Vaccine and ID to do business, but not to vote?

| January 18, 2022

Washington DC requirs proof of vaccination and an ID to conduct business in many locations. This started on January 15, 2022. Many individuals were happy about it, as they believe that these measures would help address the pandemic. However, enthusiasm for IDs to vote did not seem to have as much traction.

From Fox News:

“I always wondered about the authenticity of the card,” Alix said. “I don’t understand why people would not want some form of identification.”

But another local, Emre, told Fox News: “From the general public’s perspective, it kind of feels like an invasion toward their privacy. It feels almost like a dictatorship where you’re supposed to show where you’re going.”

Jeff told Fox News that requiring an ID is pushing it. He also worried about how he would be impacted after losing his proof of vaccination card.

Robert, of Virginia, said: “I carry my driver’s license or my ID and my vaccine card with me all the time because these requirements have come up before.”

nd Elizabeth told Fox News: “If you do anything, almost, you have to have your vaccine card.”

She also said the requirements could lead to some people being “left out.”

But responses were more mixed when it comes to an ID requirement for voting.

“That don’t make sense, that really don’t,” William said.

Bradley said: “It’s a fair criticism to some extent. It’s kind of hard to have an ID to vote considering that’s like a constitutional right.”

Alix said the requirements aren’t comparable.

“It’s kind of apples and oranges,” she told Fox News. Though it will make it difficult for some people, health and safety issues are paramount, Alix continued.

Jeff said the comparison was not an issue and that it was just a “side argument.”

“Regarding the ID to vote, I do think we should need one,” Eduardo said. “Those two walk hand-in-hand.”

Fox News has the video and additional information here.

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Oh, what a tangled web ….


Slightly off topic, but the Brandon regime has approved colleges giving up to $10,000 to college students in federal Covid relief funds.


Is this one of the colleges, rgr769?


Your link says “page cannot be found.”


I think it cut his link in the post and then non HTEEMEMMLLL’ed his info…
( (cut and paste in to browser, it’s cutting off the clicky direct link.)

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Thank You so much, ChipNASA for fixing this!

Yep on what rgr769 commented…

Pretty soon those “Free Lunches” are gonna dry up…


Yes, that is one of the colleges. Gee, I sure could have used that kind of money in law school, especially with a wife and two kids to support. But then back in the 1970’s there was no free lunch.


Ol’ Poe is of the belief that a huge part of that money is literally going to go up in smoke…

Slow Joe

I don’t know how to type with this new comment section.
The old one was so easy that even a caveman could do it.

Slow Joe

What’s going on?

Slow Joe


jeff LPH 3 63-66

hey Slow Joe, If I can do it, anyone can do it and I’m the one on this site that is PC OOOOOOO Knowlegable. It just took me like 15 minutes to center the i could hit the send button to forward the Army Times out.


No problem.
I got ya covered.
If you feel like throwing me a few $$$ for the effort, be my guest.


HA! I’d need one if I gave a shit. I’m not playing the game any longer.
If you’re afraid, YOU stay home!


I’m actually at work, BUT, staying out of the Demoncrap Cities, urban areas, yeah, Fkck D.C. and Bawl-more Murderland. Maybe shortly I’ll start making more time for lovely Virginia. Seems to be a touch more attractive these days. Can’t quite put my finger it. 😀


Not the accusatory you, fyi. Fking English.
I’m staying strapped these days in this blue hive. Car jackings, shootings and armed robberies are up more than just a little here in CT.
Keep your head down and move from cover to cover.

(btw, am I the only one being moderated here? I know I be nuts and prob earned that isht…. but….)


Not sure why you’re in mod jail, but it’s probably a good idea.
I’m dancing as fast as I can to approve comments. Patience, weed wacker.


I’m not mad, mad. I get it.
Do your thing, I’ll stop dropping comments so you and the Pink Robed Wizard can sharpen crayons and git after ‘er!

Dave Hardin

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Dave Hardin

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Lemme know if there’s a prob.


