Hugh Jonson – Still riding on the Phony Pony UPDATED

| January 18, 2022


We will be publishing a new post soon something like, “Will the real Hugh Jonson Please Stand up.”

We think there is more legit military service in his past but it is mixed in with so many name changes, lies and embellishments it will take us a while to sort it all out.

Stay tuned.


It seems our old buddy Hugh Jonson is still at it.  We posted about him years back HERE

There’s this fellow in Washington State, who goes by a number of names, but his real name is Hugh Clarence Johnson. Some of his “also known as” monikers are; Hubert Clarence Johnson aka Hugh Clearence Johnson aka Hugh Clarence Johnson aka Hugh Johnson aka Hugh Jonson aka Clarence H. Jonson aka C H Johnson aka Hugo C. Johnson. He was arrested a few months ago for practicing holistic medicine without a license, according to the Whidbey Island, Washington News-Times;


Jonson also said he was a prisoner of war during Vietnam, a Green Beret, and had received both the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Silver Star.

Well, he’s been known in the stolen valor community for quite some time. The old POW Network had this to say about him;

Claims POW, Claims Army SF, Claims Navy Capt, Claims 2 DFC*, Claims MD, Claims psychologist, Claims law degree, Claims law enforcement officer Kimberling County NC. He also has claimed to have been in Baghdad during the first gulf war and through the auspices of the CIA was personally tracking the whereabouts of Saddam Hussein. He claimed to know exactly where he was at all times (with the exception of Saturdays and Sundays).
He also claims that sometime in the 60’s he was on a secret mission to extract a German scientist from China. He said this scientist had been kidnapped by the Chinese for his nuclear technology and his job was to get him out and whisk him to an undisclosed island somewhere in the Pacific, which he did without any problem…. of course.

It seems he scrapped his old Book of Face profile and started a new one with even more claims:

He was also recently welcomed into

George Washington Chapter – Sons of the American Revolution

I don’t know anything about the rest of those fellows, but I would not want to be associated with this clown.

Hugh Clarence Johnson FOIA

I tend to not believe anything this guy has to say.  There must be some truth mixed in with all of his nonsense but it is impossible to distinguish what is what.

Why oh why do they keep it up?



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AW1 Rod

Wow! This guy is a weapons-grade asshat!


AW1 Rod,
135 comments in 26 hours, and headed for north of 300.


How far along is he? He looks like he could give birth at any moment…


OK, number one: where do I put my avatar?

And number two: this dorkwad won’t shut up until he’s boxed and buried.


Mrs. Mick says:

“Uhhh; OK.” (Shakes her head.) “I’m at a loss for words.”

That pretty much sums this up.

I wonder what aircraft ol’ Hughie here thinks that he flew, and also what he thinks that he did while flying it that would rate those two DFCs.


He flew “UHI Hue” aircraft as a “Rescue pilot”. LOL



Does he claim that he made any “hot pickups” in the Viet of the Nam or the Cam of the Bodia?


*”hot pickups”: once upon a time, I had a phony Viet of the Nam helo pilot POSer regale me with his phony overly-detailed tales of derring-do about how isolated LRRPs and Force Recon teams in danger of being “overrun” would call him on the radio (I guess that he had his own assigned freq) and scream for him to come in to save them by making a “hot pickup” while under fire .


He must’ve flown with Maggie Desanti and got his memory shot-off…


A good conduct medal? That’s it?

If you are going to shit all over your service at least have something to shit on.I used to feel a bit left out for lack of

a good cookie but this guy changes that.


That was quick.


hugh.jonson.3 Book of the Fake (linked above) is deactivated.

Note – NOT deleted, which would show broken chain links.

Padlock deactivated means he can bring this back to life again.

So everyone knows.

VG 2022 01 18 Hugh Jonson POOF.jpg

Johnson 505 is up and running.. with a 2020 post.

(But I can’t right click PASTE the link here now.

Reported in Comments Section Testing UPDATE 2.)

