Army and Air Force both having recruitment issues

| January 13, 2022

Jeff LPH 3 sends in word that the Air Force is sounding the alarm on falling enlistments. Poetrooper sends in word that the Army is similarly facing recruiting difficulties.

First up, the Air Force, as reported by Task & Purpose;

etween the COVID-19 pandemic, a low number of eligible recruits and a low unemployment rate, the Air Force recruiting service will have a tough time hitting its goals for fiscal year 2022, Maj. Gen. Edward Thomas Jr. said in a memo leaked to social media on Monday.

Specifically, the number of people on the Air Force’s ‘Qualified and Waiting’ list, the list of recruits waiting for a spot in a certain career field to open up, “is about half of what it has historically been,” Thomas wrote in the memo, which was posted to the popular Facebook page Air Force amn/nco/snco. The “lead conversion,” the rate at which interested possible recruits actually sign the dotted line, is also down, Thomas said.

In fact, the Air Force is in such a pickle that Thomas compared the situation to Apollo 13, the 1970 NASA mission where three astronauts nearly died on their way to the moon after an oxygen tank in their ship failed.

“‘Houston, we have a problem,’” Thomas wrote. “Not unlike Apollo 13, we have some mission challenges across Air Force recruiting, [regular Air Force], Guard and Reserve, that we didn’t see coming.”

No word from Captain Jim Lovell if he appreciates the comparison of a potentially missed recruiting goal to the harrowing journey he nearly didn’t return from on his second trip to the moon.

Now the Army, from Breitbart;

The U.S. Army is facing difficulties finding enough recruits and hopes increased bonuses will lure them in, according to a report on Wednesday.

The Army for the first time is offering a maximum enlistment bonus of $50,000 to highly-skilled recruits who join for six years, the Associated Press reported. Until now, the record high was $40,000.

The head of Army’s Recruiting Command, Maj. Gen. Kevin Vereen, told the AP in an interview that the difficulties stem from schools shuttering during the pandemic and a competitive job market.

“We are still living the implications of 2020 and the onset of COVID, when the school systems basically shut down,” said he told the outlet. “We lost a full class of young men and women that we didn’t have contact with, face-to-face.”

But he also said some young people are taking gap years and “are making the decision that they don’t necessarily need to work right now.”

Vereen said last year’s recruiting goal was 57,500 and this year it would be about the same.

“We want to promote the value of serving your country first,” he said. “But we also know that, this generation and I guess human nature, you know, it’s all about compensation, too.”

The recruiting struggle comes as the military is poised to separate possibly tens of thousands of service members for declining to be vaccinated and defying the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate. The number of unvaccinated service members is estimated to be around 30,000. So far, the Marine Corps has separated more than 200, and the Air Force more than 20.

This is just like the hospitals firing all the unvaxxed staff and then complaining about staffing issues.

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They should raise the retirement age and politly ask us
old guys to come back and straighten things out..again.


Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose,
And nothin’ ain’t worth nothin’ but it’s free
But freedom costs a buck-o’-five…?
Theres the riddle of conundrum.


Id consider it…but would politely tell them to go fuck themselves whenever they try to enforce the ‘vax mandate’….

Mustang Major

If the Army offers $50,000 for some skills, assume recent college grads have much better offers upon graduation.


Ah, the 4A 2B bonus rears its head again…


If these Major Asshole Generals could be more pacific: every single one of our misses are 100% our fault for not critiquing the failings of the current occupiers’ diktats and presumptive subverting of american greatnesses.

But keep licking fingers, hiding behind ‘orders’ or ‘laws’, recruiting trannies, and pushing the owellian bullshit.


Behind the scenes at the White House
>Hey, and while we’re at it, let’s kick experienced people out of the military because they won’t take a vaccine for an illness that primarily kills old, unwell people.


Let’s go a step further, ‘Hey, this experimental shot is giving in shape males heart conditions, to include failure…make it mandatory so Nancy can afford more premium gelato.’

Fuck every single one of these monsters.


They aren’t ‘orders’ and ‘laws’, they are orders and laws.

Aside from that, the reality is that we generally don’t have an issue meeting combat arms recruiting missions. Lots of young Americans want to drive tanks, rain steel death, or stab our enemies in the chest with a bayonet. They know what makes the grass grow.

The problem is recruiting Americans smart enough to fill intel, cyber, signal, and Air Defense Positions that require high scores, and a clearance. The Army competes with corporate America for these kids, and corporate America offers telework, ping pong tables and gourmet coffee in the work place, and flexible work hours.

