USAF Accused of Pushing Woman Through Elite Commando Training After She Quit

| January 13, 2022

Several news outlets are reporting that a female officer was given preferential treatment and pushed her through elite commando training several times in order for her to go on missions.   Representative Dan Crenshaw is up in arms about it saying that standards should not be reduced.

The Texas News Today writes:

The Air Force was accused of pushing a woman through elite commando training after she quit

Former Navy Seal Dan Crenshaw claimed that an unqualified female airman had been trained as a special tactical officer after quitting in hopes of becoming the first woman to complete an elite course. I’m looking for an answer.

The allegations were made in an anonymous email that was posted on Instagram and then shared by Crenshaw, a US Congressman of the Republican Party in Texas.

The trainee repeatedly quit, was allowed to rejoin the training “pipeline”, and performed an “unprecedented” special mission in one of the army’s most elite units, hoping to encourage her to continue. sponsored.

“You can’t sacrifice training standards. So far. The end,” Clenshaw wrote on Twitter. “If this explanation is true, our army now needs to deal with it.”

The Air Force is also seeking an inspector general’s investigation into allegations that the female captain, who wanted to be the first female elite special tactical airman, was given preferential treatment.

According to the whistleblower, who remains anonymous, the female captain received more favorable treatment than general under the “social norms” of Air Force soldiers with special tactical choices and training…

Lieutenant General Jim Slife, boss of the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command, has called for a general investigation of inspectors following allegations that unqualified female Air Force soldiers have been trained as special operations officers…

Questions were raised as to whether aviators were given preferential treatment to stay in the pipeline, which allegedly quit multiple times.

Injured in Afghanistan in 2012, Klenshaw said, “Many women … make a significant contribution to special operations missions,” but they follow strict standards. Destroying them “will come at the expense of life,” he said.

Crenshaw even left the female airman’s name in a tweet that he referenced.  At issue:

The captain was allowed to participate in a special offer of a more relaxed version of the predive course. “

The captain then either quit again or “self-excluded” as the social media story explains during a single land navigation event.

Normally, pipeline students simply return to their previous mission, reclassify to another job, or leave the army, but the captain met with the 24th Special Operations Command and AFSOC’s “many senior leaders.”


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This is exactly what the unnamed Green Beret pointed out in the ‘Letter heard ’round the world’ in calling out the lowering of standards for the Q course, but whoever brings these facts to light are ostracized for life. In my 22 years in the military, we’ve gone from a proud organization to a sappy, politicized, woke organization that’s destroying people’s careers for doing the right thing and protecting all of the shitbags and cheesedicks.


Oh, dear…

“USAFA Grad Captain Morgan Mosby will soon be the first black, female Special Tactics Officer!”

“Air Force Denies Bending Rules For Female Spec Ops Trainee Who Allegedly Quit, Then Resumed”


CPT Mosby is Number 19 in the picture that is at the link.


‘Former Navy Seal Dan Crenshaw claimed that an unqualified female airman had been trained as a special tactical officer after quitting in hopes of becoming the first woman to complete an elite course. […] The Air Force is also seeking an inspector general’s investigation into allegations that the female captain, who wanted to be the first female elite special tactical airman, was given preferential treatment. […].’ Here we go again. This sounds exactly like what was going on in Naval Aviation in the years immediately following Tailhook ’91. In the wake of Tailhook ’91, UNQUALIFIED females who “wanted” to become Naval Aviators were pushed through the training syllabus and out into fleet squadrons regardless of whether they could meet the training standards or not. Standards were deliberately and routinely relaxed. Simply “wanting” (or more accurately “demanding”) to become Naval Aviators was all that was required for them to be passed along through the training pipeline and receive their Wings of Gold, regardless of demonstrated performance. Once out in the fleet, several of them couldn’t perform and had to be removed from the cockpit, and some tragically contributed directly to fatal mishaps both ashore and at sea. Why must we continue to relearn these same (bloody) training lessons again and again and again? Regardless of a trainee’s gender, all of this trendy political correctness and consideration for an individual’s “feelings” will never make up for an unqualified trainee’s lack of demonstrated ability to perform the mission. Unqualified means exactly that: UNQUALIFIED.… Read more »

USMC Steve

Kara Hultgreen being a sterling example of that. She managed to waste herself and her RIO, along with a 40 million dollar Tomcat and the ass end of an aircraft carrier because she got coddled on through despite clear indications she didn’t have the skills. Trendy though.


Not to mention Kelly Flinn, first female B52 pilot… and fired for adultery and lyin’ about it.


I googled. Got hung up for fucking the husband of an enlisted subordinate in her command. Then violated a direct written order to stay away from him.

But of course, since the military is harder on women than men, she was allowed to resign her commission instead of the dismissal she so richly deserved, and which any male officer who committed the same acts would have received.

What a cunt.


This is untrue. Lt. Matthew Klemish ejected and survived the crash. By the time Hulk was ejected the aircraft was inverted and she was ejected straight into the sea.

She was pushed through though. That much Sobiek admitted.


Still dead due to political necessity.

USMC Steve

You got that right. After I posted that, I checked and saw that the RIO got clear. Many apologies for the error.


For years now it has become clear that training standards are always lowered to accommodate graduating females, especially the first ones to survive the training. However, multiple quits is a new low. I just hope she doesn’t wipe out another ODA like the one in A-stan who was destroyed by a bomb strike because the USAF Combat Controller didn’t operate his equipment properly.


She did FAIL/NOGO land nav also, but who needs that old fashioned stuff.


iPhone gives your position, Chicoms and Russkies would never jam it. /sarc


why would they jam it? They would never know where you were.


True… gives away the user’s position.


Waiting for information on the underage drinking party at the AFA, the men got booted that participated she did not.

Just Lurkin

Events that can be foreseen are not unexpected.

Green Thumb

As Gomer Pyle used to say, “Surprise, Surprise!”.


I’ll kinda stick with the same theory I used when we discussed this special little, entitled snowflake the other day. Either she should have been top of her class with the names of two (2) of the greatest Special Warfare Operators EVAH; Morgan (John H.) Mosby (John S.) or she can blame her failures on being named for two (2) damned insurrectionist Johnny Rebs….or Trump…his fault!


Good to be a scarce commodity for some reason, eh?



I never would’ve thought this could happen!


Welfare programs ain’t cheap. They get even more expensive when the only enrollees permitted are there because of protected status and bound only loosely to a sense of duty for they’ve truly gambled nothing.

I welcome the next conflict.

Looking forward to the Joint Lessons Learned Division’s report.


Crenshaw I was originally a fan of, but as time went on I’ve been liking him less and less – he definitely seems to be moving to the John McCain-esque type of Republican which puts principles second and being mainstream, milquetoast, and playing patty cake with Democrats and the media first.


Because being in Wharshingtun means one MUST their compromise principles.

“if I didn’t burn down the house that ant problem in the kitchen would’ve been so much worse.” -Tyrant Pirate and John ‘Thumbs down repeal an unconstitutional health care law’ McFuckstain


mistakes were made

Green Thumb

Lieutenant General Jim Slife strikes me as another fucking GO Clown.

What a turd.

Stripes are pointing out a huge issue on the ground running, but homeboy Slife here is self-assured that they (seems like a few) are targeting one individual.

What a fool.


It is going to take extreme measures to undo the GOFO mess. Like firing all of them and starting over.

Ban O-6 and up from civilian employment and politics. They live on their pensions. Quietly.