VG 2022 01 18 Hugh Jonson 505 UP.jpg
Last edited 3 months ago by MarineDad61

All right click mouse functions working (again).
Thanks, Dave. 🙂


There is ANOTHER Book of the Fake.
Hugh Jonson 33.

VG 2022 01 18 Hugh Jonson 33 UP.jpg

I remember years ago when you first reported on him. Jonn gave me his info and when I checked it against the NMC database it had no record of him holding a valid merchant marine license.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Flying? Too bad he hasn’t pulled a “BerNasty” at altitude = -6 ft ABG


Phony Hugh is in the same area and waters as this guy,
who stole a commercial plane, Horizon Air Q400 Bombardier,
and did a full loop, before crashing.


Incoming…. on a Book of the Fake post that’s only 18 hours old.

[Now national, for the 2nd time. Your new member Hugh Jonson is a long time MILITARY PHONY. (link to VG)]

[George Washington Chapter – Sons of the American Revolution@GWC.WashingtonSAR  · Nonprofit organization]


2 direct hits…
1 on the post itself, and
1 on the photo in the post.


Update – It now looketh like thiseth.
4 direct hits…
2 on the post itself, and
2 on the photo in the post.
All with links to VG.
Now with a Like click, and a reply comment. 🙂

VG 2022 01 18 Hugh Jonson 2 Sons Comments.jpg

This SAR chapter has DELETED the above comments.
So, it looks like the Mount Vernon, WA chapter of Sons of the American Revolution would rather hide the truth about Phony Hugh,
and are now acting as a PHONY SHIELD.

Last edited 3 months ago by MarineDad61

Hugh Clarence Johnson does not always steal valor, but when he does, he steals all of it

Hugh Clarence Johnson I do not always steal valor but when I do.jpg

Hugh Clarence Johnson, what he has on versus what he actually was.

Hugh Clarence Johnson did not serve outside US only earned Good Conduct Medal.jpg

Hugh Clarence Johnson is another EMBELLISHER/LIAR and has been doing this for a very long time.

In his Wedding announcement featured in the 28 July 1960 St Helena Star (St Helena, California), Hugh Clarence Johnson was identified as “Currently serving as a Navy Medical OFFICER at Oakland Naval Air Station”.

His records indicate he attended he USN Hospital Corps School in San Diego in 1960 and became a HM3.

MI Ranger

I knew it! That’s why he has the C. Everett Koop beard going! He wants to look like a Surgeon General.
So I always believed he was in the Navy, they could wear a beard if it made them look like a Sea Captain…but after the post a few months ago about the Trans Admiral I’m thinking he was in the Medical Service Corps


POSers gotta pose; it’s what they do. Nothing is worse than a fake POW poser. It is not only the appropriation of the terror, fear, pain, torture, and suffering of real POW’s, but also that of their families.


In 1981, Hugh Clarence Johnson was employed as a Pacific Avenue Mall Security Guard in Santa Cruz, California. He worked for a Company name SDI. They were a private security organization who were hired by more than 35 downtown business owners to patrol their shops. He was dismissed from this job in October 1981. The Santa Cruz District Attorney’s Office filed a Misdemeanor charge against him when he was accused of hitting a Restaurant Manager over the head with a billy club during an arrest. Police Investigation reviewed that Johnson was not licensed to carry a gun or mace during the time he was employed as a Mall Security Guard.


Under Commiefornia’s penal code, striking someone with a billy-club who is not a LEO is a felony. Anyway, it used to be back in the 1980’s.


I wonder if he gave the prosecutor any of his fake war stories to get some leniency.

The Stranger

Wait… I’m confused. The way you wrote that makes it sound like it’s perfectly legal to strike an LEO with a billy club.


Yeah, that was a rather inartful way to exclude cops, who may lawfully carry billy-clubs and may be justified to hit a perps with them.


Phony Hugh is now feeling the love
in a hometown public group on the Book of the Fake.

[You Know You Grew Up In Mount Vernon, WA If….Public group / 3.2k members]


Do you have any of these records? I would love to see them


Majority are newspaper articles ranging from 1960 to 1995.

One is a 1972 legal document.