This is why the Army did the ‘Two
mommies’ cartoon. Notice that her MOS was 14S, one of the growth MOSs we need for Multi-Domain Operations that requires a smart kid with a clearance- remember she is a college grad, so she probably had a few options that didn’t involve short notice trips to Bagram.


Oh, ok. So the Trojan Horse is pink with a rainbow mane that gets preference because of, I say again, ‘orders’ and ‘laws’.

With friends like you…


Are you saying you don’t respect the rule of law or the duty to follow
lawful orders? Interesting take.

Back to the point, the issues we face in recruiting have a lot more to do
with the economy and the job market than anything
else. Gen Z has been raised in Woke World and doesn’t care what Gen X or Y or millennials think.


“Are you saying you don’t respect the rule of law or the duty to follow lawful orders?”

The Crown’s Police are to be disobeyed, at all costs if need be.
You’re high if you think your dotgov/dotmil is remotely lawful. Yeah, ‘interesting’.

So a generation is lost so we bend to fit their desires? That makes zero sense, at any level and has not-a-damn-thing with basic principles of a constitutional republic/national service.

Faux-Liberalism wrapped Progressivism is still a turd, stop listening to your lesbian granddaughter for ‘advice’ on how to relate to these assholes.


To your first point: If you wear the King’s Coat you must obey the King’s law and follow his orders. If you raise your right hand to support and defend, then you obey the law and the orders of the President of the United States and the officers appointed over you. It’s right there in the oath. Don’t want to do it? Don’t join, or if you are already in, walk into your commander’s office and refuse to train. Again, laws are laws, orders are orders. If you are trying to say that you believe Biden is not the legitimate president, then we have an entirely different debate, but since Congress made a determination and certified the election you are kind of stuck with him for the time being. See all of the above for how to proceed. To your second point: I don’t think any of these policies are good for the nation or our military. There are a lot of problems with them in theory, and they will be very difficult to carry out in practice at the company level and below. What I’m saying is the kids joining the military today don’t care about any of them. They have had the internet their whole lives, most of them had smart phones since they were old enough to hold one. They have spent the last two years in lockdown watching TikTok, and they have more opinions on the Kardashians and Squid Games than they do on the election, what’s going on in the Pacific or Europe, or how we should deal with Iran and North Korea (which they probably don’t know is a different country from the ROK).. They have been conditioned for at least the last several years that the Gender Binary is a product of the Patriarchy, All Cops are Bastards, and people that aren’t fully vaxxed and boosted and don’t wear masks in their own homes (double masked if you go out) are denying the science. They aren’t joining the Army because they saw what happened in Afghanistan and that kind of looked like it… Read more »


Steeley, ol’ Poe thinks you have just outlined a situation that might be remedied by reenacting a universal registration for the draft for males and females, with administration of the ASVAB being a part of the registration process.

From that pool the government could then selectively draft based on the needs of the various services.

To make it seem more fair, it could even be done by lottery, with the pool comprised only of those with the requisite ASVAB scores.


I have heard very senior military leaders say that the All Volunteer Force is in jeopardy.

Does that mean we will reinstate the draft? Probably not any time soon.

I think, sadly, that if we continue to miss mission Congress may conclude that since we can’t meet the force levels our military leaders say they need for their global strategy, we have to change our strategy. In other words, pull back from the outposts of freedom and scale back the force accordingly. Fewer troops, less ships, more drones.

Historically, Democrats love what’s called ‘offshore policing’, made famous by the Clinton era cruise missile strikes in Afghanistan pre-9/11.

No risk of casualties, makes the president feel like a tough guy, and he can claim whatever he wants about the target.

Of course, we buy the microchips we need for those things from China, but that is another problem for another day.


So it’s practical to lift ab/a moral people in service to protect the republic? Arming them while disarming the citizen will work for us all, right?

You are the worst kind of countryman; knows the villainy, treats it as a tolerable and survivable condition.

May God have mercy on your tiny skull.


You are putting a lot of words in my mouth.

I never said that we should put abnormal or amoral people in the service, never said that we should disarm the populace, and never said that this is tolerable or survivable.

I did say that we are duty bound and obligated to obey laws and the lawful orders of the officers appointed over us. If you disagree with that basic tenet of military service we are never going to agree on much.

I also said that we are facing a very difficult time in accessions for the military, in which the values of the nation are drifting further and further away from what we are looking for in the military.

