safety of the community,” a Jan. 26 court order said.
DOJ has asked the court to further address the incident at the upcoming hearing.”

“Bailey’s alleged misconduct while awaiting sentencing was brazen, indicative of a lack of acceptance of responsibility and worthy of punishment,” prosecutors said.”


This is another story about him:

Choctaw County Man Accused Of Lying About Purple Heart Admits Fraud: Alleged Scheme Cost Government More Than $800,000″

“A Choctaw County man accused of falsely claiming to be a Purple Heart recipient and engaging in a multi-layered fraudulent scheme that prosecutors allege cost the government nearly $1 million pleaded guilty to federal charges Wednesday.”

“Brandon Leross Bailey faces a maximum of 10 years in prison, although under federal advisory sentencing guidelines, the actual punishment likely will be less.”

“Bailey pleaded guilty in Mobile’s federal court to theft of government property and bankruptcy fraud. In exchange, prosecutors will ask the judge to dismiss other charges”.



“The indictment alleged that Bailey was a major in the U.S. Air Force in 2010 when authorities charged him with illegal drug possession and theft. After a court martial, the Air Force dismissed him with the equivalent of a dishonorable discharge, according to court records.”

“But the Defense Finance and Accounting Service never received notice of Bailey’s dismissal, and he admitted to using that administrative error to collect paychecks and receive health care and military facilities from 2010 to 2017. Prosecutors allege that amounted to $818,918 loss to the Air Force.”

“Prosecutors contended that at various times, the defendant portrayed himself as a retired Air Force nurse, a combat rescue officer, a veteran of combat in Afghanistan and a Purple Heart recipient.”



“Prosecutors also alleged that Bailey applied for disability benefits, claiming that several medical conditions made him unable to work. He fraudulently stated that he had been “medically disqualified for military service,” according to the indictment.”

“Prosecutors alleged that the defendant received $155,396 in disability benefits that he was not entitled to. The indictment accused him of working as a “veteran’s consultant” and part-time faculty member at an Alabama private university but failed to disclose that work to the Social Security Administration.”

“The indictment also contained allegations that Bailey defrauded that U.S. Department of Agriculture by obtaining almost $15,000 in benefits from a conservation program known as “Beginning Farmer or Rancher.” He was not permitted to participate in that program and collect disability payments, according to the indictment.”


“Lying about his military status also allowed Bailey to obtain bank loans totaling $4,309,193, according to the indictment.
The bankruptcy fraud conviction concerns a February 2019 filing. Prosecutors alleged that he concealed $30,750 in rental income for real estate in Butler and about $33,817 in consulting and teaching income from a private university. In addition, the indictment charged Bailey with concealing from the bankruptcy administrator two pieces of property valued at $139,760 and insurance proceeds of $89,250 that he received after a July 2019 house fire in Butler.”

“Finally, the indictment alleged that Bailey gained power of attorney on July 1, 2019, over his father’s finances and executed a will that made him the sole heir to the estate. On the day of his father’s death 10 days later, according to the allegations, Bailey sold seven properties for $204,440 to another person, who then sold them the following than made the sale proceeds payable to him and the defendant.


They didn’t even charge him for the stolen valor. The indictment has thirteen counts showing he swindled the feds out $ 1.5 million over a period of seven years. He committed numerous counts of mail/wire fraud in obtaining loans, in addition to the money thefts. He must have committed more than two dozen felonies. The US attorneys are only asking for probation, forfeiture, and restitution, yet the US attorneys in the District of Criminals want to sentence protestors who walked into the Capitol Building with cops holding the doors open for them to 5 to 7 years of incarceration in federal prison. Anyone want to tell us we don’t have a dual justice system in this country, which is becoming a banana republic?


“The fraud allegations span Social Security disability benefits, a Department of Veterans Affairs home loan, grant funding for farmers through the Department of Agriculture, student loan forgiveness through the Department of Education, credit and loans from JPMorgan Chase & Co., Barclays Bank and SunTrust Bank, among others…”

Is there a school one can attend to become proficient in this level of grift? Asking for a friend… /s

And here I sit ‘struggling’ to fk Wall Street out of pennies.


There should be. If he only does probation and forfeits some assets, it looks like the profits from these crimes clearly outweigh the risk of getting caught.


He voluntary surrendered his Alabama Nursing License for Revocation in 2014:


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

LGB! I say that in the same vein as FJB!


From his Facebook account (opened).

baily 1.jpg

Former Army? Note the AAM and ASR in his ribbon rack.


USAR… got mobilized for a named operation, too.


Check out what he wrote in 2011 on his Facebook.

baily 2.jpg

The chances of being wounded as an Air Force flight nurse are about zero in the wars we have fought in the last sixty years. I doubt anyone can find one. Anyway, with regard to serving with the crew of a large four-engine transport plane.

What a world class fraudster valor thief.


Wounded? Doubtful. Most die when the plane hits the ground. Surving a plane crash is not an easy thing.


Well, last time flight nurses caught lead and survived was World War II– crashes were less catastrophic then. (With no helos in widespread use then, that meant C-47s flying into hasty forward strips and/or into enemy territory looking for them– and getting shot up and possibly crashing thereby.)
comment image

Last edited 2 years ago by Anonymous

Don’t know about wounded, but from the details ninja provided, it’s almost assured that he took one in the ass on more than one occasion….


I would imagine he likely took one in the ass on an almost nightly basis, from his “husband.”


Please don’t tell me that is a Therapy Dog….

baily 4.jpg

Oh, no….

baily 5.jpg

Poor Doggo.


Is he in that hospital bed for a drug overdose; or, is it because he just had his lopadickoffamy as part of his transition for his fake “husband?”