Sorry…I cannot post those articles on TAH.


can i give you an email or something that we could speak on?



We wish we could post our sources.

If we do find records, we may not be able to post those as well. Usually, we send records to Admin.

There is a pattern with Hugh Clarence Jonhson. He consistently lies/embellishes on what really took place in his world. His emphasis seems to be on the Military or Law Enforcement.

Sadly, he is another attention seeker “LOOK AT ME!” who is hiding something, who is not happy…and lives within his own little world.


i did email the admin. i need as much info as possible


not a supporter


spoke to admin. Thanks everyone!


Coulldn’t cut it as a mall cop without abusing his authoritah.

Last edited 3 months ago by Anonymous

On Hugh Clarence Jonson’s Facebook, he identifies himself as a 262nd Assault Helicopter Pilot (AlleyCat Pilot) in DaNang in 1967and even has a picture posted.

There WAS a 262nd Assault Helicopter Pilot from Third Flight Platoon name Hugh Johnson:

There was also a Warrant Officer C. Hugh Johnson who received a Distinguished Flying Cross who
“distinguished himself by valorous actions on 17 February 1968, while serving as air-craft commander of a UH-1B armed helicopter in support of a ground element of Marines during a clearing mission on the west wall of the Hue Citadel, Republic of Vietnam.”

Wonder if he stole Warrant Officer C. Hugh Johnson’s picture and heroism.


That’s what we are thinking. combining two identities of two white dudes with ALMOST the same name

Helo Bubba

Wow, golly gee look at this war dog! He’s a real live double top secret cross service snake eater AND a Navy Captain.  That’s a long haul from his DD-214 stating that he topped out an an E-4 pecker checker.


In December 1975 in Santa Rosa, California, Hugh Clarence Johnson was arrested with an assault with a deadly weapon, carrying a concealed weapon and impersonating a Peace Officer. He was identified as a former St Helena (California) Police Reservist and a Law Student.

He identified himself to students of the Empire College of Law that he was a Special Agent of the FBI as well as a previous Chief of the St Helena Police Department and displayed Identification from the Oakland Police Department and a North Carolina Sheriff’s Department. He had stolen a Law School Exam and had given it to a fellow classmate. He then threatened that classmate when the classmate tried to share that exam with other students.

Hugh Clarence Johnson membership as a St Helena Police Reserves was terminated in September 1975 or September 1974.


would LOVE any documentation you have from this


According to a November 1979 article featured in the Napa Valley Register (Napa Valley, California), Hugh Clarence Johnson passed the Fall 1979 General Bar Exam and was admitted to the State Bar of California in November 1979.


do you have an article link?


According to the State Bar of CA, there is no such attorney licensed in CA. There is a Craig Hugh Johnson who was admitted in 1979, but is presently retired in Provo, Utah.


Also, that Craig Johnson graduated from BYU in about 1975 or 1976 and practiced law in Los Altos for many years until he made his law license inactive in 2019.


In March 1972, Hugh Clarence Johnson and his Wife did own property in Bragg Estates, Cumberland County, North Carolina.


Welp, while I got somewhat of an inherwebz connection, let me use up a little bit of bandwidth to call for a deployment of the TAH As(S)teroid of Insults on the despicable lying sack of sh^t Hugh Clarence Johnson. Can I get a SECOND and an AYE?


I’m here and now monitoring.

The Stranger

SI! Si!! Si!!
Con una chingada, SIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!

The Stranger

Whatever it takes.


That’s a “Segundo”… …so all we need is an “Aye”


Aye! Aye yi yi!

Last edited 3 months ago by SFC D

FINALLY!!!! We have an AYE! Took long enough. ChipNASA you are cleared HOT. FIRE MISSION FIRE MISSION FIRE MISSION!


Just caught this and I’m on my phone I’ll be back later after I switch over the laptop and do my fancy footwork… 👍


SFC D, KoB, & ChipNASA.
This is bad, I know.
Whenever I hear the Frito Bandito Aye Aye Aye Aye song,
I hear John Valby.


I admit nothing. Call my lawer. 😉


This guy’s more of a Hugh G Rectum.
Cialis® what I did there??