The problem in recruiting isn’t that kids are turned off by ‘woke’ policies, it’s that they see military service as a job and nothing more. They see low pay, installations with contaminated water, troops left behind in Afghanistan, and young Soldiers being assaulted, harassed, and even murdered by other Soldiers while their chain of command can’t even get accountability of their troops and fail to report it to the MPs or CID, who then mishandle the case (read the Ft Hood Report).

I will ignore the insults because it’s clear you have a lot of gaps in your understanding.


No gaps, just your willingness to rationalize the machine is amazing.
You see the problem yet make excuses because ‘the reality of this situation’.
Stop. Get some help.

This isn’t your country anymore and they, without course-correcting, will kill everything you’ve ever known.

But hey, I’ve got time to see this resolve, you don’t.


So, we are both standing outside in the rain. I say ‘It’s raining”. You say, “I hate the rain”.

I say, “I don’t like it much either, but it’s raining”.

You say, “I hate the rain, so I am going to pretend it is yesterday, when it was sunny and people valued my opinions”.

I am not making excuses. Please point out when I said any of these elements of our culture were tolerable or a good thing. I didn’t.

You are refusing to understand the problem, so your solution won’t work.

Calling me names or insulting me won’t change reality. Aside from the fact that this is the internet, I’ve never met you, and I don’t care what you say about me, you don’t really have an argument or anything that resembles a point.

If and when you do, let me know and I’ll be glad to engage in a conversation. Until then, enjoy cursing the rain.


“You are refusing to understand the problem, so your solution won’t work.”

No, I get it. But I don’t really give a fuck. My solution is irrelevant. This will accelerate until it over-revs.

Awww, don’t go. I value your meteorological prowesses.

I’m just a grunt, who’ll point me toward enemy?!


Back to the point? You completely missed the point when you argued over what you presumed to be the correct order of words in a post you didn’t write.


I have no idea what you are talking about.


I did my best, 50% of my kids are in Cyber warfare. No way they will stay in with what the Army is paying compared to the civilian side but at least they are serving.

I cant even advise them to stay. Once they gutted the retirement absolutely no one was interested.


What? The Army’s woke, identity politics recruiting videos didn’t result in a flood of applicants showing up to recruiting stations trailing their blankies?

Green Thumb


What a fucking joke.

They asked for it. Now that are getting it.


Hollywood studios are able to put out woke crap that wins awards but makes no money because they have enough blockbusters to keep the ship afloat.
Military recruiting doesn’t work like that. You either get enough people or you don’t and missions are in jeopardy. Wonder how long they will keep up the woke non-sense that turns people off. The military used to be a manly profession. The women who did (ladies, please let me know if I’m off base) weren’t turned off by that but liked the challenge. Trying to turn it into a bastion of limp-wristed hipsters is not the kind of thing that attracts the type of people you need to join the military. Remember the comparisons of Russian and Chinese military ads to the “my two mommies raised me with Right-Think™” ad? That’s why they will win in the long run if we don’t wake up from Woke very soon.


Hey, I identify as wanting to jump out of planes and blow sh*t up– this worked for me:

E4 Mafia '83-'87

Rocking the old-school commercials. How about those E-3s with a Chief’s-type hat?


I loved this commercial when it came out, but now I cringe.

First, there is no way that paratrooper walked away under his own power from that I would love absolutely horrible PLF.

Next they hop into Gamma Goat, a leading contender for Worst Vehicle Ever (I think the only thing that rolled over more is the AAV or maybe a Sea Knight).

Finally we have the absurdity of an Artillery Battery First Sergeant preparing coffee on the DZ. That part I believe. What is absolutely non credible is him giving it willingly to a junior enlisted man. I can see Top forcing a bunch of Joes to jump a thermos of fresh coffee in place of their T-10 reserve, but there is no way he would offer a drop to anyone but the CSM or BC.


We saw some of those things in the commrcial that you pointed out, Steeleyi…We still think it is a GREAT commercial…and if you think about it, ALOT of us STILL remember it very, very well..😉😎

What we find entertaining is watching movies/TV shows where Military Folks are always depicted IN FULL UNIFORM while working at the Pentagon or at a High Level Unit.

And the Military members are stereotyped. Some have unauthorized haircuts…Bling-Bling is out of order or unrealistic…it cracks us up all the time…

Or Rambo getting on a Chopper, trying to rescue POWs…and firing a LAW WHILE he is on that Chopper…😆😉

USMC Steve

Top ain’t gonna give up the coffee. I call bullshit.


Get yer own coffee and get back to work, fleanuts!


