New Mexico might use the Guard to staff schools

| January 20, 2022

The same exact people who always harp on the “demilitarization” of the police have been the last two years finding ways to literally militarize everything. After militarizing hospitals after firing all the un-vaxxed personnel during a pandemic their latest target is the schools. This can’t possibly go wrong, can it?


As officials struggle to keep schools open amid waves of the highly contagious COVID-19 omicron variant sweeping through the nation, New Mexico is considering deploying the National Guard to help schools, many of which have been forced to shift to remote learning.

“We have a proposal I don’t think exists anywhere in the nation about what we can do about getting bodies who productively and safely can support our schools to stay open,” New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, a Democrat, said at a press conference last week.

It is unclear what staffing shortages troops could possibly fill at public schools. Guardsmen serve in one of many occupations in the military, including infantry, mechanics and pilots. There is no position in the Army or Air National Guard that can qualify troops to be teachers, and a spokesperson for Grisham said using troops is a work in progress.

Since the pandemic, the National Guard has had to juggle a near-constant barrage of domestic missions and its missions abroad. The unprecedented use of the Guard has the service component carrying a heavy workload responding to the pandemic, delivering food to low-income communities, administering tests and vaccines, and filling staffing shortages at hospitals.

Just one more round hole to shove the square peg of the National Guard into.

I wonder if the people making such suggestions were also the ones making a stink about banning military recruiters from high schools?

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The already have them in hospitals and nursing homes so schools would be the natural “progression”. See what I did there?
Yep they will have the 11M’s, 19E’s and 19F’s driving school buses.


They’ll get off the buses at school greeted by smokey the bear hats eager to welcome them onto yellow (socially distanced) footprints.


You little snotnoses have 30 seconds to get off my bus and 29 of ’em are gone!! (My bad… )

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I do often fantasize at the airport security lines about how much faster that whole process would go if it were done by DI’s — like when the recruits arrive to process in and dispose of contraband at those little red cubicles.


Infantry at elementary schools? Great idea. The kidos will get PT’ed to death right after they turn the sandbox into a sand table.

Who needs separate rats when the crayons are all-you-can eat, right Marines?!

(that is to say, this is bs and teachers’ unions gotta go)

Green Thumb

Infantry would be hall monitors.


Seems to me I recall the Tacos as an F16 unit up north somewhere. Whaddya use a Falcon pilot for?

Green Thumb

As silly as this idea is, there are folks out the NG that hold BA/BS or higher.

Generally speaking, that is the a qualification (requirement) to teach unless you are considered a SME in something like welding, then no BA/BS.

Doc Savage

So, “shoot, move, and communicate” has now been added to the curriculum of New Mexico’s Public School system?


It’s Tommy this and Tommy that…


Bonus points for a Kipling quote!


Best idea ever!

Better to have the NG troops teach instead of the Marxists pushing CRT.

As long as the NMNG isn’t full of shiteating leftists, let the children learn from someone who isn’t dividing them into “oppressed” and “oppressor” groups.

To a drill sergeant, they are all just recruits and equally oppressed by their DS.

Treat the entitled youth of today like they are in basic training.

RGR 4-78

Utilize the NG SF Groups to teach.

It will bring elementary education to a whole new level.


That’ll definitely reduce the snake population.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“…..amid waves of the highly contagious COVID-19 omicron variant sweeping through the nation”

Yep. “Highly contagious”. But how “deadly”? Sure, omicron (or the latest mutation………….errrrrr………..”variant”……delta + omnicron = deltacron) is contagious. BUT!!!! how many people are being hospitalized and/or died from it (sans other comorbidities)?

You can’t really seperate out comorbidiites but the numbers dead are running about 10% of the last round. People do get sick, sometimes very sick, but are much more likely to recover.

My family just shared a week or so with Omicron. All three of us picked it up somewhere. Honestly, I’ve had worse head colds. Your mileage may vary. All three of us had chest and sinus congestion, short term fever, and general lack of energy. Tylenol and sudafed for the symptoms, lots of rest. Pretty much mirrored the side affects we all had from the moderna vax. Again, this is only our experience and not a scientific report. I’m semi-high risk due to asthma and other wonderful lung issues due to too much time in the middle east. I was back to work as soon as the CDC guidelines were met, although I’m still down on power.


This whole thing is going to be a train wreck. Putting young horny National Guard members in High Schools to teach will result in a small baby boom, a few statutory rape charges and perhaps even less learning. Remember you heard it here first.

Maybe if New Mexico started their teachers at more than a $16/ hr average they might get a few more people wanting to do it.


Yeah, you weren’t the person that commented about something like this happening in the 1980s and talking about deploying troops about border control…Buena High in Sierra Vista, AZ? Just makin’ a point. History repeats itself…Friday’s Safety Briefing.


That was me. It was 1992 and wasn’t quite the success they envisioned.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Great idea with having the kids marching on the grinder yelling Jodie cadences, doing pushups with American made 303 Enfield rifles under their knuckles, manual of arms, KP down in the cafeteria ETC. Don’t know if they could handle doing the If I remember the 96 count manual of arms. I used to do the above 96 in tune with music in the large hall to work off the demerits I got all the time while everyone else was in the lounge at night smoking and coking at the Great Lakes Naval Boot Camp in 1963. If anyone knows about the 96 count, please reply. I’m pretty sure about the number but it was a long time ago.



I don’t understand what you wrote:

“doing pushups with American made 303 Enfield rifles under their knuckles..”


jeff LPH 3 63-66

That’s right nija, When I was in Boot camp, we had Enfields that were made in the USA and when we screwed up on the grinder, we did pushups with our hands gripping the rifles flat on the deck and it was painful. I was wrong saying that the rifles were under our knuckles since we were gripping the piece while on the deck. My error, and if I had the Enfield now, I would go outside and give you 20.


Thank You, Jeff! I always thought the Enfield were used by the Brits… I did not realize the US Navy used them in Boot Camps in the 1960s.


P17 Enfields chambered in .30-06. was a controversy for years whether Alvin York used a 1903 Springfield or the P17 Enfield.


readin’, rightin’, rithmetic, and raidin’. Sounds like a plan to me.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Maybe they could learn something useful instead of learning why Joseph wants to be JoAnn?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Watching that AK-47 assembly/dissasembly was done faster than a mailbag at a whistle stop.


Maybe this will give some of the Guard folks a leg up in the Troops to Teachers Program.

My sister (former Army Captain Med Svc Corps Officeralong with my two nieces are working as Instructional Aides, substitute teachers, and are being trained as Bus drivers getting their CDL in NC. All have Bachelors degrees my youngest niece is in Secondary education ( graduated May 2021.)

When I first retired, I considered teaching as a second career. I probably don’t have the patience. When I retire from my second career, I may look into substitute teaching.

My daughter’s High School currently has 108 cadets in their JROTC program I”m sure the NG could support these classes.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Teacher? I considered it. But having to deal with the union(s)? That’s a big NOPE!


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