I’m PROUD, PROUD I say, to be honored to wear the same Naval Aviator Wings of Gold that are worn by CAPT Hugh Clarence Jonson USN.

Now if I could only hope to live up to his exemplary standards of valor and impeccable personal integrity…


Has no one said it yet?!



Another Navy turd. Ugh.

Steven Zahuranec Stolen Valor Phony Seal 1 JPG.jpg
Slow Joe

Reminds me of that guy from Alaska.
What was his name?
The one hand-delivering his DD214.

Slow Joe


That was so funny.
Specially his friend saying: “go to the source!”


How could any of us ever forget ol’ Alaska Bob. That sled dog team never made it to the lower 48 with his DD214. Guess that cancer got him while mushing through a snow storm.


rgr769, Slow Joe, and Cameron,
Worse, Alaska Bob Glaves Jr.’s cross country fundraiser trip
never made it to D.C.,
most conveniently breaking down in the Bad Lands,
and detouring to nearby annual open party season in Sturgis!!!

Green Thumb

Alaska Bob is probably holed up still in some road side bar drinking up all of the donation money.

Green Thumb

He better still have it.

How is he going to get hired onto All-Points Logistics without it?


Hugh Clarence Johnson is about 81-82 years old.

Looks as if he has been embellishing/lying about his life for 62 to 65 years, possibly longer.

82 years old. He will be one of those Dudes who will go to his grave never admitting his embellishment/lies.

His Facebook page reminds me of another Individual’s Facebook page, i.e. not only embellishing his “accomplishments” in life to include civilian and military, but also posting a photo of himself wearing Bling-Bling he is not entitled to wear…

BeetleJuice…Beetle Juice…Beetle Juice…



ninja- i would love to talk privately



There is a reason why we are called “the ninja family”…

If you give us some time, we can pass on to Admin on what we discovered reference Hugh Clarence Johnson…and possibly, they can pass that info to you.

Is that OK? We have our reasons on being ninjas, but at the same time, want to be team players, especially when it comes to someone consistently embellishs or lies about their Military service or civilian lives.

Thank You for understanding as well as the patience. It may take another day or two for us to pass on that info to Admin for them to pass on to you.

Milo Mindbender

Forgive my ignorance but what the hell is ABCD Warfare, is Sesame Street coming to take us out?


Milo Mindbender,
Stumped, so I deployed the Fu of Google, and found this.
Not ABCD, just ABC.
(1954) Unclassified. Because it says so.


Slow Joe

Who’s that phat chick?

Eric (The OC Tanker)

Long, long ago in a state far, far away, (1976 Ft Carson) there was a school house called 4th ID(M) CBR (chemical, biological radiological) I attended as a PFC so the 1SG could assign me to the CBR room.

Milo Mindbender

Ok I get it now
Atomic instead of nuclear
But the 214 says ABCD Warfare. I have been an NBC NCO in the Army, and served as DO rep, FISTR, EM Reo in my Air force Reserve unit, just never heard that acronym before.
Thank you for adding to my lexicon.

AT1 ret

I see him in that hat why do I think of F-Troop?


AT1 ret,
OMG. Larry Storch (Agarn) is 99.
Turns 100 next January 8.

Last edited 3 months ago by MarineDad61
Hack Stone

Hack Stone frequently checks IMDB to ensure that our favorite Corporal assigned to Fort Courage is still with us. Pretty sure his last public appearance was just about a year ago. Funniest thing Hack ever saw Larry Storch was a guest appearance on I Dream Of Jeannie, where he played a monkey about to be shot in space who Jeannie turns into a human. Hack literally fell off the couch from laughing so hard.

The Stranger

I remember Kelly Bundy attending the “Larry Storch School of Acting” on episodes of Married With Children. Aaah, Christina Applegate!


I see this:


With a name like Huge Johnson, you’d think he’d be a shoo-in for the pRon industry, alongside Long Dong Silver

The Stranger

Maybe he’s hung like planet Pluto, hard to see with tha naked eye.
And yes, Pluto IS a planet, I don’t give a fuck what that Neil dE Gasse Tyson says. Did I ever mention how much I dislike that guy?

