More fraud, waste and abuse. Daly City hospital, Seton Medical Center leave more than half a million PPE and hospital gowns outside – Dan Noyes 

| January 23, 2022

“This is embarrassing.” In another PPE mishap in the Bay Area, more than half a million hospital gowns worth at least $2.5 million have been left outside a Bay Area hospital.


A woman identifying herself as a nurse at Seton Medical Center in Daly City called the I-Team to say she saw last week’s I-Team report about all that PPE being damaged in the rain at the San Mateo Event Center, and that her hospital also dumped many boxes of PPE outside two months ago.

After a trip to the beach this past Sunday, the I-Team’s Dan Noyes stopped by and found this – row upon row of hospital gowns: “These are sent from Australia it looks like. Made in China.”

He started counting: “Thirty pallets long times 1, 2, 3.”

I believe this is going on all around the country.  Untold fortunes were spent purchasing all of this PPE from China in a panic.   Now what?  Who will reimburse the cost of all this to the public?   Most of this has been sitting in plain site,  I can not imagine how much has been destroyed out of site across the country.

You can see the entire story at the link below.

Source: Daly City hospital, Seton Medical Center leave more than half a million PPE and hospital gowns outside, possibly ruined – ABC7 San Francisco

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Hey, not bureaucrats’ money– why should they care?


Who do we punish for this waste?

There needs to be a run on tar and feathers somewhere.


When, oh when, will the taxpayers of this country wake up and do something about the rampant waste of their monies? Or better yet, when oh when, will the products we use here, be made here…again?


Once more with feeling

Let’s Go Brandon!!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Kalifornia again. This shit can’t get any better

Top W Kone

My EMS service had so much given to us that we could not park out ambulances in side for a year.
We quickly stopped reusing the disposable stuff and now have over twenty pallets of stuff that is going to expire in the next few months.
Sadly it is going to be thrown out.

A Proud Infidel®™

But i9t5 was bought with tax money, and liberals say there will always be more, just tax the rich, all except the pols who became multimillionaires while in Office!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

pelousy worth 30 million and both sides going around the insider trader that was supposedly stopped in the Kremlin (DC wh)

Name withheld by request

Anyone surprised its California again? A state inhabited by fools and run by incompetents. This is what happens when one party rules the land. From The Bolsheviks, The CCP, The Democrats…without opposition everything turns to crap.

A Proud Infidel®™️

The only people who thrive under D-rat rule are themselves, their family members, cronies and those who bribe them for contracts.