‘Randy’ Andy Stripped of Military Honours

| January 17, 2022

Just Andrew

Sucks to be Andy these days. Shame, isn’t it.

UK’s Prince Andrew stripped of military roles, use of HRH title

Prince also loses royal patronages as he faces civil lawsuit in US accused of sexual abuse.

Britain’s Royal Family has stripped Prince Andrew of his military roles and royal patronages and said he will no longer be known as “His Royal Highness”, as the second son of the Queen fights a lawsuit in the United States in which he is accused of sexual abuse.

The 61-year-old Duke of York was forced to step down from public duties in 2019 because of his connections to convicted US sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, and after a disastrous interview on the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme, which he had hoped would clear his name.

The move strips the prince of all royal connections and comes after the prince’s lawyers failed to persuade a US judge to dismiss a civil lawsuit against him in which Virginia Giuffre accuses him of sexual abuse when she was 17.

There are some very nervous people in very high places. They should be.


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Waiting for the “8 John Doe” names, lots of unsupervised prisoners soon.


Make Woodchippers Great Again

  • Hello darkness,,,test test
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Shoulda stuck to rain water, the fluoride messed up his royal sweat glands:


Since Andy tried preversions the colonel should blow his head off.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Chief Masterson advised me to keep my pecker in my pants and drink soda pop before arriving in San Juan Pr for Liberty. Too bad Andy wasn’t old enough to meet the MM Chief


Talk about “royally screwed”.

Dave Hardin

I wonder who else was being provided benefits for money?


Bill hit that too.


Slick Willie hit or tried to hit anything in a skirt. His wedding night with the Hildabeast must have been quite a disappointment.


Why it’s Billy Bentpecker hisself! The Hildebeast must be on the phone frantically ordering up a suicide about now.

Green Thumb


My, My, MY

AKA: Sacrificial Lamb for the other Dirtbags. I think they voted on it, or drew straws or whatever.



I’m wondering if there are any members of the Royal(ly screwed) Family who are not diddling other folks’ partners or kids.

Hope all the other names come out, and go to jail.

Green Thumb


Only Army Mom

In related news, Ms Maxwell is no longer protecting names. Linky-thingy below.


In other, completely related news, Epstein partner Ghislaine Maxwell commits suicide (in 5, 4, 3, 2…)


Unfortunately, it’s just <i>her</i> that has stopped fighting it – those assholes have lawyers and will still fight the disclosure, I believe. Here’s to hoping they don’t succeed.

The other terrible thing about it is that these are ‘Does’ numbered 17, 53, 54, 55, 73, 93 and 151…. which presumably means there’s a lot more. I want all 150+. These eight, as I understand it, are only potentially revealed due to Virginia Giuffre’s suit.


It will be interesting if a judge allows names to be named. Some of their colleagues could be on that list.

I say name them and let the chips fall where they may.

Also, sex with underage girls, or boys, should have no statute of limitations. The person knew it was wrong when they were doing it.


Perhaps he retains the royal internet and some royal tissues to assuage his anxiety.

OTOH, maybe Lady Ghizzbang will grant him an occasional audience.

Has he met young Greta?


Prediction: Randy Andy will not kill himself.


But will Ghislaine Maxwell commit Arkancide?


If she squeals it will be epic. The 2024 race could take some twisty turns.


Tuning in Radio Tokyo selfie got Al Franken thrown under the bus by the Democrats. Nothing less for the soon to be exposed G-listers.
(Past accusations weren’t enough for the Dems… It took a photo.)

Al Franken skynews-photo-released-by-leeanntweeden-_4157892.jpg
Last edited 5 months ago by MarineDad61

Not to stick up for Al, here, but you can’t feel much through a FLAK jacket.


Well two things and not to put too many links but 1. You can feel things even if they’re dummy rounds…
(I love this…dude takes a 40mm dummy round like a BOSS)


You wanna test out if you can feel things through these protectors and flak items. Yeah, feelings…woah woah woah, FEELINGS!!

A Proud Infidel®™️

At least Andy is high-up enough to where he doesn’t have to worry about Clintonicide, or does he have to after all?


I think Liz is his greatest fear right now. Mama ain’t happy.

The Stranger

I wonder if she can put his ass in the Tower of London?


Off with his head!….balls too


This guy looks like a Private we had in Germany who used to pay the girls at the Eros Club to let him lick their arse.

He is screwed. The royal family is cutting him off so that no financial liability can come back on them.

That is all you really need to know here.