New Mexico’s Governor militarizes the schools

| January 25, 2022

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) is looking for a few good men/women/gender non-binary humans to substitute teach. Breitbart has the scoop;

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) announced Wednesday she will be asking National Guard members and state employees to become certified to fill in as substitute teachers as teacher staffing shortages continue to skyrocket.

Along with “encouraging” National Guard members and state employees to become licensed substitute teachers, the governor’s “Supporting Teachers and Families” (STAF) initiative will allow state workers to use administrative leave to temporarily fill the vacancies.

According to the Albuquerque Journal, about 50 National Guard members will participate initially, with the plan to add another 50. Licensing fees will be waved for those who wish to participate. The teachers’ unions are also apparently on board with the new plan.

School staffing shortages have dramatically increased across the country due in part to the coronavirus pandemic. Low teacher pay is another factor contributing to the fact that the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that there are “575,000 fewer state and local education employees, and 65,000 employees left the industry between September and October.” New Mexico will be the first state in the country to address the teacher shortages with the National Guard.

If the teachers unions are in favor of it, my immediate reaction is that it’s a terrible idea.

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

The only ones making any moola shmoola are the teachers unions which donate it to the demoRat party.


Yup, they do nuttin’ and get paid– gov’t union nirvana.

Green Thumb


No issue with NG folks being substitute teachers (did it myself years past) as many are qualified.

Just kind of odd that you can stay home, bitch and get paid while someone else is ordered to do your job.

Curious to see the disconnection that will arise between personal feelings, experiences and requested / required doctrine.


My thoughts exactly. If it’s safe enough for someone else to do your job, then it’s safe enough for you to do your job.


The (P)Resident should fire every one of those fkckers that won’t show up and do their job….Oh, wait….this isn’t 1981. BOY is not NOT 1981.


(p)Resident. Fixed it for ya.


The education system should be privatized….What’s in place now is an ongoing scam…What a waste of everyone’s tax dollars…If you have kids you should pay not me…


So if there are 65,000 fewer employees then there ought to be a bit of a budget surplus, right? After all, you’re not paying 65,000 people, that’s a lot of extra money in state/school district coffers, right? Why not use that money to raise pay to attract more teachers?


But cheaper to add 50-100 NG members instead, right? Sounds like they’re going to be busy…

Hack Stone

Will they be getting combat pay? Some of America’s inner city schools are worse than a deployment to the Sandbox.


Imminent Danger Pay at least


Instead of giving them a budget surplus, how about giving a property tax break to businesses and homeowners? Seems giving them a surplus is just rewarding their bad behavior.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“Help! Help us to alleviate our self-inflicted teacher shortage.(vaccinate or vacate!) I command you!


So the one part of the population they can control (the military) will end up doing all the jobs of the people they can’t control.

This isn’t fascism how?


It isn’t fascism because it is being done by a liberal democrat. For the children.


Is “social justice,” comrade! Equity! Greater good and all that, you know.


Our public education system is so broken I don’t know if it can ever be fixed. Calling in the National Guard and throwing money at it isn’t going to help.


NG should tell her to pound sand. When did they become her “servants?

As the lyrics go, “this ain’t no social crisis, just another tricky day, for you”

Top W Kone

My city has lost a large number of government workers in the last two years. Close to half to retirement which has the state talking about changing the pension system from 25 years and out to 25 years and 67.

The other half left due to low wages and increased work load. This has blown budgets as overtime is through the roof.

Now having a reduction in the number of workers in the Department of Making You Sad is not a bad thing, having a police department short staffed by 21%, fire department 27%, EMS 33%, Corrections 35%, 911 dispatch 34% is not a good thing!

The lack of new hires is mostly money. Waffle House is starting at $18 an hour night shift. Amazon $19, UPS $21. Corrections $16.75, EMS $16 Police $19.50, 911 $20. Add in the benefits offered by the government have “been brought in line with private industry”: no free health insurance, reduced vacation to the standard “two weeks”, and a really crappy “401k like program” (that would be illegal if offered by a private comp


National Guard teaching in NM. Uniformed cops teaching in OK. What could possibly go wrong?!?!

When I was a recruiter, I was a licensed substitute teacher. You can be damned sure that I used that time to screen lists/set appointments…


I find your use of the term huMAN to be problematic.

A Proud Infidel®™

What’s next, constant activation of the NG for Police Call in public parks? Gonna go give my DD214 another hug and a kiss!


When asked by the nurse that was prepping me for the eye surgery today if I needed a blanket or pillow, I told her that my DD-214 keeps me warm and my NIB Kimber 1911 Custom LW make a nice pillow. She understood me completely.




Yep. the right one FIRST (ht 2 Chip). Left is scheduled for 1 Mar. Wuz talking all kinds of trash to that flock of nurses, till Sweet Melissa turned on that IV fed Kick-a-poo joy juice. Sent me straight to La La Land.

A Proud Infidel®™

“No” said the elderly Chinese man, I dlive a Rincoln!”

Last edited 5 months ago by A Proud Infidel®™

So, if the kids misbehave, will they have to drop and give 20?

Hack Stone

Just one weekend a month and two weeks during the summer.

Hack Stone

Looks like the National Guard has a new pool to dip into for the next CFC Drive.

Skippys other 1/2

Send in the troops, said no educator ever. Currently an EA in the infamous New Mexico school system. The teachers union for NM has no teeth. So no one is coming to the aid of the teachers who’ve paid into it. What I see daily is a highly educated work force being demoralized and worn down, as unrealistic expectations are piled on by an out of touch leadership (move the dial is our latest educational motto from the new educational yahoo-yeah right-stop changing the measuring system the dial is on every year). The amount of money spent on education every year is staggering, yet I don’t see that being passed onto the teachers and non-administration staff. We were given a COVID stipend the first quarter which equates to $2000 more per year. Great right? Yep, except if you were to consider the conditions teachers and aides are expected to function in.

Skippys other 1/2

And yes, I know it’s nothing compared to combat. But if we were in an honest-to-God pandemic, and your leadership sent you into bio warfare with hand sanitizer, air purifiers and paper masks, wouldn’t you go AWOL? The message changes daily, you’re not in danger, you are being exposed to God knows what. Teachers are getting jerked around one extreme to the other everyday and they’ve had it. I feel bad for the men and women being forced to stand in for our teachers. It’s a no win situation. Our governor is going to reap what she sows when the children she’s educating now, become the miscreants that burn her house down with her in it. Payback is a bitch, and she’s writing one hell of a check for New Mexico.


My better half is going to post a few comments on this. Unfortunately we live here in New Mexico
The wannabe California
Our Bat Shit Crazy Governor needs to be in a
Crazy house. We also have been on the longest
COVID lockdown in the US of A
My wife is a EA in a school here getting her license


Skip, you and your better half had better hope and pray that Hispanics continue to sour on Biden and the Democrats’ lurch to the far left.

Otherwise it’s just a matter of time before a wonderful, national treasure, New Mexico, becomes just one more Blue shithole…

Miz Poe and I are so glad we relocated from Ruidoso to the beautiful Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas back in 2013…

Skippys other 1/2

We are moving at the end of the school year
we are done !!!!!!
there is no hope here