(Well, that’s what mine would’ve said.)


Young Poe’s version of that commercial was more prosaic: He and his buddy, Roy, walked into the upstairs office of the Army recruiter in Oklahoma City in March 1959 where a a splendid speciman of an Airborne Ranger, a SFC Culpepper, sat leaning back in his chair with his spit-shined Corcoran jump boots on his desk, his hands locked behind his neck. With a huge welcoming smile he asked in a pronounced southern drawl,

“I bet you boys wanna be paratroopers.”

While Culpepper’s crisp appearance and military presence certainly contributed to the commercial, the real visual hook was an array of more than a dozen framed, full color, 8×10, jump shots arrayed on the wall behind his desk.

Young Poe, who had previously never considered jumping from an airplane in flight was immediately and forever captured. And even though the Army, based on his test scores, pressed him to be a linguist, he simply had to be an infantry paratrooper.

Now, more than sixty years later, with all those years and millions of miles of travel and life adventures in between, in his heart, ol’ Poe remains an infantry paratrooper.

Back in 1959, SFC Culpepper and his glossies were a commercial that worked…


You should see the recruiters now in their Pinks and Greens…

That Screaming’ Eagle looks awesome on that uniform, and they’ve brought back the brown leather jump boots and the leather jackets…


YUP! I am still limping today.


I used to tell young people to join the service. Get a guaranteed MOS that translates to a good civilian job and see the world. Not for the last few years now, I tell them to run from recruiters. When I saw the poster of the guy staring at his passed out roomie and the caption about not having sex with a drunk person, that was it for me. Get woke, go broke.

Green Thumb

Infantry = Landscaping or Bouncer.

A Proud Infidel®™

Or Janitor.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I ETS’ed AD as a Combat Engineer in the early 90’s with the 1SG I had braying that I’d end up being a Janitor at best, I came back to the Unit a few months later and after calling him by his first name, told him in detail about how I was making it with flying colors!


Actually the Infantry acquires a wide variety of in-demand job skills, including (but not limited to) janitorial, dishwashing, security guard, garbage collector, etc. In fact, in my civilian janitorial experience I found that my Army training gave me janitorial skills superior to my civilian counterparts.


My favorite skill from Infantrying: the nearly unnatural ability to find the shortest or most convenient route between to points, always literally, often figuratively (sometimes even without breaking out the crayons to wargame the plan!).
That and I can hold any liquor known to man.
How do you put THAT on a resumé?


Two ffs. Enfuntree speelings and sheeet
I’m going back two my bourbon. Night fuckers.


Thumb, of the men I served with, several later became very successful civilians, one an engineer who built a huge firm, another a lawyer and sheriff, another achieved a high-visibility, high-level federal position. Several went on to become officers.

There are many more examples but ol’ Poe’s foggy brain can’t bring them up out of the fog right this minute.


Signal opened doors for me.
Didn’t have to kick any them down either….


Worked for me too.


Almost made it. I was waiting on orders to a school, 31B(?) back then, when I received word that the army was in immediate need of my 11C20 skills in another part of the world. Ah, well, duty calls.


I was trying to come in as a 67T in 1987 but the wait was like 11 months. Career counselor offered 31Q… and off into the Signal Corps I go!


I got in as the last 26L class and ended up 26V.
The re-up talk was very attractive but could not
match what was waiting for me outside.
Employers love military experience no matter the MOS.


You know its bad when legacy and generational service families are telling THEIR kids to run the other way. I’d 2nd generation Marine, and 4 generation service….i’d tell my kids to get a job on a stripper pole before joining the military

Mike B USAF Retired

My dad, my FIL, my brother and I were all career AF.

My oldest went into the Marines and punched at 10 years. He said 10 years was 10 years to long. He was tired of the political ass kissing BS.


Air Defender…

“The military occupation you selected has no direct equivalent to a civilian occupation, however the leadership ability and management skills of this occupation are sought after by many organizations in the public and private sector.”

Have a coffee cup with my MOS and that on it.

Green Thumb

Guarantee women free Ranger School passes! Then duty of choice!


Wait, are they saying that the “leadership” going full retard, encouraging every sort of deviancy, supporting terrorists like BLM and Antifa, and labelling all whites as extremists isn’t resulting in an avalanche of qualified applicants?? Who would have thunk it???(yeah, I know, Lars will be here to tell us how those were great ideas, and we’re just misinterpreting these numbers)..


