Russian Troops Are Training For Venturing Into Ukraine

| February 4, 2022

Russia is definitively gearing up for some sort of action in Ukraine, per these two videos linked below. It’s winter in Eastern Europe, just as it is here, and theirs is frequently worse than ours. I believe the low last week in Yakutia was a coolish -73F in Yakutsk last week, but that’s ‘way east of Ukraine.

The first one outlines Russia’s preparedness for invading Ukraine.

And there this one, re: a Ukrainian family rightfully concerned about what is to come.

Two good reports are in these videos, and now Vlad is on his way to Beijing to view Russia’s athletes in the Winter Olympics. Hmmm…. I wonder why he isn’t going after retaking Poland…?

Meantime, I’m still trying to figure out the reasoning in this move. I’m guessing that it has a great deal to do with Ukraine’s coast on the Black Sea and how badly Vlad wants easy access to the Mediterranean. And since we have US Navy ships in the Black Sea, as well as US troops now preparing to deploy to Eastern Europe, what are the odds that we’ll have a dustup that is unnecessary because no one has the gumption to tell Vlad to do a deal with Ukraine????

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

At least their not Russian to get into a fray.

jeff LPH 3 63-66


Missed you while I was down for the count (almost) all week. Hey, “Miss You” sounds like a nice ballad sung by the Crows 1954 on the Rama label. some nice Boss First tenor and Falsetto riffs.

AW1 Rod

Xiden’s poll numbers are lower than whale shit, so he needs to flex his Command and Control muscle; hence, the deployment of troops to Eastern Europe. Time to Wag the Dog.


I don’t wannabe wagged, especially not by Poopypants-in-Chief.
For some lolz check out the presser from the state dept. The jurno from AP called the press sec on his bs.

AW1 Rod

An AP “journalist” did that? Damn.


Found it.

(couldn’t edit my original comment, dangit)


Yep, hard to believe, but true!


Biden and his administration are weak, they have damaged our military, and our national resolve and even our identity is a shadow of its former self. Mid terms are coming up and after the Afghanistan debacle and our border crisis, defund and accompanied crime wave he needs to have an enemy to deflect attention on. Most scary part is he wants to show us he’s not the pussy we know he is by poking a bear that should be left alone. The Russians are going to take east Ukraine that’s a given, Joe can’t stop them and he knows it. Our European allies especially Germany and France are dependent on Russia for gas and oil, they aren’t getting involved. And given our record on supporting our allies why would anyone side with us unless they absolutely had no other choice. Getting into a lose lose situation and the poor troops sent to Eastern Europe may find themselves in a similar position as troops in the Philippines in December 1941. We need real leadership again and soon.

Amateur Historian

He can have the military raise Old Glory over the Kremlin, I’ll still try to vote him and any Democrat out of office.

AW1 Rod

Roger that.


Somebody needs to read up on some Clancy books. We all know that this is Trump’s fault. If he hadn’t of colluded with the Russians we wouldn’t be in this mess. Hey, there’s a whole dossier of evidence to his collusion. And then Trump made sure his kid got mixed up with some Ukraine Gas Company. Vlad don’t really want Ukraine, he just wants to sail his boat on the Black Sea. They say it’s nice there this time of year.


Was reading where the Rooshan commonfolk
are absolutely convinced that the US is constantly aggressively pushing NATO east and is the clear aggressor in this.

Interesting Vlad is there to watch the Russiians compete… aren’t they still banned?


Vlad is there to watch the chemically enhanced Russians play games. Bet none fail a drug test (with help from the Chinese). If war starts he has an alibi.