Wait… did the dog get the PHM? Or the piece of shit it is laying on?


Black Labs Matter. 🐶


You Reap What You Sow.

bailey 6.jpg

Cue up Jefferson Airplane “White Rabbit” .


From his Facebook page:

baily 7.jpg

I had a sleep study once for sleep apnea, and that series of wires looks suspiciously similar to the wiring I had. Could he by lying even about that claim of electroshock therapy?


Brandon’s Facebook page:


He has a very unique Elf On A Shelf picture on his Facebook that should be kept from children’s eyes.

Dude definitely has mental issues and needs help.

We hope he gets it.


Poor thing, got kicked off his gravy train…Bless His Heart. How will he eat? And since there’s no jail time proposed, he won’t even be able to enjoy the culinary delights of The BTJ&T Deli…or meet potential new husbands. Maybe, just maybe he can do as another disgraceful, despicable, lying POS former naval ossifer did and hire on with a gas company? Or as a painter? Not sure, he may have to pay a finder’s fee to a big guy somewhere.

I would say I want this POSer to meet up with The Barbed Cock of Satan, but I feel that he would enjoy that. Let’s see if he enjoys the attention from a deployment of the TAH As(s)teroid of Insults. Motion made!

Can I get a SECOND and an AYE?


Aye, nuke him.


Just to do the math I believe KOB‘s request
Is the initial request, 5JC response is “Second”, therefore we still need an “Aye” vote, to meet Roberts rules and I will start preparing the documentation in the morning as I’m pretty confident that we will get the follow up positive vote.
I’ll keep an eye on the thread but in case it slips by me somebody holler at me and let me know when this is Met.
Thank you very much


Aye Matey. Lay alongside yard arm to yard arm and board him in the smoke.


Well folks, better late than never, and I apologize for being tardy but work and life and shit took my time of late but away we gooooo!!
Hey Beetle Bailey, I hope you enjoy this as much as it looks like you enjoy your previous and continued apparent uranism  😝 

A Proud Infidel®™️

Anyone wanna bet that we’ll see this walking pile of Monkress and Giduck sometime in the future continuing his con games using Stolen Valor?

Last edited 2 years ago by A Proud Infidel®™️

Yep, the SV is but the rancid cherry on the shit sundae.

I remember this guy…his ejection happened while I was in Iraq…the officers were pretty pissed at him as I recall.


I left in November 2008, don’t recall this particular shit bird.

There were a ton of Field Grades and Captains getting court martialed in that era. Seemed that everyone with access to money and little oversight was stealing as much as they could mail home. Our supply officer was a fat fuck major who shorted us on meals (we lived off FOB) and got kick backs for it. Never so happy as to see him go down as a burning shit meteor.

Last edited 2 years ago by 5JC
Green Thumb

Knew a 0-3 that stole and sold a mortar plot board. No shit.

Green Thumb


I had to do the report of survey.

Found him liable. But it had to be handed off to someone of equal rank to replicate and confirm it.

Really pissed the guy off.


I had to google this…
A fucking fancy plastic PROTRACTOR???
I mean WTFF???
$1.29 survey on that??
Oh wait, it’s the DoD. It was probably titanium riveted and gold inlay and about $20,000.
Again, I WTFF’d?


Non-Expendable Property Book item. Basic lowest price is $2,689.20. Requires demilitarization. Only way to account for the loss was by Report of Survey. There’s (M16/M19 Indirect Fire Plotting Boards) even a Repair Parts (12P) manual for them.

NSN available upon request./s


That’s the newer version. The other one (that’s been on the books since 1963) is 1220-00-602-7941.


I see now, but still, my point stands…
$2,500 fucking dollars?!?!?!?
Oh full semi-auto vs. full full auto pew.
*Palming of Face. **

download (4).jpg
Green Thumb


Surprised All-Points Logistics isn’t vying for the contract.


I’m shocked, SHOCKED!!! he didn’t self-report the unearned, and undeserved, checks to the government!


“…conversations with non-existent people.”

Sure the report is not about Biden?


But, I thought that if you broke your taint while in the service, you could claim that as a “combat injury”?

Asking for a friend….

Green Thumb

Phildo’s tongue will decide….

A Proud Infidel®™

THIS cocksucking booger-eating bedwetting thieving buddyfucking pile of Chihuahua shit drew HOW MUCH salary for how many years while bilking the system elsewhere while legit Wounded and Disabled Vets STILL get denied? Fuckass has a place in hell awaiting his arrival IMO

Green Thumb

How else do you pay for Les Brown’s funeral?

A Proud Infidel®™

A “proper burial” for that shitbird would have been a cheap cremation and flushing his ashes away in a highway rest area toilet, I once had a dream of doing that with my ex-Wife.


There has to be more to this story. Did the Air Force carry him as active duty for those 7 years? Did the system keep him for long enough to get a pension? How was he discovered? I would think he had help to keep up this charade.

Name edited to protect PII.


From the article:

“The indictment alleged that Bailey was a major in the U.S. Air Force in 2010 when authorities charged him with illegal drug possession and theft. After a court martial, the Air Force dismissed him with the equivalent of a dishonorable discharge, according to court records.”

“But the Defense Finance and Accounting Service never received notice of Bailey’s dismissal, and he admitted to using that administrative error to collect paychecks and receive health care and military acilities from 2010 to 2017. Prosecutors allege that amounted to $818,918 loss to the Air Force.”


Brandon’s Mother, Janice,died in October 2019 (she was only 75 years young). Supposedly, his Father died several months earlier, in July 2019…and Brandon’s house caught on fire in July 2019 which he received insurance money. He also filed for bankruptcy in February 2019.

Something just does not smell right…



Since the character limit doesn’t like the previous format, here we go…
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