…Having spent the most miserable four years of my life in that career killing, marriage wrecking job, I ask that our members say a silent prayer for the poor recruiters who are going to be tasked with unfucking this mess. Six day weeks and 75 to 80 hours a week aren’t unknown. And through all of it, they will somehow have to figure out a way to make the mission in what may be the worst recruiting environment in my memory.

USMC Steve

I remember whenI went to SNCO acacemy in el Toro, out of 73 students, 20 were former recruiters, and only 5 of those were considered successful in their tours as recruiters. All hated that duty.


I took that thankless job for two years as a commander. I volunteered for Iraq to get out of there. Within a year after I left five soldiers in my battalion had committed suicide.

People were literally killing themselves to get out of recruiting.


…The first year I was there, USAF Recruiting Service had two O-6s kill themselves, and we lost two in my squadron during my tour.


The head of Army’s Recruiting Command, Maj. Gen. Kevin Vereen, made the following comment:

“We want to promote the value of serving your country first,” he said.”

Yeah. Right.

Last time we looked, the “value” on serving one’s Country depends if you are fully vaccinated…that one has to have zero problems with Critical Race Theory teachings…and be attuned if one suspects that another is an Extremist..and rat on them.

Additionally, potential recruits must ensure they are for Abe Lincoln, not Jefferson Davis…for John Lewis, not George Wallace..and that Kamala Harris is STILL POTUS…


DoD better get their act together, because who is to say the Draft will not be implemented again…



“We want to promote the value of serving your country first,” he said.”

Yeah right; meanwhile the governing political party and its in-house propaganda arm, the drive-by media, are assaulting our senses with a nonstop barrage of how this country, its founding principles and its historical, traditional values are rotten to the core.

Lotsa luck with that you “progressive” fools…


One must wonder how any impressionable young person would want to serve in our military when they have been constantly told that all agencies of the federal government are systemically racist and sexist. Especially when the DOD and its armed forces are run by mostly old white men, the perpetuators of the evil, cisgender patriarchy.


“the value of serving your country FIRST.”

Yet, the entire you do, you’ll get pressured to take an experimental vaccine, if you’re white you’ll get assumed to be a ‘radical domestic terrorist’, and if you deploy to Afghanistan you’ll most likely get left behind….sounds like a win/win situation.


Democrats tell me that’s “racist” now.


I’m telling Y’All (and I think KoB will agree)…

Once that second “Top Gun” hits the movie theaters, bet all kinds of folks will head to their local Navy Recruiting Office…

😉😎 gabn



Stop it.


You can be my wingman anytime, ninji, but I fear your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash.



ninja, they ignored that warning shot you put across their bow in the other thread. This round hit dead amidships. You are on target; FIRE FOR EFFECT. Yes’um, once that Motion Picture is released, Big Navy will be swarmed with so many recruits they’ll have to build 6 maybe 9 new carriers just to do the training. And thousands of aircraft…cause…you know, they’ll all be wanting to fly into that danger zone. 😛

Not to worry Roh-Dog, put your concerns on ice, man. ninja got this.

gabn/rtr/hey’bouttimedawgs 😎 😀


To the King and Queen of Battle (Roh-Dog and KoB):

You’re killing us…with laughter!!!

The plot thickens…Now we definitely know that Roh-Dog is really Roh-DAWG…He drank the KoB Koolaid…😆😄

To be honest, we understand why Georgia was elated…anyone besides us remember 12 years of Navy beating Army?

It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over.


Forrest Bondurant

My “Spidey-Senses” tell me the Navy and Marine Corps will eventually feel similar pains.

Meanwhile, all the Services continue to administratively separate service-members for not receiving the vax.

All this was so fuggin’ predictable.


Forrest B.,
Someone said Navy?
Vintage TV commercial.
Port of Call, Hong Kong.
Liberty call. Liberty call.
Happy sailors running into town,
and rubbernecking a Japanese female.



A Japanese female in Hong Kong?



Looks about right, down to ogling the Japanese woman.

Then there were the guys who were hammered and puking their guts out on the beautiful streets of Hong Kong.

I was on both sides of that equation.

Good times!


A Japanese Female in Hong Kong?



Sure. Why not? Are they illegal in Hong Kong?

But hey, let’s just call her an Asian woman in HK. Still gonna check her out!

Good to go!


My “tour guide” when I was on R&R (aka I&I) in Taipei was half Japanese (her father was Chinese, mom was Japanese). That lovely young thing introduced me to sushi and sashimi.




