Illegal Alien Stole Disabled U.S. Veteran’s Identity to Get Welfare

| January 21, 2022

Fernando Arroyo-Alonso

Breitbart News is reporting on this fellow;

An illegal alien has been sentenced after being convicted for stealing a disabled American veteran’s identity to secure public welfare benefits and commit crimes, federal prosecutors reveal.

Late last week, 59-year-old Fernando Arroyo-Alonso, an illegal alien from Mexico, was sentenced to a year and one day in federal prison for stealing the Social Security Number of a disabled United States Armed Forces veteran.

According to prosecutors, Alonso submitted an application in May 2019 to receive Title XVI Supplemental Security Income — cash payments that are reserved for elderly, blind, or disabled Americans — using the veteran’s Social Security Number.

The veteran had been receiving Title XVI Supplemental Security Income and benefits from Veterans Affairs.

Later, prosecutors said Alonso used the veteran’s Social Security Number to secure an Ohio driver’s license, the state where he had been living. The veteran, though, did not reside in Ohio. In addition, Alonso went on to commit crimes under the veteran’s identity.

Prosecutors said Alonso will be deported to Mexico following his prison sentence.

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Oh, just shoot the bastard, willya?!?

AW1 Rod

Concur. One joint at a time, starting with the knees.


Speaking of joints, I’d make an exception.


Airdrop him back *on* Mexico.
HANO, give him some time to think about the shit he did.
Like about 45 seconds.

35000 ft.png

Sorry, but no. At 35,000ft he may lose consciousness first, or pass out from hypothermia. Let’s presume he don’t but model with terminal velocity of a human at about 110mph or ~161fps:

Same equation as above but V(f) = 161fps gives us V(max) @ 5.04 seconds.

Work that into delta-Y =1/2at^2, .5(32ft/s^2)(t^2) or 406 feet displaced until terminal velocity.
35,000ft – 406ft = 34,594ft remaining at 161fps, so 215 seconds.

220 seconds to make the peace.

(check my maths. Not adjusting for relative gravity, forgive my lack of want to do dif-eqs)

Last edited 3 months ago by Roh-Dog

Deport by trebuchet. Sell tickets.


That’s all fine and good but they’re over so quickly. Like a 10 second boxing match. Maybe we can get a large crowd of Illegals and have some kind of explosive target at the other end and make it a real contest.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

My thought. Reusable, and cheaper than airplane fuel.


I did see that answer (about 220 seconds) as well and I went with this one. (of course, my luck).
I’d defer to the smartness of TAH than the intrawebs in general. (H/T to you Dawg...)


No prob. Ballistics is kinda my thing but I rely on a calculator, like a lot.
Also, his speed on the x-axis would reduce too. If you could get a Norden bomb sight, presuming you could dial it down enough for the idiot’s drag profile,…you could raffle off a ticket to use his mass to take out a cartel’s jefe, that’d be freakin sweet!


Just take the plane down to standard static line drop altitude of 1250 feet AGL. Problem solved.


So can we get a betting pool going on how high he bounces? Or, the diameter of the crater?


I don’t care how he dies, just do it.

A Proud Infidel®™

I say find a group of other illegal aliens that have done the same and give them a Pinochet® Helicopter Ride™, doing them in groups will save on fuel!

Only Army Mom

How about we “disable” this turd before flushing him back to the sewer from whence he crawled.

Here’s hoping for prison justice to be served. Save us a lot of money

Last edited 3 months ago by Only Army Mom
Green Thumb

Hopefully All-Points Logistics in Merritt Island, Florida will pick up the bill.

Becuase that is where the flush will come / turn up…

USMC Steve

Wow, a whole 366 days in prison. Doubtless they gave him credit for confinement time too.


Anyone here, think the Brandon regime will actually deport him? And even if it does, anyone here seriously believe he won’t illegally cross the border again during the last years of the Brandon regime?

Green Thumb

They would lose his vote if they did.


Democrats will give him a green card on parole.


Hmmm..This is interesting.

There seems to be MORE on the story.

Because of the new format, will have to divide this news story in several comments.


“Feds: Man Stole Veteran’s Identity, Amassed Criminal Record In Veteran’s Name”


“For nearly 20 years, Fernando Arroyo-Alonso, a Mexican national who most recently was living in Warren County, claimed to be another man.”


“That man is a disabled veteran who lives in another state, officials said.”

“When Arroyo-Alonso was convicted in 2003 and 2006 on drug and then gun charges, it was under the veteran’s name. Then in 2013, Arroyo-Alonso pleaded to a reckless driving charge under the veteran’s name, prosecutors said in court documents. The charge had been reduced from driving under the


“Arroyo-Alonso “compiled all of these convictions under the identity of an American armed services veteran whose identity the defendant stole,” prosecutors said. “In other words, because of the defendant, the veteran now has a criminal record in Ohio for crimes he never committed.”

“Arroyo-Alonso, 59, was sentenced this week in federal court in Cincinnati to one year in prison. He will be deported to Mexico after his release, officials said.”

“He has two children in Mexico, court documents say.”


“Arroyo-Alonso was arrested in May 2021 on charges related to misusing the veteran’s Social Security Number to obtain benefits.”

“When a special agent interviewed Arroyo-Alonso the previous month, he initially identified himself as the veteran and said the veteran’s Social Security Number was his own, according to court documents. Later in the interview, however, Arroyo-Alonso admitted his real name and admitted using the veteran’s identity to obtain Social Security
benefits, the documents say.”


“Arroyo-Alonso also had been using an Ohio driver’s license that was in the other
man’s name since at least 2018, the documents say.”


What a bag of fetid skunk anuses in the July full noon sun next to a sewerage treatment facility outside of Newark Airport, New Jersey. And that bag is smoking a cheap cigar that is 50% tire.


This, my man, regardless of if the verbiage is already been used in similar formats, has such eloquence, that it is now going to be included in the revered  The As(s)teroid of Insults®™


You just made my weekend, month, and quarter!


What a bag of fetid skunk anuses in the July full noon sun next to a sewerage treatment facility outside of Newark Airport, New Jersey. And that bag is smoking a cheap cigar that is 50% tire.


Progressive left/libtard folk hero.


Leftists are already planning on building a statue to honor this man’s good fight against white privilege.

A Proud Infidel®™

That while they’re bawling about him “Being a Victim of Society lashing out at his oppression” or some shit like that.