Hack Stone

Hack Stone can attest that he did indeed rescue a scientist from the Chinese and whisked him to an undisclosed island somewhere in the Pacific. In fact, it was an uncharted island. The Professor’s handlers were known as The Skipper and Gilligan. It was codenamed Operation Minnow.


Recent Phony UPDATE –
Link to YouTube LIVE for San Clemente, CA City Council meeting,
happening NOW,
featuring Phony Legion of Merit Mayor Gene James.
(Nothing SV yet.. but it’s coming.)


I’ve been tipped in FakeBook PM…..
Stolen Valor begins at 5pm PST / 8pm EST. 🙂


I don’t get it…

This is a ZOOM meeting…and folks are wearing masks?

What am I missing???


They are almost all in the same room, desks close proximity.
So there was a “mask police” discussion when the meeting started.


So far, disappointing.
1 town citizen spoke at the open mic podium,
and when she brought up Stolen Valor,
the City Council muted her, said she’s out of time,
and voted themselves into closed session (blue screen). UGH.

Last edited 3 months ago by MarineDad61

One of the members of the City Council Meeting sounds just like the Lawyer who said “I Am Not A Cat…”


I’m sorry, but Jennifer Savage looks more like a dude.


Musta been a lack of caffeine when I first read this.

I thought at first his name was “Huge” Jonson, but after reading about his stolen valor exploits I realized that this guy must suffer from TDS, hence all of the bullsh-t flying from his jowls to overcompensate for his “tiny-ness”.

And as for the Washington Chapter-Sons of the American Chapter’s not investigating this when informed – guess you guys can share & eat a BOD while wearing your clown outfits.

Congrats “Huge”, here’s your reward.


he looks like a guy that likes a huge johnson…his undercover name was Ball tickler.

I wonder if he was fired from Brucie’s Bath House (entrance in rear) because he kept soiling the towels…

Frankly, I would not be surprised to find out he is a diddler.


What’s our clearance, Clarence?


As an aside, I am digging this new comment section. Great work!


Still working the Stolen Valor angle? A fucking embarrassment to the HM community is what he is…

Hugh “pile of shit” Jonson works balls, tickles taints and is a grade “A” Stolen Valor COCKSUCKER, First Class!


Just another guy proving that SV is but the rancid cherry atop the shit sundae.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Given his track record of fakery and asshattery coupled with his age, my bet is that once he’s gone he’ll be “that” Relative who nobody wants to talk about at family reunions!

“Stupid is as stupid does.” – Forrest Gump

Last edited 3 months ago by A Proud Infidel®™️

[…] Of Puberty Blockers, Georgia Vs. CRT, and The Coming California Water Crisis This Ain’t Hell: Hugh Jonson – Still Riding On The Phony Pony, “Randy Andy” Stripped Of Military Honours, and USS Kitty Hawk Transterrestrial […]


MEDALS CHECK — Can anyone identify all these?

Sporting quite the double row of civilian suit medals,
while standing alongside Phony Hugh, is
SAR Chapter President Mike Hutchins.

Is he aware of VG by now?
Is he aware of his Chapter’s SAR page on the Book of the Fake
deleting comments about Phony Hugh?

Perhaps his medals tell a new story. We’ll see.

Hugh Jonson SAR Chapter President Mike Hutchins 2 crop.jpg

Most are here… but not all.

MEDALS Sons of the American Revolution 1.jpg

Website for the Phony Enabler SAR Chapter.
(Photo) – Hugh Jonson (Padre).
Yep.. The SAR now calls him Padre Hugh Jonson.

[Swearing in of New Officers (15 Jan 2022)]

Last edited 3 months ago by MarineDad61

Have we perhaps uncovered yet another “hive” of POSers at this SAR Chapter?


The whole crew is sporting their ribbons or mini medals
at ninja’s link below.
I found the website, and then
ninja found the incriminating photo page!
Hutchins is wearing real medals this time.
Army Commendation, NDSM, Vietnam, Vietnam.