And then there’s this. Not sure how the Army would benefit from this in any way at all…

‘Kentucky judge orders ex-prison guard convicted of sexual assault to join Army or go to jail’

‘A judge in Kentucky recently ordered a former jail guard accused of sexually assaulting a shackled female inmate to either reenlist in the U.S. military in the next 30 days or face a year’s time in prison.

Brandon Scott Price, a 28-year-old former guard at the Franklin County Regional Jail, was accused of sexually assaulting the female inmate on Jan. 18, 2019, while transporting her back from the hospital.

He was charged with felony third-degree sodomy in connection to the incident, but the charge was later reduced to misdemeanor second-degree sexual assault, The State Journal reported.



Have to admit…We were thrown off guard when we read this sentence from the sited Fox News source:

“A judge in Kentucky recently ordered a former jail guard accused of sexually assaulting a shackled female inmate to either reenlist in the U.S. military in the next 30 days…”


Am guessing this is a mistake on Fox and Business Insider.

What we are curious i that what if he decides to join the Military and fails Basic Training/Initial Level Training or Advanced Training…or does not meet the standards (physically, mentally) to join the Military?

What if DoD deems him to be an “Extremist”? What if he chooses not to take the COVID vaccine?



At this point I’d take the jail time, in solitary if need be, with 24/7 lights on and Barbara Streisand blaring on the intercom.

At least one *could* retain their sanity given those conditions.


husband retired AF; I am a vet. Both of us will not recomment our grandsons to enlist. Why go fight in useless wars we won’t fight to win? & the “leadership” is composed of total a$$holes.

AW1 Rod

The current DoD “leadership” couldn’t place two objects in a straight line, much less figure out how they got to this point.

The Stupid is STRONG with them!

Mike B USAF Retired

I’ve seen a lot of grumbling from the current Air Force troops on a USAF Reddit forum.

From my reading the AF has become a political monster and they are also fostering an “Eat Your Own” environment.

I retired in 2008 and I’m embarrassed to see what the AF has become.

While not everyone in the AF is doing it, I’m seeing where NCOs and Commander’s are throwing their troops under the bus.

Then on the other hand I see where troops are getting whiny. Bitching about working weekends etc.

Everything in the AF has become computer based. Customer service sucks, people not wanting to do their jobs.

It seems on the Reddit forum every other post is about a suicidal, depressed troop, someone wanting to know how to get out because the AF isn’t what they expected, etc.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not downplaying or making light of mental health issues.

I see a lot of troops talking about how they got a Letter of Counseling or Reprimand for an incident and whining about it and asking if it was right of their supervisor to punish them like that.

We took our paperwork and ass chewing’s as a tool to better ourselves when I was in. But then again in seems if you get a LOC now it’s career ending…..

What happened to the AF my dad, my FIL, my brother and I made careers of…..? Gone the way of the Dodo bird apparently.

I’ve got lots to say, but this would turn into a ranting, rambling essay, worse than I’ve written so far.

Mike B USAF Retired

Tell me, I just read it every so often to see what they are whining about now…..

But you nailed it.

PT sucks, when are they going to suspend it again?

I rather work from home, than physically come in!

My supervisor is mean to me?

I didn’t get coined!

I didn’t get a promote now or whatever it’s called on my EPR!


I still remember a television news segment from Saudi Arabia during Desert Shield where a group of “soldiers” was complaining about having their separate rations allowance cut off.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Every day, I am SO glad that I have my DD214 woobie to hug and snuggle.

You and me both, and I’m sure many others here feel the same!


Its all fun-and-games until the retired personnel get activated.

Cypher was right…

A Proud Infidel®™

Trust me when I say they would SERIOUSLY regret recalling me!


A co worker tried to enlist in air force reserves, but he refused to get the jab. They refused his entry.

They were offering 10k at the time, and now up to 50? They could have enlisted 4 or so A1C’s for 50k and still have money in their pocket.


A smart kid will not go in these days. The woke trash is enough to disqualify the military as anything like a reasonable employer. I tell kids to stay away.

Add in the guinea pig aspect of being used to test ineffective experimental vaccines, and anyone going in has to be insane.

USMC Steve

This experimental jab stuff is about to come to a screaming halt. SCOTUS just ruled that large employers cannot force any vaccine mandate. Unconstitutional. I heard but cannot confirm right now that the illegal executive order is being challenged now too. Given that every single experimental vaccine mandate had been found unconstitutional as it came before a court, I doubt this one has much life left in it.

Once it has been torpedoed, I wonder if they will have to let the people improperly booted back in?