Dave Hardin

Did your last post go through directly?


Sorry. I walked away. We’re good. Thanks mucho

Dave Hardin

All good, sorry about that.


Anyone here feel sorry for these Snowflakes?

Bet they come from “Well-To-Do”, Pampered backgrounds..



Word….as in….“I. Ain’t. Saying. A. Fucking. Word.


It’s the freak show kids. The next generation has its problems but they aren’t all like that.


It appears that some of the “kids” won’t be hurt at all by a hunger strike.


How badly were these kids parented? I have kids in college very expensive colleges but they’re being given very lucrative scholarships too be there. I listen to them and laugh at the stories of woke students and faculty, no normal kids buy into this crap. They said basically it’s the same loser types no one liked in high school. The best way to avoid woke indoctrination is to parent your kids and impart values of hard work and self reliance. I know a lot of college kids and none of them actually buy into the BS. They are there for the opportunities afforded college graduates to enter fields otherwise closed to them and get whatever education they can out of it. Sometimes you just shut up and write what gets you the grade and then realize you are going to be making more money than your professors in a few years after graduation.


They want MONEY in support of their Hunger Strike.

Wonder what it will be used for.

Food? 😉😎

The ninja family is NOT sorry to say “Let Em Be Hungry!” What they are doing is self-imposed.


Evidently, some of them had money to travel from Arizona to DC to do this “Hunger Strike”. The leader of the group is from Austin, Texas.

Will say it again. Bet they grew up being pampered and coddled. Probably came from Well-To-Do backgrounds. They probably held their breaths as children until their parent/parents gave in to their whims/temper tantrums.

Bet some of them are cheating and have snacks/food under their layers of clothing.

They need to spend some time in North Korea…or better yet, talk to authentic US Prisoners of War and how they were treated by the enemy, i.e. starving for food.


Just freaks, Covid is definitely going to thin this herd, not eating isn’t very good for the immune system. Oh well choices have consequences.


You don’t need money to go hungry. Just sayin’

A Proud Infidel®™️

Well gee whiz, if I were closer to that display of asshattery I’d show up and chow down on a Bacon Cheeseburger right in front of them!


I’d set up the grill and the smoker. Steaks, pork chops, and brisket. Set up so that delicious aroma drifts directly through their little demonstration.


ninja, what source are you using for those emoji’s?

The site I’ve used for years won’t post the image now, just the link.

RGR 4-78


This has been a test of the ERN.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Emergency Retarded Network?

Close enough. 🙂

Name withheld by request

I’m sure Lars will lecture us on why this a good idea…aside from his usual Orange Man Bad rhetoric.


Ausweiss, bitte!

Hack Stone

So, requiring a government issued photo identification is no longer considered racist?




Achtung! Ihre Papiere, bitte!
comment image


No parallels at all.


From the way that Alix character is attired and accoutered, ol’ Poe thinks he’s likely a member of a community that was widely ostracized until a few years ago. But now that Alix and his “butties” have the whip hand, they don’t mind applying some oppression as they wield that whip hand.

Poe’s bettin’ that Alix wouldn’t mind a taste of that whip if it was appled to his tushy…

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Indeed, you can’t buy a fucking steak in an NYC top-tier restaurant without an ID proving your jab status, but you can cast a vote for mayor….

Not to cast aspersions, but one would think the most important act in any representative Republic would require, at a minimum, a level of identification at least equal to that for a piece of beef at Gallagher’s…

The last time I went to buy sudafed for one of my grandkids I was required to show my license to prove I wasn’t cooking meth in my basement, but when I go to vote I simply have to proclaim without any proof who I am and where I live…

It does seem as if we’ve gone completely down the rabbit hole at times.

For the record while I am Pro-Vaccine I should note I am anti-mandate…do what your personal doctor suggests, or don’t…I’m not your boss and neither is the goddamn government.


The idiots cited in that article are perfect examples of failure of our educational system (or success of our indoctrination system, depending on your perspective)