Kudos, ninja.

Nov2021-9-1024x769 Hutchins Viet crop.jpg
Last edited 3 months ago by MarineDad61

So we have in fact kicked open another “hive” of POSers?

Green Thumb

This dude is a serial poser for sure.


If one goes to this link, one can find a picture of Hugh Clarence Jonson (Johnson) who supposedly shared his “Military Experience” at the November 2021 meeting of the George Washington Chapter in Washington State.

He is not only wearing numerous Unauthorized Bling on his jacket, but also self identifies by nametag as “C. Hugh Jonson”.

He also is wearing the POW medal:


Holy shit, you nailed him again.. and it’s WORSE.

Nov2021-13-1024x769 SAR 1.jpg

Ol’ Hughie has only opted for the Army Master Aviator wings on this fanciful costume, but he did go big with the DFC and the Air Medal. A real “Yankee Air Pirate”.

Does he have a closet full of these impressive creative costumes that he can mix and match to suit his mood and the venue?


just like his 2015 VG photo here.
He’s all over the place, puttin’ shit on, and takin’ shit off.
It looks like he now gave up this Phony Silver Star.
That SAR chapter now faces reputation and credibility problems.
The newspaper in town should know.

Hugh-Clarence-Johnson 2015.jpg
Last edited 3 months ago by MarineDad61

Oh FFS: he’s wearing Rear Admiral (Lower Half) one-star rank insignia in this “glamour shot”.

He’s also sporting Naval Aviator wings AND Army Master Aviator wings.

What type/model/series of aircraft does he think that he flew, and what does he think that he did to rate that Air Medal? I’d like to know, because I could use a good laugh this morning.

As an aside, is there a motorcycle; a leather vest covered in POSer bling; a doo-rag; a pair of dumbass-looking, white-framed, wrap-around, mirror-lens sunglasses; and a service dog (for that dreaded PTS of the D) involved anywhere in this steaming hot mess?


Holy shit (part 2).
Someone got to his SDA CHURCH’s page on the Book of the Fake.
Double shot of love, with VG links.

SDA MtV Facebook post 2 redacted.jpg

From 2007:

Check out the other cases from 2007 from the great State Washington:


ninja is dropping boatloads of new holy crap here,
I added a little holy shit,
and I am now hinting that a fully comprehensive
PAGE 3 on Phony Hugh could be in the cards,
IF you and your team are up to putting it all together (again).


Am now wondering if Hugh Clarence Jonson (Johnson) is now claiming illegal benefits based on his claim of wearing the POW Medal and the Purple Heart.

Did he legally change his last name from “Jonhnson” to “Jonson”?


He wouldn’t be the 1st to pull the kindly old grandpa scam wool
over the eyes of a VA GS desk jockey.
I will never understand the incompetency of the VA
in allowing grifters to grift the big bucks US Government teet.

Last edited 3 months ago by MarineDad61

It’s bad enough when we see “members”
of the Veterans of Foreign Wars who aren’t,
and in some cases, aren’t even veterans.

And then we have our well known “charity” organizations,
almost always with Harleys, vests of bling, riding against sick babies, breast cancer, anything that can spring open the wallets of donors to subsidize their trips, their wheels, and the black leather, the pins, and the patches.
POW*MIA and other orgs that push “the cause” belong here, too.

Now, it appears to include the “Sons of the American Revolution”.
Are there actually phony “sons” in the Sons?
Certainly an org harboring phony veterans can also harbor phony Sons.

I’d do the “What’s next..” stretch here.
What’s next, Gold Star Mothers with phony mothers?

Shame on ALL these orgs for allowing individual chapters to harbor their phony mothers.

Green Thumb

I did not realize All-Points Logistics was opening a facility on the West Coast.

If they are, then this guy can do it all. Actually surprised he is not on their board of directors.


Hugh Clarence Johnson under the name “Hugh Jonson” also claimed in 2021 to be a Physician since June 1989 (32 Years and 8 months) as well as receiving a Bachelor Of Science in Education from Sussex College of Technology in Sussex, England.

He reminds me so much of the embellishments from Bernath and another Dude (He Who Shall Not Be Named…Beetlejuice).


Hugh Clarence Jonson has now been identified for being the Inventor of a “System For Improving The Fuel Efficiency Of An Engine” under the Company “Plasma Dr Inc:


Check out the businesses/companies associated with Hugh Clarence Johnson (Jonson) and his Wife (same woman he married in 1960 and owned property with in 1972 in NC) in Washinton State:

Is his Wife drinking the Hugh Clarence Johnson Kool-Aid…or is she THAT naive…as in “Love Is Blind”??



Gee Whiz…

How many Companies DID Hugh Clarence Johnson, AKA C. Hugh Jonson own in the State of Washington?


Another Company:

“Jonson Tug & Salvage, Inc.”


My inner 12 year old is giggling at the thought of a man named “Hugh Jonson” owning a “tug” company.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.



The ninja family thought the same thing….😆😅😂🤣

You crack us up.

For Poetrooper:

Poe, we can only place the emojis we use on our posts using our Smartphones. Just as you, we can’t use our PCs for this function.

Perhaps Admin can help?


Make me part of your fucked up three stooges trio.
“TUG” ( and rub… Hey Huge, $5 is $5 😆)


They need a VG Page 3. Phony Hugh and Enabler Bonnie. And that SAR chapter.

Not something with a yuckety yuk headline, and humor mocks for the laughs.
Jonson & Jonson (& SAR) need a full laid out meticulous timeline
of phony grifter and ongoing grift Page 3, with plenty of (the newly found) pics,
easy for locals in Washington state to see and quickly understand.

Last edited 3 months ago by MarineDad61


According to his 1960 wedding announcement to Bonnie and his Facebook, Ole Baby Hughie graduated from Golden Gate Acedemy, a now defunct Elementary/Middle School that was operating under the auspices of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.


Scroll up for Holy shit (part 2).
SDA Church FB screenshot.


ninja, I see it, when I right drag the entire URL. So, mommy Bonnie is also LYING about daughter’s place of birth?
Singapore is NOT San Jose.


Apparently playing dress-up is in the genes.
She’s wearing male Navy dress blues while claiming to be in the California State Guard. WTF, over?


The Closer,
Past comments about her at the bottom have gone POOF.
It appears she is not a Stolen Valor target,
and more likely she is a victim (of her rotten parents).
Not that there’s anything wrong with that. – (Seinfeld)

Last edited 3 months ago by MarineDad61

We have this bad feeling that Hugh Clarence Johnson stole this WWII Hero’s Navy Cross Citation and used it as his own just as he did with the Vietnam War Warrant Officer and his DFC:


This just went from 2015 bad, to 2022 worse, to much more worse.


So many things to take from this 2015 article:

“Holistic ‘Nedicine’ Doctor Sues State, Oak Harbor”
A holistic practitioner who was arrested by Oak Harbor police in March is suing the state Department of Health for $25 million. C. Hugh Jonson filed the lawsuit in federal court in Seattle last month claiming that he should be able to practice “nedicine” — not to be confused with medicine — under a federal trademark. Jonson and the organization that issued his license are fighting on a national level to retain their right to practice their own brand of natural medicine.”

In the article, Johnson self-identifies as a “Retired Lawyer” and representing himself in Lawsuit.

According to the article (just as rgr769 pointed out), “a search under all Jonson’s aliases with bar associations for both Washington and California yielded no record of Jonson ever having a license to practice law.”


2019 Update to the mentioned Lawsuit:


Holy airplane crash deep 6….
This is now turning Bernathian.


Reference to Hugh Clarence Johnson’s invention:

In this 2018 article, he is identified as a “Retired Veteran.”


Hugh Clarence Johnson does everything!

In this 2011 article, he is identified as a Volunteer with the Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island:


He even ran a Non Profit Organization called the Jonson Family Foundation!


I see he has taken the “h” out of his last name to hide his criminal record.

Green Thumb


The Phil Monkressity of this situation is not lost upon me….